Why is MBBS in Armenia distinct for Indian students?

mbbs in armeniaStudy MBBS in Armenia is a wise decision for Indian students to live their dream to become a doctor by pursuing MBBS in Armenia within low tuition fees. The admissions for the academic year 2018 has been started for MBBS in Armenia.

Doing MBBS is a dream, and with low cost it becomes a boom. Armenia, is a place where you can opt for low cost courses. The academic year admission for 2018 has started. Armenia is a good option, as there is a low cost living, and there is no capitation fees. The faculty is experienced and dedicated. Admission in Armenia is very easy as no capitation fees plus better cutoff entry is the criteria. There is no back door entry in these universities. Many aspiring and talented students get admission there without much hurdle. If you want to become a doctor and wants to come into this noble profession then Armenia is the right place. You should check out various colleges before entering or taking an admission into a college. Europe is a popular destination for most of the students who are aspiring for MBBS.

Why study MBBS in Armenia?

Many students are choosing Armenia as their dream destination for studies. There are many reasons behind it. First the tuition fees is quite low there, and the full course is in English. And most of the colleges are approved by MCI (medical council of India). So there is no reason left why you should not opt for Armenia.


  • MBBS in Armenia is in the English language
  • MCI approved Armenian University medical colleges
  • MBBS duration in Armenia is 6 years
  • Cheap medical universities in Armenia

Why Armenia is better?

If you are looking for a better option to do MBBS in a European country, then Armenia is the best option. There are so many reasons behind it. First, Armenia is a hub of medical colleges and admission is not a problem. Armenia has a 100% literacy rate in 1960. So language is not a problem.

Higher education is relatively less expensive as compared to other countries

  • The leading educational institutions are the best in their fields
  • Low cost of living for students
  • A rich country with cultural heritage allowing the student to evolve
  • Obtaining a visa and temporary permit for genuine students is not very difficult
  • Good diversity with many international students and exposure to different cultures
  • Located geographically in Europe, the country has a strong Asian influence, making it easy for Indian students to adapt
  • This beautiful mountainous territory is a good place for students to stay amidst nature and focus on studies
  • Modern Facilities – AU is a standout amongst the most acclaimed colleges in Europe. It is profoundly presumed college on the planet, which has its own particular place in WHO (World Health Organization) catalog of medicinal schools. The college has every cutting-edge office and gear that are important for the instruction program.
  • Great Accommodation- Isolate inns are given for worldwide Students hot and cool water. Focal warming is additionally given in all lodgings. A wide range of vegan and non-veggie lover dishes are likewise given.

The degree provided by Armenian university is recognized by many institutes. Like World Health Organization, European Union, The International Medical Education Directory, Medical, and Dental committee of India and General Medical Council UK. Likewise, the MBBS universities in Armenia have started preparation of USMLE and other medicinal authorizing examinations. The Armenian Universities are perceived by the MCI. The students who move on from Armenia will be permitted to sit for the MCI screening test.

Numerous nations have very tough entrance test like NEET. Which is really tough and hard to crack. It shatters the dreams of many medical aspirants. But in Armenia there is no entrance test, and students get readily admission. The fee structure in Armenian universities is relatively low. It is low on your pocket. Indian students need not worry about food as there is a mess which offers Indian food delicacy. And the rooms are equipped with WIFI.


Recommended UniversitiesLocationLanguageEligibility CriterionCourse DurationCost Per Year
University of Traditional MedicineYerevanEnglish50% in PCB5 years degree + 1 year of internship2500 USD per year
Yerevan Hayabusak UniversityYerevanEnglish50% in PCB5 years degree + 1 year of internship2800 USD per year


The most basic requirement is that you will need to have a student visa before you enter the country. You could apply for the student visa at the Armenian Consulate in India. Suppose, you have a temporary visa, you may stay three months in Armenia, whereas, the long-term visa provides you have the liberty to live in the nation for a long time.

You need to qualify the preliminary test like SAT to apply for the medical university in Armenia. The future doctors from India will also need to appear for the TOEFL exam and secure at least 550 out of 600. If you are appearing for IELTS then you are required to have a minimum score of 6. If the course that you have selected is taught in Armenian, then it is a given that you will have to learn the language completely. If the course is being taught in English then you will have to be proficient in the language. MBBS in Armenian university is hypothetically in English language but sometimes the traditional MBBS could be in Armenian language.

Fees structure in Armenian University

Educational cost Fees/Year in US Dollars 2700 USD

  • Add up to in Indian Rupees/Per Year INR 180900
  • Inn Accommodation/Food – 150 USD to 350 USD Per Month.
  • Therapeutic Insurance – 70 USD Per Year

All expenses said above are surmised and they are liable to change as indicated by the adjustment in tenets of the college. 1 Dollar = INR 67 (subject to swapping scale of US Dollar)

A large no. of students take admission in these universities.

Armenian universities had a wide range of talented and experienced faculty and they dedicate their time in teaching the students. The various scholarly students are offered scholarship and are being helped by the universities to get an occupation.


Candidates seeking admission in Armenian university should pass an entrance examination which comprises of 3 subject’s physics, chemistry and biology. Remote subjects can get a section visa in the international safe haven of Armenia in their nation. In the event that there is no international safe haven of Armenia in their nation, the college also advises about it previously. Every student who wishes to take admission in MBBS in Armenia has to acquire therapeutic protection, which costs 52 000 AMD for each year. There are additionally given lodgings, where students can live, study and complete recreational exercises. Lodgings are found a couple of kilometers far from the college, so the Students can arrive inside 10-15 minutes.


  1. First you could research your college at web. The information provided on web regarding university is quite reliable. You should go to the university website, to get reliable information.
  2. The institutes that are recognized by WHO are more reliable
  3. Traveling to another country without a doubt expands your prospects for affirmation in best schools. There are places, for example, Europe, Barcelona, Madrid among others that are as yet regular for the therapeutic instruction.

Eventually MBBS education is more expensive and money consuming. So Armenian university offers students grants and scholarships for deserving candidates. The students who are offered Scholarships are those with brilliant academic background. Good schools and good percentage add an aching to the cake. You should be very watchful while choosing a university as Doctors are treated as god. And Medicine is a very noble profession. Anyhow the university are good repute in Armenia. But still look out for the best.

Academics: – The Main Medical Universities set you up to wind up plainly capable Doctors or experts as the fundamental program is undifferentiated from among all schools. Certain variables like the span of the degree courses, accessibility of your decision of specialization, clinical introduction, evaluating framework, and so on ought to be considered as they will assume an enormous part in your profession.

Finances:– Depending upon regardless of whether you select an open or non-public school, the qualification in educational cost charges is over the top. Henceforth, you should check the sort of grants and financial guides possible at your shortlisted organizations and Universities before taking your last decision.

Student Life:– You should check the offices on offer which would make your student life energizing and intriguing. Beginning from the class estimate and different offices like investigation rooms, student lodges, very much supplied containers and so on., ought to be mulled over.

The important part of instructive specialists here is to give help to the students who might contemplate in outside colleges. They are those specialists who can help the students in accomplishing achievement in their separate fields. In the event that you are anticipating be the piece of the Best Medical Colleges of the world, you could take the assistance of approved instructive specialists. Besides, the instructive specialists help you with the whole affirmation technique and give legitimate direction to better profession decisions.


  • Accurately fill the application form
  • Pass the entrance test
  • Verify the educational certificates
  • Provide your birth certificate and photo ID


Facilities we provide

We offer a great deal of services for the students who are aspiring candidates for MBBS. We consult them from the beginning of their course till the end of their course. MBBS experts are the leading educational consultants in the market. We assure complete assistance we promised with full loyalty and responsibility. We offer great assistant to Indian students who wish to study MBBS abroad and all medical aspirants, as we understand the need of students and their parents to get the best career orientation, we totally provide assistance according to their convenience.


  • Transparent information provided to students about the universities and their educational structure.
  • Process the required documents to the respective university.
  • Helps in processing the visa application and bring the university letter to the student.
  • Provide assistance in processing the insurance application.
  • Provides accommodation and Indian food facility to students in Armenia.
  • Accompanying students on Departure with our trusted employee.
  • Pick-up is provided by us to the University.
  • Provides assistance in completing the formalities of the university.
  • Helps in opening a bank account with the right bank.
  • Provides Guardianship to students for the complete tenure of education.
  • Keeps in touch with the parents and information about educational and other related activities

MBBS experts are prominent and helpful educational consultants in India for MBBS education in Armenia.


  • Helpful in counseling for further medical studies like PG in Germany, PG in USA or post-graduation program in medicine in any country.
  • Helpful in providing guidance about the FMGE facts and best universities abroad with the highest FMGE passing percentage.
  • When it comes to student’s career we are helpful in providing best educational orientation in medical courses abroad. With cheap and best medical universities abroad.
  • We also assist you in choosing the best study material/coaching classes for MCI screening test which you can rely on.
  • We are helpful in making the complete documentation, visa assurance, bringing the offer letter of the university, embassy requirements, safe and enjoyable travel from India to Armenia
  • We also arrange our assistance in Armenia for the safety purposes of students.

MBBS experts are the most trusted, reliable; authenticate overseas consultants to counsel students with the best MCI approved universities in Armenia.

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