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mbbs in georgiaMBBS admission in Georgia 2018 is open for Indian students who seek to pursue MBBS in Georgia from reputed MBBS universities in Georgia at low tuition fees. Indian students found MBBS/MD in Georgia a good option as compared to India.

Georgia, a country surrounded by Caucasus mountain range and black sea. The territories of Georgia that give major goals for medicine in Georgia that comprises of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia, and turkey.

Indian MBBS program by its very nature is not an easy program to tackle and to get the admission by cracking the entrance test. MBBS in Georgia has made this easier to study, easier to afford, easier to get admission in one of the top medical universities in Georgia. though Georgia is a small country with beautiful site locations offers specialized courses in medical education which have become famous worldwide. Medicine has gained so much popularity, i.e. MBBS in Georgia and almost all medical universities in Georgia are recognized by international medical bodies like MCI, WHO, FAIMER, WFME etc. MBBS program in Georgia gives more benefits to international students as there is no IELTS or TOEFL for the MBBS admission in Georgia. Georgian medical programmes give a complete and deeper module to study MBBS in the best way.

The map showing provinces of Georgia surrounded by its neighboring countries, Georgia has a major support of “Russia” which is a superpower and is all secure place for students to live in. Batumi and Tbilisi both cities of Georgia are having renowned medical universities structured with low cost Georgian medical colleges accompanied with outstanding countries having good medicinal career and scope. Study MBBS from Georgia is way more cheap and better than any other European country. MBBS in Georgia offers a great environment and educational opportunities to Indian students which hardly any other university can. Most of the universities are run by the Government of Georgia and are among world’s top 100 medical universities in the world by QA ranking. Georgia shared a reputed bond with India in terms of medicine and therefore Indian students in Georgia are safe and treat equally.

Studying MBBS Georgia is worth targeting bright career as a doctor for Indians. And for those who are looking forward to research. As Georgia is a perfect place to live and to research on various bodies and the faculties are experienced and eager to spread and enlarge the scope of MD in Georgia.

Georgian medical universities are now aiming to achieve higher professionalism in their structure and medical course by maintaining ethics and student-centered approach throughout the country.

However, we suggest you check the updated facts and reviews of students about some medical universities in Georgia on some reputed question and answer websites. Medical studies in Georgia is prominent and well-recognized all over the world but some universities appear themselves listed in WHO, MCI which later proved to be falsifying to students. It’s better to check the online updated version of directories of medical universities prospects.

FEE structure of  MCI approved Medical Universities

MCI approved Medical UniversitiesTotal Fee in dollars (6 years)
Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State Medical University$ 22500
European University$22500
Batumi Shota Rustaveli Medical University$30000
Akaki Tsereteli State University$26500
David Tvildiani Medical University$31000
New Vision University$23000
Petre Shotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy.$33000
Caucasus International University$21000

 Advantages of studying MBBS in Georgia

Some more advantages that medical education in Georgia has coveredGeorgia has now become a part of European Union and being a part of it, the country offers benefits at large that makes the medical student satisfaction with their chosen option as study Medicine in Georgia. the detail of the advantages they are offering as-

  1. Affiliation and recognition of MBBS from Georgia– medical degree of students pursuing MBBS in Georgia are acceptable worldwide and are recognized by many international medical bodies such as MCI, WHO, UNESCO, EUROPEAN COUNCIL etc.
  2. No donation for Medical in Georgia– irrespective of other countries like India, USA, Canada where students have to give a donation to get admission to study MBBS if not cleared the entrance examination. Georgian medical universities in this aspect don’t consider any donation to get admission in study MBBS in Georgia.
  3. No entrance examination – there is nothing like giving an entrance examination to pursue MBBS program in Georgia. The Georgian government has made the course structure easy and reachable to everyone.
  4. Post-graduation preparation after MBBS – all government cantered medical universities in Georgia provides the preparation classes for post-graduation screening examinations like MCI, USMLE, and PLAB without charging any extra amount to it.
  5. Mode of education during MBBS/MD in Georgia– Georgia makes their education system easier to approachable and easier to understand to every student as they treat all international students equal so they have a choice for the foreign students to either opt for Georgian language or would go for English.
  6. Beautiful country with the quality education– Georgia is a small and beautiful country and offers quality education by the help of renowned doctors and researchers who came from different parts of the words to trained the students in top Georgian college for MBBS.
  7. European teaching standards for Medical in Georgia– the course curriculum of MBBS in Georgia is based on European credit transfer system which can easily access in entire Europe. Students can also join exchange programme in any of the European countries.
  8. Affordable fees and living cost during MBBS in Georgia- the cost of study MBBS in Georgia is comparatively low to other European nations. Living cost per month cannot exceed $220.
  9. Number of intakes for MBBS in Georgia– medical education in Georgia becomes easy to apply as all top universities offer two intakes one is of September and another is of march.
  10. Hospitals and training– medical universities for MBBS in Georgia gives full-time exposure of hospitals to students with the availability of modernized technologies and resources.

Challenges to be faced in studying MBBS in Georgia

  1. Visa proceedings for MBBS in Georgia- Georgian visa creates a lot of trouble for students, educational consultants, and the parents. The normal time period of getting the visa is 8-10 weeks but in the case of Georgia it might take up to 6 months or more than that which is unprofessional to the student’s career the visa authorities sometimes reject the student visa twice or thrice and don’t give a strong reason of rejecting the application. This issue has grown at large pace and leaves the career of the student at stake/standby.
  2. Choose your university wisely for MBBS in Georgia- not every medical university in Georgia is MCI approved and sometimes the consultants wrongly portray the MCI recognized the image of the university which is not ethical to the student’s career, we advise you to keep checking the updated list of medically approved universities by medical council of India.
  3. Low FMGE passing percentage after MBBS in GeorgiaFMGE is the Indian screening test conducted by the Medical Council of India to approve the license of students that have to be practiced in India, though the test is too tough to handle by the students who completed MBBS in abroad. Georgia has given below satisfactory results in FMGE passing percentage. The past year’s data showing the students appeared and have cleared the examination.
YearStudents appearedStudents passed%
  1. Language barrier during MBBS in Georgia– though it is feasible to study MBBS course in Georgia, as they offer the course in English medium as well but it has become necessary at some point of time where students are getting interacted with the patients in the hospitals, they usually prefer the interns who have a basic command of Georgian language at least.
  2. Climatic factors- students who used to live in the country with the moderate or sunny temperature, sometimes they found the weather conditions quite worst in Georgia as it drops down -1°c to -10°

All these challenges are coming in front of students wishing to pursue MBBS program in Georgia. but everything need sacrifice and the ability to survive in any condition is the master of all.

To Achieve a successful medical career, you need to think beyond your comfort zones. Hurdles and troubles are the part of life where you want to become a successful Doctor which is one of the toughest programs to learn and to pursue it in a right way from the right country matters a lot.

Facilities to Indian students for MBBS in Georgia

  1. Accommodation facilities- students will be offered best accommodation facilities for the preferred universities for MBBS in Georgia, they can opt for university hostel which is separate for boys and girls if the university has, otherwise MBBS Experts take the complete responsibility to provide student accommodation at an affordable rate. The country stands on 6th position in terms of safety.

There is a full security at both the type of residences and medical education in Georgia has become so popular because of its low-living cost and best quality of education provided.

  1. World-class infrastructure for MBBS in Georgia– MBBS in Georgia is known for its best medical assistance provided and world-class specialization in its MBBS program in Georgia which is resistant and prominent to international students. The government has spent much of the infrastructure and all internal facilities that required a medical student in government medical universities in Georgia. the country imposes beautiful and professional university design and structured on the basis of medical science which is attractive to students as well as renowned doctors and researchers globally.

Medical universities with their aim to establish their value through world-class education worldwide. The medical colleges and medical universities in Georgia are getting the praise from the government of Georgia for continuously helping students to reach out their ambition and for seeking the best out of opportunities throughout the world.

  1. Ease of getting PR during MBBS in Georgia- students after successfully completing their 6 years of MBBS duration in Georgia can easily get the job in some good hospital or in college and can later on apply for the permanent residency in Georgia which no other students can get such an opportunity due to its strict regulation of providing residency to foreigner who stays for at least 6 years in the country.
  1. World-class faculty & staff members- medical education in Georgia has become so famous that the doctors and faculty members from the world are trying put their effort in bringing the medicinal aspect sets by MBBS in Georgia and joined hands with some top rated MBBS universities in Georgia to live their passion and serve the students across nation by giving them best knowledge, practical exposure to become a successful doctor. The faculties are highly qualified and skilled in their knowledge.
  1. USMLE/MCI preparation classes during MBBS in Georgia- Georgian medical education is best recognized by the various international screening bodies and the MBBS degree in Georgia is accepted worldwide. In respect to this, the country is allowing the students wish to pursue MBBS in Georgia with the preparation classes for higher studies or post-graduate studies. In countries like India and USA, where the admission in post-graduation after MBBS is not easy. You have to go to the screening test to pursue the same. Georgian medical universities provided preparation classes for MCI and USMLE so that students can also have an opportunity to for INDIA, USA, Germany for post-graduation.

MBBS in Georgia admission procedure

• Submission of required documentsTo get admission to study MBBS in Georgia is just a few steps away.

  • Submission of required documents- once you submit the application, you will get the list of required documents. The basic documents that are mandatory to submit for MBBS in Georgia are-

After making ready with all the required documents, students need to start following the norms or procedure while taking admission to study MBBS in Georgia. MBBS Experts will take care of the entire procedure of admission and helps you to make it simple and time-saving. If the student has secured good marks in physics, chemistry and biology which is above than 50% will surely get MBBS admission in Georgia. the norms and procedure for the MBBS in Georgia for Indian students is as-


Name of the UniversityEligibility CriteriaDurationTotal Fees
European University10+2(PCB 50%)6 Years45,00 USD/Year
Akaki Tsereteli University10+2(PCB 50%)6 Years5,000 USD/Year
Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University10+2(PCB 50%)6 Years5,000 USD/Year

 The procedure of Georgian visa

  • The first step before applying for Georgian visa is to get the letter offered by the university.
  • Filling the application form for visa proceedings to study MBBS from Georgia.
  • Get ready the documents and required photographs according to the norms of the embassy.
  • Fee submission for the visa.
  • The release of date of appointment.
  • Collect the visa and submit the migration card on arrival.
  • Registration of student visa.


Q1. What are the living conditions in Georgia during MBBS from Georgia? is private accommodation safe?

Georgia is world’s 6th safest country. If talking about student accommodation we suggest you take university hostel, as it allows you to avail every facility that a student needs. If in case the university doesn’t provide hostel facilities like in European university, MBBS experts make accommodation arrangements for you in student apartments separated for boys and girls with tight security and all amenities including Indian chef serving delicious Indian food.

Q2. How many Indian or international students already been there for pursuing medical education in Georgia?

We are being the largest channel partners with the medical universities in Georgia have placed many Indian students in Georgia since last 5 years. And students more than 6000 from other countries are already studying MBBS/MD in Georgia.

Q3. Are the universities worth choosing for this budget?

Yes, definitely the government universities in Georgia are worth choosing, they have proven themselves best in terms of quality education with greater scope worldwide under the flexible budget.

Q4. What’s the limit of carrying cash while departure?

You can carry a number of dollars maximum up to $10,000 while departing for Georgia.

Q5. What are the options available for Post-graduation in abroad? Is practice in India is permittable?

After completing MBBS in Georgia you are left with multiple options for post-graduation in various good countries like the USA, Germany etc, as the medical universities in Georgia are providing preparatory classes for PG in Abroad and MBBS degree in Georgia is recognized worldwide. You can also practice in India after passing the FMGE entrance test by securing 50% marks.

About Georgia

Georgia, a country in the Caucasus range surrounded by black sea, Russia, Turkey, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. The capital and the largest city in Georgia is Tbilisi which is located between Asia and Europe and represents Georgia on the global platform. Tbilisi is known for its cultural, religious and historical backgrounds with the highest population of Orthodox Christians. Students come across the globe to study Medicine in Georgia that is now becoming one of the demanding countries to pursue medicine due to its wide variety of curriculum and growing scope of emerging healthcare.

The country is, therefore, setting its ethical and standard benchmark in the field of medicine for those who seek to take admission in Medical in Georgia. Russia which is among the largest superpower countries is sharing the medical motive that embarks the growth and positive career attitude of the country towards medicine.

Official language- Georgian, Abkhazian
Population- 37,18,200
Capital- Tbilisi
Area- 69700 km sq.
Religion- Georgian orthodox church
Government-unitary semi-presidential republic
  • President- Giorgi Margvelashvili
  • Prime minister- Giorgi Kobakhidze
  • Total- $15.23 billion
  • Per capita- $41273
Currency- Georgian Lari
Time zone- GET(UTC+4)
  • India v/s Georgia-  India is 1 hrs. 30 minutes ahead of Georgia
Calling code- +995

5 main things to know about Georgia

There are some main things about how is life during MBBS education in Georgia. Everyone should be aware of these facts who want to study MBBS/MD in Georgia. let’s have a quick look-

  1. Ease of travel- Georgia is a small and beautiful country with the vast culture, history, and cuisine. And its very easy to explore the beautiful places in a short span of time. The place that is most recommended to visit is the Kazbegi wine country in Kakheti. People can easily get the transportation facilities like metro, bus stop, Tbilisi square, a hop or a taxi to anywhere. Turkey is also some minutes away from Batumi which fetches the attention of most of the travelers by finding the feasible accommodations to stay.
  2. Food- Georgian people are known for their delicious, filling, fatty cuisines. Most popular dishes among them are Khinkali, churchkalo, kupati, shashlik kababs etc. which are not the cup of tea for most of the Indian students who live there. But this is not the matter of concern for Indians, as Indian food is easily available in the shopping malls, or megastores. Indeed, we also have an availability of Indian chefs in ore student accommodation who serve delicious Indian dishes.
  3. Religion– Georgia is majorly a country of Orthodox Christians which was introduced by the great saint Nino. At every place, crossroads, vehicles there is a religious cross icon or a holy water as it is a custom for Christians to see something significant to their religion. It’s not become an offended consent to other religious people as they are not forcing you anything to do. The major point of attraction in Georgia is the churches.
  4. Hospitality culture– Georgia, unlike any other country, enrich the overall experience of hospitality. The friendly atmosphere and kind-hearted people will embrace the mood. The stranger or the tourists will get a warm welcome in the country and especially the students who visit Georgia for the perspective of study feel safe by the over-kind attitude of the Georgian residents. Students like another country don’t fret in Georgia and would be treated like a family member. The hospitality of Georgia will take you to the ancient and historic insights which will lead to a great and rich experience.
  5. Language– as far as the language is concerned, it is not an easy language to understand. However, Georgians gave equal rights to both Men and women in their religion. The Georgian language is not bounded by uppercase letters as everything goes lowercase. It has no male or female gender. The uniqueness of Georgian language is that it has a word of 8 consonants- gvprtskvnic which generally means to cheat out of money.

Climatic conditions in Georgia

The climate of the country comprises of eastern and western parts of the world. Caucasus range plays a vital role in protecting the country from the cold winds and heavy winters and also protects from the dry climatic zones from the north. The western part of Georgia is facing the humid zone.

All over, the climate of Georgia is uniformly distributed throughout the year with wet-cool summers, chilly winters with snow, spring, rainy and humid in some regions of the country.

However, the maximum temperature at winters will not falls below -10°C.

  • June to September are the ideal months to hike Caucasus range.
  • Mid-May to June are the good months for international students, even in September-October the country experiences good sunny weather.
  • Humid seasons arrive in July and August with the average temperature falls by 40°
  • The harvest/autumn season arrives by mid-September on 20 October.

The temperature in major cities with maximum medical universities and study environment falls-


The religious and ethnic minorities in Georgia

Ethnic groupspopulation

Living cost and expenditures in Georgia

MBBS experts are the trusted educational consultants in India over many years of experience in Georgia. students who went to Georgia to pursue medical education in Georgia are highly satisfied with our assistance and services we provide.

Georgia is one of that country which has flexible budgets for students studying MBBS there. As MBBS is highly recognized graduate program with highest fee structure comparatively.

Living- taking an apartment on rent is quite cheaper in Georgia. student apartment generally costs around $170/month with basic amenities included- electricity, gas, WIFI, water. In Batumi, student apartments are cheaper than Tbilisi. Students can get fully furnished apartment in $150/person/month. The prices of utilities may differ on seasons.

Transportation– students can travel from one place to nearby distance in 0.5 GEL to 2 GEL. For longer distance, it would hardly cost around 20 GEL- 30 GEL. Train journey sounds good for Indian students who wish to travel from Tbilisi to Batumi, as it costs only 18 GEL for a long 5 hours journey. Airport to city charges varies accordingly, depending on the type of taxi. On an average, it costs around 25 GEL.

Food- meal for 2 in an average hotel/restaurant will cost- $15 GEL and if you go to an expensive restaurant, its costs around-50 GEL. However, we give enough facilities to our students who study MBBS education in Georgia including well-furnished apartments separate for boys and girls with delicious Indian food served by the Indian chef.

Average cost per day is estimated for one person in Georgia including food and transportation= $20.

Indian food availability in Georgia

It’s a psychology of every individual belongs to any country loves their taste and preferences and search for that even outside the country. Georgia is one of that country which is rich in taste and cuisines. You can find a variety of food items varies country wise. Our students will not face any problem while pursuing MBBS course in Georgia whether it would be of living or of Indian food.

Georgia has many Indian restaurants which serve the tasty meal for Indians and supermarkets where Indian groceries are easily available at cheaper rates. Lists of some cheap and best Indian restaurants in Tbilisi-

  1. Taj Mahal restaurant
  2. Karachi Darbar restaurant
  3. Sanjha chulha
  4. Taste of India
  5. Asian cuisine, Tbilisi
  6. Red chillies the real Indian taste
  7. Asian cuisine
  8. Bismillah Indian tandoori restaurant
  9. Maharajah restaurant
  10. Sher-e-Punjab restaurant

Mobile network system in Georgia

There are 4 major network operators in Georgia.

  • Beeline
  • Geocell
  • SilkNet
  • MagtiCom

These network operators also connect Georgia from Bulgaria. The total number of customers that have registered for the cellular networks are more than 3,000,000. These networks are cheap and best which allows international calling at cheap rates with the network speed of 5G, 4G. for Internet connectivity mode students can use Viber, WhatsApp, IMO, Messenger, Skype etc for calling or video calling purposes.

The banking system in Georgia

Finding the right and generous bank for students studying in Georgia. there are various banks at Georgia which keeps the cost of opening an account. The banks suited the most to students having ATM facilities in almost every locality. We advise you to use TransferWise for the international transactions, it will deduct the additional cost that other banks in Georgia charged for the international transfer of money. You will only pay the mid-market rate charges irrespective of another extra amount. For this option, you can choose either of them-

  • Basis bank
  • Liberty Bank
  • Bank of Georgia
  • TBC

Our services and assistance

MBBS experts are the leading educational consultants in the market. We assure complete assistance we promised with full loyalty and responsibility.

We offer great assistant to Indian students who wish to study MBBS abroad and all medical aspirants, as we understand the need of students and their parents to get the best career orientation, we totally provide assistance according to their convenience.

MBBS experts are prominent and helpful educational consultants in India for MBBS education in Georgia.

Study MBBS program in Georgia becomes smooth with the help of MBBS experts, as we take care of every student activity and administration work right from the filling the application for MBBS/MD in Georgia to the completion of the medical course in Georgia.

Though Indian students will get the full support and beneficial services from the medical universities in Georgia, still we are here to help you in any case related to accommodation facility, financial uncertainty etc.

Top and best services provided by MBBS experts

  • Helpful in counseling for further medical studies like PG in Germany, PG in USA or post-graduation program in medicine in any country.
  • Helpful in providing guidance about the FMGE facts and best universities abroad with the highest FMGE passing percentage.
  • When it comes to student’s career we are helpful in providing best educational orientation in medical courses abroad. With cheap and best medical universities abroad.
  • We also assist you in choosing the best study material/coaching classes for MCI screening test which you can rely on.
  • We are helpful in making the complete documentation, visa assurance, bringing the offer letter of the university, embassy requirements, safe and enjoyable travel from India to Georgia.
  • We also arrange our assistance in Georgia for the safety purposes of students.

MBBS experts are the most trusted, reliable, authenticate overseas consultants to counsel students with the best MCI approved universities in Georgia.

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