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University of Traditional MedicineThe medical field is an innovative field with challenges on the way. Over the years, the healthcare sector has adopted traditional medicines for restoring health. Pursuing a course in traditional medicine offers you ample career opportunities while practicing traditional systems of medicine. Many international medical authorities are stressing the importance of traditional medicine at present.

About University of Traditional Medicine

The University of Traditional Medicine has founded 26 years ago in the year 1991. Since last 26 years, the university has achieved many milestones.  The University of Traditional Medicine has marked its presence internationally through their excellence in teaching and research, international academic standards and a constant commitment to the serving nation, society, and people. Ministry of Education and Science recognized the university in 2001.

University of Traditional medicine also known as UTM is one of the premier and leading medical universities in Armenia.  The professors and highly educated faculty members of the university create an excellent learning environment for the students and inspire them for flexible thinking. The faculty members of the university include internationally acknowledged and experienced scientists, professors and doctors.

Since its establishment, the university has progressed consistently and has earned a great repute globally. The university offers courses in both modern and traditional medicine such as General Medicine, stomatology, traditional medicine and offers other short-term courses. The faculty of General Medicine was founded in 1991 and five years later Faculty of Dentistry was added in the year 1996. Because of its medical faculties, the university has occupied a worthy place in the system of higher education.

Programs at University of Traditional Medicine

The university offers various full time and short-term courses to the students in accordance with international standards. The courses offered in the university triggers clinical thinking in students along with theoretical and practical knowledge application.

General medicine (course offered in Armenian, English, Russian language)

  • The faculty of General medicine is headed by Dean – A. Karapetyan
  • The duration of the course is 6 years
  • The graduates get a state diploma after the completion of the course

Stomatology (course offered in Armenian, English, Russian language)

  • The faculty of General medicine is headed by Dean: K. Vardanyan
  • The duration of the course is 5 years
  • The graduates receive a state diploma after the completion of the course

Certificate courses offered by the university

The university also offers short-term programs in Traditional Medicine

  • Acupuncture
  • Apitherapy
  • Homeopathy
  • Iridology
  • Leech Therapy
  • Manual therapy
  • Phytotherapy

International Recognition of the University

  • The scientific activities held at the University of Traditional Medicine Scientific along with the research work have been acknowledged internationally.
  • In 1992, the university was highly appreciated during an international conference held in Cyprus, due to its initiative to invest in research and learning process of centuries-old traditional medicine.
  • The university was also applauded for its best service in the field of integrative medicine.
  • The University has always marked its presence in International Scientific Conferences, forums, exhibitions in Armenia and abroad.
  • The university cooperates with national and foreign institutions and organizations and provides short course like Iranian Art Massage Institute held a three-day course at the university recently.
  • The university welcomes international medical personality as guest lecturers in the university campus often.
  • The university is proud of its professors for participating in various training programs, improvement courses, workshops, seminars and international conferences held by different regional and international institutions.
  • The Armenian Dental Association has collaborated with the University to provide the platform to all professors and students to participate in all activities, seminars and international conferences organized by the Dental Association.

Campus Life at University of Traditional Medicine

The university campus is a four-story building situated in the beautiful and picturesque city. The universities have both physical and digital library for students with 6150 copies of educational and scientific literature.

The university also has scientific medical studying center in the campus called policlinics. Policlinics are specialized study center with modern pieces of equipment to impart practical knowledge to students.

University has recently constructed its own scientific and medical clinical center to provide medical and scientific services to the public. In this training center, students provide professional training in traditional and modern medicine and dental services. Some of the major pieces of training at training center are

  • General medical practice
  • Needle-burning therapy
  • Phytotherapy
  • Homeopathy
  • Neurology
  • Reflexotherapy
  • Endocrinology
  • Physiotherapy
  • Therapeutic dentistry
  • Dental surgery, and
  • Orthopedic dentistry

The university cooperates with local and international non-governmental organizations to enhance the effectiveness of its scientific and medical activities. The University expands the scope of it’s in campus activities according to the students’ and society’s needs.

Student’s Life at the University

The university has a self-governed, non-political and the highest elected body in the campus as Student Council. The student council represents the social interest of students and promotes educational, scientific, artistic, physical, moral and spiritual development of all students.

The student’s council has established committees in various areas for holistic development of students of both Armenian and foreign students:

Cultural Sector– This sector main goal is to develop student’s morale through events.

Sports sector – It takes the responsibility to organize sports competitions and events periodically for student’s interest and well being.

Entertainment and recreation sector – It aims at providing entertaining programs to students.

Progress’ sector– It primarily organizes performance competitions and presents the “Best Student” awards to students each semester.

External relations – Through this sector various meetings are organized while liaising with partner universities and independent bodies.

How to apply for Medical Course in this University?

The prospective students who are interested in pursuing the medical course from this Medical University can fill the online form and submit the application online free of charge. Keep the scanned copies of marks (grades) of completion of higher secondary education / tertiary education, passport and financial support letter ready for you while applying. It is compulsory to qualify state examinations for admission to the university. Once you apply for admission, the university carries out document and information verification and then confirms the admission. Once you receive confirmation from the university, you can join the university with the course of your choice.

If you are unaware or confused regarding the application process, it is always advisable to apply through authorized, professional and experienced consultants.

Eligibility Criteria for Medical Courses at the University of Traditional Medicine

To get admission for a medical course in Armenia, the eligibility criteria for the aspirant is higher secondary completion with PCB subject in their course. The student must be minimum 17 years old when they are applying for the medical course.

Documents Required for Admission Application

  1. Application to the Minister of Education and Science, RA
  2. Application form provided by the Ministry
  3. Medical certificate of health issued by the medical organizations
  4. Copies of all pages of passport and birth certificate
  5. Copy of the final document of education degree
  6. 4 recent photos of students of size 3×4 cm
  7. A complete CV of the student in English, Armenian, Russian language

Why choose MBBS Study in Armenia?

  • In-depth course offered in traditional and modern medicine
  • Opportunities to students to have global exposure
  • A lifetime experience with Armenian culture and international exposure
  • International and diverse exposure to the students
  • Great employment opportunities after the attainment this degree

Why study in Armenia?

Armenia is a country with a number of higher education opportunities when compared with other countries. The medical universities in Armenia heavily focus on both conventional and traditional systems of medicine. Armenia is consistently among the world’s most popular educational destinations, welcoming high volume of domestic as well as international students every year. Due to its winning combination of good universities and research-friendly environment, Armenia tops student’s choice for education. If you have the passion to serve world while integrating aspects of traditional medicine into health, University of Traditional Medicine offers the best course on traditional medicine.

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