Why Germany is best for MBBS and MD course

Germany is known for its fine education system, moderate fee structure and low cost of living. Of late, students from different corners of the world flock to the country to study courses in medical sciences. These schools follow the international standards that are at par with few of the best medical institutes across the world. Degree conferred by the German universities are recognized by the World Health Organization, other bodies of the United Nations Organizations and also the Foundation of Advancement of International Medical Education and Research. The Medical Council of India also recognizes the degree conferred by the German universities. Students from these universities are allowed to appear for a screening test in their native country and pursue a career there.

Bright career prospects

Like the other countries of the European Union, Germany also abides by the Bologna Process. Owing to this, the education system has undergone a radical change. Following this process, the course structure and curriculum is at par with the other countries of European Union. The European Credit Transfer System is also followed by the medical universities of the country. Seeking a job is easy after completion of a medical degree. The government of the country permits international students to stay for another two years to seek employment in the country. In fact, they can also move to other EU countries and seek employment there.

Earn during internship

The MD degree awarded by the medical universities is at par with the MBBS degree awarded by the Indian universities. Duration of the course is of six years and during the last year, students have to undertake an internship in the different departments of the hospital attached to these schools. Students also have the provision of earning during the internship. Many of these courses are conferred in the German language, so students need to take up a pre-medical course, which primarily focus on the use of German language and the basics of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Easy admission procedures

Government of the country funds most of the universities. If international students have to pay their tuition fee, the amount is very nominal. The living expenses is also low in comparison to the EU countries. Students are provided accommodation within the campus of the medical institutes. Apart from this, the admission procedure to these universities is also easy. All you need to do is submit the requisite documents and translate and get them notified by the Embassy. Certificate proving the proficiency in German language is a must for seeking admission to these courses.

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