What are the minimum educational requirements for admission to MBBS course?

Aspirant aiming for the admission to undergraduate course in Medicine, which is MBBS, need to have studied biology, physics and chemistry in the 12th standard. Moreover, they should have got a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate in the qualifying exam in Physics, Chemistry and Biology, both individually and taken together.

What is the duration of MBBS course?

The course includes 4 and a half years of regular studies, and one year is internship, where the individual has to practice in a hospital in India. Therefore, the total tenure of the course comes to be 5 and half years.

Can I appear for the MBBS entrance examination more than once?

Yes, as far as you qualify your basic minimum educational requirements, there is no restriction on the number of attempts that once can make. However, in few universities, age criteria is also the deciding factor.

What documentation is needed to appear for the MBBS entrance examination in India?

If an applicant wants to appear in the entrance examination, he/she should provide the following documents:

  • School Leaving Certificate
  • Extra-Curricular Activity Certificates
  • Passport Size Photographs
  • Transcripts of 11th and 12th Standards
  • Valid passport Copies

These documents need to be attested by a gazetted officer.

Is there scholarship available to students seeking admission to MBBS course?

Several international students come to India for studying MBBS. There are many universities, which offer scholarships. Applicants from India, who deserve and have impressive academic records, are also eligible for the Scholarship. The decision of medical college is final and abiding in this case.

If any MBBS aspirant wants to study MBBS abroad, will he/she become eligible for bank loans?

It is given within RBI regulation act that pursuing education abroad can make you eligible for loan sanction for approximately INR 15 Lacs. The loan amount sanctioned in your case will depend on the family income. It is therefore mandatory to show the salary certificates and other relevant documents during the time when you apply for the loan.

Am I eligible for the accommodation facility in the medical college?

Most of medical colleges have their own mess, and hostel accommodation facilities. There is room for single and on twin sharing basis.  However, from the second clinical year, students will have the benefit of sharing an apartment with the friends and relatives.

What is the course fee for studying MBBS?

Different colleges and universities abroad have a variable fee structure. Therefore, it becomes necessary that you check with the individual university or college to which you are seeking admission.

Are parents eligible to meet the students during their time of study in medical college?

International colleges and universities allow parents, relatives and friends of the enrolled students to visit the college and hostel. Most international colleges of medicine also offer the benefits of tourist invitation. You can check it from dean’s office. During the holidays, students are also granted leave to visit their home.

Is the MBBS degree I earned from university recognized by MCI?

The international medical colleges and universities offering you MBBS degree courses enjoy a fair amount of recognition by World Health Organization. The MBBS degree you have earned will enjoy listing under the Medical Council of India (MCI). It is significant to note that the medical degrees are recognized by the Medical Councils in other countries too.

What are the job opportunities available after I complete the MBBS course?

After completing your MBBS (and this includes Internship as well), you become eligible for the government as well as private sector jobs. There are many jobs advertised on the national daily. You need to keep searching for the job, which suits your objective and role. ‘

Am I eligible to secure admission in post-graduation overseas and practice in India?

Once you have completed your MBBS course, you become eligible for post-graduation in the same college or different college. Post-graduation in medicine is offered in either English or native language. The total duration of course is 2 years.

Are you eligible to work in India after completing post-graduation in medicine from abroad?

Yes, you are eligible to work in India after your post-graduation studies are complete. However, you need to clear the examination Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE), which is a licensure examination conducted under the supervision ofNational Board of Examinations (NBE) in India.

Can you explain me about the MCI Eligibility Certificate?

Prospective medical students, who wish to study MBBS in a foreign country, need to get the eligibility certificate from MCI prior to starting their degree. Only those prospective medical students who have eligibility certificate can appear in MCI screening test, which is essential to practice medicine in India.

The Medical Council of India (MCI) has clearly mandated, Indian students eagerto study in foreign medical institution, shall be required to obtain an “Eligibility Certificate” from the MCI, as clearly written in Eligibility Certificate Regulations 2002, before admission into any foreign medical institution, and this is recognized as within section 12 or under section 13 of the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956

What is the minimum eligibility to appear for MCI Eligibility Certificate?

The student should be of 17 years of age, and completed 10+2 fromrecognised Council/Board of India or abroad. Furthermore, he/shemust have studied Physics, Chemistry and Biology as elective subjects, with a minimum 50% in aggregate in PCB.

Are the universities in China owned privately or run by government?

The Chinese Government owns all medical universities in China. Since China is a communist country, it is the government, which controls everything.

What is the tenure of MBBS course in China?

The complete MBBS course in China is of 6 years, and this includes One Year Internship. You can always opt for the internship in your home country, i.e. India. Only you have to make the choice in this case.

Is there any Donation or Capitation Fee?

Foreign universities do not charge any capitation fee or donation. Therefore, you do not need to worry of paying more out of your pocket. The medical education in foreign countries is affordable in the current economic scenario.

Am I eligible to complete internship/training in India after completing MBBS abroad?

Medical graduate, who has received MBBS from another country is eligible to complete his/her internship/training in India. The fact is that you have to arrange for the internship. You should not expect that foreign university will arrange it for you in your home country.

What is the medium of instruction in MBBS course?

Each country has its own national language. The medium of instruction in MBBS is the same national language. But, you do not need to worry as majority of universities offer English as the medium of instruction. You need to check out with us. We ware going to guide you on this matter.

I am less than 18 years. Am I eligible for admission to foreign university in MBBS course?

You are eligible for the MBBS course from the foreign university. As per the guidelines of international medical universities, you need to be at least 17 years of age. It is important that you need to provide relevant and attested copy of birth certificate.

Can a student while he/she is enrolled in MBBS course in Russia, conduct himself/herself in part time job?

As per the government norms, students enrolled in the MBBS course are not allowed to carry forward part time trade in Russia. However, during the time of holidays, they are eligible to find a suitable part time job for themselves.

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