Novosibirsk National Research University, Novosibirsk

It was around the late 1950s that academicians in Russia felt the need to start an institution for higher academic research. So, Sobolev, Lavrentiev, and Khristianovich, three members of the USSR Academy of Sciences came together to bring international level research to the Siberian region. Though this area was a den of natural resources, what it lacked was research institutes which would promote economic growth and development. Thus, in 1958, the USSR Academy of Sciences was born and the site chosen was aptly Novosibirsk, an industrial city. Soon, an academic town cropped up there and young researchers were trained in a newly founded university.

In May 1959, the USSR Higher Education Ministry ordered the Novosibirsk State University to begin studies. The first batch of full time students were 139 in number and part time ones were 119. Dormitories were tents in the nearby forests and lectures were provided in a secondary school building. However, it was the sheer quality of teaching and interest of the students that led to the growth of the university which then spread its wings far and wide. The Novosibirsk National Research University now follows a system of ‘competitive selection and training of talented young people’, as mentioned on their website. It is the exclusive university in the region to provide continuing education at multi levels.

The Department of Medicine at the Novosibirsk National Research University began in the year 2003 with the aim of training specialists in medical care. This course provides training in the fundamental and clinical aspects of medicine. Experienced scientists and clinical specialists from various clinics work in collaboration with the ones at work at the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, State Science Center of Virology and Biotechnology VECTOR and the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.

The university keeps its focus on providing an all round training to its students so that they are able to proceed in whichever field of medicine, in any country they want. To make their base strong, students of the Department of Medicine are also additionally trained in the subjects of physics, mathematics, chemistry, molecular biology, pharmacology and genetics. Modern medicine and its recent aspects are specially stressed and the training in biology is inspired by the kind provided at the Department of Biology. Students who study medicine from the university are able to cope up with any future prospects in the field. They can begin work as professionals after getting their due licenses or take up research and higher studies.

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