National Medical Commission Bill on Anvil to Repair Medical Education in India

The new National Medical Commission Bill 2017 is anexpansivelymonstrousbill, which if passed, will straightaway affect the Medical Commission, the Medical Advisory Council, four autonomous bodies for undergraduate (UG) and post-graduate (PG) medical education. Once the bill becomes a law, a Medical Assessment and Rating Committee as well as Ethics and Medication Registration Board will have its own advisory committees.

The bill is going to provide a statutory status, giving it the much-needed independence to execute the functions. However, it is within the authority of National Medical Commission to make the regulations.  Moreover, the autonomy will supervise high levels of corruption that has already plagued Medical Council of India (MCI) in the recent times.

The new command of management executed by effectuating National Medical Commission, there will be a Medical Assessment and Rating Board, which is going to look into matters like establishing new medical colleges or making other quasi-judicial decisions, within the framework of health and medicine.

It is believed that with the coming of bill, there are good chances that medical services as well as education are likely to improve. Though, there are many sceptics, who consider this bill has very little transparency.