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From cradle to grave, every individual wants the best in his life which is perceived differently by different individuals. In terms of career, one wants the best choice, which is perhaps the toughest decision for any student. The critical part is having a clear vision of your professional shape. A number of students aspire to befit in the field of medicine and studying in a foreign university is an ambition of numeral students as it offers wide exposure.

Asaki Tsereteli State University, also called Kutaisi University, is one of the most ancient and renowned university in Kutaisi, Georgia. Georgia, being one of the cities with ancient and diverse cultural traditions, also preserves the university’s outstanding academic reputation for over seven decades. Over 170 thousand scholars have been graduated in diverse fields of medicine, science, literature, arts, agriculture, engineering and pedagogics. It is one of the leading universities of Georgia and has been declared among the top class universities in the world by WHO (World Health Organization). So, if you aspire to become a medical graduate from a foreign university, with the right kind of education and immense exposure, then you are at the right place.

About Akaki Tsereteli State University (ATSU)-

ATSU is a co-educational higher educational institution founded as Tbilisi State University under the guidance of Ivane Jarakhishvili, a Georgian historian in 1918. In 1930, it was abolished by the government, which was later restored in 1933 as Tbilisi State University. In 1990, the university was transformed into and renamed as Akaki Tsereteli State University. ATSU is one of the largest government medical universities of Georgia and enrolls a number of students from different parts across the globe. It holds an honorable seat in the fields of culture, intellect and moral education, thereby enhancing the personality of the scholars of the institution. The faculty of medicine was established in 1995. Every year, 135 foreign students study medicine (MD) in the university. Also, the university has the best clinic in Western Georgia and is an active cooperator with the other leading hospitals in the city across the globe. ATSU offers varied courses in bachelors, post graduate and doctorate degrees in several fields of education which is regulated by Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia.

The university’s vision is promote vocational education and learning system through various vocational programs, also to conduct and promote scientific education, researches, inculcate democratic, national and international values in the society. ATSU has 10,000 students studying currently in five branches in Georgia.

Medical Programs Offered In ATSU-

ATSU offers a variety of courses in bachelors, post graduate and doctoral degrees in the field of medicine and health care. It offers 19 courses at graduate level and 3 courses at post graduate level (Public Health, Epidemiology and Biostatistics), other than this, it also offers doctorate courses for over three years.

List of Courses offered in English (Medical Degree Program):

  1. Medical Science
    1. Medical Biology, Genetics
    2. Human Anatomy
    3. Clinical Anatomy
    4. Biochemistry
    5. Physiology
    6. General Immunology
    7. General Hygiene
    8. Pathologic Physiology
    9. Internal Medicine Diagnostics
    10. Pharmacology
    11. Dermatovenerology
  1. Microbiology
  2. Medical Parasitology
  3. Bio Physics
  4. Topographic Anatomy Operative Surgery
  5. Pathologic Anatomy
  6. Public Health And Management Legal Medical Aspects
  7. Pathologic Physiology

Another course offered by the university is One Step Medical Educational Program-

  • Academic Degree- Medical Doctor, MD
  • Program Duration- 6 years(12 semesters), 15-15 academic weeks with maximum 22 academic contact hours per week
  • Language of the program- English
  • Head of the program- PhD. I.Pkhkadze
  • Program Volume in ECTS- Educational programs have 360 ECTS credits, in which each ECTS is equivalent to 25 academic hours and a qualification exam.

Tuition Fees to be paid during the Course:

  • 1st year- USD 5000
  • 2nd year- USD 4500
  • 3rd – 6th year- USD 4000
  • Hostel fees and food per year- USD 3000

Facilities Offered By the University:

The institution has a good amount of teaching faculties of about 816 professors, associate professors and assistant professors, along with medical staff, medical assistants and supervisors. The faculty undergoes clinical training from time to time about the day to day advancements in the field of medicine and is fully equipped with multi-base clinical components to match the global standards. It has 60 scientific research laboratories, a scientific library (with over 3700000 books and periodicals) with availability of EBSCO, Cambridge, Bio One Electronic Data Bases and evergreen electronic catalogue for benefits of the students in terms of usage and technology,  zoological and botanical museums, five dormitories which can accommodate over 2200 students.

ATSU has no single campus; its buildings are scattered throughout the city and covers a wide expanse of Kutaisi with more than 18 buildings. The medical institution of ATSU is culturally rich and diverse in terms of its historical importance in the city.

It also provides services to International Students like –

  • Orientation days
  • Housing
  • Visa Assistant
  • Social Interactions
  • Study of Georgian languages

Features of the University:

The university is well maintained according to international standards, ranging from classrooms, labs, hostels to cafeterias with a lush green campus, soothing environment for scholars. It aims at producing the best worldwide and at producing specialists with not only a medical degree but also having sufficient knowledge to satisfy the demands of the individuals with their clinical skills and at the same time preserving moral and ethical principles in their practice. The Pharmacy sector of the university aims at spreading awareness in public health politics.

Affiliations of the University:

ATSU is affiliated to the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia and also to other international organizations like:

  • IAUP (International Association of University Presidents)
  • AMEE (An International Association for Medical Education)
  • AMSE (The Association of Medical Schools in Europe)

The university is internationally recognized by:

  • WHO (World Health Organization)
  • WDOMS (World Directory of Medical Schools)
  • FAIMER (Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research)
  • WFME (World Federation for Medical Education)
  • MCI (Medical Council of India)

Achievements of ATSU:

  • ATSU is a multi-disciplinary organization, internationally recognized by WHO as a grade A university and ranks 2nd in Georgia in terms of medical education with all modern requirements.
  • The university cooperates with other universities worldwide and scientific centers of EU, USA and Eastern countries for providing best learning and A grade professional teaching programs.
  • It has been associated with international projects like NATO program security through science, Networking Infrastructure Grant, Summer School in American Studies sponsored by US Embassy in Georgia.

How to Apply For Medical Course in ATSU, Georgia:

The students who wish to go abroad to pursue medical profession from the university can submit the application online, which is free of charge. Applying for this university is open to all students worldwide, but they require fulfilling the eligibility criteria, which is as follows:

  • It is always better to apply through a professional consultant, who is already seasoned in this domain.
  • The applicant should possess his school graduating certificate and documents stating his passing the national examinations with minimum 50% marks in class 12th in physics, chemistry and biology examinations.
  • For students of the other countries, equivalent documents are required based in bilateral agreement between the countries.
  • The selection will be on the basis of merit, according to the number of applicants, as the seats in the medical domain in the university are limited.
  • Knowledge of English language education is mandatory. IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is taken by the university, but the exact score is not published by the college.
  • The documents required are:
  • Original mark sheets and academic certificates
  • Valid passport
  • Visa Application form should be fully filled
  • Passport size photographs

Why Choose Medical Courses from ATSU?

  • Being one of the oldest government universities in Georgia, founded in 1933, has achieved a remarkable seat internationally in terms of knowledge, education and culture.
  • It offers MBBS and MD programs in English.
  • It has an outstanding reputation worldwide and has advanced teaching methods and equipments.
  • The rich historical background of over seven decades of the institution, itself shows the experience, perfection and quality education it offers which is desirous by each student.
  • Studying abroad, is a dream of every student but it involves a lot of financial back up, nut studying in ATSU is economical in comparison to other universities abroad.
  • It offers outstanding facilities and scholarships with its own clinic for better practical experience.
  • It provides a lot of exposure and clinical skill to the students, as it has achieved a lot in terms of international projects.
  • It has a friendly environment with good living conditions.
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