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20 years ago, Georgia was undergoing a severe political and socio-economic crisis. It was in the midst of this that Caucasus International University brought in a ray of hope in the sphere of higher education. It started functioning in the year 1995 and received accreditation 2005 and 2007. The university received an accreditation program for a time of 5 years in 2012. The Education Quality Development Centre, another authorising body identified 4700 students as contingent in July 2015. The Caucasus International University became a part of the International Medical Education and Research Development Fund "FAIMER-IMED" and the World Health Organization - "AVICENNA" in the year 2012.

Highly qualified staff oversees the training of students following a superior standard of education and with the use of innovative teaching technologies. The university takes the opinions of students into consideration for improving the educational system followed by encouraging them to actively participate in the educational processes. Even though a lot of universities exist today in Georgia, yet there is a constant demand for ones which would be able to train students in the Western mode of learning. Caucasus International University aims to fulfil this need and thus provides bachelor and one-stage programs in Georgian, Russia and English and also master’s and doctoral programs to both national and international students.

The Faculty of Medicine at the university offers the following programs:

  • Bachelor Programs – Pharmacy, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • One-Step Educational Programs – Medicine, Dentistry
  • Foreign Language Educational Programs – English Medical Educational Program (6 years), English Dental Educational Program (5 years), Russian Dentistry Educational Program (5 years), English Pharmacy Program, English Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (4 years)

The English language programs were started in the 2013 and the number of international students has been increasing further since then. The medicine and dentistry programs provide a clinical and theoretical basis in the subjects. Students get to practice regularly in the highly equipped laboratories of the university. The Physiology Laboratory is where students of medicine experiment with various animals on a weekly basis and take their theoretical knowledge a step ahead. A phantom training room helps the students of dentistry to get accustomed with the methods of working in a clinical environment. The university also has its own Dental Clinic where students get to communicate with real patients during their sixth semester. Students are helped to perform better in their real life jobs by training them well clinical studies. Qualified professors follow global standards when training students. A University Medical Clinic is under construction right now with the purpose of training students better in the practical side of their subjects. The university cooperates with a number of significant international institutes some of which are:

  • Kiev University of Medicine
  • Gdansk University
  • University of Lodz
  • Caucasus University
  • Odlar Yurdu University
  • Mississippi State University

Caucasus International University also undertakes regular exchange programs with other international universities of repute to stay updated with the latest in teaching methodologies.

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