Compare low-cost MBBS in Nepal and MBBS in Abroad

Nepal being the neighbouring country India and the preferred destination for Indian students as well to study MBBS in Nepal. MBBS in Nepal has now introduced innovative features in its medical education from 2018. Nepal is an ideal country to pursue any educational program due to its fabulous environment and mountainous region, high ethnicity in religion, culture and diverse history with vigorous languages. MBBS in Nepal is a good opportunity for Indian candidates, as Nepal is a neighboring country to India with good educational relations. Students from India are studying MBBS in India since a long time and majority of Indians are pursuing medical education in Nepal are from southern states of India. Students can also take direct admission in MBBS in Nepal by the help of MBBS experts without paying any capitation fee in top MBBS colleges in Nepal.

Compare MBBS in Foreign Countries

MBBS in NepalMBBS in IndiaMBBS in RussiaMBBS in UkraineMBBS in Georgia
MBBS Fees10 to 18 Lakhs / Year10 to 18 Lakhs / Year3 to 9 Lakhs / Year5 to 7 Lakhs / Year5 to 8 Lakhs / Year
DonationRequiredRequiredNot RequiredNot RequiredNot Required
Duration6 Years (With Internship)6 Years (With Internship)6 Years (With Internship)6 Years (With Internship)6 Years (With Internship)
RecognitionMCI/WHO and OthersMCI/WHO and OthersMCI/WHO and OthersMCI/WHO and OthersMCI/WHO and Others
WeatherHot, Cold, RainyHot, Rainy and TropicalCold, Dry and WetTemperate ContinentalCold, Hot, Dry and Wet
Safety Index6810314214762

Note: National Licentiate Exam (NLE) is important after completing MBBS to practice medicine in India

Students can opt Nepal for pursuing Medical education in top MBBS colleges in Nepal for various reasons like-

  • Less documentation
  • Quality education
  • No study Visa requirements for Indian students.
  • Culture similar to India.
  • English and Hindi are major languages spoken in Nepal.

Nepal is a small country with inhibited world-class facilities in education that is ensuring you the right place to study in right environment. Medical education in Nepal has proved the world with its advanced facilities of medicine and healthcare in the department. The country is best suited for Indian students to pursue medicine and would be treated very good which feels like home country. Nepal is also getting attracted by many foreigners and students due to the Himalayan range mount Everest is situated there. Indian students in Nepal are getting more attention now-a-days to enroll for MBBS course in Nepal at affordable fee. The main benefit of Indian students pursuing MBBS in Nepal is that every medical college in Nepal are recognized by Medical council of India (MCI) and many other international medical bodies like-

  • World health organization.
  • MCI

Indian students are getting many of their seats reserved in top medical universities in Nepal. Out of available 22500 government seats. The average number of Indian students joined the medical colleges in Nepal are approximately 5 lakhs and keeps on increasing year by year.

Best Medical universities in Nepal

  • Janaki Medical College
  • Universal College of Medical Science
  • Manipal College of Medical Sciences
  • Gandaki Medical College
  • Chitwan Medical College
  • Kist Medical College
  • Nepalgunj Medical College
  • National Medical College
  • Birat Medical College and Teaching Hospital
  • Devdaha Medical College

Advantages of MBBS in Nepal

Nepal is a hope for thousands of budding Doctors. The reasons why should everyone choose as their medical career destination country to be Nepal-

  • Less documentation- unlike other countries such as USA, Germany, China etc. documentation for MBBS in Nepal is very smooth and simple and don’t allow high documentation process. MBBS admission in Nepal gives thousands of opportunities to students to live their graduation days hassle free.
  • Low fee structure- Nepal has top medical colleges for MBBS which allows innovative access to medical education with in a low or average budget that is affordable. On an average the tuition fee structure of top medical college in Nepal can not go beyond 30 lakhs (total). There are government universities like Kathmandu medical college which has very low fee structure i.e. 20000/year.
  • No requirement of Visa- for Indian students it is the biggest advantage to pursue medical education in Nepal is not getting enrolled for visa proceedings. Indian students can travel to Nepal without visa through flight for study purposes doesn’t matter the time period of education.
  • No admission or entrance test- students are neither required to give any separate entrance test for admission in MBBS in Nepal nor they are required to clear the tests like IELTS or TOEFL. The admission in top medical universities in Nepal is direct without any donation money.
  • Course similarity- Nepal has been accessed to similar medical course as in India. Minimal changes can be entertained in the course curriculum.
  • No language barrier- there is no barrier to language in Nepal especially for students pursuing MBBS in Nepal as they have to deal with patients in day-to-day life and are allowed to speak English and Hindi as well with any obligation. The second largest spoken language in Nepal is Hindi or English.
  • Cultural similarity- Nepal has 80% cultural norms similar to India which makes the educational years of Indian students easier and simpler in Nepal. Students can also enjoy celebrating their cultural festivals also. Students does not make any adjustments and get settled at ease.

Eligibility criteria and admission procedure in Nepal

Eligibility- the candidate must have completed 10+2 with main subjects- Biology, physics, chemistry and English for admission in MBBS in Nepal and must have score minimum 50% of average weightage and the student must have passed or in the 17th year of his/her age.

Documents required for admission

  • Marksheets of 10th and 12th, migration certificate and transfer certificate.
  • Nationality certificate- certificate of nationality or personal identification proof of candidate or the copy of passport can be included.
  • Envelope of 10*22.5 which is self- addressed must be used for acknowledgement.
  • A conduct certificate signed by the head of the last institution studied with photocopies.
  • Leaving certificate of high school where age is mentioned and duly signed by the head of the institute.

Duration and structure of MBBS in Nepal

The duration of MBBS course in Nepal is 5 years + 1 years of internship. Universities laid emphasis on acquiring the clear concepts and vision of medicine with clinical practices. And in the remaining 1.5-year students are required to set a professional practice in any of the affiliated hospitals or clinics.

The curriculum of MBBS in Nepal are-

Subjects taught in MBBS in Nepal
Community Medicine
Community Medicine
Forensic Medicine
Obstetrics & Gynaecology

FMGE criteria and passing percentage in Nepal

FMGE passing percentage is better than other developed countries like Russia, China, Germany etc. the ratio of students appeared to the ratio of students passed in MCI screening test keeps on increasing. In the year 20145-15 the number of students that appeared in FMGE from Nepal medical universities were 3163 and students passed were 23%. This ratio of the year 2017 has been increased to 40%.

Challenges faced in MBBS in Nepal

  1. Improper division of university locations- mostly all top MBBS universities in Nepal are located in the capital city Kathmandu which imposes high living and food cost as the city is quite expensive compared to any other city in Nepal.
  2. Weak online support- medical universities in Nepal don’t provide centralized system to study or for any other educational services. The structure is totally based on traditional study methods which are not advanced. Hence, low international stuff.
  3. Unexperienced teaching staff- MBBS is the professional course which requires high-skilled personnel and teaching methods to gain innovative learnings and to serve humanity. Some od the medical universities in Nepal don’t have experienced teachers or professors who are not capable to provide real-time experience or learnings to students.
  4. No upgradation in syllabus– students feel satisfied and less bored if there are certain changes in course curriculum or if there is any rotational program which encourages new learnings. But MBBS program in Nepal are stick towards the same syllabus and don’t allow rotational training to students which makes them feel bored and dissatisfied.

Facilities provided to students in Nepal

  1. AccommodationNepal medical universities also provides hostel accommodation facilities to Indian students with all necessary amenities like- food, internet, and all necessary living resources.
  2. Library- The Nepalian medical universities have a great facility of library with a proper volume of books more than 10,000. The library opens for medical students 24 hours with proper facility of Wi-Fi, computer rooms, CD-ROMs etc.
  3. Extra-curricular activities– for the basic development of medical students, the universities also organize extra-curriculars like participation in health camps, conferences, medical seminars etc. for the welfare of student study MBBS in Nepal.
  4. Transportation – there is a rule for every medical university in Nepal that students have to compulsorily live in the university hostels. So the universities also provide transportation facilities to students which drops them to the university regularly.

About Nepal

Nepal is a Neighboring country of India and China and is officially known as federal democratic Republic of Nepal. The constitution of Nepal which was adopted in the year 2017 has made it a secular republic country divided into seven states. The founder of Buddhism Gautam Buddha was born in Nepal and the culture of Nepal is somewhat similar to Tibet. The capital city of Nepal is Kathmandu which is the largest city in the country. foreigners from different countries comes every year to experience the beauty of Nepal and to furnish the culture of Buddhism. He tradition and culture of Nepal us so comprehensive and divine that cultivate ecstasy in Human beings.

Education sector has seen much growth in the country, if we talk about medical education in Nepal it has reach to a substantial growth from the last 5 years.

Indians are more likely to study MBBS in Nepal, and for the past 6 years the ratio of Indian students in Nepal has been increased for the education sector especially. The main reason behind this is the similar cultural norms, quality education, less documentation, no requirement of passport and Visa.  Some highlights of main facts of Nepal-

Capital- Kathmandu
Population-  28,982,771
Area- 147,181
Largest city- Kathmandu
Official language- Nepal
Religion-  Hinduism
President- Bidhya Devi Bhandari
Prime minister- Khadga prasad Oli
GDP- $264,077 billion
Per capita income- $87
Time zone- (UTC+ 5:45)
Currency- Nepalese Rupee
Time difference between India and Nepal-  Nepal is 15 minutes ahead of India.

Climatic conditions in Nepal

The climate in Nepal is influenced by subtropical range with monsoon conditions in Tarai. The climate ranges between 4500-7000 to the mountainous region.

At Kathmandu valley region, the average temperature experienced as 10°C in January. And the average rainfall experienced about 50 inches in June- September. Nepal has pleasant environment due to the mountainous regions and sunny mornings in summer.

Rainfall in Pokhara valley is sometimes very high.

There are 4 seasons experienced in Nepal majorly as all other countries experiences too. Those are-

  • Summer– maximum temperature that goes in the month of May-august is 25°C-30°
  • Monsoon– monsoon season in Nepal is very pleasant with heavy and mid rainfalls that ranges to 40-55 high. And temperature goes minimum by 10°
  • Spring– this is also known as autumn season comes in September-October.
  • Winter- average temperature that falls in winter season by 5°C- 2° sometimes the temperature falls below 0°C.

Religion and ethnic groups in Nepal

The majority of Nepalese people follow Hinduism by their culture and the Nepalese people are greatest believer of lord Shiva and therefore there are many temples of lord Shiva in Nepal. There are some minor regions which are also followed in Nepal.

Folklore is also an important part culture of Nepal. The lifestyle of Nepali people is somewhat similar to that of Indians so, students who wish to pursue MBBS course in Nepal will not find any difficulty in cultural or religion aspect.

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