Study MBBS in Poland

Study MBBS in Poland for Indian Students

MBBS in polandPoland is not only famous for its active world economy but the place has been a center for students to study medicine in Poland. Over the years, several overseas students have established an interest to study medicine in the reputed medical universities of Poland. The cost of medical studies in Poland is INR 40 -50 lakh only. It is inclusive of all expenses including food, stay, and tuition fee of the MBBS course.

MBBS in Poland has become a famous prospect for students who wish to indulge in medical education that is not only affordable but lets them experience a world-class infrastructure along with the international academic curriculum. Getting Poland MBBS admission is an easy one since you do not have to appear for any entrance exam and any tough admission process to study medicine in Poland. Not only this, but several Indian medical aspirants are also looking forward to studying MBBS courses in Poland since the standard of medical education is of top-class. As an international student, you get a really rewarding career when you go to study medicine in Poland. That is why several students apply to study medicine in Poland so that they can achieve quality education along with a global infrastructure.You are sure to live your dream of becoming a successful and renowned medical professional soon. Make up your mind and consult MBBS Experts – the MBBS Education Consultants for Poland in Delhi, India.

MBBS in Poland Introduction

DegreeMD ( Equivalent to MBBS in India )
MBBS Course Duration5 + 1 year Internship
Medium of Instruction6 years Russian/English
Eligibility For MBBS60% in PCB for General at 10+2 Science, 40% for SC/ ST or reserve categories
Top Govt. Medical UniversitiesCollegium Medicum Jagiellonian University
Skype InterviewYes
Minimum Tuition Fees 11000 USD Per year
Maximum Tuition Fees16000 USD Per Year
Living Cost300 to 600 USD Per Year
Deadline1st September

Courses Offered by Poland Medical Universities

MD Program / MBBS6 years
Dentistry Program 5Years
Bachelors in Pharmacy 4
Bachelors in Nursing 4

Consider Below Information Before MBBS in Poland Admission

Before you start applying for MBBS admission in Poland, you should have a clear understanding of how the country is when it comes to medical studies. Also, how many students have already passed out from the respective medical institutions of the country? It will help you take the right decision and avoid disappointment.

  • Poland has been the top choices for studying medicine by Indian students since 2010 for pursuing MBBS abroad.
  • Medical study in Poland is considered to be a highly efficient owing to the quality education, low tuition fees structure, and a high accelerating growth rate for your success.
  • More than 7000 students have visited the country in the last 5 years and are studying medicine in Poland.
  • Not only this, but several Indian students are visiting the country to study MBBS/MD in Poland rather than India.
  • The medical universities in Poland are amongst some of the most reputable medical schools in the world.
  • Getting a medical degree in Poland will let the students get engaged in a world-class education and indulge in a global standard of medical education.

More About High Education Standard in Poland

  • Most of the medical universities in Poland are recognized by MCI (the Medical Council of India).
  • Universities in Poland are accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Health.
  • Even if you think of coming back to India, after completing the MBBS education in Poland you can clear the MCI Screening Test and practice medicine in India.
  • You can directly apply for MBBS course in Poland without the need for any entrance exam and get selected to the top medical colleges of Poland without any hassle.
  • With the declaration by the Supreme Court to make NEET the only medical exam in India, to apply for the medical universities in Poland, you need to have cleared the NEET exam with minimum percentile.
  • There is no need to appear for any English Language proficiency exam like the ILETS and the TOEFL exam.
  • The medium of instruction for medical study in Poland in English and polish.
  • Most of the medical colleges in Poland are approved by WHO and MCI.
  • The course fee for studying medicine in Poland ranges from INR 2.20 Lakhs/year to INR 5.5 lakhs/year.
  • The living expenses for any student in Poland are from INR 15-20 thousand per month including the food expenses as well.
  • The course duration for MBBS Poland for 6 years that includes 5 years of course study and one year of internship.

Why Should Indian Students Choose Studying Medicine in Poland?

Studying in the top medical schools for MBBS from Poland recognized by MCI offer you spectacular advantages even for Indian students. There are several colleges for MBBS course in Poland that not only provide you with quality education but indulge you with a new form of a world-class education.

The following are the benefits of studying medicine in Poland:

  • Poland has a growing economy and so getting admission in Poland medical colleges is going to be a good start for your career.
  • There are ample opportunities for you to explore which will, in turn, provide you with a rewarding career.
  • If you study in medical schools for MBBS Poland recognized by the MCI, then you don’t have to worry about the MCI screening test.
  • The teachers will provide you with coaching for the FMGE/MCI Screening Test at no extra cost.
  • Your coaching will also include mock tests during MBBS/MD in Poland. This is good for students who wish to return to India after the completion of their medical study in Poland.
  • There are a total of nine medical colleges in Poland that are recognized by the MCI.
  • Students can complete their studies in the medical colleges approved by the MCI and can practice the profession in India after they clear the MCI Screening Test.
  • All medical colleges in Poland are approved by the WHO. So, you can be assured to indulge in world-class education in the top medical colleges of Poland.
  • You do not need to have an English Language proficiency test result (ILETS and TOEFL) for admission in the medical colleges of Poland.
  • After the successful completion of the medical study in Poland, you will be provided with an opportunity to undergo a year internship at the reputed government colleges of Poland.
  • It will enhance your skill set and makes you indulge in practical education too.
  • All the medical colleges of Poland provide you with quality education with the medium of instruction being English.
  • For admission into the any medical university of Poland, you do not have to give any donation or capitation fee. This serves as a relief for Indian parents who cannot afford the high donation fee for the Indian private medical colleges.
  • Most of the medical universities in Poland are amongst the top-ranked medical colleges in the world.
  • It is better than studying medicine in the private medical colleges in India that do not offer such stability and quality education too.
  • The tuition fees of the medical colleges in Poland are affordable.
  • Not only is this but the fee structure of the medical colleges in Poland highly reasonable as compared to that of the Indian private medical colleges.

Other Advantages of Studying Medicine in Poland for Indian Students

There are various other advantages of studying medicine in Poland for Indian students who wish to seek admission in the medical universities in Poland.

The key advantages include the following:

  • The admission process for studying medicine in Poland is easy and hassle-free.
  • An applicant can easily fill in the forms and fulfil all the requirements asked by the medical university.
  • The medical degree received from a medical college in Poland is a recognized medical degree worldwide.
  • You can apply for a job at any hospital and research centre across the world and can produce this degree in front of them.
  • The medical colleges in Poland, provide scholarships to a few deserving students and you can avail to those scholarships as well.
  • Students who apply for an MBBS admission in Poland are eligible to apply for the various licensing exam such as the MCI Screening Test, USMLE-1, PLAB in the UK and other such exams.
  • Poland offers you with an amazing climate and weather conditions.
  • Not only these but the people are very warm and welcoming in nature and you will not miss your home country much.
  • After the completion of MBBS in Poland, you have a higher prospect of getting an admission for the PG courses in Poland as compared to that in the Indian medical colleges.
  • The quality of teaching in all the medical universities in Poland is very good.
  • The teaching standard is Poland MBBS universities is a perfect amalgamation of the practical examination and theoretical knowledge.

The List of the MCI Approved Colleges in Poland

The following is the list of MCI-approved medical universities in Poland. For all these universities, students are required to have the minimum percentage in NEET to become eligible for study MBBS in abroad admission.

  1. Collegium Medicum Jagiellonian University
  2. Medical University of Lodz
  3. Medical University of Lublin
  4. Medical University of Wroclaw
  5. Medical University of Gdansk
  6. University of Warmia and Mazury
  7. Medical University of Warsaw

Boards Recognizing Poland Medical Universities

Poland offers you with top-class medical universities that are not only highly ranked in the world but they indulge in making students learn medicine effectively.That is why the MBBS universities in Poland are recognized by a majority of medical boards around the world including WHO and MCI.

  1. MCI (Medical Council of India)
  2. WHO (World Health Organization)
  3. Ministry of Education, Poland
  4. WFME (World Federation for Medical Education)
  5. ECFMG (Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates)
  6. FAIMER (The Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research)

Fee Structure for MBBS in Poland 2020

The tuition fee of medical universities in Poland is affordable when compared to the private medical institutions in India. This factor is one of the essential factors for all the students pursuing MBBS in Poland which attracts the medical students from all across the globe. Students can get admissions and that too at lower and affordable prices for MBBS course in Poland.

Collegium Medicum Jagiellonian University

Collegium Medicum Jagiellonian University established in the year 1364 situated in Krakow, Poland. Collegium Medicum Jagiellonian University is one of the oldest institutions in offering higher education in medicine having largest academics in medicine.

Collegium Medicum Jagiellonian University
Medium of StudiesEnglish, Polish
Eligibility Criteria60% in PCB, NEET
Tuition Fees Per Year16000 USD
Hostel & Food Per Year3000 USD

Medical University of Lodz

Medical University of Lodz is acknowledged as one of the oldest medical institutions in the country of Poland. Medical University of Lodz offers more than 770 graduates with English as a medium having international students from 62 different countries.

Medical University of Lodz
Medium of StudiesEnglish, Polish
Eligibility Criteria60% in PCB, NEET
Tuition Fees Per Year12500 USD
Hostel & Food Per Year2500 USD

Medical University of Lublin

Medical University of Lublin is situated in Lublin, Poland established in the year 1933 with more than 6500 students graduating every year in the field of medicine. Medical University of Lublin is acknowledged for its non-profit higher education institution.

Medical University of Lublin
Medium of StudiesEnglish, Polish
Eligibility Criteria60% in PCB, NEET
Tuition Fees Per Year11500 USD
Hostel & Food Per Year3500 USD

Medical University of Wroclaw

Medical University of Wroclaw offers higher medical education and is in Wroclaw, Poland. Medical University of Wroclaw comprises of five departments in medicine namely Medicine, Pharmacy, PG program, Public Health program and Dentistry program.

Medical University of Wroclaw
Medium of StudiesEnglish, Polish
Eligibility Criteria60% in PCB, NEET
Tuition Fees Per Year12500 USD
Hostel & Food Per Year3000 USD

Medical University of Gdansk

Medical University of Gdansk is acknowledged as one of the largest medical institution in Northern Poland established in the year 1945. Medical University of Gdansk offers medical education to more than 5000 students annually in the diverse fields of medicine.

Medical University of Gdansk
Medium of StudiesEnglish, Polish
Eligibility Criteria60% in PCB, NEET
Tuition Fees Per Year12000 USD
Hostel & Food Per Year3500 USD

University of Warmia and Mazury

University of Warmia and Mazury commenced in the year 1999. University of Warmia and Mazury
Is famous for its research activities and presently more than 100 research medical projects are running.

University of Warmia and Mazury
Medium of StudiesEnglish, Polish
Eligibility Criteria60% in PCB, NEET
Tuition Fees Per Year12500 USD
Hostel & Food Per Year3200 USD

Warsaw Medical Academy

Warsaw Medical Academy came into existence in the early nineteenth century in the year 1950. Warsaw Medical Academy is regarded as one of the largest medical university in Poland providing medical training and education for more than 200 years.

Warsaw Medical Academy
Medium of StudiesEnglish, Polish
Eligibility Criteria60% in PCB, NEET
Tuition Fees Per Year11500 USD
Hostel & Food Per Year3000 USD

Why Should You Go for MBBS Degree in Poland?

As a parent and as a student the most ongoing question in your mind is that if the country is safe for your ward to go and study medicine in. It is normal to be a little hesitated to send your child to study in a foreign country.There are various reasons as to why you should opt for MBBS in Poland.

Let us have a look on the few favourable factors:

  • Several medical universities in Poland are listed in the top and most reputed directory for the best medical colleges in the world.
  • Not only are this but all the medical colleges in Poland mentioned in the world directory of medical colleges.
  • All the top universities provide its students both national and international with high quality of education and better prospects of learning the profession.
  • In comparison to the medical fees of the private Indian medical colleges, MBBS in Poland is very cheap and affordable.
  • You are provided with a year of internship in the top-quality government and private medical units and hospitals of Poland.
  • This comes after completing 5 years of theoretical study in an associated medical college in Poland.
  • You can even apply for internships in between your study years and work under any professor or medical practitioner.
  • All the medical colleges in Poland offer you English as a medium of instruction along with Polish for the local students of the country.
  • All the medical universities in Poland offer you with good education owing to the highly experienced staff in the field of medicine.
  • The medical degrees awarded by the medical colleges in Poland are globally recognized by the health organizations.
  • Poland government provides the international students who have completed their MBBS degree from a recognized medical university in Poland with a blue card work permit. With this, you can easily settle down in the country and practice the medical profession.
  • The medical colleges in Poland are all approved by the top medical organization like the WHO, MCI, and the UNESCO.
  • For students, who have completed their MBBS from Poland, it is easier for them to get admission in the PG programs in Poland as compared to someone who has completed their MBBS from another country.

How Safe is MBBS in Poland for Indian Students?

  • According to a recent survey conducted, it has been observed that Indian students who have travelled to Poland to study medicine find it very safe and secure. They do not feel any hassles and troubles while living in the country.
  • You can easily check for the safety standards for Indian students and the crime ratio against Indian students studying in Poland which is zero.
  • Not only this, but you can also review discussions held by the Indian students in the forum about studying MBBS in Poland.
  • It will help you to get a brief insight before you go to study MBBS in Poland.
  • Poland is a safe nation for MBBS Poland program for not only Indian medical aspirants but for all the international medical students.

Read the Syllabus of Medicine Study in Poland

It is important to know everything about the study pattern followed in Poland so that you have a sense of what happens before you go to study medicine in Poland:

  • The duration for studying medical in Poland is for 6 years, according to the Polish curriculum, set and formulated by them.
  • The MD course also called as the doctorate of medicine (like the MBBS course in India) can be taken up by the international candidates as well.
  • For it, you should have completed 10+2 (high school) examinations and have obtained good results in Science stream comprising of subjects like Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and English.
  • The MD course of medicine is subdivided into two parts:
  • The first part comprises of the preclinical studies including subjects like Anatomy, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Medical Biology, Physiology study, Histology, and Embryology. This includes the first three years of study in which the importance of these subjects is gradually introduced.
  • The second part is the clinical studies that cover the remaining three years of your medical course study in Poland. The next two years are utilized to gain clinical knowledge and the one year is completely dedicated to learning the practical skills through internships in the affiliated hospitals of the medical college.
  • Once you have completed your six years of study and training, you will be awarded an MD or a Medical Doctor degree.

How to Get Your Visa for Studying MBBS in Poland

The process of applying for a visa is different in different countries. That is why if an Indian student is applying for MBBS in Poland, then below are the paperwork that has to be provided to the concerned representative:

  • A duly filled visa form
  • An original passport of the applicant
  • The admission letter from Poland stating your acceptance
  • Your travel insurance stating a minimum coverage of 30,000 euro within Poland.
  • High school and graduate certificates of the applicant
  • The language certificate saying that you know English or polish
  • Your bank statements entailing about that fact if you have enough funds to continue your study of medicine in Poland
  • Air tickets stating your reservations along with the dates and flight number specifying your air travel from India to Poland.
  • Your passport photographs capturing your face with a light background.
  • Your civil status entailing whether you are married or single.
  • Your birth certificate to state your nationality.

You generally get your Visa for Poland in a week but that depends on how busy the consulate is. So, it is better to apply for your visa for one month in advance. Student visa costs INR 3676 per applicant for a long stay.

Highly Considerable Things for Indian Students Looking for MBBS Poland

  • The low cost fee structure of the top and best Poland MBBS colleges
  • Detail of MCI approved Poland medical colleges
  • MBBS in Poland fees structure for Indian students
  • Admission process for MBBS in Poland
  • Teaching medium for MBBS in Poland
  • MBBS programs in Poland
  • Eligibility for MBBS in Poland
  • Procedure for MBBS in Poland
  • Medical education in Poland
  • Top 10 medical colleges in Poland
  • Education in Poland for Indian students,
  • Best medical colleges in Poland for Indian students

The Prospects of Studying MD in the USA After Doing MBBS in Poland

  • If you go for studying PG abroad that too in the USA, then you do not have to worry about the MCI screening test which you have to appear for in case you come back to India and continue your practice in India.
  • You can easily go to pursue your PG degree in the USA after the successful completion of MBBS in Poland.
  • Not only this, but you can study while pursuing MD in the USA with a monthly stipend of USD 4200 (approx.).
  • There is a bright career for medical graduates studying at medical colleges in USA.

The Duration for Pursuing MBBS in Poland

  • The total duration of MBBS in Poland is for 6 years that includes 5 years of classroom learning and one year of practical training in the hospital affiliated to the university.
  • This is the duration when all the international students including Indian candidates as well can complete their MBBS or their study of medicine in polish universities with English as teaching language.
  • The internship cycle is included in the 6 years program of the study of medicine.
  • In case you opt to study medicine in Polish, then another year adds on to the course curriculum making your course study of 7 years.

The Eligibility Criteria to be Followed to Gain Admission for MBBS in Poland

To get an MBBS admission in the medical universities of Poland, the following eligibility criteria have to be followed strictly:

  • The applicant must be of 17+ years of age and under 25 years of age at the time of applying for admission into the MBBS colleges of Poland.
  • The applicant must have at least scored 60% of marks in 10+2 examinations for unreserved category and 50% percent for reserved (OBC, SC, ST) category.
  • The applicant must belong to science background with subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English at the 10+2 level of examination.
  • The applicant must have passed the NEET exam with minimum percentile to be eligible to apply for MBBS in Poland.

Important to Know About MBBS from Poland

  • The admission intake of every MBBS medical college in Poland depends on their admission policies.
  • The admission process generally commences from May or June for every academic year.
  • For all the students who wish to study MBBS in Poland, can apply for the same after receiving their 10+2 examination results.
  • Some of the private medical colleges accept applications till October so you can consult with a good MBBS abroad in Poland consultants who will provide you with accurate information.
  • The medium of teaching for all the MCI-approved medical colleges for Indian students in English.
  • It includes the course curriculum for all international students as well.
  • If you wish to study the curriculum in Polish then one year will be added onto their academic session.
  • A lot of international students go for studying medicine in Poland in polish owing to a better interaction with the patients and better work culture.

Everything You to Know About the Admission Process for MBBS in Poland

  • The admission process for studying medicine in Poland starts in May or June for most of the medical colleges and universities.
  • After you get the results of your 10+2 examinations you can start applying to various medical universities in Poland.

The following is the admission process that you need to follow so that your application gets approved:

  • Fill the application form with all the correct information and credentials.
  • Attach the application form with a copy of your valid passport, certificates of the educational qualifications and other similar requirements.
  • Whether or not you are selected will be notified to you within a week since international applications are processed quickly by the admissions department.
  • Once you receive the confirmation about your admission into the medical college, you will now have to send the documents along with the passport for Visa to obtain the student’s visa.
  • You then have to appear for your visa in front of the embassy where an interview of yours will be organized.
  • Once that is done, you will get a confirmation letter and admission letter from the respective medical college of Poland stating the time of the commencement of your classes and all the other necessary information.

Education System in Poland

  • There are about 500 universities and educational institutions for higher studies in the country.
  • Studies are facilitated as fill-time and part-time.
  • There are a total of almost 120 different fields of study, from Administration to Zootechnics.
  • A three-level study system has been introduced at Polish universities:
  • First degree studies – bachelor’s degree or engineering studies
  • Second degree studies – master’s degree studies
  • Third degree studies – doctoral studies

MBBS in Poland Students Reviews

  1. MBBS in Poland is something that anyone would fall in love with. Three cheers for MBBS Poland!
  2. When I came to study in Poland leaving my home town in India, I felt lonely. But when I joined the MBBS classes, all my loneliness vanished because of the wonderful campus atmosphere.
  3. I was worried about the hostel accommodation when I joined the MBBS course in Poland. But the accommodation was just classic and I did not face any kinds of problems during my course still now.
  4. If you ask me, I will undoubtedly recommend MBBS in Poland for the Indian students. It would certainly be a great experience to come and study in Poland so as a medical aspirant none should miss this opportunity.
  5. At the time of applying for MBBS admission in Poland, I thought it would be a difficult procedure but to my surprise, it was as simple as anything.

 About The MCI Screening Test

  • In order for the Indian students to practice in India doing MBBS abroad have to appear for a screening test.
  • It is conducted by the national board of examinations on behalf of the Medical Council of India (MCI).
  • Students who are able to clear the exam can then register with the MCI.
  • The MCI screening test is conducted twice in a year.
  • It is now replaced by NEXT exam.
  • It has no age limit.
  • The purpose of the test is to evaluate the individual’s personal abilities, skills, understanding, and hold on the key practices followed in the field of medicine.

What Changes Have Been Made After the NEET Exam?

  • According to the recent changes by MCI (Medical Council of India), you need to score the minimum percentage in the NEET exam so that you can apply for MBBS admission in Poland.
  • Clearing NEET is mandatory.
  • Other than this, there is no any major impact of NEET exam on the medical study in Poland.

Everything You Need to Know About the FMGE Exam

  • For all those students who wish to study MBBS in Poland have to give the MCI Screening Test if they are returning to India.
  • Even the students, who have passed from the MCI approved medical universities in Poland, have to appear for the MCI screening test or the FMGE exam.
  • Medical universities in Poland which are MCI approved provide coaching to Indian students to clear the exam at no extra cost than the fees of the college.
  • Every student holding a degree from the MCI approved university abroad, needs to attain a license so that they can practice the medical profession in India.
  • This license is awarded after they have successfully passed the FMGE exam or the MCI Screening Test.
  • This exam is conducted twice a year, in June and December and is taken by the students who have returned to the country after completing their study of medicine from any of the foreign MCI approved medical university.
  • The FMGE exam is conducted by the NBE and all the information is available on their official website.
  • Every year, almost 10000 students travel to foreign locations to study in countries like China, Poland, Ukraine, Armenia, and other locations. That is almost equal to the number of medical seats in India.

Before you go to any university to study medicine, you need to check whether it is listed in the WHO directory of schools and is MCI approved. This step will save you from several unwanted problems.

About Poland – the Country of Natural Beauty

  • Poland is also known as the ‘Republic of Poland’.
  • It is a beautiful and gorgeous city located in the amassing charm of Central Europe.
  • It is a self-governing city and is frequented for its breath-taking natural beauty and landscapes.
  • The country is divided into 16 administrative divisions.
  • It has a total population of 38,422,500 (approx.) and is the sixth most populous country in the European Union.
  • This proves to the point that the patient inflow in the country is good and you will get a lot of time to practice and learn new skills.
  • The surface area of Poland is 312,679 km sq.
  • The capital of Poland is Warsaw and that is also the largest city in the country.
  • Poland experiences a very temperate form of climate which is better than the Indian climate and bearable too.

More About Poland

If anyone needs to witness the picturesque and breath-taking views encompassing the charm and ecstasy of nature, then Poland is one such destination that can make you fall in love with the place. Situated in the gorgeous landscapes of Europe, Poland is known for its natural beauty and the fact that it is blessed all sorts of natural elements.

  • Other popular cities in Poland include Kraków, Wroclaw, Lódz, Poznan, Szczecin, and Gdansk.
  • The country has a lot of regional power and the market is highly developed, luring tourists all around the world.
  • Poland has the leading school and education system in entire Europe and so the quality standards of education are very high.
  • You will feel the warmth and charm of living in Poland.

Brief Information about Poland:

  • Language: The national language is Polish however a majority of people speak English and Poland as well
  • Currency: Polish Zloty (PLN)
  • Population: 38 million people as of 2019
  • Time difference between India and Poland: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Exchange rates: 1 INR = 0.055 PLN
  • Religion: Christianity is the major religion
  • Travel time from Delhi to Poland: The distance between Poland and India is 6162 km which takes an average of 7 hours and 15 minutes to arrive via airplane.
  • Climate: Mostly temperate climate

The Expert Counselling of MBBS Experts for MBBS Admission in Poland

When it comes to your dream of studying medicine, then you must study all the resources and research effectively to make an informed decision. There are certain things that every student should consider, while they are choosing a consultant for MBBS in Poland.

We at MBBS Experts offer the following services:

  • Right from the start of the filling up of the application forms till the time you land in the country, we are one-stop for the entire range of comprehensive study abroad package.
  • We do not care what time of day it is, we are available 24*365*7
  • We have a house full of experienced people who have been guiding several students to establish a profitable medical career in Poland.
  • We also have tie-ups with different Polish and European universities and so you are always in safe hands.
  • We arrange for any fee waiver be it in the form of assistantships or scholarships so that your parents do not feel the burden of the fees.
  • You do not have to worry about the Visa proceedings or the booking of the travel tickets, we are there for everything
  • For us, your dream matters more than money so all our services are fully transparent and affordable as well.
  • With us at MBBS Experts, all you have to do is to select your favourite university in Poland and we will make sure to handle all the paperwork and other necessary documentation.

Why Choose MBBS Experts as Study MBBS in Abroad Consultant?

  • There are many education consultants that do not provide you with the necessary information and your prospects.
  • We at MBBS Experts indulge you in all the necessary information while discussing your prospects of PG as well.
  • We only provide you MBBS admission in Poland in the MCI approved medical universities so that you can always return to India after the successful completion of your MBBS course in Poland.
  • We provide total document solution
  • Visa assistance
  • Support in procuring education loan
  • Arrange your flight ticket
  • Help in finding suitable accommodation and food facilities abroad
  • We ensure that you are in the best of your health even when studying medicine in Poland.
  • We stay in touch with you until you have completed your course curriculum.

MBBS admission in Poland is one of the top choices and is highly in demand. This is the reason for a number of students from around the world choosing the country for the medical study. Over thousands of the students enrol in the different medical programs. A lot of things make a consideration over there, right from the infrastructure to the modern teaching methods.Do not miss the lifetime opportunity. Rush to get your Visa processed without any further delay. Do not make haste in choosing a MBBS abroad consultant in Delhi.Contact MBBS Experts your trusted MBBS Education Consultants for Poland today for the professional counselling!

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