Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (TSU)

Choosing one’s career is not an easy task. Career acts as the lifeline for any individual in the present era. Johnny Carson once said “Desire! That is the one secret of every man’s career. Not education. Not being born with hidden talents. Desire.”  So, if you desire to achieve your goals, you’ll definitely do it.  The tough part is to choose your career, which satisfies both your passion and stabilizes your future as well. Many students during their school age aspire to be engineers, some architects but some may choose medicine as their profession for future. The critical part is to have a clear vision and choose the best available option for pursuing your goal. In the present age, medicine has become a popular career prospect for the students. Students have a keen eye to study in a graduate school abroad these days, which gradually turns into one’s ambition in later years of their school life. Studying abroad has great value and proffers great exposure.

Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University shortly named as Tbilisi State University is one of the oldest and renowned universities in Georgia and Caucasus region and is well known throughout the world. It has an outstanding academic reputation. Georgia is a hub for best medical institutes all over the world with the best kind of education. Thousands of students have been graduated from the university in fields of Law, Economics and Business, Humanities, Medicine, Exact and Natural Sciences and Social and Political Sciences. The university has a rich past and is well known for its quality education, trained faculty and ethical values and principles.

About Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (TSU) –

It is a multi-displinary organization founded by a Georgian historian Ivane Javakhishvili and a group of scientists including Giorgi Akhvlediani, Shalva Nutsubidze, Dimitri Uznadze and Grigol Tsereteli on 8 February 1918. It was the first non- profit public educational body in Caucasus region and has its branch campus in Kutaisi too. It has been recognized by the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement with 35-40000 students enrolled in the institute. Apart from bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctorate degree programs in diverse fields, the university also organizes higher vocational education and certification programs in English. A century old institution has over 20000 students currently studying in various domains offered by the university with more than 1500 teaching faculty. One of the first scientific research institutes of Georgia implements about 200 local and international scientific programs annually.

Besides all these features, the students of the university can participate in exchange and joint international educational programs, which have a great academic value and opportunities of achieving additional academic degrees. TSU is an active member of leading international educational organizations with high quality educational value and prominent professors, scientists and graduates, who have successfully been recognized across the globe. The organization aims at creating multi-cultural environment that enhances teaching and research skills of both the students and the teachers and promote their national and clinical thinking. A number of applicants across the globe are welcomed by the university, but only a few are privileged to study in the prestigious university. TSU believes in integrating European education with equality and values among all students and its staff. The university is a symbol of democracy, civilization and identity of the State of Georgia and strives to be the best in its sphere.

Medical education in the university was originated from October 1918 and the university was the first to come up with the faculty of biology and medicine as specialization as an independent unit in 1995. The medical faculty runs one-tier academic programs for physicians and dentists. Teaching programs in clinical and theoretical departments of the faculty is conducted in various A grade medical institutions. Some distinguished students do get an opportunity to receive professional training in Germany at the universities of Leipzig and Dresden. It ranks number 1 in the city and included in the 1000 best universities of the world in 2014-15 by Academic Performance (URAP). The average number of vacancies of foreign students for the faculty of medicine is 120. It fluctuates yearly.

List of Courses offered by the Faculty of Medicine of TSU –

Bachelor’sMedicineMedical Doctor4 years
Bachelor’sSomatologyDoctor of Dental Medicine4 years
Bachelor’sOccupational TherapyBachelor of Occupational Therapy4 years

Total credits- 240 ECTS with maximum 15-15 week working duration or 450 academic hours per semester

Master’sPublic HealthMaster of Public Health2 years
Master’sEpidemiologyMaster of Epidemiology1-2 years
Master’sBiostatisticsMaster of Biostatistics2 years

Total credits- 120 ECTS

DoctorateClinical and translational MedicineDoctor of medicine3-4 years
DoctoratePublic Health and EpidemiologyDoctor of Public Health3-4 years

Total credits- 180 ECTS

It also offers an integrated program of study with final qualification in Residency and PhD programs. Total credits being 360 ECTS and time duration of the course being 6 years. The university works on the grading system and is used in all the higher education institutions from 2005.

Fee Structure-

Local Students1000-2500 US$ (750-1800 Euros)2500-5000 US$ (1800-3700 Euros)
International students1000-2500 US$ (750-1800 Euros)Not Reported

Payment can be done on semester basis.

Facilities offered by TSU –

The university has six faculties, 14 scientific research and education-research institutes and centers, a scientific library (with 3700000 books and periodicals), seven museums including botanical and zoological museums, a network of affiliated clinical hospitals and diagnostic centers. The university provides a desired atmosphere and world-class facilities ranging from classrooms, labs, sports facilities, dormitories (over 2000 living spaces can be accommodated), cafeterias and soothing lush green environment for studying. It also provides distance learning, online courses, financial aids, scholarships as well as administration services. It offers innovative individual, exchange programs, and holds a center location in the city of Tbilisi with best faculty and exceptional academic offerings, thereby making it one of the most desirable places nationwide. They offer innovative ways of learning and gaining experience.

Quality education is assured by the quality educational systems, which are implemented by National Education Accreditation Centre.

Aims of Medical Educational program offered by TSU –

It aims at providing international approved standards of knowledge and develops skills in the fields of the following:

  • Scientific basis of medicine
  • Clinical knowledge and skill in practice
  • Public health and health care systems
  • To learn professional values, ethics and behavior of the patient
  • To improve upon one’s communication skills
  • To have a critical thinking and scientific research
  • To manage information and work according to the inputs

The university aims at providing quality education to get the desired outcomes:

  • To have a profound and desired knowledge with practical skills in bio-medical, clinical, behavioral and social sciences
  • To respond to effectively to patient’s conditions and diseases
  • To have comprehensive knowledge in public health and the role of the physician in the same
  • To abide by the ethical and legal principles in practice
  • To have an ability of solving critical clinical problems
  • To have a bright future in the field of employment

Affiliations of TSU –

The university is affiliated to the following international organizations:

  • European University Association (EUA)
  • International Association of Universities (IAU)
  • Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation (RDBF)
  • Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF)
  • EUA Council for Doctoral Education (EUA-CDE)
  • European Association for International Education (EAIE)
  • Observatory Magna Charta Universitatum
  • Black Sea Universities network (BSUN)

The university has connections with foreign scientific and educational centers like University of Saarland and Jena University (Germany), Emony University and Georgia State University (USA), Saint Mary’s University (Canada), Warsaw University and University of Lodz (Poland),  University of Malaga and University of Salamanca (Spain). Thus, the university is well known and has wide connections across the globe. It has relations with Association of European Universities, UNESCO, Council of Europe and other international organizations.

Institutional Accreditation Or Recognition Of TSU-

The university is recognized by National centre for Educational Quality Enhancement since the year 2007. TSU receives dual diploma courses, which is acknowledged by both TSU and related European Universities. It is a part of Erasmus Mundus External Cooperation Program and other schemes, due to which international students visit TSU frequently.

How to apply in TSU?

The selection in the university is on the basis of an entrance examination. Only 30% of the applicants get admission in this university, thereby making it a very selective organization. International applicants are eligible for admission with only 120 seats (varies yearly). It is a co-educational organization with admission criteria different for the citizens and non-citizens of Georgia:

  • For Citizens of Georgia: School certificates of secondary level education and successful passing documents of Unified National examination (test) are required.
  • For Foreign Students: Recognized secondary school or college qualifying certificate of one’s own country is required. However, the document should be verified by the Georgian National Education Quality Enhancement Center.

Since the admission to TSU is competitive, Georgian applicants need to apply for their university examinations at the National Assessment and Examination Centre of Georgia

  • Applicants can apply free of cost in the university.
  • It is better to apply for the university through experienced bodies in this domain.
  • The National Centre approves all applications with confirmation letters for Education Quality Enhancement (NCEQE).
  • Applicants will get an invitation from TSV to continue with their process for getting visa.
  • No preparatory courses or premedical courses are offered by the university.
  • Foreign students are not provided with dormitory

Documents required for applying:

  • High school diploma certificates or certificate of passing secondary school with its Georgian notary certified translation
  • Copy of passport and its notary certified in Georgian translation
  • Valid passport and visa with passport size photographs is required.

English language is a mandatory medium for communication and hence the applicant should be well versed with the subject for fulfilling admission requirements.

Facilities provided for better learning prospects by TSU:

  • Program based learning (PBL)
  • Integrated modules (precise and understandable in terms of teaching methods to make it more comprehensive)
  • Distance and e-learning facilities
  • Event based, interactive and group lessons

Why pursue education from TSU?:

  • The university provides A-class facilities
  • Suitable environment for studies
  • Facilities contribute to a positive factor towards pursuing education
  • Strong and diverse connections with foreign countries
  • Providing good exposure to the students
  • Modern techniques and effective methods of learning
  • University also concentrates on the ethical and moral principles
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