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MBBS in Ukraine is the best option for India medical aspirants looking for affordable medical programs in foreign countries. MBBS experts will guide you throughout the Admission, VISA Application and Departure.

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MBBS in Kyrgyzstan has been the center of attraction for Indian students to study MBBS in Abroad. MBBS in Kyrgyzstan offer easy accommodation and affordable MBBS programs. Get direct MBBS admission in Kyrgyzstan.

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Study MBBS in Abroad

Medical Studies are globally in great demand and most of the countries are investing resources to develop their medical infrastructure facilities to improve and provide better healthcare and medical to people. For better medical standards, we need better medical students and that is the reason now global medical universities are inviting students from all over the globe. India is also developing with a great pace its medical infrastructure but still a lot of work has to be done. There are number of medical aspirants who apply for MBBS in India, but due to not enough seats, many talented and enthusiastic students are not able to pursue Medical Profession. For them study MBBS in Abroad is a boon, an option which can open the doors to a new successful medical carrier.

Every Indian thinks that MBBS in Abroad is the most promising career choice and parents feel proud to see their kids as doctor. In India, the judging criteria for being a doctor is just the marks attained in their school, not their aptitude or willingness towards this profession. Lots of such potential students lose their chance of being a doctor just like that and they at last choose paramedical course and end up wasting their valuable time. Preparing years for getting admitted to a medical college and then not able to do something good in life. Many students also try to go for paid seats which are very expensive. The same seat ranges from about INR 50 to 100 grand as donation plus tuition fees. It has been found that ideal ratio of doctors must be 1 per 1000 and in India it is q doctor for 1700 people which is a huge gap. Health Ministry of India has started that India needs 4 lakhs more doctors by the year 2020 to reach the ideal situation.

That’s how MBBS in Abroad came into trend as medical aspirants started moving out of India to have the medical degree and then come back India to serve the country. Studying MBBS in Abroad is not quite affordable if you choose Asian or European Countries where medical education is much enhanced. There are so many reasons why you must choose to study abroad

No Entrance Exams for MBBS in Abroad

Most of the universities abroad do not take entrance exams for medical courses as they have enough seats due to less population and not everyone there chooses to be a doctor unless / he she has a great interest in the same. Doctors taking international degrees can practice in India as well and those degrees are valid internationally so they practice outside India.

MBBS in Abroad Holds MCI Recognition/Affiliation-

It is very important choose those medical universities abroad which are affiliated or recognized by Medical Council of India. If that is MCI recognized then candidate has to give a screening test to prove his eligibility criteria to practice medicine in India. We only suggest you those universities which are affiliated by MCI so that you can come back to India as well to practice your medical profession.

MBBS in Abroad provides Quality of Education–

Quality of education is very important factor which we have already discussed, European Countries are much ahead in terms of their medical advancements and they compete globally for their quality of education. Also, they always focus on practical exposure of the students. These universities or medical colleges are affiliated by Medical Council of India and WHO – World Health Organization which explains the standards of their education itself.

Safety during MBBS in Abroad –

These countries are relatively stable and safe following the European Standard of living. Safety and security is of no concern there and many of Indian Students are already studying in those universities.

  1. Russia
  2. Ukraine
  3. Germany
  4. Philippines
  5. China
  6. Georgia
  7. Romania
  8. Poland
  9. Kyrgyzstan
  10. Armenia
Language & Medium of Education during MBBS in Abroad –

We only suggest students to go for English Medium of Education, though it always beneficial to learn their language especially when you are in Germany or Russia which are very much driven by their mother tongue and English is used very less. But rest of the countries are using English as their mode of communication so there you even don’t need to learn their language.

These are some benefits of Study MBBS in Abroad

  1. Students don’t have to take entrance exams
  2. They do not need to pay any donation
  3. MBBS in Abroad is easy admission process
  4. Low and Subsidized fees for MBBS in Abroad
  5. MBBS in Abroad Degrees have worldwide recognition
  6. MBBS in Abroad is Approved by MIC and WHO
  7. Indians students are given preferences during their MBBS in Abroad
  8. Indian food is available easily
  9. High results of students in MCI screening
  10. High rate of success for Visa
  11. Most of the universities for MBBS in Abroad are government
  12. Recognized by Medical Council of European Countries
  13. Recognized by British Medical Council

Study MBBS in Russia

India and Russia had great relations since the beginning and Indian Students are going to study medicine there since many decades and there is no doubt they are far ahead of us with their medical technology and they have given many great vaccines and medical aids to the world. Even when Russia was USSR before two and half decades, Indians were visiting there and study MBBS in Russia, that too in their language. Now Russian Medical Universities are also offering MBBS in English to attract global talent and offer a global exposure to the students. MBBS in Russia is in very high demand globally and duration of MBBS in Russia is 6 years

Study MBBS in Romania

Romania is a beautiful country of Europe known for its immense beauty and landscapes. This country has gained popularity lately for its medical education and students from all over the globe have started opting for Romania. The country offer programs in English, Romanian, German and French languages, which attract global students from different corners of the world. This is a very stable and safe economy which has high quality infrastructure, latest technology and international standards of education as the government is highly focused for educational developments. Romanian medical universities offers degree programs on

  1. General Medicine
  2. Pharmacy

Romanian Medical Universities are known to offer specializations in these domains majorly though they offer all the specialized programs

  1. Surgery
  2. Orthopedics
  3. Traumatology
  4. Gastroenterology
  5. Cardiology
  6. Oncology
  7. Neurology
  8. Ophthalmology

Study MBBS in Philippines

Philippines is an Asian country but it is not less than any European Country in every aspects. This is a unique country with more than 7000 islands having its capital as Manila which is famous for many reasons. This country is known for its technology and medical filed here has seen great enhancements in last few decades. Medical Education in Philippines is not very expensive as most the colleges are run by government and invest huge money in medical research and development every year.

Wondering why to Study MBBS in Philippines?

  1. These universities offer international standards of medical education
  2. Great infrastructure and facilities they have to offer to the students
  3. They invite International Medical Experts for Guest Lectures
  4. They charge no donation or capitization fees
  5. Climate of country is very nice and soothing
  6. Global Exposure to the students
  7. More Focus on quality and practical learning
  8. The living cost is very less in this country

Study MBBS in Germany

Germans are known for their excellence globally in each filed of technology, research and development. If you are planning to Study MBBS in Europe the Germany can be the best place. Education is mostly free in German as it is supported by the government and most of the universities in the country are public universities. Germany has a great atmosphere for Indian students and every year thousands of Indians go there to study higher education. All the medical universities in Germany has their own hospitals from where students are made to have practical experience under the supervision of senior doctors. All the German Medical Universities are recognized by World Health Organizations, Medical Council of India, and European Medical Association, etc.

Study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan was a very rapidly growing nation which was a part of USSR before they divided into 18 different countries. It has become recently very popular for Medical Studies globally and many students are visiting and studying there every year. It is a beautiful country with fascinating landscapes and world class infrastructure. This country has a role in history of Silk Route – when silk was carried from China to Middle East Countries. Its capital Bishkek is a great tourist destination which is famous globally among travelers. This nation has made great development in last two decades and made itself reputed in education, engineering and technology. The government of the country is very particular about its education and provides lots of funds to public universities to offer best quality at affordable rates. People of this nation are very progressive and are very friendly with Indians.

These are the reasons why to study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan
  1. European standard of educational facilities
  2. No need to pay heavy donations
  3. Global Exposure with international students
  4. Study in government / public universities
  5. Medical education is very enhanced in the country
  6. Very reasonable tuition fee and cost of living
The famous Medical universities to study there are:-
  1. OSH medical university
  2. KYRGYZ Russian Slavic University
  3. Asian medical Institute.


Armenia is a Eurasian Country which is officially known as - Republic of Armenia. This beautiful country was also a part of USSR which later become independent republic and build the nation to great country. It has seen some great developments in last two and half decades and especially in education and technology. Studying MBBS in Armenia has become very popular these days as this country has some great medical universities which are ranked globally.  If you are planning to study MBBS in Abroad and not able to decide which country to choose, then Armenia can a nice option. You will have the benefits of European Standards at a cost of Asian Country.

Some famous Armenian Medical Universities are
  1. Yerevan State Medical University
  2. University of Traditional Medicine, Armenia
  3. American University of Armenia

Study MBBS in Ukraine

Ukraine is a beautiful country blessed with amazing landmasses with immense natural beauty. This beautiful place has been recently growing as a great medical studies destination worldwide. Every year thousands of students are visiting Ukraine to study different courses and the course fee is very nominal as all the courses are funded by the government. There are three different types of universities – national, state and the private universities. All the national universities are completely funded by the Government and have best of the courses and infrastructure.

Reasons to Study MBBS in Ukraine
  1. Ukraine is a corruption free country
  2. Standard of living is high
  3. Ideal student teacher ration
  4. No donation for admissions in MBBS
  5. High standard of curriculum
  6. Not crowded and very peaceful
  7. Presence of Indian community

Study MBBS in Poland

Poland is a very famous and renowned European country as it has very beautiful places as well as people. Polish girls are known to be the most loyal girls in the world. Medical studies in Poland has been in great demand globally these days as many students are visiting the country every year to study MBBS in Poland. If you are looking for a study abroad destination to have an international medical degree, you are at the very right place. Poland can a great option which offers modern medical infrastructure and international faculties.

Why to study MBBS in Poland
  1. Economically sound and progressive country
  2. Low fee for education in national universities
  3. World class hospitals and healthcare services
  4. Practical learning approach along with theory
  5. Students of Ukraine are eligible for MCI screening
  6. Medium of education is English
  7. No need of IELTS or TOEFL tests