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Bicol University started off as a state university in the year 1969 in the Bicol Region.

The following schools were merged to form the university and become its integrated units:

  • The Bicol Teachers College (BTC)
  • The Daraga East Central School (DCES)
  • The Albay High School
  • The Bicol Regional School of the Arts and Trades (BRSAT)
  • The Roxas Memorial Agricultural School (RMAS)
  • The School of Fisheries in Tabaco
  • The School for Philippine Craftsmen

Dr. Ricardo A. Arcilla was the first president of the university and he was in charge of the development of the university. He played a crucial role in uniting the different units of the university and establishing policy making. Graduate education began in the year 1972 and the following year saw the establishment of the College of Nursing. In the following years, the university tied up with several organisations and educational institutions to improve its scope for educating its students. This was followed by years of further development and innovations and presently, the university hopes to be a centre of academic excellence, training students to gain their own place in this world of stiff competition.

The formation of a College of Medicine was a part of the Comprehensive Development Plan of the university of the years 2004-13. The academic program of the Doctor of Medicine was approved by an Ad Hoc team in 2010 and the proposal to start the college was approved in 2012. Various teams were formed to determine the nature of learning and teaching at the college. It was decided that training would be learner centred and teachers would act more as guides and the approach to health care would be holistic.

Apart from the undergraduate degree which confers the title of Doctor of Medicine, the College of Medicine at the Bicol University also offers graduate and post-graduate courses in medicine as well as Master of Public Administration major in Health Emergency and Disaster Management. International students willing to take admission to the undergraduate program of the university have to furnish the following documents:

  • Certification of completion of a secondary curriculum where the applicant has his/her secondary education
  • Certification of Proficiency in English based on the TOEFL Score (for non-native speakers of English)
  • Qualifying in the BUCET or any of the following international foreign-based examination in lieu of the BUCET (Bicol University College Entrance Test) such as:

Scholastic Aptitude Test SAT (Advanced) with a minimum combined score of 1200 Mathematics, Critical Reading and Writing sub-test areas

General Certificate of Education (GCE) with a grade of E in other subjects covered in the GCE and two level A passes in the related subjects required in the course applied for.

They must also furnish the following documents for admission to any course at the university:

  • Original transcript of records (OTR)
  • Personal Data
  • Affidavit of support
  • Alien certificate of registration (ACR)
  • Result of Test on English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
  • Approved study permit from CHED
  • An application fee of $50.00

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