Company Overview

Mbbsexperts, is the leading education counselling and consultancy firm in India offering one on one counselling sessions to prospective students to study MBBS abroad. We have a long-standing reputation in the education consultancy, shared with the students. Studying MBBS in foreign countries provides more scope of self-development as the students live an independent way of life.

Vision to Realize

We have a growing vision is to bring a dynamically outstanding platform, where the students with the intention of studying MBBS overseas can interact, discuss and make decisions. Working on this holistic vision, we are going to empower prospective students to gain knowledge on the courses in medicine offered by foreign universities.

Mission Statement

To provide new generation with knowledge of courses in medicine offered in the foreign universities, and guide them to become future doctors as they are going to help the society by providing state of the art healthcare facilities.

Mbbsexperts are the success motivators, and education consultants, motivated and committed towards the growth and development of students, who wish to study education. We work as dedicated education consultants for the students, at the helm of seeking a career in the field of medicine in a rapidly growing socio-economic environment. At Mbbsexperts, our consultants have years of experience to guide the students to opt for MBBS in foreign countries such as Russia, Ukraine, China, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Philippines, USA, Romania, Nepal, Poland, Germany, and Belarus. Besides, we also provide career consultation and education consultancy to students, who have plans to enroll for MBBS in private colleges in India.

Assistance is provided to the students for enrolling in MBBS and PG courses in medicine, in either the government or private colleges. Studying MBBS in overseas countries help the students to not only learn through formalized system of education, but they also have a global exposure. It helps them in overall social and personal development.

Our Approach is Personal

Every prospective student, who approaches us for seeking admission in overseas college to study MBBS, is take care of by our experienced education consultant on a personal level. Our consultant will discover intentions of prospective student to pursue MBBS in countries like Russia, Ukraine, Philippines, USA, Romania, Nepal, Poland, Germany, Belarus, China, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, and Armenia. It is the clear vision of university that we share with the prospects, which eventually leads to levels where decisions are made.

Guidance from Education Experts

Every effort we make and the consultancy we offer to the prospective students, is supported by the hard work of experienced education experts and professionals. Realizing the dreams of students to study MBBS in overseas country is undoubtedly a time taking process, and it involves various sub-processes too. It is the time-bound guidance from our experienced expert that a quick decision is made on application. Besides, the consultants at Mbbsexperts assist in visa and work out sincerely on the miscellaneous details viz-a-viz – availability of university, course details, fee structure, accommodation facilities and faculty members, and much more.

If you are adamant of wearing white robe, we are waiting to offer you education consultancy to enrol for MBBS in an overseas country. Do not let the excellent opportunity pass you by.

How can we help you?

Dream big! Leave it to us to shape it into reality. We can mentor your dream with step-on-step support during the entire admission procedure.

“As a second year MBBS student, I can assure you that the country offers excellent English medium education, at affordable cost and with great value and attention! The support from MBBS experts has been readily available.”

Chaaru Singh
Haryana , Kazan State Medical University

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