Grab the Benefits of Overseas MBBS Program in Philippines

MBBS in PhilippinesMBBS  Admission in Philippines is one amongst the best option for MBBS admission due to its low tuition fees Indian students choose their education program as MBBS Admission in Philippines. MBBS Philippines is gaining popularity among Indians who are now focussed to take MBBS admission in Philippines due to its diversified courses and vast curriculum that gives detailed insights of the programs. Philippines is a developing nation with lots of new opportunities for Doctors and students who are pursuing MBBS Program in Philippines.

The educational standard maintained in Philippine’s medical universities is comparable to European countries. Studying MBBS from Philippines is a profitable decision for Indian students.Cost of studying MBBS study in Philippines and living expenses are quite low as compared to other countries. Western countries are getting a large number of nurses from the Philippines due to their wide and famous specialization in the nursing course and the students have a high probability of getting employment in the western nation. There are some prestigious universities in Philippines which have a tie-up with many globally recognized institutes like AMA school of medicine, our lady of Fatima, University of perpetual help etc.

MBBS from Philippines is the best education hub for Indian students to pursue medicine due to the growing literacy rate in Philippines as compared to other countries rather than wasting 2-3 years in repetitive preparation for NEET and still paid a huge amount as a tuition fee. The Philippines is now becoming a great educational country with low-tuition fee and quality education in every single medical university in Philippines.

Applications for Medical Education in Philippines 2018 are to be started soon with lots of new innovations in the educational structure by adding new specialties in MBBS universities in Philippines. The Philippines is also known for its hospitality services and patients are treated very calmly. It also has a rich and diverse culture where students don’t find any problem in celebrating their traditions. Medical universities in Philippines are recognized by many renowned medical organizations like-

  • Medical Council of India
  • World health organization
  • Commission on higher education
  • International medical education directory
  • United States medical licensing examination.
  • Educational commission for foreign medical graduates
  • Philippine Association of colleges, universities commission on accreditation
  • The institution of quality assurance through monitoring and evaluation.

Study MBBS course in Philippines is a dream for every overseas student due to its high practicality in health care centers and in the university hospital. Students feel safe and secure in the Philippines.

MBBS experts are the leading educational consultants from India who have to send many students for MBBS course in Philippines and provide best services and support to them.

Advantages of pursuing MBBS in Philippines

Studying Medicine Course from Philippines will land you into hundreds of advantages. Let’s have a look at some of them-

  1. High quality of education- the education system that is followed by MBBS universities in Philippines is American system of education which is highly advanced and modern that copes up to the technological advancements and changes in the medical aspects.
  2. Easy process of admission- the procedure for admission in the top medical universities in Philippines is very easy and smooth. The documentation process is also very less and precise to the main documents. Indian students find it relaxing and easy procedure.
  3. MBBS duration in Philippines- the duration of MBBS program in Philippines is only 5 years which is rarely any country offer. Generally, the duration of MBBS program in every country in European Union is of 6 years. So, students can save their expenses for 1 year if taking MBBS admission in Philippines 2018.
  4. Worldwide recognition of medical degree MBBS degree in Philippines is recognized globally and is approved by the various medical screening bodies including the medical council of India.
  5. Low-cost tuition feesMBBS course fees in Philippines are affordable to Indian students who cannot afford the high tuition fee in medical colleges in India.
  6. No donation and entrance examination- Neither the capitation charge is demanded in any medical university in Philippines nor there any requirement of entrance examination like IELTS or TOEFL to get admission into top medical universities in Philippines.
  7. Preparation for PG- some universities in Philippines provides preparatory classes for USMLE, MCI, PLAB etc for the students who want to pursue post-graduation from the USA, Germany or India.
  8. Enough employment opportunities- Philippines is a developing nation and hence have various growth opportunities for students to make their career opportunities into reality.

Top colleges for MBBS in Philippines

  1. Our Lady of Fatima medical college
  2. University of Philippines
  3. University of Santo Tomas
  4. Far eastern university
  5. Cebu Institute of medicine
  6. Luke’s college of medicine
  7. University of perpetual help
  8. AMA school of medicine
  9. Ramon Magsaysay memorial medical center
  10. Ateneo school of medicine and public health.

MCI Approved Medical Universities suggested by us

Our Lady of Fatima medical college- the university is the privately owned body in the Philippines and is the leading medical institute in Philippines with a maximum number of selections of candidates in MCI. The university provided good education facilities at affordable fees. Many Indian students are already studying there and have strongly recommended the university to pursue MBBS in Philippines from our lady of Fatima medical college. Some main figures about the university-

CityValenzuela, Metro Manila
CourseMD, equivalent to MBBS
Course duration5 years
Term type2 semesters/year

1. AMA school of medicine:- the medical standard of education is excellent in the university due to highly skilled medical faculties who focussed on real-time dissection practices in Gross Anatomy. The university has two campuses one is located in Makati and another one is in Cavate. The university is ranked in the top English medium destination throughout the world.Study MBBS in Philippines from this university will lead you to great career opportunities in your future. The university is accredited by FAIMER, USMLE, AFMS, MCI, WHO, CHED etc. Some basic figures about the university

CityMakati City, Metro Manila
Course duration5 years
Term type3 semesters/year
Total fees for MD program13,12,500 INR

2. University of Perpetual Health:- the university comes under the top medical universities in Philippines by its structured MD program within the reach of everyone. The university is MCI recognized and has belief in the development of society by improving the healthcare system of the country. You can apply in MBBS Philippines 2018 to become a part of the high standard lifestyle and serving humanity at its best. Basic figures about the university are-

City Metro Manila
Course typeMD
Course duration5 years
intake2 semesters/year
Total fees16,87,500 INR

Disadvantages of studying MBBS in Philippines

Every country has certain Pros and Cons in its nature. Philippines stands among the top countries for MBBS in Abroad, but still is having certain disadvantages. Students must know about those Cons of studying MBBS from Philippines so that they can take the fair decision of their career.

  1. Course duration– the MD course duration in some universities in Philippines irrespective of those we suggested, are of 4 years only. In this short leap of time, students cannot become specialized in medical treatments and certain things remain We warned you while making a selection of those medical universities in Philippines. In reality, those universities are making money only irrespective of good medical education.
  2. False information– it has been advised to students to play safe with some agents who are showing only the brighter part of the university and don’t maintain the transparency level with you. Some agents will also give false information about the university fees and the duration of the MBBS course in Philippines, which later on turns the future of student in trouble.
  3. Entrance examination– to get MBBS admission in Philippines you have to go through the examination called National medical association test and you have to make 40-50% in that examination depending on the requirement of the university you choose. Some colleges may enroll you in their MD course and you are being asked to clear the examination within the span of 2 years.
  4. Accreditations and recognition– getting recognized by MCI don’t make enough sense to take admission in that university until and unless the university is not being accredited by the body of the education of Philippines. MBBS experts are there to help in choosing the best university for you.
  5. No practical experience– In universities, the student does not get enough real-time experience in MBBS program in Philippines due to a large number of enrolments from different countries. From India only, last year the total six of a student in one single university was 5000.
  6. Fake display of FMGE results by Agents– some agents will falsify trying to make more admissions by displaying fake FMGE results from the Philippines. We advise you to check the FMGE results online to get the real figures from the MC portal- however, the passing percentage in FMGE is going highest from the countries China, Bangladesh, Georgia, Ukraine, Philippines etc. let us discuss the FMGE passing percentage from MBBS Universities in Philippines.

FMGE passing percentage

From the year 2012-2017, the FMGE percentage has been substantially changed. Between 2012-16 the percentage of students that have passed the FMGE test was 16% only.  This year Philippines has 25% passing rate in FMGE. The candidates who have appeared for FMGE through various years are-

And the number of students who actually passed the examination are-

FMGE passing percentage

This is showing the downfall in the FMGE passing percentage of the students who carry their MBBS degree in Abroad.

What is NMAT?

NMAT is the test conducted in Philippines and has been divided into 2 parts-

  • Part 1- to test the mental ability of the student.
  • Part 2- to check the academic proficiency of student.

The part 1 will consists- verbal, quantitative ability, reasoning, perceptual acuity. And,

The part 2 includes- Physics, Chemistry, Biology and social science.

Some universities are asked to sit in the NMAT examination after 3rd year of completion of MD in Philippines and some government university required students to get passed in the examination in the first attempt itself.

MBBS experts will provide the test material and sample papers for student wish to take MBBS admission in Philippines 2018 and will guarantee to get success in NMAT.

Scope after completing MBBS  / MD in Philippines

Today, Philippines has become the first destination for Indian student due to various reasons-

  • No language barrier
  • Similar climate as in India
  • Low-fee structure
  • Excellent option for students who wish to seek PG in the USA.

The scope is very wide with many opportunities would wait for you after completing MBBS / MD in Philippines.

Some opportunities will come like-

  • USA option will open for you after finishing MBBS program in Philippines.
  • If you are a sincere student and have focused on the studies and the classes you took then, you can also settle in Germany by easily qualifying PLAB which is being prepared during MBBS in Philippines.
  • Philippines will also provide ample of employment opportunities during and after the completion of MBBS degree in Philippines. You can earn more than any other country after completing medical education in Philippines.


Name of the UniversityEligibility CriteriaDurationTotal Fees
University of Perpetual Help10+2(PCB 50%)6 Years4800 USD/Year
AMA School of Medicine10+2(PCB 50%)6 Years5000 USD/Year

Admission process in medical universities in Philippines

The student must have obtained 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology English being the compulsory subject to be passed.

Students belong to reserved categories like SC/ST or OBC will get some relaxation in marks and will have to secure 40% marks in the required subjects.

After completing the 4th year of graduation in MBBS in Philippines, students are asked to sit in NMAT examination which is only conducted for MD students in Philippines. In some institutes like Cagayan state medical university, the student must have cleared the examination in the 1st attempt only.

There is a relaxation to students who don’t clear the examination in the first attempt as they moved to other colleges directly for ex- Our Lady of Fatima, University of perpetual help, AMA school of medicine etc. things you should be taking care of-

FAQs related to study MBBS in Philippines

Q1. Should I choose MBBS / MD in Philippines as my career option?

Yes, of course, if you are a bright student and really wants to put an effort to fulfill your dream to become a doctor then MBBS experts’ advice you to go for it. Only thing matters are your dedication towards your goal rather than the country. You will find almost similar environment everywhere. Study MBBS in Philippines requires hard work and sincerity towards the medical education. Generally, students who don’t clear NEET and are not willing to pay a high amount of tuition will choose MBBS in abroad. In the Philippines, you can do your bachelors in Medicine in only 15 lakhs. Students who are not academically good may face problem to cope up with the syllabus.

Q2. What is the FMGE passing percentage for students who wish to study medicine in Philippines?

MCI/FMGE passing percentage is same for every country i.e. 50%. Student studying MBBS from any country and wish to practice in India after pursuing MBBS in Abroad have to clear MCI screening test with a minimum of 50% of marks. However, the passing percentage in FMGE from the Philippines is slightly higher than other countries i.e. 24.7%.

Q3. What is the Difference between the Philippines and other countries?

  1. In terms of education- Philippines offers best educational climate to students whether it may be any specialization or MBBS in Philippines. The quality of education is excellent in top universities we suggested for MBBS admission in Philippines.
  2. In terms of budget- if compared with other countries in terms of budget Philippines is way more flexible than other countries-
CountriesBudget (tuition fee+ monthly expenses+ food+ travel)Duration of MBBS course
PhilippinesAMA school of medicine- 25 lakhs
Our Lady of Fatima- 30 lakhs
University of perpetual help- 27.5 lakhs
5 years
BangladeshAbove 30 lakhs5 years
NepalAbove 40 lakhs5.5 years
UkraineAbove 27 lakhs6 years
Kyrgyzstan18-20 lakhs5 or 6 years
IndiaAbove 80 lakhs5.5 years

Q3. Is the Philippines safe for Indian students?

Yes, absolutely Philippines is safe and secure for Indian students and is good in terms of pollution level, hygiene level than many cities as compared to India. The climate in the Philippines is somewhat similar to India. the maximum temperature in summers that goes up is between 20-30°C.

Q4. Is there any language barrier in the Philippines?

No, the medium of study MBBS from Philippines is English. just like Indian Medical universities where the faculties speak English. English is the largest spoken language in the Philippines. Students cannot find any difficulty right from taking MBBS admission in Philippines till getting MBBS degree in Philippines.

Q5. What is the fee structure of the universities in the Philippines?

The fee structure of the top MBBS colleges in Philippines starts from 15 lakhs to 22 lakhs which are of A-grade colleges. The tuition fee of the MD course in the MBBS universities in Philippines can be paid year wide which will reduce the financial burden on students. You can also check the fee structure of your preferred university on their web portal.

About the Philippines

The Philippines, officially known as the Republic of Philippines is a country located in the southern part of Asia. The neighboring countries of Philippines are China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan.

Our services to international students-

Facilities we provide to International students

We make students aware of everything regarding the higher education in Philippines and provide great consulting support right from the beginning till the completion of your MBBS course in Philippines.

MBBS experts are the leading educational consultants in the market. We assure complete assistance we promised with full loyalty and responsibility.

We offer great assistant to Indian students who wish to study MBBS abroad and all medical aspirants, as we understand the need of students and their parents to get the best career orientation, we totally provide assistance according to their convenience.

Some of the basic work that is to be done by MBBS experts with full loyalty-

  • Transparent information provided to students about the universities and their educational structure.
  • Process the required documents to the respective university.
  • Helps in processing the visa application and bring the university letter to the student.
  • Provide assistance in processing the insurance application.
  • Provides accommodation and Indian food facility to students in the Philippines.
  • Accompanying students on Departure with our trusted employee.
  • Pick-up is provided by us to the University.
  • Provides assistance in completing the formalities of the university.
  • Helps in opening a bank account with the right bank.
  • Provides Guardianship to students for the complete tenure of education.
  • Keeps in touch with the parents and information about educational and other related activities.

MBBS experts are prominent and helpful educational consultants in India for MBBS education in Philippines.

Study MBBS in Philippines becomes smooth with the help of MBBS experts, as we take care of every student activity and administration work right from the filling the application for MBBS in Philippines to the completion of the medical course in Philippines.

Though Indian students will get the full support and beneficial services from the medical universities in Philippines, still we are here to help you in any case related to accommodation facility, financial uncertainty etc.

Other services provided by MBBS experts-

  • Helpful in counseling for further medical studies like PG in Germany, PG in USA or post-graduation program in medicine in any country.
  • Helpful in providing guidance about the FMGE facts and best universities abroad with the highest FMGE passing percentage.
  • When it comes to student’s career we are helpful in providing best educational orientation in medical courses abroad. With cheap and best medical universities abroad.
  • We also assist you in choosing the best study material/coaching classes for MCI screening test which you can rely on.
  • We are helpful in making the complete documentation, visa assurance, bringing the offer letter of the university, embassy requirements, safe and enjoyable travel from India to the Philippines.
  • We also arrange our assistance in the Philippines for the safety purposes of students.

MBBS experts are the most trusted, reliable; authenticate overseas consultants with the MCI approved authority to counsel students with the best MCI approved universities in Philippines.

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