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Study Dentistry in Abroad

Choosing the right dental school abroad is necessary. A decision to study dentistry abroad made in haste can result into disappointment. Pursuing bachelor degree dentistry study abroad from a globally recognized university or college can add wings to your career. There is a good percentage of the demand for successful dentists not only in India but also in many developed and underdeveloped nations. The dentistry course is aimed to make you a professional having specialization in oral health and others. The duration for the course is 4 years and 5 years. Some dental college follows the 4 year course curriculum while a few others follow 5 year study dentistry abroad. The top dentistry study course prepares students for the challenges related to dental problems. Contact us for Study dentistry in abroad admission support in Delhi!

Below are a few of the key advantages of Study Dentistry in Medicine Abroad

  1. Dental courses from internationally accredited dental universities
  2. Comparatively low tuition fee
  3. Lower expense for the stay while pursuing the dental course
  4. Quality food at economical cost
  5. Hassle-free admission process
  6. Minimum documentation
  7. Degree recognized worldwide
  8. Dental program for undergraduates and graduates are available

The dental course is provided by the different universities located in the different European nations, USA, And Asian countries. A candidate is free to choose his favourite location for the course. But we at MBBS Experts recommend study dentistry from Georgia.

Study Dentistry in Georgia at a Glance

Today, Georgia is recognized as one of the most preferred and sought nation in Europe for the medical study in the field of dentistry. There are a few prestigious universities offering this demanding course. An Indian student pursuing dentistry in Georgia can enjoy the various advantages in comparison to the other nations.

  1. Georgia has internationally accredited dental universities.
  2. The dentistry course in Georgia for undergraduates lasts for 5 years.
  3. The medium of instruction during the course is English.
  4. The first two years of the course will be having the major focus on learning the fundamentals of medical and biological elements of dentistry.
  5. From third to fifth year, the prime focus will be on clinical practice.
  6. During this period, special training will be imparted in pre-and post-clinical dentistry procedures.
  7. After the completion of the course content, students will be provided a Master Degree.
  8. He or she will be awarded with the title of a Dentist.
  9. Qualified dentists will have the opportunity to work in Georgia
  10. They can continue with their Dentistry practice in the USA, India, the UK, and other locations.

Becoming a Licensed Dentist in Georgia

The process to become a licensed dentist in Georgia:

  1. A student must complete an American Dental Association (ADA) accredited program;
  2. Clear the ADA National Board Examination
  3. Submit an application and sealed transcript to the Georgia Licensing Board.

Why Educational Program in Dentistry?

  1. Focuses on training of highly qualified specialists
  2. Impart basic and clinical theoretical knowledge in dentistry
  3. Provide practical skills
  4. Develops high moral standards.
  5. Makes efforts to establish and develop essential skills for varied professional activity related to dentistry practice.

The Aim of Educational Program in Dentistry is:

  1. Completing the university education considering the modern requirements;
  2. To gain knowledge of the basic sciences;
  3. To gain knowledge of behavioral and social sciences;
  4. Deep knowledge of the special clinical disciplines
  5. Achieving mastery in present-day techniques for diagnostic, dental aid, development of clinical and therapeutic skills;
  6. Skill development for the important purposes like critical assessment, medical information, analysis, combination and to make the right decision to solve a patient problems in a dental clinic;
  7. Gaining First Aid knowledge, training, and acquirement of general clinical skills to provide the right treatment at the required time;
  8. To provide the respect deserved by a patient;
  9. Consideration of his/her problem and provide the dental treatment irrespective of his/her social, cultural, religious or ethnical background;
  10. Developing the required skills for the effective communication with patients, colleagues, and others in a clinic;
  11.  Gaining medication knowledge needed to conduct the varied dental activities;
  12. Making yourself aware of the prevailing modern public healthcare system
  13. Realize the responsible role of a dentist within this system;
  14. Educating yourself about the ethical and legal principles;
  15. To motivate for continued learning and go for professional development.

Dentistry Study at a Glance in Caucasus Medical University

  1. No entrance exam
  2. Economical cost of living which is as low as INR 222,000 per annum
  3. Monthly expenses for food, stay, and other miscellaneous expense is also low
  4. For Undergraduate Dentistry program is of 5 Years
  5. For graduates, the duration of the Dentistry program is 4 year with B. Sc. Degree
  6. Annual tuition fee for Dentistry is INR 306,000 per annum approx.

More About Caucasus International University

  1. Caucasus International University is a leading university for dentistry in Europe
  2. It was established in 2004
  3. It is located in the Tbilisi city
  4. Modern lab equipped with the latest equipment in dentistry studies
  5. Teaching medium in the university is English for the international students
  6. The standard of education is high
  7. The number of international students pursuing dentistry is increasing every year
  8. Unique teaching methods for better understanding of theory and practical
  9. Course curriculum is updated regularly to comply with the European requirements
  10. Pool of experienced faculties teaching dentistry
  11. The Caucasus International University has partnered with prestigious institutions namely Georgia State University in the USA
  12. It has also partnered with Grenoble Graduate School of Business in France.

Cost of Dentistry Programme in Caucasus International University

  1. Name of the Programme – Dentistry
  2. Programme Starts – October and March Month
  3. Annual Fees in INR – 305000 (Approx.)
  4. Monthly Expenses in INR – 25,000

Admission Process in the Caucasus International University

Students are required to submit the following as a process of admission in the Caucasus International University:

  1. A detailed application giving your education details, family background, personal detail, course applied for, etc.
  2. Photocopy of your Secondary Education mark sheet
  3. Authorization letter to study in Georgia
  4. Copy of your passport
  5. Passport size photo
  6. Localized documents to be submitted to the concerned Georgian departments.

About Dentistry in New Vision University

  1. New Vision University is located in the heart of Georgia’s capital city, Tbilisi.
  2. No entrance examination
  3. The Dentistry programme in the university is of 5 years
  4. For B.Sc. candidates fast-tracked 4-year Graduate Entry pathway is facilitated
  5. The medium of instruction is English for the course
  6. The university is preferred for its health and engaging studying environment
  7. The quality of teaching is excellent
  8. University degrees are recognized worldwide.

New Vision University Dentistry Programme at a Glance

  1. Tuition fees for Dentistry: INR 275,000 approx. per annum
  2. Tuition fees for Dentistry: 1st year: INR 370,600 approx. per annum
  3. Admission starts in November & March
  4. For Undergraduates the course duration for Dentistry is 5 years
  5. For Graduates, the course duration is 4 years
  6. Cost of living per annum ranges from INR 271, 000 – 3,85,000

Key Intake of Dentistry Programme at New Vision University

  1. The duration of Dentistry Programme at New Vision University is 5 years.
  2. The teaching medium is English
  3. The Dentistry programme aims at providing in-depth knowledge of pre and post clinical procedures in regard to the field of dentistry.
  4. Dentists can opt to work in Georgia or look for the career opportunities in other nations across the globe.
  5. B.Sc. candidates can apply for accelerated 4 year graduate entry dentistry programme.
  6. Applicants taking the Graduate Entry pathway can save one year and begin studying in the second year of 5 year dentistry programme.
  7. Student life in Georgia is filled with excitement
  8. Affordable stay and food are the key attractions
  9. Climatic condition is also suitable for Indian students
  10. Welcoming people with friendly nature
  11. Low crime rate makes it safe for students enrolled for the Dentistry course
  12. Affordable tuition fee and comparatively low course fee

Documents for the Admission in New Vision University

  1. Need to submit an application having your essential details like personal bio, education history, family details, and course opted.
  2. Academic certificate copies
  3. Passport copy
  4. Passport size photos
  5. Essential documents translated in the local language

Services at MBBS Experts

At MBBS Experts we aid in finding answer to the following questions:

  1. Is my decision of studying Dentistry abroad right?
  2. Is the New Vision University and Caucasus International University good for Dentistry?
  3. Is my choice of university correct?
  4. Is Georgia the best location for the Dentistry programme?
  5. Is the Georgian Dentistry degree recognized worldwide
  6. Will I be able to afford the annual fee and miscellaneous expenses in Georgia
  7. What is the future of a Dentist?
  8. Passport application support
  9. Support in documentation
  10. Selecting the top university
  11. Visa application support

Why Choose MBBS Experts for Dentistry Abroad?

  1. Professional and highly satisfactory abroad education services
  2. Courteous counselors to assist in documentation
  3. Pool of experienced counselors at MBBS Experts
  4. Total Dentistry abroad admission solution under single roof
  5. Comparatively low consulting fee
  6. Complete transparency with no hidden charges
  7. Prompt and hassle-free dentistry overseas services
  8. Pre and post admission assistance to students
  9. Authorized admission partners for certain medical universities overseas
  10. Available round the clock to assist students and parents

Many students from India have already completed their course in dentistry abroad. The scope for the successful dentists is limitless. A Dentist can look for full time employment in a hospital or can open a dental clinic for the dental problem solution. Without the second thought in your stressed mind, rush to book your seat in Dentistry abroad! We at MBBS Experts can help you gain information about the different related things. Contact us today for the free counseling and admission support in the 5 year Dentistry degree course!

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