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MBBS in Romania has become popular for its renowned MBBS universities that provided quality education in MBBS in Romania at a low tuition fee. Admission in MBBS in Romania 2018 has now started. The range of education considering the multi-access sequel of which the medical extent deserves the commemorate mention.Medical education in Romania gives a diverse aspect of medicine by offering multi-specialties in the course structure and have increased the level of education in top medical colleges in Romania.MBBS syllabus in Romania aspires students from different parts of the world to pursue their dream in orthopedics, gynecology, gastroenterology, surgery, cardiology, neurology etc. MBBS degree in Romania is world-wide accredited and recognized by leading organizations like WHO (world health organization), MCI (medical counsel of India), USMLE (united states medical licensing examination), and many other medical counsels across the globe. Romania by its promising environment, world-class education system, high literacy rate, and assured quality of health care by renowned/experienced doctors and specialists successfully stand on the prominent position in achieving phenome nous results in FMGE . Medicine in Romania featuring a variety of specialization in its program which is not available in another European MBBS syllabus.

Medical institutes for MBBS in Romania with fee/Year

Medical universityProgram fee/year
1. Cluj Napoca medical university6000 euros
2. Carol Davila University of medicine5000 euros
3. Oradea University of medicine4500 euros
4. Victor Babes University of medicine5000 euros
5. Constanta medical school4000 euros for EU students and 3600 for Non- EU students.
6. Targu mure university of medicine5000 euros
7. G.T popa university of medicine4000 euros
8. Craiova university of medicine3200 euros
9. Arad university of medicine3600 euros for non-EU students.

Advantages of studying MBBS in Romania

Romania is known for its cheap MBBS education and diploma supplement which ensures transparency in learning and is recognized world-wide that issued automatically with the completion of the degree course and helps in stepping up the employability.

  1. Low-cost educational structure– It has become the educational hub for setting the low-cost fee structure of medicinal programme and raised the academic standards for diplomas which is recognised in the entire Europe and beyond. The average cost or fee for pursuing MBBS in Romania is approximately lies between 2000 euros-7000 euros per year. Romanian universities have given liberty to students opting medical study in Romania can pay their fee in 2-3 instalments.
  2. world-wide recognition of degree-  Romania is known for its cheap and best medical education and is recognised all over the world. 4 medical universities of Romania have been ranked in top medical universities in the world by their exceptional teaching methods including modern and traditional research techniques of learning. Romanian universities are specialised in giving the best of traditional approaches in medicine, engineering and science.
  3. Fastest internet service- Romania is the 3rd fastest internet service provider which also helps student to study even way more better and in digitalise mode. It also provides source of entertainment for students in their leisure time.
  4. Multiple modes of study – MBBS in Romania allows students two choose their preferred mode of education as they provide education in different languages such as- English, French, German, Romanian, Hungarian. Romanian medical universities are accredited with more than 100 private and public universities which increase the diversity and choices of courses.
  5. High employment rate and standard of life- Romanians believe in a healthy life which is not so lavish and costly rather they have maximum source of generating employment. Being a medical student, one can find enough vacant positions in top-rated hospitals apart from that there are various other sectors of employment such as, outsourcing companies, NGOs where students can find part-time jobs easily during their graduation time period. Students can also avail additional benefits apart from their curriculum like discounts in cultural events, clubs etc. Romania recorded low level of poverty with general living standard.

Apart from these advantages, there are several studentfriendly advantages that have to be looking out. Such as-

MCI and WHO approved medical universities.Foreign languages also offered by some medical universities in Romania.Separate accommodation facilities for men and women.
No restrictions to get admission in any medical university in Romania.Crime and corruption rate in the city is negligible.Monthly living expense cannot exceed by $250US on an average basis.
No regulation for entrance exams like IELTS and TOFEL.`universities norms are based on European standard which is environmental and people-friendly.Hospital training is provided during the academic year.
no demand for donations and extra fee for admission.Two intakes of March and September in all medical universities. Students can easily get P.R after completion of medical course in Romania.
No age and language bar for students Pursuing medical education in Romania.Romania is a beautiful and small country with Pleasant nature and surroundings.Complete medical syllabus in Romania is in European credit transfer system
Students can find all type of food available in Romania.Students get guaranteed visa irrespective of any drop year/s.Students can also get the advantage of completing their medical course in Romania in 5 years.
Universities provide preparation classes for USMLE, PLAB, MCI etc.Temperature is pleasant to live in.No language barrier, students can prefer English as their mode of education.

Challenges faced during MBBS in Romania

Apart from several benefits, Romanian medical university possess major challenges in the way of Indian student’s career. Some of the major challenges that students need to be aware of-

Low MCI or FMGE passing percentage-Romania has a very low passing percentage over the consecutive years. Though medical universities in Romania has started preparatory courses for FMGE test but being one of toughest exam, it requires hard core preparation to crack as Indian students can only get ticket to practice in In India after studying MBBS in Romania by clearing the FMGE test. FMGE test is conducted 2 times in a year and the passing percentage benchmark is 50% which is next to impossible for the students coming from Romania.

Comparison of students appeared in FMGE v/s passed

The data shows the low passing percentage of students in FMGE and its degrading year by year.

  1. Health insurance coverage is not in the list of MBBS colleges in Romania– A valid insurance plan for studying abroad may cut down the personal expenses, but the Romanian medical universities sometimes do not consider the coverage of any unexpected injury during the academic year under insurance. Students think their domestic coverage of insurance will cover extra healthcare expenses abroad but this is not the case, students have to make their budget accordingly.
  2. money transfer system creates issues- sometimes the electronic machines don’t function properly in Romania and are unable to deliver positive results, as most of the times money stuck in between and students cannot withdraw their money which creates a big problem as you cannot survive in the foreign country without sufficient money.
  3. Cultural differences- cultural barrier is one of the common problem for Indians outside country. In Romanian medical universities folks come from different countries and to cope up with their fluency is sometime difficult while communicating, as well as the English-speaking population in day to day life is very less in Romania. Students may also find jolted sometimes after sudden shifts in culture starting from religion, food, lifestyle, dressing sense public laws etc.
  4. Average wages in Romania- unlike medical universities in Romania which are highly qualitative, the wage system after graduation is quite below average. Students cannot find a job matching to their standards as the economy of Romania is growing in a slighter way and residents of Romania don’t consider job standards they just believe in earning money without the consideration of the number of working hours and pay scale.

About Romania

Romania, a south-eastern European country surrounded by the borders of the black sea, Bulgaria, Hungary, Ukraine, Moldova, and Serbia. The country is best known for its forests in Transylvania. The culture that largely follows in Romania is Catholic and therefore the country has the foresight of churches and castles. Bucharest is the capital of the country and the largest city with Gigantic sites of communist-era attracts the focus of tourists.

Official language-Romanian
Location- central Europe
Population- 19,334,000
Climate- similar to northeastern USA
Area- 92,043 sq. miles.
Religion- Christian orthodox
Government-presidential democracy
  • President- Mr. Klaus Werner Iohannis
  • Prime minister- Viorica Dancila
  • Total- $186.7 billion
  • Per capita-$23,709
-Currency- Leu
-Time zone- GMT+2
  • India v/s Romania- India is 3 hours and 30 minutes ahead of Romania.
Calling code- +40

Though Medical education in Romania is not so prominent as other big countries like, Germany Poland, USA, China etc. but to pursue MBBS in Romania will create lots of challenges and opportunities which Romania will make students prepare about it. Romania is a lovable place for international students who are seeking to learn different things apart from the normal course structure would prefer Romania as their prior destination to study MBBS in Romania.

Climatic conditions in Romania

Romania is the country with open sea and has distinctive seasons throughout the year. On an average, the temperature in Romania falls as 11°C. in summers the temperature rises by 28°C in Bucharest. Temperature of 30-35°C is generally common in lower continental areas of Romania.

LocationJuly (°C)January (°C)

Living cost during MBBS in Romania

Students can easily complete their graduation degree in MBBS in Romania without bearing too expenses, as the living cost in Romania is flexible according to the budget of students and their priority. Students can minimise their living cost by choosing low-fee structured medical university in Romania like in Oradea university the total cost including tuition fee, hostel & food, insurance fee will cost 335000/year. If choosing the private rental student apartment, the average monthly cost world be around 450-550 euros. Which includes-

Living expensescost in Euros/month
Electricity and gas35
booksIncluded in university tuition fee

Indian food availability

The country is very good for vegans and is very generous to Indian students as the large population is Christians who are vegans. Vegetarian food is mostly served in Romanian restaurants. There are wide range of food availability for vegetarians and Indians. The best places where you can get delicious vegan food are- Bucharest, Sighet, Brasov, Sibiu.

Popular dishes in Romania of different countries

Students from India also enjoy the Romanian food as it has good taste and similar with the other continental food. Some main Indian restaurants that are available in Romania.

  • Taj restaurant
  • Haveli
  • Karishma restaurant
  • Kumar’s Agra palace
  • Krishna cafe
  • Ethnic plantation coffee
  • Baraka saffron
  • Ramayana café etc.

These Indian restaurants also allow fast home delivery services at any place in the city.

Networks in Romania

Romania has majorly 4 network operators which are operating throughout the country.

  • Vodafone
  • Orange
  • Telekom Romania
  • Digi Mobil.

Student can easily operate any of the network operator and can also make international calling at a very normal ISD rates. Viber, Imo, Skype etc are also a good option for international calling from Romania. Internet providers are also giving major goals in boosting the networks in Romania by providing 4G, 5G speed of Internet.

GSM mobile phones are working at large in Romania, if you are having the one you can bring that too. New SIM card will allow you an ease of access to SMSs world-wide, ISD calling at cheaper rates, Internet with 3G, 4G speed. Not every service provider in Romania offer internet in their SIM card.

Banking system in Romania for Indian students

Students are allowed to carry $10000 with them in Romania. After that, Romania introduces various options for easy international transfer of money by its cheap and best international financial system. Additionally, some banks in Romania requires a bank account to be opened and then allow students to avail their international money transfer facilities. Some of the main documents are require to open a bank account in Romania.

  • Passport
  • Address proof
  • Identity proof
  • Bank details of country
  • University letter.

Facilities we provide to International students

We make students aware about everything regarding the higher education in Romania and provide great consulting support right from the beginning till the completion of your MBBS course in Romania.

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  • Transparent information provided to students about the universities and their educational structure.
  • Process the required documents to the respective university.
  • Helps in processing the visa application and bring the university letter to student.
  • Provide assistance in processing the insurance application.
  • Provides accommodation and Indian food facility to students in Romania.
  • Accompanying students on Departure with our trusted employee.
  • Pick-up is provided by us to the University.
  • Provides assistance in completing the formalities of university.
  • Helps in opening a bank account with the right bank.
  • Provides Guardianship to students for the complete tenure of education.
  • Keeps in touch with the parents and inform about educational and other related activities.

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