Find the worth of MBBS in Russia

MBBS in Russia mapIndian students seeking MBBS admission in Russia 2018 can apply for MBBS in Russia in top medical universities in Russia at low tuition fee. Comparatively, MBBS from Russia is the prestigious option for Indian students.

Russia, having historically known for its medical programmes which are all time attracted to international students. At present, MBBS in Russia has been administered by more than 72 medical universities in Russia and the universities are basically known world-wide for their low-cost Russian MBBS programme. Students around the world see Russia as their career prospective country for the bright medical career. Study in Russia gives a great exposure to many hospitals as well as educational foreign trips for medical conferences.  Indian students applying for MBBS admission in Russia would be benefitted more as compare to any other international students as the ratio of the Indian students studying medical education in Russia is more comparatively. Russia is the ideal destination to study MBBS in top universities due to their flexibility in fees, admission procedure, eligibility criteria, etc. in past years, there is substantial increment in the number of foreign foreign applicants to Russian universities are world-wide recognised and accepted in any country in the world.

Numerous of students thinks to avoid study in Russia as they are being fooled by the consultants about the Russian language. There is no such barrier like language in education in Russia. There are many medical universities which offers bilingual MBBS course in Russia i.e. in Russian and in English(optional). Out of thousand of educational courses, Russia is constantly demanded by the students for medicine. Cities in Russia that are enriched with best medical universities are in demand. Medical universities in Russia are recognised by many international screening bodies like –

  1. Medical Council of India.
  2. World health organization.
  3. IMED.
  4. FAIMER, and many other international bodies which enable students to get recognition of medical degrees in their country.

Russia allows students to choose the university for pursuing MBBS course in Russia according to their affordability as the ranges of medical universities in Russia varies from 10-30 lakhs, including top medical colleges in Russia. More than 20 medical universities of Russia come under top 100 medical colleges in the world which gives broad exposure to foreign countries and government multispeciality hospitals.

Decades ago, when English has been introduced and added to the educational courses in Russia, many foreigners attracted towards its immense and exponential growth in the field of medicine, engineering, arts, aviation and many more. Russia has also shown an outstanding increase in the employment in the medical sector, as the number of vacancy in the government as well as the private sector has increased.

The average tuition fee and the living cost that arises in the medical education in Russia-

Expenses in medical education in RussiaAvg. amount.
1.      Tuition fee20-25 lakhs
2.      Accommodation$200/month
3.      Living cost$180-$200/month

Why MBBS in Russia?

To opt Russia as a prospering career destination in medicine gives you many reasons to study MBBS/ MD in Russia. Let’s have a look at them-

Quality of education in Russia– the educational quality in Russian medical colleges is world class and every student across globe counts on Russian taught programme which is wonderfully accessed. The course structure is designed in such a way which gives more practical exposure to the real-world rather than excessive scheduled classroom lectures. This practice of teaching MBBS from Russia is unique and attracts the global diversity. Crimea state medical university has given the highest MCI/FMGE passing percentage. You can check the update from MCI portal or from the link which gives you the recent updates about the passing

  1. Affiliations and recognitionsmedical education in Russia is highly recognized and approved by various medical bodies, major ones are MCI, WHO, FAIMER. To get medical approval from such bodies assures the quality of education, professionalism, and delicacy in the work place. It also assures that the Indian students in Russia are eligible to appear in the medical screening tests for any country he/she wants.
  2. Low- cost Medical Syllabus– to study in Russia is quite cheaper than any other country. You will get best universities at affordable fee structure and minimum cost of living. there are thousands of Indian students and alumni who lived in Russia and recommend the country for its best medical education at cheaper usually differs from one university to another depending the nature of the university, world-wide ranking etc. rather there is a continuous flow of Indian students in Russia. There is a sudden downfall in fee of medical universities in Russia from the past 3-4 years, and the number of overseas students has also been increased due to its quality education at cheaper price.
  3. No language barrier– Top medical universities in Russia offers dual language structure in MBBS program which is very effective from the point of view of international students and therefore, attracts a large number of overseas students to pursue Medical education in Russia. There are top universities also which don’t introduce the English language in their MBBS syllabus In Russia and students must have the basic understanding of Russian language in this aspect.
  4. Flexible eligibility criteria for Admission in Russian medical University– To take admission in Russian medical colleges students need not to worry too much about the age bar, donation, entrance criteria etc. Russian medical colleges made it simple by putting the minimum age to be 17 years and maximum has no age limit. There is also no donation allowed in any medical university in Russia for study medicine, students just need to carry good marks in 12th (physics, chemistry, biology) and hence the entrance examination don’t happen in Russia.

MCI approved medical universities in Russia

UniversityFees in dollars/yearMode of teaching
Crimea State Medical University$3115English
Bashkir State Medical University$3036Russian
Kazan State Medical University$5825English
People Friendship university$9342English
Irkutsk State Medical University$4048English
Volgograd State Medical University$6230English
Kursk State Medical University$6383Dual
I.M Sechenov Moscow State Medical University$10120English
Pirogov Russian NRM university$7785English
St. Petersburg Medical University$10120English
Ryazan State Medical University$4048English/Dual
Dagestan State Medical University$4048English/Russian
Syktyvkar State Medical University$3036Russian
Orenburg State Medical University$5558Russian
Mari State University$3036Russian
Perm State Medical University$4250Russian
Northern State Medical University$4048Dual
Smolensk State Medical University$5558Dual
Tver State Medical University.$7084Dual

Challenges faced during MBBS in Russia

The major challenges that are faced by the Indian/international students in Pursuing Medicine in Russia are of the language mode. Most of the colleges in Russia access their MBBS course in fully Russian language, some colleges offered fully English medium, and some are accessed in Dual program (3 months in English and remaining 3 in Russian language).

It has been advised to select the college accordingly as the students from outside country are getting confused and demotivated by the language factor after taking admission. Some of the other challenges that comes in a way are-

  1. Climatic conditions in Russia– it has also become a major challenge that come across in that to Study in Russia. The temperature falls very low (-10°c to -30°c) approx. In winters and the region gets warmest in summers in July. Russia is also the largest country by area and is covered with mountains which sometimes in summers causes humidity all over.
  2. 2. FMGE passing percentage in RussiaFMGE passing percentage in Russia– though the highest marks secured by the students in FMGE screening test belongs to Crimea state medical university, Russia. all over passing percentage in FMGE is quite low in Russia, as all Russian medical universities are not provided MCI preparation classes to students for the post-graduation at some extent. The passing percentage of MCI has become very low for years. Number of students appeared in MCI screening test and the percentage of students who passed since 2012 is shown below-
  3. Planned budget- MBBS Russia is becoming very popular for Indian students and some consultants take the advantage and try to deceive students about the MBBS in Russia in English and in reality, it occurs to be in Russian medium which cost slightly higher than yours planned your budget.

Benefits of studying MBBS in Russia

Study in Russia will land you into many benefits as well as best career opportunities you have desired for. Russia is the best country with promising best career advancements and accomplishment of goals of a student by making student to pursue best MBBS course in Russia which leads to a successful doctor.

Positions in the world’s top 10 best medical colleges, Russia has given several advantages to students seeking for MBBS degree in Russia.

  1. No entrance examination– international students while applying for admission in Russia don’t need to submit any entrance examinations result like IELTS or TOEFL. Rather student don’t allow to give any donation to any medical university in Russia as promised by the Federation of Russian government.
  2. Library and laboratories– Russian medical universities are also word-wide known for their rich inbuilt facilities that an ideal university have. Russian medical libraries and laboratories allow student access throughout the for gaining the real-time practical exposure to medical students which helps a lot in upbringing the practice and knowledge od students pursuing MBBS in Russia. The libraries and laboratories are built in such a way to capacitate more than 1000 students at time. There are also modernized facilities like digitalised labs, projectors, etc.
  3. Cross-cultural experience- Russia, being the self-governing country and the prime destination to all foreign countries and overseas students to seek the opportunity to study MBBS in Russia. Medical universities in Russia experiences cross-cultural diversity in every specialization and the students will get the opportunity to interact with people from different communities, countries across globe and will gather global insights.
  4. Preparatory courses are available during MBBS from Russia- It become very crucial when it comes to the career needs of students. Russian universities are taking care of the future aspects of International students who will seek the opportunity for post-graduate programme or MD in Abroad. In countries like Germany, USA, India etc a tough screening test is the initial requirement to get the admission after pursuing MBBS. Russian medical universities give preparatory courses for post-graduate level exams like FMGE, PLAB, USMLE from the starting.
  5. Hospital exposure after MBBS Russia- you will get the hospital training right from the beginning of the 1st It’s a dream of every medical student to get real-life exposure while pursuing MBBS in Abroad, Russian medical colleges are helping and giving the platform to students to fulfil their desires by having real-time experience in renowned hospitals or government hospitals.

Universities with low-fee structure

Russia is the best destination of people of all kind, class and grade. It also has diversity in medical colleges on their budgetary aspects. There are a wide range of universities in Russia with their different fee range from high to low. Some of the low-cost MBBS universities in Russia which are affordable to students and are best in terms of education for Indian students are-

Recommended Universities by MBBS Experts

universityEligibility criteriaTotal cost incurredApplication ends
Crimea state medical university65% in PCB164000031st July
Irkutsk medical university60% in PCB239500030th July
People friendship university60% in PCB350000030th July
Dagestan state medical university50% in PCB184500031st July
Ryazan medical university65% in PCB157500015th July
Smolensk state medical university60% in PCB200000031st July
Russia national research medical university60% in PCB255000015th July

FMGE/MCI passing criteria

MCI is the medical governing body of India which conducts screening test called FMGE for all medical students who wish to pursue post-graduation from India. The test is not easy to tackle and requires 50% makes to qualify and eligible for the admission in post-graduation in medicine. Russian universities are approved by the MCI and the students are allowed to appear in the screening conduct by MCI which is held in INDIA.

Russian medical education allowed students preparatory courses for MCI screening test for the students who study in Russia, which is effective enough to pass the examination if studied well.

Name of the UniversityEligibility CriteriaDurationTotal Fees
Irkutsk State Medical University10+2(PCB 50%)6 Years35,00 USD/Year
Kazan State Medical University10+2(PCB 50%)6 Years62,00 USD/Year
Volgograd State Medical University10+2(PCB 50%)6 Years61,00 USD/Year

Scope after completion of MBBS in Russia

Students will get the best opportunities in their way after studying MBBS in Russia. There are various opportunities like-

  1. Post-graduation in USA or Germany– once you completed the graduation in medicine from Russia, you are eligible to take entrance examinations of USMLE, PLAB etc to secure your further career in countries like Germany and USA. It is a good option for Indian students after completing MBBS in Russia and opt for medical PG in Germany or USA.
  2. Employment in Russia– This is also a good option for Indian students completing MBBS in Russia to find employment opportunities in the best hospitals or government hospitals in Russia which ensures flexible employment rates and the good standard of living to students.
  3. MD in Russia– The best choice that Russia gives to Indian students to go for MD in Russia and side by side work as a part-time in some reputed hospital which proves beneficial to students seeking job as well as post-graduation. In post-graduation the medical universities in Russia also offer flexible stipend to students.
  4. University employment after Russian Degree– medical universities offer good opportunity to MBBS pass out students to take lectures in the university and work in university hospital which is a good source to practice in real-time situations.

Process of MBBS admission in Russia

Process of MBBS admission in RussiaThe process of admission in MBBS in Russia is very simple and effective. Russian colleges also offer scholarships for deserving candidates, all you have to do is submit the require documents and it will take one month to proceed the application procedure for study in Russia. For English medium medical university in Russia, student need to apply early i.e. by first week of June for the procedure of MBBS in Russia in English.

With MBBS experts the procedure of admission becomes smooth as we take care of everything with utmost loyalty. for admission in MBBS in Russia students need to submit the following documents.

It’s been advised to students to ready the documents before date as the students need to depart by September for the MBBS in Russia in English medium.

The procedure to be-
  • Fill the application form for the respective university online from the university’s portal.
  • Submission of required documents with copies of valid passport.
  • Get the admission letter from the university within 10-12 working days.
  • After receiving the admission letter, visit Russian embassy.
  • And apply for a visa by submitting all required documents(valid).
  • Collect the visa on the due date and depart to Russia.

Direct admission to Russian medical college is now made the system more flexible and easy in reach for everyone.


Why should I study MBBS in Russia?

Russia, provides wonderful job opportunities to students in medical field with many benefits such as, cheap and best accommodation, recognised courses, low-tuition fees, availability of Indian food etc. Russian medical colleges come in world’s top 100 medical colleges, which provides quality education with proper hospital training.

Are medical degrees from Russian universities recognized world-wide?

Yes, MBBS degree in Russia is highly recognized by international medical bodies and to every country to practice as well as to study higher education.

Is there any entrance examination prior to the admission in MBBS in Russia?

No, Russian medical universities don’t want any entrance examination for admission in the medical course, indeed the student must have minimum 60% in 12th in physics, chemistry, and biology for getting admission in top medical colleges in Russia.

What atmosphere the Russian medical universities possess?

Universities in Russia are strictly following the guidelines provided and maintain the professionalism in the university premises. Faculties are motivating, encouraging and maintain ethical environment in the university.

Classes in Russia are conducted in which medium? Do I need to be skilled in the Russian language?

There are medical universities in Russia which are based on full Russian medium, if you are interested in learning Russia then you can go ahead but if you want to prefer the English language, there are also top universities in Russia which offers a dual mode of education and fully English medium. You can decide accordingly else MBBS experts are always there to assist you in selecting your ideal medical college in Russia.

Are they provide scholarships to students? If yes, then what’s the procedure?

The scholarship opportunity comes at the doorstep of deserving students, top MBBS universities in Russia are providing a scholarship to the students who clear their scholarship examination.

About Russia

Russian federation or popularly known as Russia is the world’s largest nation which stretches over northern Asia and Eastern Europe. Since 1991 Russia became a democratic country ruled by superlatives. Its region is so big that is covers Canada two times, which is world’s second largest nation. Russia is a super power economy which ranks 12th in terms of GDP and 6th largest in terms of purchasing power parity lies in the hands of president Vladimir Putin. Russia is a country full of cross-cultural diversity and with more than 120 ethnic groups which speaks more than one language and following desperate culture. The land of Russia is a great source of reserve oil, crops, metals, gas etc.

Russia became a union republic in the year 1922 right after the revolution in 1917. The revolution has made good changes in Russia and it were being reflected in the notable figures as composers like- Sergey Prokofiev, Dmitry Shostakovich. Great poets like- Vladimir Mayakovski and many new talents, journalists, novelists like Victor Pelevin etc.

Russia is surrounded by Pacific and Arctic oceans. On the northwest territory at St. Petersburg Baltic sea welcomed the frontages. Russia shares the border with China, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Belarus, North Korea, Latvia, Finland, Mongolia, Norway, Kazakhstan, Poland.

Official language- Russian
Population- 114,526,636
Capital- Moscow
Area- 17,075,200 km sq.
Government- dominant-party federal semi-presidential
  • President- Vladimir Putin
  • Chairman- Dmitry Medvedev
  • Total- $ 1.522 trillion
  • Per capita- $10630
Currency- Russian Ruble
Time zone- UTC+2 to +12
  • India v/s Russia-  India is 2 hrs. 30 minutes ahead of Moscow.
Calling code- +7

Religion and Ethnic groups in Russia

Russia is the home to many religions and ethnic groups. Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism and Islam contributes the total population of Russia majorly. Since 2009,45% of Russians have been declared themselves as non-religious, 45% Orthodox, 8% Muslims and remaining follow some other faith.                                                                             

Climatic conditions in Russia

Russia has a variable climatic condition which becomes too cold at winters and warmest in summers. Depending on the nation’s shape and size which is huge which is however 240 miles away from the ocean. Northern latitude of the country possesses the chilliest vibes. North-western Siberia, marine region, and the south-western Russia falls below 50°N latitude. And the remaining half of the Russian federation falls in the latitude of 60°N. There are majorly two main seasons- summer and winter, autumn and spring changes very fast there. Range of temperature that falls in the popular cities with highest number of medical universities of Russia in winters-

Cities in RussiaTemperature (maximum) in wintersTemperature in summers
St. Petersburg-8°c20°c


Generally, the weather in Moscow and other big cities in Russia temperature in winters will go around -10°C, not falls more than that. As the big cities like St. Petersburg, Volgograd, Moscow varies extensively according to the weather.

International Ranking of Russia

Russia, with extensive natural resources as a whole makes one of the world’s largest economy. Russia’s huge size and enriched history has made the country lot of contributions in many fields like science and technology, Economy, arts, export & import etc. some of the major areas where Russia has marked good rankings.

Areas of excellenceGlobal ranking
Quality of life38th
Cultural influence23rd
Open for business80th
Best country for green living27th
Best country for women31st
Best country to start a career4th
Most influential countries2nd
Most transparent countries64th

The above world-wide rankings of Russia are the proof that Russia is one of the safest, influential, career-oriented, heritage, powerful countries to live or to study. Russia is the best option for Students seeking educational options in Abroad especially medical education. There are many other areas or interests where Russia stands on top positions. Russia is also a member of many international organizations like-

  • EU customs union.
  • WTO
  • Eurasian Economic Union.
  • Shanghai cooperation organization.
  • International maritime organization.
  • Council of Europe.
  • Black sea economic cooperation organization.
  • Asian Pacific economic cooperation.
  • World tourism organization
  • Commonwealth of independent states.

Russian medical education also counts in world’s best education hub for Medicine.

Living cost and expenditures for MBBS in Russia

The estimate cost of living in Russia is around $250-$300, or students can reduce their monthly average cost by choosing the cheapest cities to live in. Moscow is slightly costlier in than Volgograd and St. Petersburg. The costs and expenses that goes on monthly bases for students living in Student accommodation or in private apartments are-

  • Eating and dining– If you are not living in university accommodation, then you have to bear more expenses like daily groceries, which costs around $30-$50 per person. Russia is also open for 3-course meal for people which is cheaper than separate 3-time meal. It costs you around $20.
  • Transportation– the total Russian region is covered by Metro which is inexpensive and convenient to students. Monthly ticket for metro in Russia costs between 200-400 Rubles. Road travelling is also a good option In Russia as you travel a lot in 10-20 cents in Bus.
  • Clothing– we suggest you to bring your clothes for winter such as- big coat, boots, hat, scarfs etc as these type of clothes suits the Russian winter climate. And the cost of purchasing the clothes in Russia is way more than any other country.
  • Movies and entertainment– everyone needs some entertainment in their lives after a long day hectic schedule of Medical course in Russia. We are here to let you know how much these sources costs you – movie ticket- $10-$20 for a good seat, art galleries or museums costs around $10 or 50 cents, clubs- $5-$10 on an average per person.

Visa procedure for MBBS in Russia

We make the proceedings for Visa of Russia easy and smooth. The duration of getting the Russian visa depends the duration of stay in the country. For example, if a student wants to stay for 3-6 months then travel visa is issued within 2-3 weeks. But for students seeking MBBS in Russia will be staying for more than 5 years is slightly time-consuming process and sometimes students will get delays in the proceedings. But usually it takes around maximum 2 months of time. Therefore, we advise students to get ready with the documents prior to the fixed date so that we can start with the visa processes quite early.

Do’s and don’ts of visa


  1. Start filling the application for your student visa at least 3 months prior to the admission.
  2. Fill the application with valid and accurate details.
  3. The photograph for the visa should be of matt finish rather being glossy one and would be of the required format.
  4. Bring both original as well as photocopies of all your documents while going to the embassy for visa application submission.
  5. Check properly with the advisors whether the additional document is required or not.


  1. Do not misrepresent the facts or information related to yourself or your academics.
  2. Do not present false documents or invalid passport.

Mobile Networks in Russia

The major mobile phone service providers in Russia are-

  • MTS
  • Russian manufacturers
  • MegaFon
  • Tele2
  • Beeline

This industry in Russia is all ready to capture the market and become world’s largest in terms of networks. Students studying in Russia can avail with any of these network providers as all of them are providing 2G and 3g networks at affordable rates with great internet speed. We suggest you to use MTS networks as these networks has captures=d the highest market share in Russia and is working well both in terms of international calling as well as internet speed.

Banking services in Russia

Banking services in RussiaThough the banking services are going through a troubling phase since 2014 instability, they provide the wide range of services to students. The banking system is divided into two categories in Russia- central and commercial banks.

ATM facility– ATM in Russia allow 24*7 access to the individuals. you may have to charge additional fee while withdrawing from foreign card. MBBS experts suggests you to open a student account in any of the banks in Russia which is at 0 balance, and you will incur many benefits after that. The banks allow students to access the services over the phone also.  The major banks in Russia are-

  • VTB
  • Sberbank
  • VTB24
  • Bank of Moscow
  • Bank otkritie financial corporation.
  • Gazprom bank

Indian banks in Russia

  • Commercial bank of India
  • ICICI Eurasia.

Our services and assistance for MBBS in Russia

MBBS experts are the leading educational consultants in the market. We assure complete assistance we promised with full loyalty and responsibility.

We offer great assistant to Indian students who wish to study MBBS abroad and all medical aspirants, as we understand the need of students and their parents to get the best career orientation, we totally provide assistance according to their convenience.

MBBS experts are prominent and helpful educational consultants in India for MBBS education in Russia.

Study in Russia becomes smooth with the help of MBBS experts, as we take care of every student activity and administration work right from the filling the application for MBBS in Russia to the completion of the medical course in Russia.

Though Indian students will get the full support and beneficial services from the medical universities in Russia, still we are here to help you in any case related to accommodation facility, financial uncertainty etc.

Services provided by MBBS experts

  • Helpful in counseling for further medical studies like PG in Germany, PG in USA or post-graduation program in medicine in any country.
  • Helpful in providing guidance about the FMGE facts and best universities abroad with the highest FMGE passing percentage.
  • When it comes to student’s career we are helpful in providing best educational orientation in medical courses in abroad. With cheap and best medical universities in abroad.
  • We also assist you in choosing the best study material/coaching classes for MCI screening test which you can rely on.
  • We are helpful in making the complete documentation, visa assurance, bringing the offer letter of the university, embassy requirements, safe and enjoyable travel from India to Russia.
  • We also arrange our assistance in Russia for the safety purposes of students.

MBBS experts are the most trusted, reliable, authenticate overseas consultants to counsel students with the best MCI approved universities in Russia.

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