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MBBS From Bulgaria

MBBS From Bulgaria

Introduction About Medical Education in Bulgaria

Are you thinking of doing MBBS from Abroad? Well MBBS from Bulgaria is certainly the best option particularly for the Indian students looking for the high standard of learning at a low cost. Today, Bulgaria has become the top choice for the medical candidates coming from the varied corner of the country. The country offers with the best medical education even for the international students who want to pursue MBBS in Bulgaria in safe, advanced, and engaging surroundings. The medical university tuition fees in Bulgaria vary from 7400 to 8100 Euro per year. The affordable fee for the study of medicine in the areas like general medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and more is the key attraction. For the short term courses in medical field, the fee ranges from 3100 – 4000 Euros per annum depending on the type of the university. The medium of instruction used is English in all the medical universities of Bulgaria. Hence, Indian students can easily take admission in the MBBS program on easy to follow terms. MBBS in Bulgaria will not only engage you in the high quality medical education but you will also get a global platform to study medicine in the top-ranked medical university in the world. Bulgaria offers you the best education standards and serves as the best destination for all the Indian students who wish to make their dreams of becoming a doctor come true.

Courses Offered by Bulgarian Medical Universities

  1. The medicine course in Bulgaria is a program comprising of 6-year.
  2. Students will get the required deep knowledge with the help of the different modern medical facilities.
  3. The syllabus for the medical course is prepared on the basis of varied state requirements.

Why Bulgaria for Study in Medicine?

There are many good reasons that encourages medical aspirants choose Bulgaria for study in medicine. Here are a few for your understanding:

  1. Most of the institutions are state governed and provide quality education.
  2. The curriculum followed is of European standards same like the syllabus followed by NMC, BMDC, NMC, and PMDC.
  3. Studying in Bulgaria is affordable.
  4. In comparison to the countries like India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, the infrastructure and medical amenities in Bulgaria is excellent. It is an added advantage for the international students traveling for the medical studies.
  5. Admission process in Bulgaria is simple and hassle-free.
  6. Indian MBBS students are provided the world-class education in medicine and coached for the NMC screening test and other tough exams.
  7. Bulgaria is a European Union member country.
  8. Doing MBBS Course from Bulgarian medical universities recognized by NMC will give the students an international exposure. They can practice medicine in any part of the world.
  9. The medical colleges in Bulgaria do not conduct any entrance examination. Thus, facilitates direct admission in MBBS in Bulgarian institutions.
  10. The NMC recognised renowned medical universities have their own clinics and divisions for research work.
  11. Bulgaria provides the opportunities of work and internships in other nations of the European Union.

Major Advantages of Studying MBBS in Bulgaria

  1. Great destination for higher studies in medicine Bulgaria
  2. Low accommodation expenses in Bulgaria
  3. A small nation with big career opportunities
  4. Affordable tuition fees in Bulgaria
  5. Easy admission requirements at NMC approved Medical Universities in Bulgaria
  6. Medical degrees recognized internationally
  7. Diverse opportunities for specialization:
    • Public Health degrees
    • Physiotherapy degrees
    • Pharmacy degrees
    • Biomedicine degrees
    • Nursing degrees
    • Veterinary degrees
    • Dentistry degrees
  8. Your MBBS Bulgaria will make you part of the globally recognized medical fraternity
  9. As a medical professional from Bulgaria, you will have a great social status
  10. MBBS from Bulgaria will give you a stable job and endless growth opportunities

The Favourable Reasons of Studying MBBS in Bulgaria

The below described reasons will make you understand why MBBS education in Bulgaria has become one of the popular destinations:

  1. There are a good number of the world-renowned medical universities in Bulgaria that have been accredited by WHO, UNESCO, and NMC.
  2. Indian medical students can return back to the country and continue their practice after clearing the NMC screening test now known as NEXT.
  3. A total of about 2000 students from over 40 different countries all around the world enroll for medical study in Bulgaria. This is due to the easy entrance procedure and the rewarding careers after the MBBS course of study is completed.
  4. A number of top medical universities in Bulgaria are approved by the NMC which even offer you with coaching to clear the NMC screening test.
  5. Students are not only provided with quality medical education in Bulgaria but you can thereafter even work in the hospitals to treat the needy people. It makes it easy for students who have been always dreaming of becoming a doctor.
  6. The private medical institutions in India not only charge high yearly fee but also demand heavy donation or capitation fee in order to provide admission through the management quota.

Specific information about MBBS admission in Bulgaria

  1. Intake: for the undergraduate or MBBS study in Bulgaria, the admission process mostly starts twice in a year depending on which entry will you prefer for admission in the Bulgarian medical university. If you want to apply for admission in winter, then the deadline is October and for spring semester, the deadline is in February. In case of postgraduate degrees and courses, the applications are accepted only once a year in February. For all the Indian students who want to study medicine in Bulgaria need to submit their forms and other requirements in early October.
  2. Eligibility: for all the Bulgarian medical universities, the eligibility criteria are different for different courses. So, depending on your course, the eligibility criteria will differ. Indian students who have cleared their 12th exams with 65% to 70% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology are eligible to study MBBS in Bulgaria.
  3. Fees: a good news for all the Indian students is that Bulgaria is one of the most economical countries to study in the European Union and offers MBBS study in Bulgaria at an affordable cost. This along with the living and travel expenses makes it’s easier for all the Indian students to study MBBS in Bulgaria for 6 years. The tuition fees generally vary from 3,000 to 6500 euros. A student can directly pay their fees to the University’s bank account after they receive a certificate stating their Right to Study by Ministry of Education, Youth and Science in Bulgaria (MEYS). Not only this, but Indian students can pay their fees in two installments.
  4. Documents needed: in order to get an MBBS admission in Bulgaria, a student needs to reproduce the following documents, a duly filled application form, all the secondary level academic certificates, medical fitness certificate, passport size coloured photos and valid passport for the students.
  5. For school transfer: in case you wish to seek a transfer to any other Bulgarian medical university, then you need to produce the original transcript that confirms the year of the study, issued by the current university in the Bulgarian university. The transcript should contain the following information like the course, workload, the earned ECTS credits, final grade in all the subjects, the grading system of the university, and the cumulative grade point average. It helps in making the transfer hassle-free and speedy.

Education System in Bulgaria

  1. Education in Bulgaria is mainly looked after by the Ministry of Education and Science.
  2. There is compulsory school education for children from seven to sixteen years of age.
  3. The overall literacy rate of the country is around 98 percent for both males and females. It shows Bulgaria’s good standard of education.
  4. There are approximately 51 institutions of higher education offering a degree at GRADUATE, MASTER and DOCTOR level.
  5. The higher education system in Bulgaria is divided into three stages. These stages are Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate level.
  6. An academic year in Bulgaria commences in September and ends in June.
  7. The graduation courses are of four years beginning after school education.
  8. The masters’ degree is advanced study and has duration of one or two years.
  9. In some subjects, master degree starts right after school, leading to a study of five years.
  10. The doctorate is a degree which is research-oriented and is obtained on the basis of research work.
  11. To study in Bulgaria, one must have a proficiency level in the Bulgarian language.
  12. International students need to compulsorily undergo one year course in the Bulgarian language, which is followed by a screening test.
  13. Keeping in mind the global trend, Bulgaria has started with English medium education also, but that is mostly at the Master degree level.
  14. Degree in medical education is mostly provided in English medium.
  15. It is also because many students from different countries apply in Bulgaria for admission in MBBS degree program.

Facts Sheet About MBBS Education in Bulgaria

  1. There are various reasons that make MBBS in Bulgaria one of the fantastic options for you.
  2. Bulgaria is one of the popular destinations for Indian students who wish to achieve their dreams of becoming a doctor.
  3. The country has a pleasant environment packed with the natural beauty, something which you will love to be a part of.
  4. Getting MBBS admission in Bulgaria is very easy and does not require you to appear in any entrance exam.
  5. You can study in the NMC approved medical universities of Bulgaria and then come back to India to continue your practice. All you have to do is appear for the NMC Screening Test in order to be eligible to practice the medical profession in India.
  6. Generally, there is no as such restriction in the total weight of the luggage brought along from your native. But make a note that most of the international airlines allow 20-25 kg of luggage only to be carried along free of charge. All extra luggages are chargeable on a per Kg basis. It can be more expensive. Students from India are advised to carry only the things you feel may not be available in Romania.
  7. Bulgaria has a number of medical universities that are recognized by the National Medical Commission (NMC) that too at an affordable medical cost.
  8. For the candidates interested to excel in life and in the field of medicine, the European nation Bulgaria is undoubtedly the best from the rest choice.

Disadvantage of MBBS in Bulgaria

While studying MBBS in Bulgaria, the country can offer you with ample of benefits along with quality education and global infrastructure, some disadvantages come along with the idea of getting admission in medical universities of Bulgaria.

The following are some problems that can be encountered by students going to study MBBS in Bulgaria:

  1. There might be some problem encountered due to the fact Bulgarian is mostly spoken in areas of the country. Not only can this, but students whose English speaking capability is not of good quality also face some troubles while going for MBBS admission in Bulgaria.
  2. During your internships, the patients encountered are Bulgarian speaking and so it might be difficult for international students who don’t speak the local language to communicate with them properly.
  3. Most of the hospitals don’t allow the students to even touch the patients, something that hampers the understanding and knowledge of the students.
  4. To survive your education in Bulgaria, you will have to learn a lit bit of Bulgarian, which is good for you as that, serves to be an additional dialect other than your regional language and English.
  5. Unlike the Indian curriculum, MBBS in Bulgaria is for 6 years complete comprising of first two years of pre-medical studies, last three years of clinical subjects, last year of practical training on rotational basis in the respective hospitals affiliated with the medical university.
  6. In between the semesters, students only get 2 weeks off, which might be difficult for some Indian students.

Apart from this, there are not many problems encountered by the students while going to study medicine in Bulgaria.

Fees for MBBS in Bulgaria 2021    

A good news for all the Indian students is that Bulgaria is one of the most economical countries to study in the European Union and offers MBBS study in Bulgaria at an affordable cost. This along with the living and travel expenses makes it’s easier for all the Indian students to study MBBS in Bulgaria for 6 years. The tuition fees generally vary from 7,500 to 8000 euros. A student can directly pay their fees to the University’s bank account after they receive a certificate stating their Right to Study by Ministry of Education, Youth and Science in Bulgaria (MEYS). Not only this, but Indian students can pay their fees in two installments.

University Name Tuition fees / Year Hostel  / Year
Pleven Medical University 7500 EURO 1200 EURO
Plovdiv Medical University 8000 EURO 1200 EURO
Medical University of Sofia 8000 EURO 1000 EURO
Medical University of Varna 8000 EURO 1600 EURO

Important Note

Mbbs Experts make you aware and remind the transaction related to fee structures. Indian rupees are not the exact fee to may carry to the actual price. These involve changes and variations in the exchange rates. Check the Exchange Rates before initiating the admission procedure, and university reserves have also had the right to change fee structure without sending personal intimidation with the students.

Further details related to the financial structure are given below:

  • They charge 100 to 150 Euros per month for food.
  • It involves a first-come, first-serve basis at the start of the university entry.
  • Indian seats for Indian students are limited.
  • MBBS Experts offers top Government Medical Universities wherein students should have NEET pass scoring cards. Be alert with the fraud consultant.

Subsidized Fees

Students planning for MBBS study in Bulgaria should not get carried away by subsidized fees, which their study abroad education consultant might commit to them. No universities offer subsidized fee to the students planning to do MBBS study.


The Ministry of Education of Bulgaria doesn’t offer any kind of scholarships to international students, although it offers loans for under and postgraduates from the European Union. Also, student loans are available to the Indian nationals by the Indian Government for doing UG and postgraduate studies abroad, through their local authorities.

Living Cost

The cost of living in Bulgaria is economical. An international student planning to study here can live very comfortably and enjoy affordable University education by spending just 350 to 550 EURO each month.

Why you should rely upon us for MBBS abroad admission?

MBBS from Bulgaria can prove to be a wrong decision in case students don’t get access to the correct information. Any wrong information provided by an inexperienced and fake consultant might ruin your future as well. So it’s better to trust professionals and Genuine Consultants like us and take the right decision.

Advantages with Genuine Consultants

  • No fake promises
  • Years of experience in this sector
  • Genuine course and university information
  • Complete support in documentation
  • Support in applying for VISA
  • Air ticketing
  • Forex, money exchange
  • Minimum consulting rates
  • Extended customer support
  • One-stop destination for all study abroad admission consultancy needs

Why MBBS In Bulgaria is Beneficial For Indian Students

MBBS degree in Bulgaria has a good reputation around the globe. It is not just affordable but offers great experience and skills. The following are the reasons why Indian Students choose to study in Bulgaria:

  1. Bulgaria is a member of European Union and hence the MBBS degree is valid in all the member countries
  2. MBBS in Bulgaria offer medical curriculum based on European standards
  3. Most of the MBBS universities in Bulgaria are recognised by World Health Organisation (WHO) and the National Medical Commission (NMC)
  4. Medical education in Bulgarian universities is mostly offered in English so one does not need to learn any other local language
  5. Many Indian students are already studying in Bulgaria so you do not feel isolated there
  6. MBBS in Bulgaria is more affordable even than the private institutions in India
  7. MBBS in Bulgaria is recognised by NMC and after the completion of the MBBS degree you can clear the NMC screening test and start your practice in India
  8. One can opt to pursue specialised studies in medicine in countries like the U.K, the U.S.A. and Germany after the completion of MBBS Bulgaria
  9. Cost of living in Bulgaria is very low and the country is safe for Indian students

Top Tips from Students in Bulgaria MBBS

Why not have a look on the advice from existing MBBS Bulgaria students. Below are the top tips for all:

  1. Learn commonly used Bulgarian phrases: Some common Bulgarian terms are “Hello” (“Zdrasti”), “Bye” (“Dovizhdane”), “Thank you” (“Blagodarya”), etc. it can help you get more love especially from the elders when you use these terms politely. Your respect towards their local culture in return will bring back to you conveniences, love, respect and enjoyment.
  2. Try the local delicious cuisine: You can take the benefit of the many fast food outlets serving mouthwatering snacks, meals, soup for good taste. Food not to miss in Bulgaria includes yogurt, tarator, banitsa, lyutenitsa, Shopska salad, and musaka loved not only by the locals but also by the international students.
  3. Participate in the cultural programs: Participating in the Bulgarian traditional programs will bring a lot of joy. You should not miss the wearing of a martenitsa or the traditional Bulgarian horo dance.
  4. Explore social media platforms: if you explore the various social media channels, it will help you stay updated about the different events, festival celebrations around you. Spare time from your routine medical studies and enjoy interesting events in the area you stay.
  5. Study in open: You can enjoy your studies in the sunny weather in parks near you in the natural surroundings. It will help you enjoy walk, outing, and studies under the sky which is again a great fun with classmates.
  6. Plan a local trip: You can easily find many winters and summer resorts offering good recreation facilities and food. You can plan local trips around with friends for some cherishable moments. The cheaper public transportation in Bulgaria is a good advantage. Moreover, car renting is also affordable.
  7. Make local friends: Making friends is easy in the country because the Bulgarians are famous for their friendly and very welcoming nature. Your local Bulgarian friends can help you to explore the country and enjoy studying medicine in Bulgaria. You can certainly make your stay in Bulgaria while your MBBS course interesting and filled with excitements.

Let me tell you that the life in Bulgaria is altogether great for the international medical students. The many advantages not limited to the affordable stay, economical food, low tuition fee, safe environment, good education, and others make life of MBBS students filled with happiness.

PG Options after MBBS from Bulgaria

  1. For all the Indian students who have completed their study in medicine in Bulgaria can easily go for the PG options in Bulgaria where they will be given an upper hand other than those students who haven’t their MBBS in Bulgaria.
  2. Not only this, but Indian students can return back to India and appear for the FMGE exam in order to be eligible to practice medicine in Indian territories.
  3. They can then appear for the NEET PG exams in India.
  4. If you go for studying PG abroad that too in the USA, then you do not have to worry about the NMC screening test which you have to appear for in case you come back to India and wish to continue your practice in India.
  5. You can easily go to pursue your PG degree in the USA after the successful completion of MBBS in Bulgaria.

Know About the Developing Nation Bulgaria

Bulgaria at a Glance

  1. Capital: Sofia.
  2. Population: 7.4 million.
  3. Area:110,994 sq. km (42,855 sq. miles)
  4. Major languages: Bulgarian.
  5. Major religions: Christianity.
  6. Life expectancy:70 years (men), 77 years (women)
  7. Currency: Lev (1 USD = 1.74 Lev)
  8. Flight time from India:3 Hour 20 Min
  9. Bulgaria or Republic of Bulgaria is a South-eastern European country.
  10. It shares its boundaries with Romania in the north, Greece, and Turkey in the south and black sea in the east. Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria, and it is 16th largest European country.
  11. Bulgaria is the perfect combination of the east and the west.
  12. In the times of the second world-war, Bulgaria had close ties with former USSR on economic and political ground.
  13. At present, Bulgaria is a member of the European Union (EU) and NATO.
  14. Bulgaria has a total area of 110,994 square kilometers.
  15. The most distinct feature of Bulgarian geography is Danubian plains, Balkan mountain, and the Thracian plain.
  16. The country has volatile and changeable weather.
  17. Bulgaria has 30th rank on Environment Performance Index 2018, but scores low on air quality index.

While being in Bulgaria you can enjoy its rich culture and traditions. Many dance forms and historical sites of Bulgaria have been recognised by the UNESCO. The four important cities of Bulgaria are Sofia, Plovdiv, Veliko Tarnovo, and Blagoevgrad.


The climate in Bulgaria, vary according to particular regions. The summers in Bulgaria are mostly hot and dry in the plains in cities. Along with the coastal areas, it is slight humid during the summers. In summers the average temperature varies from 25°С to 30°С. The winters in Bulgaria are slightly cold. The average temperature remains around -5°С and 0°С.

Social Conditions

  1. Residing in Bulgaria is very affordable.
  2. The cost of living and other expenses are not very high.
  3. The country has a sufficient network of public transport system including buses and railways.
  4. The general infrastructure is not at par with European standards but is functional and average.
  5. Bulgaria has a good network of hospitals and clinics.
  6. All the residents, natives and foreigners are required to register with the local health centre for using health services.

Why MBBS Experts for MBBS abroad?

  1. Admission support for study MBBS abroad
  2. Admission In Top Universities In Bulgaria
  3. Telephonic and Physical professional counseling
  4. Complete support in documentation
  5. Visa assistance
  6. Arranging flight tickets
  7. Helping you choose safe stay, hygienic food

Intake For Pursing MBBS in Bulgaria

for the undergraduate or MBBS study in Bulgaria, the admission process mostly starts twice in a year depending on which entry will you prefer for admission in the Bulgarian medical university. If you want to apply for admission in winter, then the deadline is October and for spring semester, the deadline is in February. In case of postgraduate degrees and courses, the applications are accepted only once a year in February.

Duration of MBBS Course Degree in Bulgaria

  1. The total duration of MBBS in Bulgaria is for 6 years.
  2. It includes 5 years of classroom learning and one year of practical training in the hospital affiliated to the university.
  3. This is the duration when all the international students including Indian candidates as well can complete their MBBS or their study of medicine in Bulgarian universities with English as teaching language.
  4. The internship cycle is included in the 6 years program of the study of medicine.
  5. In case you opt to study medicine in Bulgarian language, then another year adds on to the course curriculum. It makes your MBBS course study of 7 years.
  6. Also, one subject as the Bulgarian language will be included in your MBBS Program every year.

Eligibility Criteria For Studing MBBS in Bulgaria

for all the Bulgarian medical universities, the eligibility criteria are different for different courses. So, depending on your course, the eligibility criteria will differ. Indian students who have cleared their 12th exams with 65% to 70% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology are eligible to study MBBS in Bulgaria.

You need to fulfill the following requirements:

  1. A minimum 50 percent score in the Physics, Chemistry and Biology, some universities offer admission to the students with lower percentage also
  2. A valid NEET score with minimum percentage score is required, as mandated by National Medical Commission (NMC)
  3. No entrance test, but one needs to apply by October month to secure a seat; the academic session starts in February
  4. The candidate must have attained 17 years of age

Document Required

The aspirants need to furnish the following documents to take admission in MBBS course in Bulgaria:

  1. A duly filled application form, clearly mentioning your preferences.
  2. All the school certificates provided by the Board/Institution (Statement of Marks, Provisional certificate and Migration certificate etc.)
  3. A medical certificate as a proof of your fitness and mentioning that you do not suffer from any viral diseases like HIV.
  4. A valid passport and visa documents

Admission Process for MBBS in Bulgaria

The following is the admission process that you need to follow so that your application gets approved:

  1. Fill the application form will all the correct information and credentials.
  2. Attach this form with a copy of your valid passport, certificates of the educational qualifications, and other similar requirements.
  3. Whether or not you are selected will be notified to you within a week since international applications are processed quickly by the admissions department.
  4. Once you receive the confirmation about your admission into the medical college, you will now have to send the documents along with the passport for Visa to obtain the student’s visa.
  5. You then have to appear for your visa in front of the embassy where an interview of you will be organized. Once that is done, you will get a confirmation letter and admission letter from the respective medical college of Bulgaria stating the time of the commencement of your classes and all the other necessary information.

Impact of NEET Exam on MBBS Admission in Bulgaria

  1. According to the recent changes by the NMC, you need to score the minimum percentile in the NEET exam so that you can apply for MBBS admission in Bulgaria.
  2. There is nothing to worry about the changes. A good preparation is required to crack the NEET examination opening your way to the medical study in Bulgaria.
  3. All, the Indian students have to do is they need to score the minimum passing percentile in the NEET exam.
  4. If you qualify it, you will be considered eligible to go for MBBS admission in Bulgaria.

Important Notes for Indian Students Willing for MBBS from Bulgaria

  1. The official deadline for applying at Medical University is usually around mid- September.
  2. The program of Medicine lasts for 6 years (5 year course + 1 year of internship).This well-designed programme include the necessary theory and clinical practices along with the training. Internship work is mandatory during the last year of study.
  3. Bulgarian medical universities have no age restrictions. Any student over the age of 18 can make application to study medicine.
  4. The Medical Universities in Bulgaria maintains student-teacher ratio. They accept between 30 and 100 students depending on a particular class capacity. The required practical are arranged in smaller groups of 5-10 medical students.
  5. Bulgaria is the country recognised as the safest in Europe. It has the lowest crime rates across the majority of their cities. Security within the university or college campus is always made available. The university provides international students in particular all relevant contact detail and security information.
  6. According to the concerned ministry guidelines, the eligibility certificate from NMC (National Medical Commission) is required to apply for medicine program abroad. For the eligibility certificate from the National Medical Commission, it is mandatory to apply in the required application format. It can be easily downloaded from NMC website.
  7. The added advantage of the Indian students looking for study MBBS abroad is that most of the medicine study programs offered by the medical universities in western, European, Southeast Asian nations including Bulgaria are duly recognized by NMC.
  8. Indian medical aspirants are advised to crosscheck the NMC recognition of the college or university you are applying for MBBS Degree course. Moreover, medical students doing MBBS abroad will have to clear the NMC screening test in India to obtain the license to practice medicine in India. 
  9. MBBS qualified candidates can go for USMLE for a better career prospect in life. It has limitless importance in the medical afield and is preferred by most of the medical professionals worldwide.
  10. No donation or capitation fees is applicable to the NMC recognized medical universities for Indian students in Bulgaria
  11. MBBS from Bulgaria is valid in India because the Bulgarian medical Universities are approved by World Health Organisation (WHO), National Medical Commission (NMC) and the ministry of education in India and Bulgaria.

Syllabus for MBBS Course in Bulgaria

Syllabus Subjects
1st Year
  • Medical Ethics
  • Human Biology
  • Physics
  • Cytology and Embryology
  • Chemistry
  • Latin Language
  • Anatomy and Histology
  • Sport
  • Summer Practice
  • Bulgarian Language
  • Electives
2nd Year
  • Anatomy and Histology
  • Physiology
  • Biophysics
  • Medical Informatics
  • Sports
  • Biochemistry
  • Bulgarian Language
  • General Medicine
  • Social Medicine
  • Microbiology
  • Summer Practice
  • Electives
  • Participation in Research Projects
3rd Year
  • Medical Genetics
  • Social Medicine
  • Microbiology
  • Medicine of Disasters
  • Pathophysiology
  • Pharmacology
  • General Pathology
  • Propaedeutics of Internal Diseases
  • General and Operative Surgery
  • Summer Practice
  • Electives
  • Participation in Research Projects
4th Year
  • Otorhinolaryngology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Image Diagnostics, Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy
  • Neurology
  • Clinical Pathology
  • Hygiene, Ecology and Occupational diseases
  • Internal Diseases
  • Participation in Scientific Research Projects
  • Participation in Bulgarian Scientific Journals
  • Participation in International Scientific Journals
  • Surgery
  • Electives
5th Year
  • Surgery
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Pediatrics
  • Internal Diseases
  • Orthopedics and Traumatology
  • Clinical Immunology
  • Clinical Pharmacology
  • Dermatology and Venerology
  • Clinical Laboratory
  • Electives
  • Participation in International Scientific Journals
  • Participation in Scientific Research Projects
  • Participation in Bulgarian Scientific Journals
6th Semester
  • Psychiatry
  • Physiotherapy
  • Urology
  • Forensic Medicine and Deontology
  • Epidemiology
  • Parasitology
  • Tropical Diseases
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Anesthesiology and Reanimation
  • Electives
  • Participation in Scientific Research Projects
  • Participation in Bulgarian Scientific Journals
  • Participation in International Scientific Journals

No. The required duration of MBBS from Bulgaria course should be 6 years. If less then this, you will not get hired in any country.

Yes. Many Universities of MBBS from Bulgaria have teachers from different part of the world. Including, USA, Nepal and of course, India.

Yes. But you must get a work permit when want to do a part-time job alongside doing MBBS from Bulgaria.

The environment is much more flexible and you will have more chance at getting a reputed job role by doing MBBS from Bulgaria.

The academic year for MBBS from Bulgaria starts in the month of September. So, plenty of time for your to be prepare meanwhile.

Indeed. Without a visa you won’t be grant access to study MBBS from Bulgaria or in any part of the country for that matter.

Sometimes. Most of the medical Universities in abroad provides students loans to study MBBS from Bulgaria. You will justhave to provide the right documents.

Same as appearing in NEET. The student must complete 10+2 in appropriate field and from a respective council/Board to study MBBS from Bulgaria.

Of course. After completing the MBBS from Bulgaria course, you may take MD/MS or any PG courses in foreign.

Yes. But the student will have to give a test to the college to prove his or her capabilities for studying MBBS from Bulgaria.

Yes. Some colleges in Bulgaria have been recognised by WHO and UNESCO. So, MBBS from Bulgaria holds value in other countries.

The course of MBBS from Bulgaria last for 6 years that includes pragmatic training. During this time,you will get train for real-life situations.

The minimum fees for studying MBBS in Bulgaria is 7400 Euro which is much lesser than many other countries offering this course. The maximum fees can go up to 8100 Euro per month.

The living cost including all utilities for International students is rather much affordable in Bulgaria compared to many other European countries like UK. Here the living cost will be around 400-800 Euro per month and will totally vary as per the lifestyle.

There are government as well as private institutions in Bulgaria offering educational courses related to MBBS programs and all them are decently better than the ones in India and relatively cheaper as well.

The faculty and study material and techniques are far better than what a student will find in the India based universities. Apart from that, the infrastructure is far more impressive as well

Yes! Students studying in Bulgaria will find special importance in all WHO approved institutions in the world. This will be one of the best decisions in the lives of the international students who are willing to do their MBBS from Bulgaria.

No! the medical colleges under Bulgaria universities do not conduct entrance examinations with the admission procedures. After passing out from any of these universities, they will be able to practice almost anywhere in the world.

The NMC approved universities in Bulgaria have their own clinics and the students will be able to partake in the medical related activities performed in those universities. This is one of the best things about studying MBBS in Bulgaria.

With minimal requirement for documents the admission process is totally hassle free. Online admission has changed the scenario of getting admitted in foreign universities.

Bulgarian MBBS qualified doctors will be able to continue their research in the other countries falling under the European Union. This is an opportunity that students studying MBBS in Bulgaria get and other do not.

The accommodation expense specifically for international students is quite minimal compared to other places in Europe. The utility bill discount options are available for Bulgaria students as well.

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