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Medical University of WarsawBecoming a Doctor is not an easy job as it requires a lot of hard work. Some of the exceptionally brilliant minds choose this career. In the list of these exceptionally brilliant people, there exist a group who wants to go beyond the actual limit and aspire something great. In that case, students apply for medical studies in foreign countries. Though no country is less some people have set up their goals in this. If you lie in this category who wants to study aboard this medical field than the best option for you lies in Warsaw, Poland. The Medical University of Warsaw is one of the largest Universities in whole Poland, is known for the quality, and specialized education it provides in the medical sector. This University is a premium education institute in Warsaw and is known for their internationally recognized degree, which is valid all over the world. Every year this university attracts eminent scholars to its faculty. In the field of medical education this university is globally recognized and the students who study from there have developed great carrier options.

About the Medical University of Warsaw (MUW’s)

The Medical University of Warsaw (MUW) is one of the oldest medical schools situated in Poland. For nearly around 200 years this university has been providing education and training in medicine and pharmacy at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The programs offered by the MUW’s meet the highest international standards of university-level education and are standing on the ideology of good clinical and pharmaceutical practice. The academic staff of the Medical University of Warsaw is renowned countrywide and globally for their contributions to the research and performance in medicine. A number of them hold great posts such as those of National Medical Consultants

The Medical University of Warsaw offers common and speciality training for both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The learning process of students takes place at their six clinical teaching hospitals who provide broad and tertiary medical care to patients. The students and staff of the university also conduct scientific and clinical research at these hospitals as well as are occupied in a variety of clinical academic departments situated in other hospitals in Warsaw. MUW has around nine thousand students and a staff of 1,609 academic teachers, including 141 professors.

Medical Courses offered in Medical University of Warsaw (MUW’s)

This prestigious University has a wide range of courses for the students. There are 18-degree programs including 3 programs in English and 1 expertise degree in Dental Hygiene (Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry).

Undergraduate programmes:

  • Audiophonology
  • Dental Hygiene
  • Dental Technology
  • Diagnostic and Therapeutic Radiography
  • Dietetics
  • Midwifery
  • Nursing
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Physiotherapy
  • Public Health
  • Speech Therapy

Degree programmes (post-diploma):

  • Dietetics
  • Midwifery
  • Nursing
  • Physiotherapy
  • Public Health
  • Speech Therapy

Full-time degree programmes:

  • Dentistry
  • Medical Clinical Sciences
  • Medicine
  • Pharmacy

Talking more about the Medical University of Warsaw, The University has a worldwide aspect based on its global learning standards and the swap of technical consideration among higher education and research institutions. The University has also invested in the advancement of its research communications and maintains to develop its amenities. The latest projects include in the list are  Library and Information Centre, the Centre for Preclinical Research, the Pediatric Hospital and the Rehabilitation and Sports Centre, the most contemporary facility of its kind in Poland. The building of a modern University Center of Dentistry was started in September 2017. Dental care will be there for the patients by 2019. The Medical University of Warsaw has also started thinking about developing an Institute of Psychiatry.

Campus of the University

MUW is situated in Warsaw in Poland and this region of Poland is called Mazovia. His University has two campuses that are Banacha Campus and Lindley Campus. The students get the opportunity t attend classes at both the campus who are situated nearby to each other.

Banacha Campus is situated in the Ochota district of Warsaw next to the Pole Mokotowskie park. This campus is enclosed by four streets. Rectorate building of MUW including the offices of the University’s Authorities and all Faculty Deans

  • Didactic Center
  • Main Library
  • Preclinical Research Center
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Public Central Teaching Clinical Hospital
  • Public Paediatric Teaching Clinical Hospital
  • Sports and Rehabilitation Center

Talking about the other campus that is Lindley Campus, it is a group of buildings situated in downtown Warsaw, neighboring to the Central Railway Station and on the streets: Lindley, Oczki, Chałubińskiego and  Nowogrodzka. This campus includes:

  • Department of Forensic Medicine and the Department of Clinical and Anatomy Study
  • Biostructure Center
  • Student club Dom Medyka
  • Infant Jesus Clinical Hospital

The University believes in overall development of the students so it organizes cultural and educational programs such as excursions, debates, roundtables, competitions, and festivals for students. A number of theatre and concert events are also there. Even sports competitions are a part of this University.

Collaboration of this University with other eminent educational centres

For many years the Medical University of Warsaw has worked together in research with centres all over the world, including Germany, France, Sweden, the UK, the Netherlands and the USA. There are 16 formal agreements on scientific cooperation which involve the exchange of research workers, joint research projects and publications. Research at MUW is funded by grants from the Polish Committee for Scientific Research (c. 150 projects annually) while other forms of external funding include the European Union research fund and financial aid by other bodies. MUW’s own resources are used for a great number of research projects.

MUW participates in European exchange programs for students and research workers, such as the ERASMUS and CEEPUS programs. The University is also concerned in four thematic ERASMUS networks aimed at sustaining innovative move toward and civilizing the quality of academic education through the progress of joint educational projects and techniques of teaching in medicine, dentistry and pharmacy, including the criteria of teaching quality assessment.

Affiliation/Agreement Cooperation with foreign universities

The University has a research partnership with a number of universities in Europe, Asia and North America which consist of the National Institute of Health in the USA, Max-Planck-Institute in Germany, Institute Pasteur in France, Harvard Medical College and Karolinska Institutet in Sweden.

Libraries present at the University

Our University has its own library located near the Anatomy building, which consists of around 450,000 volumes, which include scientific journals, CDs and videocassettes.

The students at the University of Warsaw also have right to use the library which is a new, large building with a roof garden. It is equipped with an enormous amount of reading material in different fields and languages, as well as computers for student use. Students can take benefit of group study rooms, as well as silent areas.

Departments and Clinics

The University consists of 180 departments and clinics. Recreational facilities offered by the University The University offers a wide range of various activities – sports groups, dance groups, athletic and fitness facilities, as well as a swimming pool.

How to apply for Medical Course in this University?

The students who wish to pursue the medical course from this university can submit the application online free of charge. Applying for an international university is open to all provided that the students complete the eligibility criteria but it is always sensible to apply through specialized consultants who are having years of knowledge in this domain.

Eligibility Criteria for taking admission

As per the Admission Rules for the English Division applicants will be accepted to Medical University of Warsaw only if they present a College/University Diploma with Bachelor of Science degree who have fulfilled their pre-medical education and have at least 1200 hours of pre-med courses (including course of Biology, Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry and Physics or Math on academic level) and certificate of completing MCAT, UKCAT or GAMSAT exam.

Applicants whose resident language is not English should provide one of the below mentioned English language certificates:

  • IELTSexam passed with no less than 6,0 points,
  • TOEFLexam passed with no less than 90 points,
  • CEFRexam on B2 level,

Note: There is no entrance exam for 4-year MD program.

Documents Required for Admission Application

  • Your all the mark sheets up till now and academics certificates.
  • The applicant should also have a valid passport valid for few years
  • Your fully filled VISA application form
  • Passport Size Photographs

Why Choose MBBS Studies in Warsaw

  • Choosing MBBS studies in Warsaw is a great option as they have quite huge campuses and in one the oldest and renowned education centre in Poland.
  • Warsaw further provides students with opportunities to settle for a future prospect as the best lot get direct jobs in good hospitals.
  • Even there are scholarships for the brilliant minds.

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