Medical council of India designs new curriculum for MBBS

Medical Council of India has proposed to shorten the duration of the MBBS course. It is planning to include specialized skills that will benefit the undergraduates. According to sources Medical Council of India is scheduled to meet in the first week of February to design a new course. The freshly designed course will be sent to the Government so that it is approved. According to the new curriculum, students will enjoy greater freedom as they learn new skills and techniques. The mission behind this change is to allow the students to gain expertise in the subject of their choice.

Introducing changes

The duration of the present curriculum is five and half hours which is followed by a year of internship. It has been felt that, in the present course, the students dedicate more time to generalized subjects and concepts of human anatomy which do not remain relevant to students who choose to specialize in the long run. The new curriculum has been designed to help the medical students acquire specialized skills and obtain skill training. The students are introduced to analytical and clinical training at the beginning of the course. With the new curriculum, the students will devote more time to courses that help them to build strong analytical skills.

Benefits of new program

Medical council of India feels that, with changes in the course, the students will be able to study the subject of their choice in detail instead of spending a larger half of their time in studying general subjects. This allows them the opportunity to hone their skills and sharpen analytical abilities. It will help the students to save time and enjoy learning in the course of the MBBS degree. The experts at the council strongly feel that once the students are well acquainted with concepts of human anatomy they should be allowed to pursue subjects of their choice.

The changes are on the cards as experts feel that students have not been able to benefit from the previous curriculum. They could not gather sufficient skills in the duration of the course which had an impact on their performance as doctors. In recent times of specialization, it is important to learn specialized skills and techniques which gear individuals for professional challenges. Learning right skills in the early years as a student is very important in present times of super-specialization. With these valid reasons, Medical council of India has been able to justify the changes which they wish to bring about.

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