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Jalalabad State Medical University

Jalalabad State Medical University

About the University

Said to be one of the oldest and premier institute of medicine in Kyrgyzstan, Jalalabad State Medical University is one division of the Jalalabad State Medical University providing education in the field of medical, electronics, energy, construction and Agro-industrial complex. The Jalalabad State Medical University came into functioning after the Osho State University was commenced in its functioning in the year 1992. The medical college is a public body institution providing education in various fields and departments and houses more than 250 teachers. Amongst all the teachers, 10 of them are professors cum doctors and there are more than 40 Ph.D. doctors teaching the expert medical teaching to students who travel from around the globe to study in the medical college. It is known for its quality medical education owing to which it has produced a number of doctors for the world. The teachers of the university are very skilled and are even a member of the National Academy of Science in the Kyrgyz Republic. Some of the faculty members in the college are also the academic advisors for science and technology pertaining to medical advancement in the country. Jalalabad State Medical University currently has 4500 students enrolled in its various medical programs. The pattern adopted by the medical college is such that it provides training in various programs like the Diploma, Associate Degree, Bachelor Degree, Master Degree and Doctorate Degree.

The Key Features of the University

  1. Jalalabad State Medical University is one of the best medical colleges known for its quality medical studies and the knowledgeable teachers that teach the students.
  2. The medical university was formulated in the year 1992 and is a public institution that focuses on not only teaching students but also letting them to indulge in the practical approach for.
  3. As per the figures, the Jalalabad State Medical University consists of 10 faculty members who are accomplished doctors and professors teaching the novel degree. These doctors are also a part of the National Academy of Science in Kyrgyz Republic and also serve the academic advisors of the country.
  4. In total, the universities has 4500 students enrolled in the medical university and are pursuing medical degrees like diplomas, associate degrees, bachelor degree, master degree, and doctorate degrees.
If you want to get admission into the top medical colleges that are affordable and offer you with good quality medical degree, Jalal-Abad State University is your choice without any second thoughts. It has an experienced staff comprising of teachers and professors.

Faculties and Departments in the JSMU

Jalalabad State Medical University is a college that teaches the medical profession in accordance with the international medical education standards. The environment of the Jalalabad State Medical University is very healthy and friendly for students both national and international. The university is equipped with all the basic amenities, making the life of the student and the staff very happy and lively. The following are the academic departments in the Jalalabad State Medical University consist of basic and clinical fields. These include:

  1. Faculty of General Medicine
  2. Faculty of Nursing
  3. Faculty of Computers
  4. Faculty of Physics
  5. Faculty of Mathematics
  6. Faculty of Social Sciences
  7. Faculty of Humanities
  8. Faculty of Russian Language
  9. Faculty of Kyrgyz Language
  10. Faculty of Biology
  11. Faculty of Pedagogy
  12. Faculty of Psychology
  13. Faculty of Physical Education
  14. Faculty of Ecology
  15. Faculty of Mechanics
  16. Faculty of Food Technology
  17. Faculty of Chemistry
  18. Faculty of Chemical Engineering
  19. Faculty of Water Engineering

World Ranking

Jalalabad State Medical University ranks at 12703 in the world.

Country Ranking

The country rank for Jalalabad State Medical University is 32 for medical education in Kyrgyzstan owing to the good quality of medical education and the global degree awarded by the JSMU. The college is known for its medical education in the country proving that the medical degree imparted is of global quality.

Overview of the Jalalabad State Medical University

  1. Basic eligibility: the student has to obtain 50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology and
  2. should have studied English as a compulsory subject as for the General category
  3. (40% in case of other category students)
  4. NEET entrance test: NEET qualification is a must but you do not have to appear for
  5. ILETS or TOEFL.
  6. Course fees: 20 lakhs for five years with a varied fee structure every year.
  7. Duration of Course: The course duration is for 5 years excluding one year of internship.
  8. The medium of Instruction: English
  9. University recognition: the university is recognized by the MCI, WHO, and AIME
  10. Degree imparted: the degree presented is a doctorate of medicine (MD)

JSMU for Indian Students

  1. Jalalabad State Medical University is one of the best destinations for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan owing to the top medical education and the talented teachers teaching the performance.
  2. Owing to the popularity of the medical college, more than 4500 students enroll for the various medical courses in the country and more than 1000 are from India.
  3. Even in a foreign country like Kyrgyzstan, with so many Indian students around, you will not feel away from your homeland.
  4. This makes MBBS in Kyrgyzstan one of the best prospects for Indian students.
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Accreditation of University

This university is accredited by ministry of health and education which indicates the fact that this is one of the universities which has global recognition of it's MBBS degree.

Why Choose the Jalalabad State Medical University for Studying Medicine?

There are several reasons that will make JSMU one of the best colleges for MBBS admission in Kyrgyzstan. These include:

  1. It is one of the top medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan owing to the expert medical education provided to the students by the academically skilled teachers and staff members.
  2. The fee structure of MBBS in Kyrgyzstan in the JSMU is very feasible as compared to the private medical colleges in India that charge a lot of fees and other expenses. The cost of medical education in Kyrgyzstan is only 20 lakhs for six years including the mess and other academic expenses.
  3. The college is known for its medical education in Kyrgyzstan and is ranked top as well owing to the world-class infrastructure and the good quality and medical laboratories equipped with all the modern facilities.
  4. You will be interning in the hospital affiliated to the medical college, providing you with the hands-on experience about the field.
  5. The college is equipped with libraries and good studying atmosphere helping you to get all the knowledge you need.
  6. The mess provides good quality food to its on-campus students.
  7. The admission procedure is very easy.
  8. You do not have to appear for any entrance exam, however, you have to qualify
  9. NEET with minimum percentile to be eligible for admission in International School of
  10. The student to ratio is ideal for personalized learning.
  11. The living expenses and accommodation is affordable.
  12. You will get a chance to experience a diverse culture and interact with students from around the globe.
  13. The medium of instruction is English which is easy to be understood.
  14. You can start earning while you are studying
  15. The college doesn’t only have medicine but you can indulge in a variety of extra- curricular activities as well.
  16. The faculty is very premium and reputed in the field of medical sciences.
  17. You do not have to pay any hefty donation amount as a part of the admission process, unlike the Indian private medical colleges.

Duration of Medical Education in JSMU

The total duration of studying medicine in Jalalabad State Medical University is 6 years which comprises of five years of theoretical study and one year of practical training. The students are also provided with practical training while they are in their classroom teaching to make them get hands-on experience in operations, surgeries, and all the other medical fields.

Deadline and Timelines for Medical Admissions

To study medicine in Kyrgyzstan in the Jalalabad State Medical University, there is a deadline that has to be followed by all the medical aspirants. The medical intake starts in two sessions from September and from January. This gives you ample time to apply for your visa and start preparing for MBBS admission in Kyrgyzstan.

Hostel Facilities

The hostel is available for all the on-campus students for medical education. The hostel and the living conditions are good and you will not face any problem.

FMGE/MCI Exam Coaching

For all those Indian students who wish to return to the country can apply for MCI coaching sessions so that they can be trained well to crack the FMGE exam.

Documents Required for Admission into JSMU

The following is the list of documents required from all the medical applicants for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan. These documents include:

  1. Form of application
  2. Passport size photo
  3. Marksheets of class 10th and 12th from the respective board of education
  4. Certificates of class 10th and 12th from the respective board of education
  5. School leaving certificate
  6. Scanned copy of a valid passport including image
  7. Certificates of extra-curricular activities, if any.
  8. The NEET qualified card stating that you have qualified the NEET exam.
  9. Aadhar Card to show the nationality of India.
  10. All the documents should be attested and notarized form the relevant authorities

The Eligibility Criteria for Studying MBBS in Kyrgyzstan in JSMU

All the medical applicants need to fulfill the following points to be eligible for the MBBS seat in Kyrgyzstan:

  1. The applicant should be of 17 years of age in the applying year and should not be more than 25 years.
  2. The applicant must have studied Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in 12th standard and should have passed the examination with 50% marks from the respective board (40% for reserved category students).
  3. The applicant must have studied English as a compulsory subject in 12th.
  4. He/ She should have qualified NEET exam with minimum percentile.
  5. Valid passport for traveling into MBBS in Kyrgyzstan.

The Admission Procedure for Studying Medicine in JSMU

Medical universities in Kyrgyzstan have a very smooth procedure for admission into the medical universities. The following points will make you clear with the overall process of admission:

  1. Submit your 10th and 12th standard mark sheet photocopy over the email and send a scanned copy of your photograph along with the registration amount.
  2. Submit a copy of your passport.
  3. After the successful submission of your application, you will receive the admission letter with 10 days over the email and the original within 20 days.
  4. The passport will be verified by the embassy and then you have to appear in front of the embassy for your interview.
  5. You will then receive the invitation letter that has to be accepted by the applicant.

Jalalabad State Medical University Fees Structure

Particulars Tuition Fee/Year Hostel Fee/Year
Fees In Us Dollars 2870 USD 800 USD
Fees in Rupees (INR) Approx. 2,00,900 Rupees/yr. 56,000 Rupees/yr.

MBBS Experts would like to bring to your notice that the Tuition Fee for the MBBS Course or other Courses may vary depending on the Exchange Rates of Indian Rupee against USD. Exchange rates are volatile and are subject to change from time to time. Kindly check the Exchange Rates before initiating the admission process. Also, note that the University/College reserves all the rights to amend the tuition fees anytime without any prior personal intimation to the students.

Why Select Kyrgyzstan for MBBS Studies?

  1. Kyrgyzstan is one of the top study abroad destinations for Indian students who look forward to pursue a career in medicine.
  2. Kyrgyzstan medical universities help you in getting a global exposure with all the world-class medical education that is within your budget.
  3. The place is safe for both girls and boys and the international student departments in the medical universities in Kyrgyzstan ensure that the international students get the best aid and help throughout the six years of the study.
  4. The universities aid in preparing you for the MCI Screening Test as well. This makes them competent enough to think of coming back to India and serve in the top Indian government and private hospitals.
  5. If you want to make your dream of becoming a doctor come true, then the only way of doing so is with the help of the medical schools for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan recognised by MCI.
  6. Colleges for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan provide with the best environment perfect for all the students who wish to seek quality medical education and engage in a better career growth.
  7. Kyrgyzstan is a beautiful, simple, and peaceful country that makes you get the best international exposure for the overall development.

How do MBBS Experts help for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan?

  1. We at MBBS experts love to make the dream of all our students come true.
  2. We counsel professionally the MBBS aspirants
  3. When you are thinking of which college is good for you, we help you right from picking the right college until to move for your MBBS in Kyrgyzstan.
  4. We understand what dreams mean for you and that is what we do for you, make your dreams come true.
  5. You can completely rely on us for your entire admission process and beyond since we like to take care of our students until they complete their medical education.
  6. For all those students, who like to study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan can believe us to provide them with expert guidance.

Advantages with MBBS Experts for MBBS Abroad Students

  1. Proven experience in medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan admission support
  2. Pool of expert counsellors to help you choose best medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan for Indian students
  3. Professional Kyrgyzstan MBBS colleges consulting services
  4. Low consulting fee
  5. Over 100+ VISA processed
  6. Free of cost admission in Kyrgyzstan medical colleges counselling
  7. Food, accommodation, and other supports until the completion of MBBS courses in Kyrgyzstan

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