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Top MBBS Universities in Russia

MBBS Universities in Russia

Russia is the ideal country for the MBBS seekers as this country offers wide ranges of medical courses. If you fail in the screening test examination in India, do not feel disheartened.

Russia is here to fulfill your dream of MBBS courses. This country offers this facility to all across the globe. There are near about 65 universities in Russia that offer MBBS courses to the medical aspirants.

Apart from this, Russia has number expert faculties and advanced modern technologies for the students. Moreover, the environment of this country is comfortable for all to study here.

Altai State Medical University

Altai State Medical University is the leading university among the other universities in Russia. This university is famous for its high quality training procedure for the medical students. This university has great contribution in the field of regional healthcare process.

About University

This particular university is the best choice for the students to study in Russia. Every year, a large number of students come to Russia for fulfilling their dream of MBBS education.

  1. The expert professors provide proper training to the students as it helps them in their medical career.
  2. This university was founded in the year of 1954.
  3. The incorporation of the pharmaceutics faculty was done in 1975.


Altai State Medical University is located in the southeast part in Russia. The name of the city is Altai Krai where this university had been established.


National Medical Commission and World Health Organization have approved this university. Apart from this, the ministry of Education and Science also give approval to this college.

Study duration

The study duration is six years in this college.

  1. Five years is for comedic medical field.
  2. One year is for practical experience that means internship.
  3. The candidates have the chance to do their internship in recognized hospitals in Russia.

Fees structure

The whole structure of fee is very affordable for all.

  1. Tuition fee for 1st year students is 5300 USD.
  2. The cost of the tuition for second year students is 4300 USD.
  3. The hostel fee for the students of 1st year is 500 USD. On the other hand, the second year candidates need to give only 200 USD for it.
  4. Tuition fee includes many other facilities such as library charge, laboratory charge, fee for examination and study materials.
  5. Similarly, hostel fee includes the charges of other utilities.


This university has expert faculties for various subjects of medicine. The faculties are:

  1. Faculty for general medicine
  2. Pediatrics
  3. Nursing faculty
  4. Pharmaceutics
  5. Hygiene and prevention of disease
  6. Stomatology

International Medical activities

This university starts to provide the MBBs education to the foreign students in 1994. There are many specialists who provide special medical training to the students.

Innovation and Medical science

This University mainly sheds light on the scientific development

  1. This University aims to meet the recent trends in the field of medical science and medical technology.
  2. They particularly focus on the scientific implementation of modern technology for the better improvement o the patient.
  3. They always try to improve their clinical research.

Student life in Altai State Medical University

This university is located exactly in the centre of the country. It is also very close to the main transport routes for public. Therefore, it saves the time of the students and they can easily go anywhere for their need.

  1. Candidates can easily access the university library. It helps them in depth research work. And it also helps them to carry out their medical projects in a smooth way.
  2. The facility of social activities helps the students for personal development.

Bashkir State Medical University

Bashkir State Medical University is the oldest university in the Russia. The rank of this university is 10th among top medical colleges for MBBS study. Therefore, it will be the wise choice for the students.

The candidates will be befitted from this college as they provide research based education for medicine course. The scientific research enriches the knowledge’s of the students.


This medical university is the suitable choice for the medical seekers.

  1. This university was formed in the year of 1932.
  2. This university is famous for its research methodology.
  3. They are conducting intensive research work for the betterment of the medical science.


This university get its’ recognition from the WHO. Apart from this, it has collaboration with WHO.


The basic fee structure of this university is pocket friendly.

  1. The students of the 1st years need to spend 5500 USD for the course fee. Additional 300 USD is needed to be paid for tuition.
  2. The Fee for the second year students and the third will be remaining same. In this case, the candidates have to give approximately 3900 USD for both tuition and MBBS fees.


  1. The university has their own clinic in Russia. Each year, more than 20 thousand people In Russia get treatment from here. It is a prestigious matter for this university as they serve numerous people per year.
  2. It has operated more than 8 thousand people successfully. It is a great achievement for them.
  3. This university adopted the idea of hi-tech surgery for the beneficiary of the patients. Therefore, the candidates can learn much about the surgical matter, patient treatment properly.


This university offer many facilities for their candidates. The first question comes to the mind of the students about accommodation. If you are looking for proper accommodation at pocket friendly budget, then you are in the best university.

  1. Many students avail the facility of accommodation along with all necessary equipments.
  2. The candidates can easily access internet facility in hostel.
  3. The students enjoy the cultural program conducted by university to the fullest.
  4. It is amazing that Indian students fully enjoy their much awaited festivals such as diwali, holi etc.

Crimean Federal University

This university provides numerous facilities to the medical aspirants. That is why it attracts large number of students from all over the world. The university prefers to maintain their work culture.

Moreover, the professional ethics of this college draws attention of the numerous MBBs seekers.


This university was founded in 1931 and this university provides great career options to the medical candidates.

  1. It is well known for its people oriented activities and for its professionalism.
  2. The candidates need to grab this opportunity to get admitted in this college.


The location of this university is Simferopol


The university get its’ recognition from

WHO, UNESCO, NMC, Federal state Autonomous Institution, AMEEIES, EUA


  1. The fees for all year students are same.
  2. The total fee for the MBBS students is 25,500 USD.
  3. The fee for hostel is 600 USD and cost for food is 100 USD.

Courses offered by university

  1. Anesthesiology program and intensive care program.
  2. Provide training for the dermatology.
  3. Mainly focuses on the gastroenterology
  4. Cardiology
  5. Shedding light on the internal medicine.

Education system

This university follows the credit transfer system off Europe.

  1. The teaching medium is English
  2. Focuses on the internal assessment
  3. Facilitates classroom learning

Dagestan State Medical University

Dagestan State Medical University offers several kinds of courses on medicine for the students. This university was formed in 1932. This University provides high quality training to the medical candidates. It helps them to treat their patient properly.


Dagestan State Medical University is a popular name among the medical aspirants.

  1. This university conducts international conferences for their students.
  2. This helps them to enhance their career scope here.


This medical institution is located in Dagestan and it is the capital city.


  1. MBBS courses
  2. Dental surgery
  3. Nursing course
  4. Clinical psychologist
  5. Pharmacy program.

MBBS program

  1. Radiotherapy
  2. General Medicine
  3. Surgery
  4. Pediatrics
  5. Obstetrics
  6. Pediatrics
  7. Human Anatomy
  8. Physiology
  9. Orthopedics
  10. Community Medicines and Forensic Medicines

Irkutsk State Medical University

Every year many students come from across the globe to join this university. This university offers practical exposure to the students. The type of this university is non profit. This institution offers the courses at lower cost to the candidates.


The formation of this university takes place in the year of 1919.

  1. The establishment of the separate unit for medicine was done in 1920.
  2. The medical campus of this university is amazing.


This university gets affiliated by WHO.

Fee structure

  1. Tuition fee 4000 USD
  2. Hostel fee 1000 USD.


This university has many faculties to train the medical students. The faculties are:

  1. Medicine
  2. Preventive medicine
  3. Pharmacy
  4. Pediatrics
  5. Management for public health


  1. This university provides the facility of full time studies and part time studies.
  2. The full time course takes 6 years.
  3. The part time needs 7 years to complete the course.
  4. 10 months courses for preliminary training.

Izhevsk State Medical Academy

,p>Izhevsk State Medical Academy is famous medical institution. This institution holds strong position in the medicine field and it is famous among the MBBS aspirants.


This university offers the MBBs courses at lowest cost among all the medical universities in Russia.

  1. This institution was founded in 1935.
  2. Moreover, this university also established their medical training for the military department was formed in 1944.


This medical institution is situated in Izhevsk. This city is the capital of the Republic Russia.

Medical departments

  1. Gynecology
  2. Topographic anatomy
  3. Histology
  4. Microbiology
  5. Pharmacology
  6. General surgery
  7. Pathological Physiology
  8. Psychiatrics


  1. This university provides high class education
  2. uses modern techniques
  3. Accommodation facility
  4. Well equipped rooms
  5. Special focus is given on the women safety.
  6. Internet connection, free Wi-fi
  7. Training provided by skilled professional.
  8. Career growth

Kazan Federal University

If you are looking for the low budget MBBS University then it is the best university for you. The unique culture of this medical institution attracts the medical aspirants the most.


This university holds its strong position among the top ten universities in the world. Therefore, if it is your dream to pursue your MBBS career then just go for this university.

  1. This medical college was formed in 1804.
  2. It takes part in the project for academic excellence in Russia.

Moreover, the diverse culture of this medical college draws the attention of the many MBBS seekers.


This university is situated in Kazan.


  1. This university of medical courses gets its approval from UNESCO.
  2. Gets the approval from WHO
  3. The degrees provided by this university are globally accepted.


  1. Offers course for general medicine and the duration is six years.
  2. Provides course of dentistry for 5 years.

Fee structure

  1. The first year tuition fee is 7300 USD and hostel fee 200 USD.
  2. Tuition fee will be same for the second year to 6th The whole amount is 5800 USD.

Academic calendar

  1. First semester starts in this university from 1st September to 31st
  2. Second semesters begin from 7Th
  3. The exam period for the first year is 26th December to 26th
  4. The timing for the second year exam is 26Th May to June 25.

Scholarship facility

  1. Provides economic support to the candidates
  2. Applicable for both international and national candidates.
  3. Students can get scholarship facility from Russian Government also.

Collaboration at international level

  1. Getting collaborated with the international academia.
  2. Collaborated with near about 190 universities and many research centres.
  3. Conducting program for double diploma.
  4. Executes Cotutelle agreements.
  5. Successfully carried out 40 international projects in average.
  6. Conducting language training course for the students.

Kazan State Medical University

The high quality education system of this university is the main attraction for MBBS aspirants.


The learning culture of this university is so good for all. The usage of the advanced techniques makes this university different from others.


Situated in Kazan.

Course duration

Total six years.

  1. One year for apprenticeship
  2. 5 years for classroom learning.


  1. Hostel fee is 1000 USD
  2. Tuition fee is 5000 USD.

Student life

Staffs give major attention on the students. University encourages the candidates for participation in various programs. Students have chance to get relaxed at campus during the vacation time.

Working facility

  1. Gives permission to work during study.
  2. Helps the candidates to earn extra for daily living.
  3. Need to sign contract.
  4. Need to get work permit from Federal Medical Service.
  5. Need to have NOC.

Kursk State Medical University


This university is significant one and well known for its major contribution in medical science. University was established in 1994.


Located in Kursk.


  1. The fees amount for all years is same
  2. The total fees amount is $ 6550.


  1. Hostel facilities
  2. Mess facilities
  3. Large campus to study
  4. Good learning environment.
  5. Gym
  6. Sports ground
  7. Internet facility
  8. Library

Mari State University


This university is recognized one which established in 1972. Achieved gold medal by European quality University has feedback system for the candidates.


Get approval from WHO, NMC, Ministry of Education and Russian federation.

Language instruction

  1. English
  2. Russian

Structure of fee

  1. 5300 USD for 1st year
  2. 4000 USD for the rest of the years.

Benefits for studying

  1. No requirement of TOEFL.
  2. No IELTS
  3. No commission
  4. Cheaper education cost
  5. Lower living cost
  6. Availability of Indian foods.
  7. Opportunity of post graduation study.
  8. Well equipped with all the necessities.

Northern State Medical University


This university is the best option for the MBBS seekers. This university is providing high quality education to the students.

  1. The location of this university is northern region of Russia.
  2. This university has made agreements with the six regional governors of Russia.

Fees structure

  1. This university offers the medical courses at 4850 USD to 550 USD.
  2. They are offering their courses at cheaper cost.
  3. It will be fruitful for Indian students to take admission here.

Student life

,p>The students of this university get numerous opportunities to make their MBBs career better here. In this university, you can get the help from student union. If any foreign students wants to join the student union, they have to pay x rubles per year.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. You need to be from science background
  2. You must acquire 40 percent in 10+2
  3. You must be above 17 years.
  4. Candidate must make a certificate of eligibility before coming to Russia.


  1. Approved by NMC
  2. Approved by WHO

Novosibirsk State University


Novosibirsk State University is among the top leading institutes for medical colleges in Russia.

  1. It is situated in one of the largest cities of Russia, Novosibirsk.
  2. It is located near Akademgorodok which is a hub for research.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. You need to be from science background
  2. With minimum of 50 percent in 10+2
  3. Need to qualify NEET
  4. Need IELTS and TOEFL


The course in this University consists of

  1. 5 years of regular course
  2. 1 year of internship


  1. Approved by NMC
  2. Recognized by WHO

Orenburg State Medical University


Orenburg State Medical University is the oldest university for medical studies in Russia.

  1. The institute was found and established in the year 1944.
  2. It is situated in the Orenburg city.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. A candidate must be from science background
  2. Must have minimum of 50 percent marks in 10+2
  3. Should qualify NEET examination
  4. Should IELTS and TOEFL required


Duration of the course is like any other medical colleges

  1. 5 years of regular course
  2. 1 year of internship from renowned hospital


Recognized both WHO/NMC

Perm State Medical University


Perm State Medical University is known as one of the ancient medical university of Russia.

  1. It was found and established on 14th October 1916.
  2. It already completed 100 years in 2016.
  3. It is known for its quality of educating their students.

Eligibility criteria

  1. Must be above 18 years old
  2. Must have PCB as a major subjects in 10+2
  3. Should have minimum 50 percent in academics of 10+2
  4. Should appear and qualify NEET examination.
  5. IELTS and TOEFL is required


  1. 5 years of regular course
  2. 1 year of internship


Approved by both NMC and WHO

Siberian State Medical University


Most respected medical college in Russia. It was established in 1878.

  1. The university is most recognized because of its high end research methods.
  2. Students from all over the world to Siberian state Medical University

Eligibility criteria

  1. The candidate must be above 18 years old.
  2. Should have PCB as major subjects
  3. Must have minimum 50 percent of marks in 10+2
  4. Should qualify NEET exam.
  5. IELTS and TOEFl are required.


  1. 5 years of regular course
  2. 1 year of internship


Approved by NMC and WHO

Tambov State University


Tambov State University was found in 1843. It has been through extreme progressing and transformation.

  1. It attracts students all over the world for its progress and accommodating nature.
  2. Tambov State University ranks in the top state college in Russia.

Medium of teaching

The university uses English Language as the medium of teaching

Course duration

  1. 5 years of full time course
  2. 1 year MBBS course


Approved by NMC and WHO

Volgograd State Medical University


Volgograd State Medical University was found and established in the year 1935. It is situated in the western banks of the Volgograd river.

  1. It started providing medical studies to all over the world through Stalingrad Medical Institute.
  2. A renowned institute for medical studies based in Russia.

Eligibility criteria

  1. A candidate must be from science background
  2. Must have least of 50 percent marks in 10+2
  3. Should qualify NEET examination
  4. Should IELTS and TOEFL required

Course duration

  1. 5 years of full time course
  2. 1 year of internship


Approved by WHO and NMC

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