MBBS Fees in Georgia

MBBS Fees in Georgia

Georgia is one of the popular destinations for all the medical seekers. As per the present scenario, Georgia becomes very famous for its’ pleasant weather and climatic condition.  This country is located in the region of Caucasus. This country is surrounded by many mountains, and the capital of Georgia is Tbilis.

Apart from this, Georgia is considered as the safest country. The local people in this country are very friendly by nature. You can experience perfect climatic weather in this country due to the contribution of the Black sea. Georgia carries the rich cultural heritage and offers the students a pleasant learning environment. The picturesque beauty of Georgia is just amazing. You will surely love this scenic beauty of this country. That is why it attracts a large number of medical aspirants from all over the world.

The Temperature is moderate here, and it is 20o Celsius during the summer time.  Furthermore, temperatures fall down rapidly during the winter time, and the temperature remains near about 2-4o Celsius at this time.  The level of humidity is not so much high as expected by all. The average of yearly rainfall is 500-800 mm.  The warmest month in Georgia in July and the coolest month is January. Therefore, the medical seekers will face no issue with temperature and climatic condition.

The universities of Georgia are the best for MBBS study as they use modern technology. In Georgia, you can have various options for food. The lifestyle of the students is also amazing here, and there is no need to worry about the budget.

The amazing fact about this country is its’ hospitality and the behavior of the people. If you show respect to their culture, then you will be given a warm welcome by the Georgians. This country has achieved much popularity in the field of literature, science, and architecture. Moreover, they have gained much popularity in the field of applied medical science.

In addition to this, many universities of Georgia conduct intense research works on the medicine. In compliance with this, the universities also conduct various kinds of medical programs. They also arrange seminars for the greater exposure of the students.

The students will be benefitted if they go to Georgia for studying MBBS courses. The medical aspirants will get great help from the experienced professors. The facility of scholarships and internship will be the added advantages for the MBBS seekers.

Therefore, it will be the wise choice for you if you choose Georgia for you MBBs courses.  Here, you will surely have wonderful memories for lifetime and will experience amazing teaching techniques.

Why MBBS Study in Georgia

Georgia offers various kinds of facilities to the candidates.  It is now the well known destination for the MBBS students.  If you wish to pursue your MBBS career from foreign, then Georgia is the best for you.

You do not have to follow the complex procedure to get admitted in the medical colleges of Georgia.  You do not have to worry about economic capacity if you choose Georgia as your dream destination.

Qualifying the exam for MBBs courses in India is the toughest job to do. Therefore, many students are looking for foreign medical universities. On the other hand, the seats for MBBs are also limited in India. Due to the high level of competition, very few students can crack the exam for MBBs in India.

As compared to the India, Georgia is the good choice for the Indian students. In Georgia, The students do not need to be worried about the entrance exam.

Fees structure and study

The fees structure of Georgia is much lower in comparison with the other foreign university.   The tuition fees of Georgia may vary from university to university.

  • If the students want to study in Ivane Javakhisvili University, then they need to pay 6000 USD for the tuition fees. In addition to this, they need to pay 250 USD as a hostel fee.
  • On the other hand, the structure of the fees in Akaki University is lower as compared with Ivane University. Here, candidates need to pay only 3850 USD as a tuition fee. The hostel fee for this particular university is 200 USD.
  • Apart from this, the medical aspirants who wish to take admission at European University need to have much economic capacity. The fees structure of this university is little bit higher than that of the other universities.
  • The tuition fee for this university is 5000 USD and the hostel fee is 250 USD. Therefore, candidates who want to pursue their MBBS career from this University need to be prepared enough for these amounts.
  • On the other hand, the students need to pay 250 USD as a hostel fee if they want to study in David Tvildiani Medical University. In addition this, the candidates need to think about the budget as the hostel fee of this university is much higher.
  • The amount of the hostel fee for this university is 8000 USD. Therefore, it will be little bit costly for the Indian students to join this University.
  • In comparison with the David Tvildiani University, the fees amount of New Vision University is comparatively cheaper. The MBBs seekers have to only 7500 USD for the hostel fee in this university.
  • Moreover, the candidates have to pay the amount of 250 USD as a tuition fee here. Therefore, all the students need to be sure about the budget before joining this university.
  • In Tbilisi Open Teaching University, you need to pay near about 4500 USD for the fee of hostel. It is much cheaper than other universities and it will be easier for the Indian students to join here. Apart from this, the MBBs seekers of Tbilisi have to pay 250 USD for tuition fee.
  • University of Georgia offers the facility of tuition at reasonable cost. You have to pay 6000 USD for the fee of hostel. In addition to this, you need to give them 250 USD for tuition.
  • The important fact about the fee structure is the Indian students need to ensure their economic capacity. The Indian candidates need to pay approximately 30-35 lacs for taking MBBS admission in Georgia. Therefore, it has been observed that the candidates have to pay more or less the same amount for MBBS Admission in Georgia.

The benefit of studying MBBS in Georgia

It will be beneficial for all students if they want to study MBBS in Georgia. There are numerous factors that drive you to take MBBS admission in Georgia.

  • Georgian universities offer MBBs courses to the candidates at lower cost.
  • There is no need to give TOEFL exam to take MBBS admission in this country.
  • In addition to this, the candidates do not have to go through any language test.
  • Moreover, it is not mandatory for the candidates to appear in IELTS exam.
  • The budget for the accommodation is also lower.
  • All the universities of Georgia are recognized by MCI and World Health Organization.
  • The teaching of medium is English here. Ina addition to this, the faculties in Georgia also teach local languages to the students.
  • The climatic condition and weather of this country are comfortable for all.
  • It helps the students to communicate with the local people. Apart from this, having knowledge in local languages help the candidates during the time of internship.
  • The important feature of Georgian universities is the candidates do not have to be anxious about the donation. The medical aspirants do not have to pay any commission in the time of admission.
  • the universities provide better quality education to the candidates.
  • All the colleges use advanced technology in their learning process.
  • The colleges organize various types of medical programs to ensure greater exposure of the students.
  • All the students in Georgia are treated equally and are provided equal quality education.
  • The local people of Georgia is very helpful in nature. Therefore, you need to be worried if you face any danger here.
  • You can have good career opportunity in Georgia after completing MBBS studies. You can practice in Georgia or you can apply for higher education in the field of medicine.
  • The living cost of this country is very affordable. It will be budget friendly for both the international students and the Indian students.
  • The admission procedure of Georgian universities is very simple to follow. The MBBS aspirants do not need to go through complex procedure for admission.
  • you will not face e any issue regarding the Visa approval process.
  • This country is the safest country for the MBBS seekers. There is no crime record regarding the women safety. Therefore, it is safe place for women to join MBBS courses here.
  • Here, you can get separate rooms for male and female candidates. To avail this facility you dont have to spend much money.
  • Many universities in Georgia provide the scope for intense research to all the medical candidates. It helps the students to gain much knowledge in their subjects.
  • in Georgia, the candidates can get the facility of scholarship.
  • Amazingly you do not have to pay the tuition fee for the last year of your education.
  • Moreover, the medical institution of Georgia provides the facility of installment payment. The candidates can pay their fee in two installments. Therefore, all the students can easily afford this for taking MBBS admission here.
  • This country is the ideal choice for the Indian students as they will not face any issue with food. Indian students will get Indian food in the university canteen.
  • The cost of transportation, vegetables and other utilities are also cheaper in this country.
  • Therefore, it will be fruitful for all to study MBBS in Georgia.

The student lifestyle in Georgia

Georgia is one of the beautiful places and it’s picturesque beauty attracts numerous people from all over the world every year. The climatic condition is very pleasant here due to the presence of the Black sea.

  • The temperature is moderate here and you can enjoy the mountainous beauty in this country. The comfortable weather condition attracts the most of the candidates for studying MBBs here.
  • In Georgia, students can easily get the accommodation facility to continue their study. On the other hand, If the students want to have private room they can avail this facility also in this country.
  • In Georgia, the students enjoy a lot during the summer vacation. The summer vacation starts in July and the candidates can freely roam in various places of Georgia. There are many beautiful places in Georgia and candidates really enjoy the scenic beauty of this country.
  • Therefore, the student life is just amazing and very relaxing here. The candidates can wonder freely everywhere without any fear. The local people of Georgia are very friendly and they used to warm welcome to all the foreigners.
  • Georgia always tries to provide proper learning environment to the students. Moreover, the candidates can experience modern teaching technique in Georgia.
  • Apart from this, the usage of the modern tools helps the medical candidates to gain enough knowledge about their subjects.
  • The candidates enjoy the multicultural aspects of the colleges. In addition to this, they also enjoy the various programs organized by the university. It helps the students to have big exposure in this field .
  • The candidates really enjoy the shopping time in Georgia. In Georgia, candidates enjoy the sports events. Sometimes, universities arrange sport events for the candidates. The river rafting, golfing, biking, fishing attracts a big number of students to join this country for the purpose of MBBS.
  • Many universities in Georgia have a well decorated, well furnished dining hall for the candidates. Therefore, the candidates can enjoy their meal inside their campus with their friends.
  • The life of the students in Georgia is full of fun. During the off time, the candidates start wondering in Georgia and taste different kinds of foods.
  • The tastes of the dishes are really awesome in Georgia. The Indian students enjoy the meals in Indian restaurant and the quality of the food is just too good.

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