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MBBS From Armenia

MBBS From Armenia

Introduction About MBBS in Armenia

MBBS is regarded to be one of the most rewarding and respectable professions in our country India. Every year thousands of the students from India who fail to seek admission for the MBBS Program in the Indian medical universities choose MBBS in Armenia. There are many advantages the country provides to the international students pursuing MBBS from Armenia. Armenia offer students with easy MBBS admissions. Students can take the benefit of world-class infrastructure and quality MBBS education. There are a number of NMC-approved universities in Armenia for Indian students that also prepare Indian medical aspirants for the NMC Screening Test required to gain the practicing license after the completion of the MBBS course from Armenia.The low tuition fee, top medical universities offering MBBS course, cheaper cost of living, good quality food, good hostel facility, and fully-equipped labs are the key factors playing important role in attracting Indian students for MBBS in Armenia.If you have a dream of becoming a doctor then MBBS in Armenia is one of the top choices. Not only will you get an experience of studying in Armenia but you can even continue your practice in your own country. Because of plenty of the benefits students seek, Medical study in Armenia. For Indian students it has become a favourite destination for study in medicine.

The Various Courses Offered by the Armenian Medical Universities

The Armenian medical universities are known for their various courses in medicine offered to the students including international students.If you have been looking to study medicine in Armenia, then it is one of the wisest decisions you will be taking in your life. The course is structured in the form to make you get involved in both the theoretical and practical aspects of education, providing you with the best knowledge for a successful career as doctor.The medical universities in Armenia have facilitated various courses to choose for a medical aspirant traveling from any part of the world.

You can have a look at the below described information:

  1. The medical universities in Armenia offer you with various specialization courses in medicine offered to the entire national as well as the international students.
  2. Talking about the clinical or PG programs, a medical candidate can choose from the variety of courses that are taught in the best medical college in Armenia.
  3. All the Armenian state medical universities provide students with internship and various masters programs to all the eligible and outstanding students either from Armenia or from any part of the country.

What Distinguishes MBBS Programs in Armenia?

  1. Hassle-free admission in Armenia medical colleges process
  2. No entrance test
  3. Medium of instruction is English
  4. Safe nation in the world for Indian students for MBBS in Armenia
  5. Cultural exposure for study MBBS from Armenia for Indian students
  6. NMCW` approved universities for Study in Armenia for Indian students
  7. Low-cost Armenia MBBS colleges
  8. Low living cost in Armenia

Consider the Following Before Opting for MBBS Courses in Armenia

  1. List of NMC approved Armenia medical colleges
  2. If the MBBS syllabus in Armenia is globally recognized
  3. If Armenia taught MBBS course is in English
  4. Procedure for MBBS in Armenia
  5. MBBS course fee in Armenia
  6. Universities for MBBS in Armenia for Indian students
  7. Percentage of Indian students applying for MBBS in Armenia
  8. Cheap medical universities in Armenia
  9. Standard of Medical education in Armenia
  10. Eligibility for MBBS in Armenia
  11. Gather top rated MBBS University in Armenia information
  12. Duration of MBBS course in Armenia
  13. Education in Armenia for Indian students

Know the Incredible Benefits of Studying MBBS in Armenia

Armenia is one of the top European locations for students who wish to achieve a rewarding career in the field of medical studies. That is why hundreds of students from India travel to Armenia every year for achieving the best medical study in Armenia.

Some More Benefits of Studying Medicine in Armenia are:

  1. The course curriculum is prepared in a manner that there is a perfect amalgamation for theory and practical knowledge for all the students.
  2. All the medical colleges in Armenia are equipped with experienced faculties, teachers and professors teaching medicine in the right and learning manner.
  3. Medical universities in Armenia offer you with European university exchange programs to different European universities.
  4. The universities are packed with state-of-the-art infrastructure and advanced labs for better learning prospects as well.
  5. Armenian medical universities are an active participant in the field of research and medical inventions and studying in such universities is always a great experience.
  6. All the countries in Europe hold good and cordial relationships with India and that is beneficial for all the students who plan to study medical in Armenia.
  7. The admission process is simple and easy and can be completed in a hassle-free manner.
  8. For all the applicants who would like to study MBBS in Armenia can opt for studying MBBS in Russian language too.
  9. The country is frequented by a number of international students from 30 countries around the world and so offers a great platform for learning and knowing about different cultures.
  10. The climate of the country is always pleasant and you will fall in love with its natural beauty and amazing locations.
  11. There is availability of Indian food even in the hostels so you will not miss your country or its spicy and authentic food.
  12. All the students have the option of commencing with their internships after the completion of their first year from the hospital affiliated to the Armenian medical university.
  13. The people of the country are very nice and warm in nature and you will not have any hardships in sustaining in the country.

Bright Career After Studying MBBS from Armenia

A students post completion of the demanding medical degree MBBS have a very rewarding career ahead. The degree is globally recognized and has its own great importance. The prospects for MBBS from Armenia are as described below:

Medical Practice in Armenia: After wining MBBS degree in Armenia, a graduate can settle in Armenia. You can opt to practice in Armenia or go for the post-graduation (PG). Many international students choose medical practice in Armenia as a rewarding career.

Returning back to India for practice: A medical Indian students is free to return back to India to practice medicine by fulfilling the eligibility criteria for the same. Candidates are required to qualify the NMC screening test and FMGE screening test.

Choose Course in Hospital Management: Today, the demand of career in hospital management is noteworthy. Student from medical background are found choosing Hospital Management as a fast growing career after doing MBBS from Armenia and other nations. It has good scope and is preferred by many medical aspirants.

USMLE: Post the completion of MBBS programs in Armenia, graduates can easily go for the licensing exam conducted in USA. It is none other than USMLE (the United States Medical Licensing Examination). The step – 1, 2 and 3 of USMLE is the best to opt for the medical career in the USA. In addition to the above, students enrolling in the USA are also eligible for a monthly stipend while pursuing his/her further studies.

To Pursue post-graduation in Europe (Germany) or ECTS: After the accomplishment of MBBS degree in Armenia, a medical graduate can go for MD in Germany. For the same, there is no need to clear NMC Screening Test. You can do MD/MS from USA or Germany without qualifying the NMC screening test. Moreover, the degree received from Germany or USA will be valid in India also.

Top Universities in Armenia for MBBS in Armenia

  1. Yerevan State Medical University
  2. The University of Traditional Medicine
  3. Mkhitar Gosh Armenian Russian International University
  4. St. Tereza Medical University
  5. Yerevan Haybusak University

Medical Universities Recommended by MBBS Experts

Ratings and Review
Yerevan Haybusak University

Yerevan Haybusak University situated in Armenia is a private university founded in 1990. The university is accredited international multidisciplinary university.

Country Ranking: 29 World Ranking: 12125
LocationYerevan, Armenia
Medium of StudiesEnglish
Eligibility Criteria50% in PCBE, NEET
Tuition Fees Per Year3800 USD
Hostel & Food Per Year2400 USD
Processing Time60 to 90 Days
Ratings and Review
Mkhitar Gosh Armenian

Mkhitar Gosh Armenian established in 1996 by ANQA (Armenia’s National Center for Professional Education Quality Assurance). Mkhitar Gosh Armenian is incorporated in one of the top universities in Armenia.

Country Ranking: 31 World Ranking: 12337
LocationVanadzor, Armenia
Medium of StudiesEnglish
Eligibility Criteria50% in PCBE, NEET
Tuition Fees Per Year2900 USD
Hostel & Food Per Year2000 USD
Processing Time60 to 90 Days
Recognition of Armenia Medical Universities

Many of the medical universities in Armenia are recognized by following medical bodies in India and around the world:

A Brief on the Medical Universities in Armenia

  1. There are many internationally recognized medical universities offering MBBS in Armenia and other courses on easy terms.
  2. Today, medical aspirants are free to choose from the top 10 MBBS colleges in Armenia and enroll only in the best Armenia medical colleges.
  3. The MD degree from Armenia has great value. Students can also go for MD in Armenia after MBBS for a successful career in the competitive world of medicine.
  4. All the universities take due care of the international students.
  5. Medicine study in Armenia for international students is undoubtedly a very good option.
  6. The percentage of the candidates seeking admission for medical studies in Armenia is increasing. If you look at MBBS in Armenia cost, you will find it low.
  7. The many low-cost Armenia medical colleges are the great source for the economically backward candidates.
  8. Armenian medical college fee is also an important factor attracting Indian students studying at medical colleges in Armenia.
  9. Degree for MBBS in Armenia are recognized by WHO, the international medical education directory, National Medical Commission (NMC), and General Medical Council UK,

Fee Structure for MBBS in Armenia 2021

Medical universities in Armenia offers MBBS at an economical price when compared to the private medical universities in India. Medical aspirants who wish to pursue their MBBS from Armenia can study at an affordable price ranging from 15 to 20 lakhs.

University Name Tuition Fees / Year Hostel + Food / Month
Yerevan Haybusak University 3800 USD 200 USD
Mkhitar Gosh International University 2900 USD 150 USD
The University of Traditional Medicine 3000 USD 150 USD
Armenian Medical Institute 3800 USD 175 USD

Important Note

Mbbs Experts make you aware and remind the transaction related to fee structures. Indian rupees are not the exact fee to may carry to the actual price. These involve changes and variations in the exchange rates. Check the Exchange Rates before initiating the admission procedure, and university reserves have also had the right to change fee structure without sending personal intimidation with the students.

Further details related to the financial structure are given below:

  • They charge 100 to 150 USD per month for food.
  • It involves a first-come, first-serve basis at the start of the university entry.
  • Indian seats for Indian students are limited.
  • MBBS Experts offers top Government Medical Universities wherein students should have NEET pass scoring cards. Be alert with the fraud consultant.

Subsidised Fees

The advantage of subsidized fees proves to be a great attraction for MBBS abroad students. But if proven incorrect, you may feel disappointed. Many students have suffered losses because of the wrong information in relation to subsidized fees facilitated by an Armenian medical university. No university or college allows this facility. Therefore, do not trust MBBS study abroad consultants promising students subsidized fees.


Winning scholarships award to support studies is a very good thing. But the reality is far beyond the reach. The reason is that not all the educational institutions abroad announce the advantage of scholarships for medical candidates interested in MBBS from Armenia. Choose to seek admission to MBBS course only if you can support your MBBS study in Armenia without scholarship fund.

Living Cost

Cost of living for MBBS study students in Armenia is cheaper. The rent of a private apartment depends on the location. The average living cost to be borne by an international MBBS aspirant in Armenia can range from AMD 270,000 to 358,000. It includes the incurred expenses towards food, accommodation, utilities, and more important essentials.

Trust Only Genuine Consultants

Students planning MBBS study abroad need to stay careful while choosing study abroad consultant in Delhi or at other places.For the hassle-free MBBS program admission in Armenia, trust only the genuine consultants in Delhi always.

Benefits of Studying MBBS in Armenia

When you hold a strong academic background while studying MBBS in Armenia, you will obviously have the benefits of getting involved in the top 10 medical colleges of Armenia. Armenia has a number of medical colleges that have been ranked high in the world ranking of the medical college status.The following are the various benefits that are enjoyed by studying in the best medical colleges in Armenia for Indian students:

  1. No Donation or Capitation Fee: there is no need to pay donation or capitation fee for your MBBS admission in the Armenian medical universities. Indian students are very well aware about the high donation fee that has to be given for the admission into the private medical colleges of the country.
    The only fees that you have to pay is the yearly academic MBBS fees in Armenia online or by the other modes of payment in order to secure your MBBS in Armenia seat.
  2. The Living Cost is Highly Affordable: surviving in Armenia is easy since the living cost is affordable for Indian and students from other nations.
    You do not have to spend more than $200-300 per month for living in the country which is not very high living expenses. This is why many Indian students are attracted to study MBBS in Armenia owing to easy expenditures and manageable living cost.
  3. The Tuition Fees are Low in Armenia: unlike the private medical colleges in India that charge a very heavy amount from the students in terms of annual tuition fees, the Armenian medical universities have a very low tuition fee structure that ranges between INR 5-8 lakhs per year.
  4. No Entrance Test Required for MBBS Admission in Armenia: the biggest battle that every Indian student has to fight is that they have to clear the NEET exam with a good rank so that they can get an admission in the top medical college of the country.In case you are thinking to study medicine in Armenia, you do not have to appear for any hard sort of entrance tests. You will get an admission depending on the 10+2 board results and first cum first serve basis.
  5. NMC Screening Coaching: for all the Indian students who wish to continue their practice in India after completing their studies can get the required coaching required in order to clear the NMC screening test. You do not have to pay anything extra in order to get the coaching for NMC screening test and you can take up the classes along with your course curriculum only. This provides your career with an added advantage.
  6. A Global Location to Study: More than 2000 students from 20 different countries take an admission in to the medical colleges of Armenia every year. So you can very well understand the need and the demand of the course.Since students from all around the world engage in studying the MBBS course, you will get to experience the knowledge and the understanding of different cultures and traditions followed. Not only will this but you have a number of good numbers of patients to treat.
  7. Best Medical Colleges of Armenia are NMC Approved: the top medical universities in Armenia are recognized and approved by the National Medical Commission (NMC) which serves as an added advantage for all the Indian students.
  8. Latest Medical Equipment: Most of the medical universities are packed with the latest equipment in the hospitals making you engage with the best medical practices followed worldwide.
    Not only this but the high standards of study for the MBBS curriculum, have also led to the recognition received from the international bodies like UNESCO, WHO, and the European Council.
  9. Medical Degrees: Armenia is decorated with the best medical colleges in the world, five of which are also recognized by the NMC. Since the medical degrees awarded to you are recognized by WHO, UNESCO, and the ECMO, you can practically work anywhere in the world.
  10. Internship Programs: the best fact about medical education in Armenia is that after you have completed with your first year of studies, you are offered with internships to be pursued in the hospitals affiliated with that Armenian medical college. This will ensure that you get hands-on experience right from the start of the career.
  11. Affordable Accommodation & Amenities: all the NMC approved medical universities in Armenia provide with hostels even to the Indian students for accommodation. Not only this, but all the medical colleges in the country are packed with modern facilities like central heating, Wi-Fi, quality food arrangements, etc. and even serve Indian food for all the Indian students.

MBBS in Armenia For Indian Students.

  1. The tuition fee is affordable and is less than that of any Indian private medical institution in India.
  2. You will get a global exposure since a number of international students travel to Armenia for studying medicine.
  3. The universities are packed with latest technology and equipment that makes you indulge with the most updates researches of medical science.
  4. You do not have to pay any donation or capitation fee for MBBS admission into Armenia. All you have to pay is the yearly academic fees.
  5. There is no entrance exam requirement of any of the Armenian medical universities. This is great for students who fail to clear such competitive exams.
  6. For all the NMC-approved Armenian universities, the medium of instruction is English. For students who want to study in Armenian, there course curriculum is increased to 7 years.
  7. Medical study in Armenia is in the medical colleges that are top-ranked and hold a good global ranking too.
  8. The degrees and diplomas offered by the Armenian medical colleges are globally recognized by bodies like NMC, UNESCO, and WHO and the European Council.
  9. There are five medical colleges that are NMC-approved in Armenia.
  10. European education systems in the world hold a good reputation in imparting quality medical education not only to national but international students too.

PG Options in Armenia after the MBBS Course

  1. As for students who have completed their Bachelor’s in medicine from Armenia can easily apply for the postgraduate medical study programs in any of the Armenian medical universities or in any other nation.
  2. The duration of the postgraduate courses is from 2 to 4 years and that depends on the specialization you have chosen for yourself.
  3. The sessions for the PG courses in Armenia starts twice annually, first in October and then second one in March.
  4. After the accomplishment of the State final examinations, graduated MBBS candidates will be awarded the qualification of ‘Physician’. The best medical colleges in Armenia for Indian students are known for offering the high quality education programme.
  5. More specifically MBBS students including Indian students in Armenia are provided specialized training on the assistance of surgical care, nursing, therapy surgery obstetrics, emergency, therapeutic, gynecology, and first aid amounting to about 700 hours during the course duration of 6 years.

Disadvantages of Studying MBBS in Armenia

There are always some problems with every place and so there are certain disadvantages of studying MBBS in Armenia too. These disadvantages include:

  1. Since the official language of the nation is Armenian you might face some problem outside the university campus while communicating with the locals.
  2. As an international student, you might want to learn Armenian or Russian since it will help you in communicating better with people.
  3. Climate might prove to be a big issue for some students not comfortable with the changed weather conditions. Students from India should certainly carry the climate specific clothing, footwear and other accessories.

Know More About the Beautiful Country Armenia

Armenia has become one of the hottest destinations for MBBS study in Europe within the aspiring medical students in the country because of the many advantages it provides to its international students.

Let us a have a close look and find out more about the developing nation Armenia offering affordable MBBS Studies in Armenia to Indian students:

  1. MBBS in Armenia will let you enjoy the cultural intermix and provide you with an international exposure.
  2. All the medical universities in Armenia provide you with quality education that too in English language at an affordable price as compared to the Indian private institutions.
  3. Armenia is one of the beautiful and eye-catching countries located in the previous Soviet republic but now lie in the rocky Caucasus area amongst the Asia and Europe.
  4. The country is characterized in being a religious destination as it includes the beauty of Greco-Roman Temple of Garni and the fourth century Etchmiadzin Cathredal and the central station of the Armenian Church.
  5. The country has an incredible beauty and is located in the South Caucasus district among the natural surroundings of the mountains and the marshes of the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea in the upper east of the Armenian highlands.
  6. The weather in the country is highly alluring with bearable summers starting from June till September with temperatures ranging 22 to 36 degree Celsius.

Key Fact About the Touring Country Armenia

General Information

Capital Yerevan
Population 2.9 million
Area 29,743 Sq.Km (Country)
Currency Armenian Dram (AMD)
Languages Armenian (100%), Russian (60-70%); others (2%)
Religions Armenian Apostolic Church (96%); Russian Orthodox (2%); others (2%)
Head of State President
National language ARMENIAN
Literacy 99%
Duration of the MBBS course 5+1
Constitution Approved in 1995 referendum
Time Difference from India India is 1 hour and 30 minutes ahead Armenia
Type of colleges Private & Government
Travel time from Delhi to Yerevan 9-10 hours direct flight
Medium of Instruction English

Source: Wikipedia

Why Prefer MBBS Experts as MBBS Armenia Consultants in Delhi?

  1. A registered MBBS abroad consultants in Delhi
  2. 100% transparent services
  3. Courteous and supportive counselors
  4. Free of cost MBBS in abroad admission counseling
  5. 500+ visa already processed
  6. Helping you choose NMC approved Medical Universities in Armenia
  7. Assisting Education in Armenia for Indian students
  8. Supporting in admission process for MBBS in ARMENIA
  9. Ticketing, hostel, and food arrangement for Study MBBS in Armenia

The Duration for Pursuing MBBS in Armenia

  1. The total duration of MBBS in Armenia is for 6 years that includes 5 years of classroom learning and one year of practical training in the hospital affiliated to the university.
  2. This is the duration when all the international students including Indian candidates as well can complete their MBBS or their study of medicine in Armenian universities with English as teaching language.
  3.  The internship cycle is included in the 6 years program of the study of medicine.
  4. In case you choose to study medicine in Armenian, then another year adds on to the course curriculum making your course study for 7 years.

Eligibility Criteria for Studing MBBS in Armenia?

The following are the points that have to be taken into consideration for MBBS in Armenia eligibility:

  1. Age: an applicant must have completed 17 years of age at the time of admission or should complete 17 years on or before the 31st of December of the year. The maximum age limit for admission into MBBS is 25 years of age. The upper age limit is relaxed by 5 years for the reserved class.
  2. Entrance exam: the applicant must have cleared the NEET exam with minimum percentile so as to be eligible for admission into any Armenian medical universities.
  3. Nationality: the applicant must be an Indian national and must be eligible in the mentioned criteria.
  4. The 10+2 Qualification: an applicant must have passed the 10+2 examination from a recognized board of the country and must have obtained 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. The applicant must have also passed the 12th examination with English. For the reserved category, 40% marks must have been obtained by the applicant.

Documents Required for MBBS in Armenia

For all those students who wish to turn their dream of becoming a doctor into reality can go for the MBBS admission in Armenia. These students can also indulge in world-class infrastructure and quality education of the Armenian medical colleges for MBBS.For every aspirant who wants to study MBBS in Armenia needs to have the essential documents ready before sending their application to the concerned medical college.

The Important Documents Required for MBBS in Armenia are Listed below:

  1. A duly filled application form of the Armenian medical universities with correct information.
  2. The scanned copies of the marksheets and the passing certificate of 12th of high secondary examination from the concerned Indian board.
  3. The scanned copies of the marksheets and the passing certificates of 10th.
  4. 10 recent passport sized photographs in white background.
  5. The scanned copies of the first page and the last page of the passport.
  6. A certificate that proves your Indian nationality along with the notarized birth certificate, name, address, and contact number.
  7. Medical reports along with the HIV test results.
  8. All the documents must be authorized from the Ministry of External Affairs for MBBS admission in Armenia.
  9. Legalization of all the documents submitted to the Armenian embassy.
  10. The visa fees for sending you the visa for travel.
  11. The bank receipt of the first year of the tuition fee of the university.

MBBS in Armenia Admission Process

The admission procedure for applying for MBBS in any of the Armenian medical universities is highly simple and easy to go through. Every single applicant need to follow the admission procedure strictly.

Listed below is the process to be followed for MBBS admission in Armenia:

  1. The application form has to be filled with all the right information. Stay away from making any mistake in the application form, due to which the admission can be cancelled too.
  2. If you are filling the application form online, then the application form is to be sent to the university directly and in case of offline filling of the form, you need to parcel it to the respective Armenian university with all the necessary documents required.
  3. After the application from is received by the university, the applicant will be sent an offer letter or the letter of acceptance for your admission in Armenian medical college.
  4. Once your admission is confirmed in the Armenian medical college, you will be required to pay the enrollment expense or the admission fee.
  5. Once you have got the receipt for the MBBS admission printed, you will now apply for your visa through the Armenian embassy along with the necessary documents.
  6. After all the necessary check and interviews have been conducted, the applicant will receive his/her visa for the MBBS in Armenia course.
  7. After you have completed all the proceeding related to your admission into the Armenian medical university, you can book your flight tickets to Armenia.

Important Advisory for Indian Students Planning MBBS from Armenia

  1. Armenian universities offer courses in medicine, technical sector, along with humanitarian sciences.
  2. After the completion of the MBBS course from the Armenian Medical University Indian students willing to practice in India are required to qualify the screening test conducted by NMC (name changed as NEXT). It will allow you to receive the authorization to practice medicine in India as a medical professional.
  3. The entire mark sheets and passing certificates received from Indian education boards are to be advocated by the Ministry of External Affairs for the admission in the Armenian MBBS universities.
  4. The Indian medical students are advised to arrange clothing and shoes to cope up with the cold climate in Armenia.

Prior to leaving India for MBBS in Armenia program

  1. Armenia is NOT the part of Europe and it is NOT the member of the European Union.
  2. Browse the official university websites closely
  3. Go through the required important information
  4. Gather information on the courses offered, dependability of the information gathered
  5. Do survey and do not completely rely on the NEWS in print or online Medias.
  6. Cross verify the authenticity of shared information related to Armenian medical colleges fees, NMC Approved List of Armenian Universities, low-cost Armenia medical colleges, etc.
  7. USD 300-400 monthly expense is required to be maintained apart from the payable tuition fee for medical studies in Armenia at top medical colleges in Armenia.
  8. Check in advance the hostel facility, food arrangements, cost of living and food before seeking admission in Armenian medical colleges.
  9. Prefer India for any major medical treatment or surgery.

How is the Impact of NEET Exam on MBBS Admission in Armenia?

According to the recent changes by the NMC, you need to score the minimum percentage in the NEET exam so that you can apply for MBBS admission in Armenia. Other than this, there is no such highly considerable impact of NEET exam on medical study in Armenia. Read below for more information on NEET examination and study abroad terms:

All You Need to Know About Armenian MBBS Education System

  1. Armenia has a total of five medical universities that have been approved for admission by the National Medical Commission and that is highly profitable for the Indian students.
  2. With this, all the Indian candidates who have secured minimum percentage in the NEET exam can easily apply to the Armenian medical universities.
  3. The country has good number of medical colleges that offer you with quality medical education for a better and rewarding career.
  4. For the Indian students, there is no better place than studying in the top medical college in Armenia.
  5. The medical universities invite applications in English language and students from all around the world can apply for courses that they feel they are comfortable in taking up.
  6. The top five medical universities in Armenia secure positions in the World health organization’s ‘Directory of World Medical Schools’.
  7. These universities also help in preparing you for the NMC screening test at no extra cost so that all the Indian students can get an opportunity to return back to their country post the completion of their medical study in Armenia.

Everything You Need to Know About the FMGE Exam

  1. Every student holding a degree from the NMC approved university in abroad, needs to attain a license so that they can practice the profession in India.
  2. This license is awarded after they have successfully passed the FMGE exam or the NMC Screening Test.
  3. This exam is conducted twice a year, in June and December. It is taken by the students who have returned back to the country after completing their study of medicine from any of the foreign NMC approved medical university.
  4. The FMGE exam is conducted by the NBE and all the information is available on their official website.
  5. Every year, almost 7000 students travel to foreign locations to study in countries like China, Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, and other locations. That is almost equal to the number of medical seats in India.
  6. Before you go to the university to study, you need to check whether it is listed in the WHO directory of schools and is NMC approved.

Syllabus for MBBS Course in Armenia

Syllabus Subjects
1st Year
  • Medical Physics
  • General Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Herbs Morphology and Physiology
  • Foreign Language
  • History of Armenia
  • Latin
  • Mathematics and Medical Informatics
  • Human Anatomy
  • Armenian language
  • Physical Training
  • History of Medicine
  • Bioorganic Chemistry
  • Histology Embryology Cytology
2nd Year
  • General Psychology
  • Philosophy
  • Biochemistry
  • Histology Embryology Cytology
  • General Hygiene
  • Normal physiology
  • Medical Psychology
  • Pharmacognosy
  • Microbiology, Virology and Immunology
  • Pathological Anatomy
  • Topographical anatomy and operative surgery
  • Armenian language
  • Human Anatomy
  • Physical Training
3rd Year
  • Pathological Anatomy
  • Topographical anatomy and operative surgery
  • Microbiology, Virology and Immunology
  • Radio diagnostics
  • General Surgery Anesthesiology
  • Pathological Physiology, clinical pathological physiology
  • Pharmacology
  • Propaedeutic of Internal Disease
  • Acupuncture
  • Homeopathy
  • Neurology Medical Genetics
  • Traumatology and Orthopedics
4th Year
  • Neurology Medical Genetics
  • Traumatology and Orthopedics
  • Dermatology
  • Homeopathy
  • Internal Diseases and Prof Diseases MFT
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Surgical Diseases, Children Surgery Urology
  • Epidemiology
  • Iridodiagnostics
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Phototherapy
  • Acupuncture
5th Year
  • Phytotherapy
  • Ear throat nose diseases
  • Medicine of Emergency situations
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Ophthalmologic diseases
  • Oncology X ray therapy
  • Physio-pulmonology
  • Pediatrics
  • Social Health and Organization of Health
  • Acupuncture
  • Internal Diseases and Prof Diseases MFT
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Surgical Diseases, Children Surgery Urology
6th Year
  • Physiotherapy and balneology
  • Polyclinic (outpatient) therapy
  • Surgical Diseases, Children Surgery Urology
  • Social Health and Organization of Health
  • Reanimation and intensive therapy
  • Internal Diseases and Prof Diseases MFT
  • Pediatrics
  • Public Health
  • Manual therapy
  • Psychiatry
  • Clinical Pharmacology
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Acupuncture
  • Forensic Medicine

Low tuition fee is the initial and prime reason to choose Armenia for medical study. Plus, the facilities to study MBBS from Armenia are advanced.

The student of MBBS from Armenia will need to submit 10th and 12th result, legal permit, NEET-UG score card to join the University.

If you have presented all the necessary documents then the processing time should from 40 to 60 days to admit for MBBS from Armenia.

Yes. In fact, the number of students from India to study MBBS from Armenia is very high. Universities here are recognised by NMC and WDOMS.

Indeed. That’s why, there are currently 2000 Indian students studying MBBS from Armenia at the moment. Also, government takes special precautions for its foreign guests.

Very. The living cost is around 100 USD per month. And to study MBBS from Armenia, the range is between 2,500 USD to 4,000 USD.

Yes. The admission process is simple and straight forward. There will be no entrance exams held to take admission for MBBS from Armenia.

The duration of MBBS from Armenia is 6 years. During these years, the students will get practice training as well.

The top medical Universities of Armenia to study MBBS from Armenia are Yerevan State University, American University of Armenia, Russian-Armenian University.

Yes. In some medical University, there are Indian professors teaching MBBS from Armenia. So, you can feel more comfortable to study there.

After you have finished the 6 year long course of MBBS from Armenia, you’ll be getting a globally recognised degree to get job everywhere.

For international medical students who pursues MBBS from Armenia, the board gives- visa assistance, payment protection, physical counselling, travel arrangements and smooth enrolment.

For getting the MBBS degree, an applicant has to complete a course of 5 years plus 1 year as an intern post which he or she will be declared as a medical student graduate from Armenia.

No, IELTS or TOEFL exams is not required for studying MBBS in Armenia, whereas in UK it is required for international students. Skype interviews are being conducted for student introduction before they arrive in Armenia.

MBBS is Armenia is much affordable than doing it in other countries. As a matter of fact, if Indian students choose to do their MBBS in Armenia, it would be much cheaper than what it would cost in their own country.

Indian students first of all lover Armenia because of the cheap prices and cost of living, which is lesser than many foreign countries. Furthermore, students who graduate from medical universities in Armenia get special importance in their own countries.

The standard living cost for one person in Armenia is 300-600 USD per month. It depends on the type of lifestyle you’re willing to live. If you’re a student living a minimalistic lifestyle, then the cost will range from somewhere between 300 to 600$.

Armenia’s application and admission process for international students is quite easy and hassle free. There is minimal number of documents required and tuition fee is comparatively lesser too. Furthermore, there is no entrance examination that is required here.

Luckily, English is the medium of study courses for MBBS programs in Armenia universities as it is one of the widely accepted languages. The MBBS course is totally in English so foreign students will not have an issue with the study materials.

One has to score more than 50% (percentile) of the best/important subjects in 10+2 (or 12th grade) examination for considering Armenia as an option for their MBBS studies. Students getting less than that should not apply.

The hostel fees for students in Armenia is 200-250 US dollars per month. Room sharing is allowed so that rent can be divided. Most of the hostels provide essential amenities for students such as free tap water and room laundry services.

The National Medical Commission and World Health Organization has approved the MBBS degrees in Armenia. A graduate from one of the top medical colleges in Armenia can apply for a suitable job in WHO in the future as well.

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