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Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

A brief guide to MBBS in Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (TSU) is a century old education legacy strives to maintain universal values, provide student centered learning, and become a dignified institution in the free republic world. This public research university of 1918 is now better known as Tbilisi State University. TSU is not just the oldest university of Georgia but Caucasus region too. In over hundred years, Tbilisi State University has opened six branches in different parts of Georgia. Besides, it has also opened sixty scientific research centers, publishing houses, printing press, and other various types of cultural centres.

Basic Eligibility 50% in PCBE in 10+2
NEET Entrance Test Yes, with qualifying marks
Course Fees USD 7000 per year
Duration of Course 5+1 Years
Medium of Instruction English
University Recognition Approved by MCI and WHO

Key Features of the University

  1. TSU offers many undergraduate programs, postgraduate programs, and doctoral programs, vocational courses to the national and international students.
  2. The University has campuses in various locations and students pursuing their medical course in Georgia.
  3. The university emerges as one of the top destination of MBBS studies due to its amazing teaching methodologies.
  4. In an addition to this, its low MBBS fees in Georgia necessarily make sure those aspirants from all over the world especially the Indian students opt for Georgia MBBS.
  5. The university has five branches in the regions of Georgia, 60 scientific-research laboratories and centres, a scientific library (with 3,700,000 books and periodicals), seven museums, publishing house and printing press.

Objective of the Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

  1. Tbilisi State University has a broad mission of spreading the core national and universal values not just in Georgia or Europe but in the entire universe.
  2. The university aims at promoting intellectual development of the society by disseminating new knowledge and education.
  3. Developing new traditions and educational values for the entire universe, ensuring student oriented learning, training competitive staff, and making every single human and society as a dignified and well known member of this universe are the core objectives of Tbilisi State University.

World Ranking

TSU ranks 359 in the world.

The core aim of MBBS doctorate studies at Tbilisi State University

  1. Tbilisi State University flourishes high quality doctorate studies by implementing fundamentals of medical education and applied research.
  2. With competent faculty, it provides professional medical consultation to aspiring health care professionals.
  3. Tbilisi State University has advanced educational system that strives to continuously improve research aided healthcare services to the patients in all parts of world.
  4. By implementing all national and international medical sciences standards, Tbilisi State University fosters a worldwide research and healthcare center.
  5. The university believes in developing physicians that are compassionate, professional, and dedicated to adhere by worldwide healthcare system.
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Accreditation of University

This university is accredited by ministry of health and education which indicates the fact that this is one of the universities which has global recognition of it's MBBS degree.

Additionally many other international bodies such as European Medical Council, UNESCO, and other major bodies approve the credibility of doctorate degree provided to student by Tbilisi State University.

Why Choose TSU Medical University to Study Medicine?

There are many reasons why TSU is a good option for MBBS admission in Georgia.

  1. Highly sophisticated and experienced teaching facilities
  2. Low tuition fees in Georgia at TSU for doing MBBS studies
  3. Fantastic laboratories
  4. Freedom of thinking abilities
  5. To get admission into the university, no donation is required
  6. World-class education at most reduced rates
  7. Highly renowned faculty members
  8. Accommodation is at low cost
  9. Classes are taught in English
  10. Extremely smooth administration as well as admission procedure
  11. The infrastructure is just excellent
  12. Ideal student teacher ratio
  13. There are a lot of opportunities for extracurricular activities
  14. MBBS degree in Georgia is a great option for an aspiring doctor.
  15. Beautiful campus area
  16. Cheap food
  17. Best in class accommodation, and other services,

TSU is a part of the Erasmus Mundus External Cooperation programme and other students’ exchange schemes for young professionals and leaders which thus inspire international students to choose TSU for further education.

Duration of MBBS in TSU

Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (TSU) offers six years of doctorate studies with five years of academic studies and one year of internship which is one of the benefits of studying MBBS in Georgia’s Tbilisi State University. The students while studying at this university will not only get classroom training but will also get exposure in the form of practical training that will help them in enhancing their experience in operations, surgeries and all other relevant trainings that are needed while doing MBBS Georgia.

Traditional Yet Research Oriented Medical Studies

  1. Tbilisi State University is a privileged institution providing medical education to encourage best and skilled doctors in society.
  2. The university believes in promoting national and humanistic values with these doctors.
  3. Unconventional research and multi-cultural centres ensure that international traditions and culture is being maintained by the worldwide students.
  4. The university also enforces faculty, staff members, and scientists to develop streamlined collaborations with the students.

Deadlines or Timelines for Admissions

To study medicine in Georgia at TSU, the student shave to apply for admission by 1th of July of each year and intake of Georgia MBBS admission starts in the month of September.

Hostel Facilities

The university provide hostel accommodation facilities to all the students studying in the medical colleges in Georgia. The students coming from other parts of the world don’t have to worry about getting accommodation as it is easily available for the students. The overall cost of accommodation ranges between 3000-3500 USD each year.

MCI Coaching in the University

TSU arranges for MCI coaching for all the Indian students who are studying there. The students can come back to India post completing their MBBS course in Georgia and can practice further education over there after clearing the MCI Screening Test conducted every year. TSU is approved for MBBS studies by the MCI for Indian students looking for doing MBBS in Georgia.

Quality Education Research and Work

  1. Continuous research and development is required for successful evolution of medical sciences or worldwide healthcare system.
  2. Georgia boasts for introduction of medicine in the universal traditional values.
  3. Considering high scope of medical sciences in the Georgia particularly, there is no better place than Tbilisi State University to study medical sciences and find the right professional job.
  4. Even today, the worldwide healthcare system has nothing better than traditional Georgian healthcare and medical sciences based study, research and work.
  5. Last but not the least, Georgia is a highly developed nation with no crime and all around natural beauty that fosters personal development too.

Indian Food Facility

  1. For Indian students planning to study in Georgia, the Indian food facility is readily available both in the campus as well as off the campus.
  2. Food is another important thing to consider while studying in Georgia.
  3. Different types of cuisines are available in Georgia.
  4. All of them are available at feasible rates and even with special discounts to healthcare students and doctorates.
  5. As people from all parts of the world reside Georgia for one or the other reason, there is no reason to miss the ideal national food.
  6. Indian, or be it Austrian, or Chinese, European to Pacific, and Mediterranean to Arabic, Brazilian, Italian, Spanish, all types of foods and cuisines are available in Georgia.

Easy availability of Indian dishes has made studying medicine in Georgia easier for the Indian students in particular for whom food has always remained a concern in Georgia.

Living an Independent Doctorate in Georgia

  1. Depending up on the lifestyle, Georgia offers various types of affordable living packages.
  2. These living packages can be considered if living in the hostel of Tbilisi State University is not viable for an aspiring doctorate.
  3. All types of transportation services are available to commute Georgia.
  4. Different types of transportation services are buses, airplanes to travel by air, ships to commute over water, and rail transport to travel different places.

Documents Required

The following documents are required for MBBS education in Georgia in the TSU. The documents are as specified below:

  1. Duly filled application form
  2. Passport size photo
  3. Mark sheets of class 11 and 12 from the respective board of education
  4. Certificates of class 11 and 12 from the respective board of education
  5. School leaving certificate, NEET certificate
  6. Scanned copy of a valid passport including image
  7. Certificates of extracurricular activities if any
  8. All the documents should be attested and notarized form the relevant authorities

The documents needed for visa application are as follows:

  1. A valid passport of the applicant
  2. Recent coloured passport sized photographs
  3. Visa application form
  4. Student visa form which is needed in original at the time of coming to Georgia
  5. Letter of admission issued by the university
  6. Physical examination form or the health check-up form

Minimum Criterion for Enrolling in Tbilisi State University

  1. The minimum qualification to enrol into MBBS program of Tbilisi State University is fifty percent or more in aggregate of physics, chemistry, and biology.
  2. The minimum age of the students applying at this university is 17 years.
  3. There should be a valid passport and visa.
  4. Besides, there are few documents required in original and should be submitted with the office of Tbilisi State University at the time of joining doctorate studies.
  5. These are birth certificate, migration certificate, and scanned copies of NEET scorecard, complete medical scorecard including HIV status and vaccination reports, and admission invitation letter of the university.

Hassle free Admissions in Doctorate Studies

  1. Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (TSU) has no screening tests or donation and related procedures to fill up annual seats of doctorate studies.
  2. Anyone and everyone aspiring to become a top class physician should go with Tbilisi State University. High security environment and comfortable hostel accommodations are available for all the students of Tbilisi State University.
  3. Air conditioners, water heaters, good foods and other basic necessities are available with all hostel accommodations.
  4. Swimming pool, cultural center, sports ground, fitness center are also available to every single student of Tbilisi State University.

Admission Procedure for MBBS in Tbilisi State University

The MBBS admission procedure for doctorate studies in Tbilisi state university is extremely easy. To get a better idea of the overall process of admission, read below:

  1. First and foremost step the students have to check for the online application form for admission in MBBS at the university website. The form should be filled and submitted to the designated authorities.
  2. The application form should be attached with all the required documents. The documents necessary for submitting an online MBBS application form in Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (TSU) are the highest qualification certificate, birth certificate, health certificate, fitness certificate and residence certificate.
  3. Appropriately filled MBBS application form enables the university issue an immediate offer letter. After receiving offer letter, students are required to deposit university fees in the bank account of university.
  4. The university will arrange a video interview over Skype in order to check student’ understanding of English language.
  5. After 30 days of fee submission, the university sends an accreditation letter approved by appropriate authorities for the early visa of student.
  6. After the student visa approval, the student is required to arrive in the university premises with first year course fee.

Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Fees Structure

ParticularsTuition fees / YearHostel / Year
Fees In US Dollars7000 USD1500 USD
Fees in Rupees (INR) Approx4,90,000 Rupees/year1,05,000 Rupees/year

MBBS Experts would like to bring to your notice that the Tuition Fee for the MBBS Course or other Courses may vary depending on the Exchange Rates of Indian Rupee against USD. Exchange rates are volatile and are subject to change from time to time. Kindly check the Exchange Rates before initiating the admission process. Also, note that the University/College reserves all the rights to amend the tuition fees anytime without any prior personal intimation to the students.

Why Pursue MBBS Course from Georgia?

  1. Reduced cost of accommodation will not burn your pocket and you can easily get accommodation at the most reduced rates.
  2. World class and modern amenities are offered to all the students which includes 24×7 running water, electric supply, etc. which are made for students’ comfort
  3. Students don’t have to give any entrance examinations; hassle free admission is made available to the students.
  4. No need to pay any donation or bribery, the universities takes students directly.
  5. Safe and healthy studying atmosphere is provided to the students so that they can feel safer while living and studying away from their home.
  6. English medium classes: For non-Georgian language speaking Indian students, language is not a barrier because English is the medium of instruction
  7. Appropriate environment for research: the universities have facility and environment encouraging students go for the research work after MBBS course completion
  8. The students will get globally recognized degree, besides WHO and MCI; many other global bodies have recognised medical universities located in the different cities of Georgia.

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  2. Team at MBBS Experts are there to counsel students at all the times.
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