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Top Medical Universities in Georgia

Medical Universities in Georgia

Georgia is the new destination for all the medical seekers who wants to study from foreign.  It is considered as one of the safest place for the students to study MBBS. There are many top most universities in Georgia.

Therefore, it is the best choice for all who wants to pursue MBBS career here. The MBBS universities in Georgia offer high quality education to the students.

Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

It is one of the most popular universities in Georgia. It the best option for the medical aspirants to do MBBS from here.

About University

Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi was formed on 26th January, 1918. This university has eight regional branches. The founder of this university is Mr. Ivane Javakhishvili. The co founders are also renowned scientist Giorgi Akhvledian, Korneli Kekelidze and so on. This university has five branches in Georgia.

The university has expert faculties of MBBS so that they can provide proper education about medicine. This university has skilled medical trainers who will properly guide the students in their medical practices.


This university is located in the Caucasus region.

Goals, Mission and Objectives

The main goals of this university are:

  1. To provide high quality education program for medical aspirants.
  2. to facilitate the research for applied medical science

The missions of the university are:

  1. To give more focus on developing research technologies.
  2. To use advanced education system
  3. To establish the research centre by maintaining the international standard.

The main objectives are:

  1. To develop professional, compassionate physicians who is willingly serves their patients.
  2. To provide more training to the students


The good education system and constant efforts of the faculties make this university outstanding. It makes its position among the top 10 medical colleges in Georgia.  This university of Georgia is affiliated by many medical bodies. The following medical bodies are:

  1. World Health Organization
  3. Another 30 international bodies
  4. National Medical Commission

European Association of Eduaction

Fees Structure for MBBS Study

The fees structure of this university is much lower than that of the others. That is the why most of the student prefer to join this university.

This university takes 6000 USD for the medical courses. This amount is applicable for all year’s medical students.

The hostel fee of this university is 3000 USD. It is much lower than the fees of the other universities.

Why do you Choose Ivane javakhisvili for MBBS Study?

This university is one of the most famous scientific centre.The courses of medicine is popular among the MBBS students. Apart from this, this university offers wide range of medical courses for the students of MBBS. It is one of the best Universities for MBBS in Georgia for Indian students.

  1. It is famous institution that aims to provide professional and expert doctors.
  2. The fess structure of this university is reasonable at cost.
  3. This medical institution is known for its nation al values and for humanistic approach towards all.
  4. It always tries to promote international tradition through the unconventional research methodology. Apart from this, The University always encourages their multi cultural students and their faculty members for better improvement.
  5. The most amazing fact about this university it always emphasizes on the professional development of the students. In addition to this, this particular university also focuses on the personal development of their candidates.
  6. Ivane University tries to update its’ research methodologies. Moreover, it is their main aim to enrich the scientific approach, research based medical practices.
  7. The most important that attracts the medical seekers most is their equal approach towards all. They never follow the caste, gender biased protocols and provide equal guidance to all.

Courses Offer for MBBS

  1. This university offers various ranges of medical courses to the candidates.
  2. It provides academic courses for the dentists and for the physicians.
  3. This institution also offers practical training for their students from Germany.
  4. By developing the research methodologies, it provides a new guideline to general medicine.


The institution provides the facility of hostels will all the required facilities to their candidates. There you can get separate rooms for both male and female candidates.


This medical institution has 7 museums in their university premises.  Here students can see the preserved bodies and scientific facts that will be helpful for their studies. It helps the students to Study MBBS Education in Georgia.


It provides the facility of library that contains various genres of medical courses books. This helps the students in better understanding of their medicine courses.

Printing Press

  1. The printing press facility is the other one provided by this institution. The candidates do not have to go outside for printing purpose.
  2. This University offers them all the printing facility such as Xerox, laminators, guillotine cutters, binder machine and so on.

News Papers

The university provides the news papers to their students that the MBBS students ac much knowledge. This attracts numerous students for MBBS Admission in Georgia.

Hospitals and Facility of Clinics

  1. This university has different clinics departments in the regional branches.
  2. They have skilled nurses, expert surgeon and professional physicians.
  3. The students can easily avail all the medical resources.

Future Perspective of University

  1. The motto of this university is to achieve more technical advancement in the field of medical science.
  2. To become Partner University across the globe and become sustainable institution in the field of medical study.
  3. To exchange their research knowledge, essentials with the others famous research institutions.
  4. To investigate their medical research approaches and achieves popularity in this field.
  5. To ensure the professional and personal development of both the candidates and the faculties.

Akaki Tsereteli University

Akaki Tsereteli University is one of the famous government universities in Georgia. Therefore, it is the best university for those who want to take MBBS Admission in Georgia.

About University

This university is one of the popular research universities in Georgia. This government medical institution was established on 1930, July. The university type is public. It has 5000 of academic staffs. This university has well infrastructure for the students MBBS courses. Apart from this, it has expert faculties and this brings lots of students to study MBBS courses here.


This university is located in Kutaisi in Georgia. Therefore, the students can feel the amazing natural environment in Georgia.

Collaboration and Partnership

This university has partnership with many universities across the globe. It helps the students to get enough exposure in this competitive field of medicine. The name of the partner universities are:

  1. Belasrusian State University
  2. University of Poitiers
  3. Pleven Medical Universities
  4. Carinthia University of Applied Science and so on.

Mission and Vision

The main missions of this government institution are:

  1. To provide high quality education to all the medical aspirants.
  2. To develop scientific approaches.

The main visions of this university are:

  1. To provide wide range facilities to the doctors and students.
  2. To built numerous branches to furnish the need of medical education.
  3. To enrich their medical education with proper scientific approach and tools.

Approval and Recognition

This university is the ultimate destination for the candidates who wants to do MBBS education in Georgia. This university is approved by both the WHO and NMC. There are many other medical bodies that give approval to thus university. Therefore, this university provides high class medical education, multi cultural aspects and well infrastructure. The other medical bodies are:

  1. Indian Medical Council
  2. International Medical Education Directory
  3. Another medical authorities
  4. Georgian Education Ministry
  5. Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates

Fees Structure

Akaki Tsereteli University offers the medical courses to the candidates at pocket-friendly cost. The students who want to study here will pay 3850 USD as tuition fees for all medical years. The fees for hostel facility and food are 150-200 USD per month.

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS Admission

The eligibility criteria for taking MBBS Admission in this university are:

  1. The interested candidates need to pass 10+2 exam with above 50% marks.
  2. The science steam is mandatory and the compulsory subjects are Physics, Biology and Chemistry.
  3. Need to be from English Medium background
  4. Need to have a valid passport.
  5. The age of the students should be above 18 years.
  6. Need to have excellent communication skills and the capability of English writing.

Required Documents for MBBS Admission

The documents that are needed to submit for MBBs course are:

  1. Mark sheets of 10th and 12th
  2. Copy of passport
  3. Passport photograph
  4. Proper birth certificate
  5. Certificate of NEET exam.

Intake for MBBS

  1. The admission process of this university starts from May.
  2. The study of MBBS courses starts from September.
  3. This university has limited number of seats for the international students.

Duration of Courses

Total duration of MBBS courses is Six years. One year for internship and five years for theory of medicine.

Medium of Teaching

  1. The medium of teaching is English.
  2. The faculties are teaching their students in Georgian language. It helps the students in making smooth communication with the patients and local people during internship.

Admission Process

  1. At first, the students need to do registration.
  2. Getting admission letter from university.
  3. Then, needs to pay university fees.
  4. Need to take Visa.

Courses for MBBS

This institute offers wide range of courses for MBBS study.

The subjects are:

  1. Microbiology
  2. Physiology
  3. Pharmacology
  4. Anatomy
  5. Pathology

Internal and many more.

Why MBBS Education in Akaki Tsereteli University?

The students will get many benefits if they choose this university for MBBS Education.

  1. Low Budget MBBS courses
  2. Medium of teaching is English.
  3. NMC approved university
  4. No need of TOEFL or IELTS.
  5. Expert faculties.

Tbilisi State Medical University

Students who wish to do MBBS in Georgia, this university is among the best medical schools in Georgia.

About Institution

This medical institution is the leading institution in Georgia. It was formed in 1907. The rank of it is eighth among all the Georgian universities. The founder of it is Zurab Vadachkuria and it has near about 500 staffs for administration.

Course Duration

The course duration is for six years.

  1. 5 years for medicinal theory
  2. 1 year internship


  1. Admission starts in May
  2. Limited vacancy for international students
  3. Course starts in September.


  1. Communication and teaching medium is English.
  2. Georgia languages for internship and for patient handling.

Required Documents

  1. 6 Passport photos.
  2. Valid passport
  3. Medical insurance
  4. Certificate of transfer
  5. Migration certificate
  6. HIV reports

Criteria for MBBS Admission

  1. Need to pass 10+2 and above 50% of marks.
  2. Ages above 18 years.
  3. Good writing and communication skill in English
  4. Valid passport
  5. Should be from science stream.

Admission Procedure

  1. Need to do registration first.
  2. Will get invitation letter, Ministry approval
  3. Submitting tuition fees
  4. Apply for Visa
  5. 30 working days need for whole process.

Why Tbilisi State Medical University?

  1. High quality education
  2. Cost friendly MBBS courses.
  3. Worldwide recognition
  4. Experienced professors
  5. No commission
  6. NO TOEFL and IELTS.

European Teaching University

This university is the most popular one among the medical aspirants for doing MBBS Medicine Courses in Georgia.

About University

This university was established in the year of 1995. It is recognized by NMC. The university has experienced professors and staffs.


It is accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Council of higher Education of Turkey. The University is also FAIMER approved.

  1. World Higher Education database
  2. WHO


The age of the candidate should be 17 years at admission time.

  1. At least 50 % of marks in science stream.
  2. NEET qualification must.

Process for Admission

  1. Filling the application form
  2. Qualify NEET.
  3. Getting offer letter
  4. Ministry approval
  5. Merits and candidates’ performance
  6. Need Visa.


  1. Security system for the candidates.
  2. Accommodation facility
  3. Training for screening test.
  4. Modern technology
  5. Proper management system for learning
  6. Library
  7. Various medical programs.

Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University

About University

It is one of the well known public universities.

  1. Established in 1923
  2. Famous for medical education.
  3. Near about 2500 faculties
  4. 6000 and more students.


It is located at Bhatumi.


  1. To enrich knowledge.
  2. To provide proper work environment
  3. To develop clinical program
  4. To enhance economic growth and human relationship.
  5. To provide intense care to the candidates


  1. To ensure high quality service
  2. To offer good quality education

Fees Structure

  1. Tution fee is 6000 USD
  2. Hostel fee is 3000 USD.

Course duration Total six years.


  1. Get recognition in the year of 2011.
  2. Accredited by WHO
  3. National Centre for Educational Quality Enhancement
  5. NMC

Scholarship Facility

  1. The candidates who get registered in unified examination and score good marks in the four subjects
  2. Will get 100 Georgian lari monthly
  3. Scoring 80 grade and above will get 50 GEL.

New Vision University


This university is semi private in nature and they always try to provide qualitative education. This university was established in 2013. It has a team of 400 professors and the number of students is 1000.


  1. To provide good education
  2. To promote intensive research work.
  3. To provide access to all the students equally.


  1. To create proper learning environment
  2. To provide lifelong opportunities and value creating education process.
  3. To build good educational culture
  4. To increase diversity.

Fees Structure

  1. Students have to pay 7000 USD for tuition
  2. 3000 USD as a hostel fee.

Post Graduation Course

  1. Providing facility for doing masters in medical rehabilitation.
  2. Ensuring practical knowledge of the students
  3. Allows the candidates for knowledge diversification.
  4. Opportunity for doctorial level.

Courses for Doctoral

  1. Facility for PhD in medicine.
  2. Much more practical exposure.
  3. Good career opprtunities


  1. Accommodation for students.
  2. Library facility for learning projects.
  3. Student club
  4. Laboratory for practical knowledge
  5. Psychological counseling for the students’ emotional well being
  6. Hospitals for the junior doctors with all necessary equipments and different departments.
  7. Offering international conference facility for better knowledge about medicine for the students.

David Tvildiani Medical University

About university

It is the most famous college among the MBBs seekers. This college is famous in Europe, Asia and it mainly focuses on the medical discipline. This university provides the facility of training for post graduation entrance examination.


  1. AMSE
  2. Eurasian University union
  3. Georgian Ministry of Health
  4. Association of Medical Education in Europe.
  5. ECFMG
  6. WHO
  8. Mission and vision
  9. Structure of Fees
  10. Georgian Ministry of Education


Six years courses for general medicine. It also offers courses for basic medical science. Courses on Clinical science are offered. Courses for MD is also available.

  1. Clinical clerkship


The amenities include:

  1. Guaranteed success in the screening test
  2. International clinics for enhancing clinical skills.
  3. USMLE based teaching method
  4. License international medicine

Areas of Research

  1. Research on viral dengue fever
  2. Training for DOT treatment process
  3. Research on cardio vascular system
  4. Therapeutics
  5. Diagnostics process
  6. Intensive research on cancer tissues.
  7. Neuro diagnostic


The University offers library facilities so that students can gain knowledge about medicine, generic traits and so on.

Four separate hostel facility for male and female students. It features well equipped modernized clinics. It also includes laboratories for intensive research works and facility of canteen for students.

Functions of General Medicine

  1. To build efficient physician who has enough knowledge and proper behavioral approaches towards patients.
  2. Provides the facility of surgical training with quality standard.
  3. Giving more focus on the clinical training.
  4. Advancement in technology and medicine.

Caucasus International University

About University

Caucasus International University is the new destination for the medical aspirants. This university was established in the year of 1995. It always focuses on the medical improvement. They have many expert faculties to train their medical students properly.


This university is located in the Caucasus Region.


  1. World Federation of Medical education
  3. World Health Organization
  4. ECFMG


The Missions of this University are:

  1. Focusing on the proper collaboration with the professional staffs.
  2. Tradition of ancient education
  3. Proper methodology for scientific research.
  4. Emphasizing on the student learning.
  5. Ensuring good environment for research.

Fess Structure

Tuition fee for MBBs courses is 5000 USD and it is much lower than that of the others.

Courses Offered by the University

  1. Six years of MBBs education.
  2. Pre clinical study for the first two years
  3. Three years to five years will be needed for clinical study.
  4. one year of internship in hospitals.

University of Georgia


This university is the one of the public universities, established in 1785. The main campus of this university is located in Athens. Many students study MBBS here and the number of the students is 29, 611.

Fees Structure

The fees structure of this university is not so much high. The tuition fee for in state is $12080.

Apart from this, the tuition fee for out state is $ 31, 120.

Admission Process

The admission process in this university is not so much easy like the others. The factors that are mainly followed by this university are:

  1. Grades of the high school
  2. Specifically the performance of the students.
  3. Personal achievement
  4. The scores gained in ACT
  5. Extra curriculum activities.
  6. Academic achievements.
  7. Give focuses on the personal statement.

Teaching Medium

The medium of teaching is English.

Research Opportunity

This university offers wide range of opportunity to the students for research purpose.

Here the students will get the scope to work with the premier research team. It helps the students to understand about the method to conduct research.

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