Comenius University

The Comenius University is the largest university in Slovakia and is named after the famous Czech teacher and philosopher Jan Amos Comenius. Founded in the year 1919, the university is funded mostly by the government. The university was started with assistance from the University of Prague and was meant to replace the Elisabeth University, founded in 1912 and originally located at Bratislava. The latter was broken up by the administrative leader Samuel Zoch which led to the migration of most teachers to Budapest, where the university was started anew. Later on, it was moved to Pecs and came to be known as the University of Pecs.

The Faculty of Medicine was established in the year 1919 along with three others and happened to be the first in Slovakia. The importance of the Faculty lies in its attempts to promote scientific research and educational initiatives, activities under curative and preventive categories. The faculty offers two courses in the field of medicine, one in General Medicine and the other in Dentistry. These are offered in English and Slovak. New scientists are trained through post-graduate courses which are both internal and external in nature.

The course on General Medicine is 6 years in duration and provides knowledge about the anatomical structure of the human body and its physiological characteristics. Training is also provided in diagnosis, its different methods, prevention of diseases and therapy. Students interested in studying at the Comenius University’s Faculty of Medicine have to successfully clear the entrance examination which is a multiple choice based test with questions from Chemistry and Biology. International applicants must be fluent in English and must have completed their higher secondary education or 10+2 exams.

They have to submit the following documents at the time of application:

  • Two notarized copies of completion of school education
  • Medical certificate proving healthy condition of candidate and does not suffer from Hepatitis B or other infectious diseases
  • Notarized copy of birth certificate
  • Photocopy of passport
  • 3 passport size photos of applicant

The application must be sent by mid-May. The entrance examination takes place in the month of June at the Faculty at Bratislava. Academic years begin in September and last till August and each year is divided into two semesters – summer and winter. A student attends theoretical classes focusing on pre-clinical studies, gets to attend libratory and practical classes. Complicated and varied clinical classes follow from the fourth year onwards. The degrees conferred to students of General Medicine and Dentistry is MUDr and MDDr respectively. The university also has facilities for pursuing doctoral studies and getting a PhD.

Both the undergraduate programs are accredited in the European Union, the United States of America and in most other countries of Europe. The university also encourages international students to compulsorily study and prove their knowledge of the Czech language through classes and tests during the first, second and third years of study. This helps them to communicate with the locals and lead a more comfortable life at Slovakia.

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