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IELTS Service

The International English Language system is the world’s most popular English proficiency test which assesses skills like listening, writing and speaking. Over 2 million IELTS tests are taken in a year. The test has been designed to assess how you will use the English language in the study and when you are at work. More than 8000 institutions accept IELTS which include government, employers and immigration authorities. The test is designed by language experts across the world. You need to engage in a one to one conversation during the test. Your conversational and listening skills are evaluated through the test.

Details about the test

You can enroll in IELTS academic training or in the general training depending on what plans you have for your future. If you have plans of pursuing an undergraduate course in a foreign country, you will have to appear for IELTS. The scores of the test are accepted by most foreign universities. A face to face interview is undertaken by a certified examiner. In order to gain entry to a college, a student needs to attain a minimum score. The test is managed by IDP, British Council and University of CAMBRIDGE ESOL. High standards of language assessment are conducted through the test.

Enroll in training

You can refer to official IELTS material if you wish to improve your score. The academic IELTS training is suitable if you plan to study abroad. If you have plans of working in a foreign country, you need to sit for the IELTS general training.We shall help you in getting trained for IELTS test. We help students to enhance education and widen career opportunities.

With Us

There are several benefits of IELTS training with us. The staff is friendly and helpful. Getting test dates becomes extremely easy. You can benefit from the expert advice that is provided on how to take the test. The payment of fees is highly flexible, and you can make payments easily. We offers resources which help Indian students to enroll in medical programs abroad. After appearing for the test, you need to match the scores with the requirements of the foreign institution you wish to enroll in .

Before the test

You can book a test online with our assistance. We will help you to get an access to more than 30 hours of online training where the materials are free of cost. We shall help you select a test center which is close to your location and we will be able to offer friendly and helpful advice. If you give your valuable time to test preparation, it will help you to be best prepared for the test. It is very important to understand the format of the test and know well in advance what to expect on the test date. Pay strong attention to the content of the test and familiarize yourself with the test pattern. This will help you to gain proficiency and succeed.

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