Learn medical proficiency from MBBS in Germany

MBBS in Germany is predominantly known for its best medical education which is open to international students and is famous for best medical universities with low tuition fee for MBBS in Germany.

MBBS in Germany being economically strong, culturally dense, politically well-built, strategically compelled invites people to their well-established and diversified course structure which enables the medical education clear and logical. Medical education in Germany by its very nature attracts international folks in large number and varied distinctly through its specifically designed dual-program structure that enables a large number of socio-economic reform and FDI inflows. MBBS in Germany has made the standard and scope deeper to acknowledge the growth of the country as well as students. MBBS in Germany for Indian students enlighten their career, goals, and objectives and ensures them to achieve them well in advance. Moreover, MBBS in Germany gives career goals to its territories and surrounding nations to promote the scope of education worldwide. Career-oriented people, scientists, students, researchers, teachers are desperately focussed to perpetuate their ambitions of contributing in medicine/healthcare from Germany.

Introduction of MBBS in Germany

MBB in Germany is one of the best countries to explore and first priority for everyone to study and to get employed in one of the smartest cities there. The scope of medical education in Germany is dense and so way up than any other educational programs in the world. The federal republic of Germany, an influential north-central European country circumscribe with the large variety of forests, mountains, minerals and rich in Natural heritage which invigorates the uniqueness in medicine by diversified course outline and advanced clinical exposure that embarks international folks to start a new journey from Germany.

MBBS in Germany is not the only thing for everyone as Germany by its valued and world-class educational structure sets a tough benchmark and demands high academics and German language skills at various levels. To dream of pursuing MBBS from top German colleges for MBBS, the student must cultivate the basic and advanced level of training to qualify one of the toughest entrance examinations for MBBS. German medical colleges with their unending scope of medicine attract the overseas crowd in a huge number. Statistics of the year 2017

Federal Republic of Germany

Population-82,350,400 bn.

Capital- Berlin.
Area- 357,168 (km)2

Government- Federal Republic

  • President- Frank Walter Stein Meier.
  • Chancellor- Angela Markel.


  • 59% Christianity
  • 5% Islam
  • 8% others.


  • Total–$ 4.154 trillion
  • Per capita- $ 50,206

Currency- Euro.

Time zone- CET (UTC+ 1)
  • India v/s Germany- 4 hrs. and 30 minutes.

Calling code- 49.

taken from the available source – (federal statistics)

Germany, being a proper tourist destination which brings billions of FDI from different countries drawn by its influential scope in medical education, pleasant environment, developed culture and territories. It is highly developed country stands 4th position in GDP economy and a part of Schengen zone.

Germany is known for its diversity of highly educated faculty members and staff comes from different parts of the world provides the high standard of education which results in the minimal unemployment rate which fosters growth and unstoppable contributions towards nation and world.

Germany is a part/member of world’s strongest nations and zones such as

  • EU (European Union)
  • NATO (national atomic treaty organization)
  • UN (united nation)
  • G20
  • G7
  • OECD (organization for economic co-operation and development.

Major contributions and rankings in specific fields

  • The leader of technological revolution worldwide.
  • 3rd largest exporter and importer of goods.
  • Stands 9th in terms of military expenditure. 

The career scope after MBBS in Germany

Indian student in Germany is gaining popularity after graduating from the universities and become medical professional’s year by year.

Top medical colleges for MBBS in Germany provides opportunities to sharpen clinical skills and cutting-edge medical research embedded with advanced language skills and international platform to get enough employment opportunities and widen the scope of medicine in Germany.

top medical universities for MBBS in Germany having excellence in specializations holding decades of expertise in medicine and research.

In countries like Germany, medical and research courses are well sorted, earlier Indians choose Germany for fellowship programs and short stays only but nowadays Indian doctors and medical students find Germany most suited destination for pursuing MD in Germany after MBBS the preparation of higher studies and have a real-life exposure at Germany’s world-class research centers.

University Fees for MBBS in Germany

In Germany, there is no fee charged to students on doctoral level and all public universities. Rather it is estimated that annual living cost charged to 6000 euros.

Recognitions of German universities

  1. World health organization.
  2. United nation organization.
  3. Medical education and research.
  4. Foundation for the advancement of international.
  5. European credit transfer system.

Benefits of pursuing MBBS in Germany

If you are passionate and wish to pursue MBBS from abroad then Germany would be the best place to convert your dreams into reality as it has gained excellence at par to set the global benchmark in medicine. German medical colleges for MBBS gives a clear vision to become successful and lead a professional medical life. It’s a big opportunity for Indians to pursue MBBS in Germany as it allows the candidate to settle anywhere in Europe or in any other country.

Some of the major benefits of MBBS in Germany to be focussed
  1. German universities offer best and cost-effective course structure with enough opportunities to choose the desired program.
  2. The entire duration of MBBS course in Germany is 7.5 years which consists of 1.5 years of language training and 1 year of apprenticeship.
  3. Students will also provide with stipend amounts to 40,000-50,000 euros.
  4. Students are also allowed to stay for two years after completion of their degree from German medical college and they can easily employ with the minimum amount of 50,000 euros.
  5. Students will easily get permits to work in Germany after completion of MD.
  6. After working for more than 5 years students can also apply for permanent residence after MBBS in Germany.
  7. 100% Scholarship is also provided to the students who pass scholarship exam.
  8. Education in Germany is funded by the federal government, the student needs to pay the minimum amount of 500 euros for extra expenses.
  9. Comparatively, Germany is the safe country and an ideal place to grow as there is much stability in economic and political terms.
  10. Living cost is comparatively low and is around 800 euros.

Disadvantages of pursuing MBBS in Germany

  1. Germany is full of bureaucratic and stereotypes people, it is advised to re-check and keep a track of deadlines with you and re-check all your document until the final admission happened.
  2. As education in Germany is free or minimal of cost, they don’t provide technically advanced facilities to Indian students in Germany pursuing MBBS, especially in government universities.
  3. There is no option for mode of education, you have to learn German. If you are not interested to learn German better to choose another country for your goal accomplishment.
  4. German grading system is quite confusing for international students pursuing MBBS course in Germany as you have to enroll many times for specific activities and exams again and again which is very different from other countries.
  5. If you are independent then Germany is the best option for study or doing any research as the universities demand independent studies and discipline all around.

List of medical universities in Germany and their respective ranking

29Ludwig-Maximillian-Universitat Munchen71.9
67Georg-August-Universitat Gottingen61
70Universitat Heidelberg59.6
80Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin57.9
81Freie Universitaet Berlin57.6
98Tech in the Universitat munchin54.6
113Eberhard Karis Universitat Tubingen53.4
156RWTH Aachen university49.2
163Albert Ludwing’s Universitat Freiburg48.3
165Karlsruhe Institute of technology48.1
195Universitat Bonn46.1

Admission Procedure for MBBS in Germany

The admission system for MBBS in Germany is quite tough as compared to other countries. Germany fits into a right proverb which says nothing comes for free, as the medical education in Germany is free of cost but has set a high standard benchmark for overseas students to enter in top German colleges for MBBS.

Eligibility to get top rated universities for MBBS in Germany

  • Applicant must have 90% marks in 12th.
  • Proof of certificate of passing DSH examination.
  • The student must complete 1 yr. of graduation from before applying for MBBS course in Germany.
  • To evaluate the efficiency of the language of students they must appear for IELTS/TOFEL.

Key requirements for getting MBBS admission in Germany

  • Passport photocopy.
  • Copy of school leaving certificate.
  • Passport size photos.
  • Statement of choosing MBBS course and purpose of selecting medical career and source of inspiration.

Other requirements for MBBS admission in Germany

  • German language proficiency.
  • IELTS/TOFEL is compulsory for admission.
  • Excellent records and achievements.

Sectoral and population analysis of the country

stateCapital Area(km2)Population
North Rhine -WestphaliaDusseldorf34,04518,076,000
Lower SaxonyHanover46,6188,000,000
Rhineland- PalatinateMainz19,8504,060,000
Saxon -AnhakMagdeburg20,4452,495,000

Recommendations of MBBS colleges in Germany by “Mbbsexperts”

 Services available for MBBS in Germany

Indian students who wish to opt for best German medical college and are confused due to temporary or unavailable required services, we ensure to provide the best available assurance starting from the Indian process to Germany. some examples of assurance that students are getting in MBBS in Germany and in India-

Visa services for MBBS in Germany

Germany is a way to high career prospects, high-quality education, and low-cost study. That’s why international folks choose Germany to study, visa processing time for the country is 9-12 weeks, moreover many international people are not allowed to get enter in the territories of Germany without having proper German visa authorized by the embassy of Germany. Indeed, there is no specific period of getting visa application, therefore, it is advised to apply it prior 3 months of planned studies. There are 3 types of study visa in Germany.

  • Student application visa
  • Language course visa
  • Student visa

Some general things need to be taken care of while applying German visa for MBBS in Germany

  1. Students should carry additional documents during the visa interview.
  2. Passport validity should be up to the entire period of stay in Germany.
  3. Incomplete visa applications can be refused.
  4. The applicant is liable to take legal action against the embassy if required.
  5. In case of visa rejection, the applicant is informed about the reason behind it.
  6. Application form can be download from the website of the embassy.
  7. Visa appointment is made online and its fee is 60 euros.
  8. In case of rejection of visa, the fee will not be reimbursed.

2. Consultancy services for MBBS in Germany– “Mbbsexperts consultants” for more than 8 years in the overseas services has gained excellence in providing best career services to students seeking MBBS from abroad. We are providing full assistance to students in every stage of application starting from career counseling to final admission and to the final settlement of the student in the desired country/university. Overall, the students feel free to get any advice/assurance or to get any support from the consultancy side will be responded positively. The main approach and vision of “Mbbsexperts consultants” is-

3. Connectivity or mobile services in Germany- phones in Germany are usually known as handy. The operator that works in Germany is GSM network and is easy to operate and is working in entire Europe, students pursuing MBBS in Germany will not find any difficulty in reaching to their parents anywhere in the country or outside the country. CDMA handsets are not working in Germany so if you are coming from ASIAN countries it will not work apparently. German mobile operators pay a huge amount to license fees on UTMS which is fast wireless data network.

Four main mobile operators in Germany

  • Vodafone– Vodafone share in the market of Germany spreading its roots as the D2 network. (www.vodafone.de)
  • T-Mobil- This network is operated by Deutsche Telekom as www.t-mobil.de.
  • E-plus- This operator is low-cost area network basically designed for infrequent users and is not good as compared to d-network.
  • O2- This network is based on home plans in the range of 500 meters and slowly captures the market shares by its innovative offers. Geneon tariff plan of O2 is good if you desired for a single contact number.

4. The banking system in Germany- studying in Germany is comparatively easier with other countries. Students pursuing MBBS education in Germany has to open a current account in the bank which is entirely free of cost, especially for students. There are numerous savings and commercial banks in Germany which provides online option though to save time and cost. Basic advantages provided by banks of Germany to Indian students-

  • Withdraw from money charges null amount from electronic machines to students.
  • Rent, bills, other charges are made easier by standing order set up which automatically pays all bills monthly by the banks.
  • Free of cost current accounts for students studying in Germany.
  • All administrative fee for example- enrolment, admission, the semester will be paid electronically via EC card specially designed for overseas students.

How to open a bank account in German banks

  • Identification proof or passport is mandatory to open a German bank account.
  • Student certificate of enrolment provided by university or id proof is required.
  • Proof of confirmation of registration from the respective university.

Once opening of current bank account, the student is liable to hold debit card provided by the bank and can make the transaction online. It can be in the form of EC, GIRO OR MAESTRO card.
A student can also hold credit card available in Germany – Mastercard, Visa and American Express.

5. Indian food during MBBS in Germany– Germany is the country where vegans can thrive, moreover there are vegetarian food available in all the cafes/restaurant you can think of with different types of bread (sweet/sour depending on your preference), croissants(chocolate/butter), a variety of sandwiches and coffee. Dessert (which is available in different variety) also a very good option for vegans. Moreover, students pursuing MBBS in Germany can also cook at their place, as there is the availability of Indian raw food in the supermarkets. There are numerous Indian restaurants in Frankfurt, Germany
Have a look at some of them

  • EATdoori
  • Style of India
  • Taj Mahal
  • Restaurant little India
  • Saravana Bhavan
  • Ganesh restaurant Asian call food
  • Eintracht
  • Mera masala
  • Taste of India
  • Tandoori special

Other than Indian food students can also eat German food which is deliciously made and serves-

The wide variety of German food

6. Hostel/accommodations- As German university provides medical education at a low/negligible fee, don’t provide hostel facilities Instead there are plenty of staying options for students who wish to move In Germany for higher studies. Students can also stay in the youth hostel which is available there at cheap prices. Students can avail this facility by permitting the youth hostel card and will get the accommodation ranges between 100-250 euros.

7. Language and time difference between Germany and India- German people are known for their cultural diversity and unity in promoting “German” as their main language. moreover, they have set a tough benchmark for overseas students to qualify their language test to pursue any higher studies. There is no course they provide in English mode.

Geography and climatic conditions

Germany is a pleasant country with mild winters and warm summers with rare snowfalls and frozen temperatures. Moreover, there is enough rainfall in summers which is pleasant though. The maximum temperature that reaches an extreme level in winters is – 100C and in summers in 350C. Tourists usually prefer to visit in May-September which flourish in decent weather to roam outdoors.

The range of temperatures throughout the year


High living cost witnessed in the month of trade shows and in summers.


  1. Germany is divided into 16 states including lakes, black forests, river basins and collectively known as a lender.
  2. It is surrounded by the borders of Austria, Denmark, Czech, Republic, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Netherland, and Poland.
  3. The highest point of the county i.e. Zugspitze mountain which is 9717 ft. high.
  4. Bavaria, Rhine and Black forests are the most prominent features of the country.
  5. It is divided into 403 urban and rural districts on the municipal level.

Time difference – India is 4 and a half hour ahead of Germany.

Scope after completing MBBS in Germany

  • Students can earn the minimum amount of 50,000 euros anywhere in Europe after completing MBBS study in Germany.
  • The courses that are meant for overseas students are specifically designed in English.

This data of 2017 shows there is a high scope of income generation in medicine in Germany.

Facts about MBBS in Germany

  1. The first book that was printed in the world belongs to Germany.
  2. It is the densest country in terms of population.
  3. In the entire European Union, Germany has the highest population.
  4. It is the largest car producer country in the world.
  5. Berlin with the largest stations of trains in Europe.
  6. Germany is the largest economy in European Union with 3.75 trillion dollars of GDP.
  7. Germany Is known for its leading books and publishes approx. 9500o books/year.
  8. Universities and colleges offer free education to students.
  9. Germany has 500 zoos which are most in the world
  10. Germany is the most populated country in European Union, with a population of around 80 million
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