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Free MBBS Abroad Virtual Counselling

For all medical aspirants, obtaining a medical degree abroad is a dream. However, for most, the process can be a tedious one. To help students overcome such troublesome processes and hassles, MBBS Expert can make the journey easy for you. We intend to provide you with an easily accessible and seamless consultation experience; therefore, we bring you our online consultation services. With such an initiative, we are able to help students even in the comfort of their homes so that no student needs to look for quality assistance and expert advice during their international education journey.

Advantages Of Choosing MBBS Expert

If you are wondering what we offer as our everyday service, let us walk you through some of our impeccable services –

  1. We are commonly known as one of the leading education consultants in India.
  2. We have an experience of over 13 years, delivering top-notch services, including career counseling and guidance.
  3. We offer affordable services.
  4. We have a team of licensed and certified experts with years of experience in guiding and assisting students.
  5. Whether filling up the form for you or finding accommodation services, we have got you covered.

Our Online Counselling Rules -

You must take care of a few rules of our online session before you fill out the form-

  1. Our session lasts for approximately 30-40 minutes.
  2. You can use your laptop, mobile, or tablet to connect with us and use the Zoom app for meetings. Make sure that you have already installed the application beforehand.
  3. We will share a meeting link with you, with the help of which you will be allowed inside the meeting.
  4. You can speak to our top expert, who will be with you throughout the meeting to address all your queries.
  5. Candidates must attend the whole session with a parent or guardian.
  6. Candidates are expected to be punctual since we value punctuality in our business.
  7. Students can ask any question that may be a concern. The expert counselor will be addressing all your concerns patiently and will explain the whole process in a seamless manner.

How Does Our Online Consultancy Help You?

MBBS Expert has been offering relentless help to students from around the world who wish to study abroad. Our online counselling can help you in the following ways –

  1. We will provide you with even the minutest detail about your country and university.
  2. From study programs and fees to admission requirements and more, we will help you with all details.
  3. Regarding the finances, we will guide you through all possible options.
  4. We have close connections with the university, so if you have any queries regarding the university, you can rely on us for authentic information.
  5. We will guide you through the documents required for your admission that are to be submitted.
  6. From flight tickets and visas to accommodation and more, we are here to help you in every way possible.

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