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About Us

We are an extravagant consultancy firm. Our journey commenced with a vision to triumph in making students realize their true self and assisting them in making their MBBS career bright and optimistic. We have created an impression by offering our guidance to all our candidates who want to seek admission for MBBS in abroad. We embrace every aspect in the field of medicine, and we believe in extending our value globally. Our expert team have a deep understanding of specialization in medicine and the prospects in the medical career. We add value by booming your confidence in seeking for yourself world-class medical university.

Our Goals

  1. We aim to make a mark by being a market leader by providing one-stop study abroad solutions for the medical aspirants.
  2. We assist the students to achieve their goals by providing them right career counselling and guidance.
  3. Our goal is to add value for all our partner institutions and career of the medical aspirants who reach us for guidance.
  4. We acquire necessary knowledge about destinations abroad for medical study, medical universities in abroad and diverse programs to give right information to the students.
  5. We train our team members and develop in them the vital skills and knowledge require for right career counselling.
  6. We try to develop strong team spirit by providing quality solutions to the medical aspirants.
  7. We obtain the official representation and partner with well-known institutions for better assisting the students.
  8. We assist the students by offering them English language classes and other necessary language courses that help them in getting enrolled in medical institutions.
  9. We help medical students to choose the right course and in choosing the most appropriate medical institutions that will help them to fulfil their desired goals.
  10. Our goal is to assist the students in overall documentation, application process, VISA formalities, interview procedure and other departure briefings.
  11. We communicate with the old students to get connected with new students for finding accommodations and for other assistance.
  12. We also get reviews and feedback from the students which helps us to improve our services.

Social Responsibilities

  1. We provide a long-term solution to assist you in admission platform with changing needs in the field of medicine.
  2. Our team provide out-of-the-box solutions to ensure that you maximize your investment in seeking admission for your child.
  3. We provide an affordable solution by offering you the numerous options for medical universities necessary for the growth and development of your child’s career.
  4. We provide great services where you may use our services for a variety of services on demand. You do not need to worry about fluctuating fees of medical universities as our dedicated squad will address all the essential services in the field of medicine.
  5. Pay for exactly what you need and when needed, not for warming a chair.
  6. Let your child concentrate on building his medical career and a successful doctor in future.
  7. We try to broaden the student’s perspective by providing them with reliable and authentic study material, notes, FMGE Test Series in order to make sure that students excel in their studies.
  8. We encourage the students to choose and take admission in some of the top-ranked, NMC and WHO, UNESCO recognized medical universities in Abroad from which they can pursue MBBS.
  9. For Indian students, we always assist them in attaining the best in class education by extensive knowledge, research, expertise which makes them feel they are at one of the most prestigious medical universities in Abroad.
  10. Starting from the documentation work, VISA application formalities which includes stamp from Embassy & Ministry, translation of academic documents, notarisation we are keen to assist the students in every way we can. We make sure that the students get zero rejection of VISA issue.

Our Objectives

Want to achieve your dream of becoming a doctor? You have hit the right place.

  1. We aspire to implant an insightful link with the students who want to seek admission for MBBS in Abroad.
  2. Elevating the performance of the students in their career is necessary and we do it by offering them with all the vital details regarding medical universities in Abroad.
  3. We are MBBS experts by focusing on the key pillars that prove to be asset for the future of medical aspirants.
  4. Our forte is to aid the medical students in all the areas pertaining to MBBS.
  5. We are known for our unique solutions that students need for seeking admission in MBBS in Abroad.
  6. Our aim is that students must reap higher benefits by spending minimum amount in terms of fees with our innovative ideas.
  7. Gear your future, enhance your studying experience and visibility of medical universities with our valuable assistance.
  8. We take your studying experience by embracing the aspect of economical fees for your medical tenure and taking your career to new heights.
  9. Simplify your communication channel and link with the medical universities in Abroad with our MBBS experts.
  10. Gain momentum for your career growth by increasing your reach in targeting the right medical university in Abroad.
  11. Establish a connection for your medical career in future to match up the latest trends by seeking admission in one of the top-notch and renowned medical university.
  12. Improvise your choice by picking the most appropriate medical university which are globally recognizable and acknowledged.
  13. Studying MBBS in abroad offers the medical students with more scope of self-development for they learn to live an independent way of life.

Our Vision

  1. We give an insight to all the prospective medical students about the numerous medical programs which the foreign medical universities offer thereby working on the universal vision.
  2. We offer students an open platform where they have the freedom to interact, communicate and make their own decisions.

Our Mission

  1. 90% of the people work for generating profits but medical profession is dedicated towards betterment of society and people at large.
  2. We provide support to the medical aspirants and enhance their knowledge of courses by in the field of medicine which are being offered by the medical universities in Abroad.
  3. For all the students who wish to pursue a career in the medical sector, our complete focus is to enhance and motivate them for their growth and development.
  4. As the socio-economic development is so rapid, we aim to work with full dedication and commitment for the students who wish to build a career for themselves in the medical field.
  5. Our MBBS specialists in abroad have a wholesome perspective and have more than a decade of experience in guiding the students in choosing for the best in class medical universities in Georgia, Russia, Armenia, Philippines, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Poland and Germany.
  6. Apart from this, we also work for the students who are not able to clear the NEET exam and wish to pursue MBBS by providing them with enriching career in the field of medicine.
  7. We are leaders in offering career guidance, consultation and education consultancy for all the medical aspirants who want to enrol in MBBS.
  8. Studying MBBS in Abroad offer student’s global exposure and assists them in overall social and personal development.

Our Global Strategy

Are you in dilemma of how to bear the huge fees of private medical institutions? No need to bear the capitation costs and donations to get admissions in prominent and well-known medical universities; instead, consult our MBBS experts for comprehensive guidance.

  1. Our skilled MBBS experts reflect on excellence by devising A+ graded medical universities in Abroad to the students.
  2. We have talented MBBS experts who know your needs and increase the scope your medical career to great heights.
  3. We have worked for numerous medical aspirants with prime focus on satisfaction of the students and their guardians and parents.
  4. We have a readily available pool of our MBBS experts, capable of solving any MBBS admission issue no matter how complex or trivial.
  5. We provide a wide range of consultation services, not limited to in-depth MBBS admission analysis, roadmap design, focused planning but much more.

Our Values

  1. We make it a point to enable counselling for the medical students abroad in order to motivate them that they have chosen the right choice. This makes us best in the educational sector.
  2. For the secure travelling coupled with travel insurance, suitable and comfortable accommodation abroad, our study Consultants work hard to make all this happen.
  3. We assist the students in selecting the right university from the list of medical universities which are cost-effective and leading when MBBS in Abroad is concerned.
  4. Students must search out for the best possible options to travel that are affordable and economical. Identify the right airline that provide excess baggage schemes.
  5. We are also the authorized representatives of NMC approved medical universities in Abroad for all the students who wish to pursue their MBBS from Abroad.
  6. To guarantee standardized and high-quality education experience for international students coming from around the world, the foreign Ministry of Education (MOE) have sanctioned the Quality Control Standards for Undergraduate Medical Education in English.
  7. Abroad has made ample amount of improvement in terms of medical education. Presently, Medical education in Abroad has reached a great international level.
  8. The graduates are eligible for national medical screening tests NMC and others.
  9. With our main aim of adding value, we are extending our reach globally by helping and assisting all the candidates who wish to become a successful doctor in future.
  10. We specialize in influencing students by our experience in making them getting admission for their graduation and post-graduation in medicine.
  11. We focus on forward thinking vision by giving the students best options available for them which becomes prominent source of value for them and their guardians.
  12. We have mastered the art of helping students in seeking admission in MBBS Abroad by getting in more options in terms of top-notch medical universities.

Our Success Mantra

Your MBBS Admission in Abroad + Our Strategy = 100% Satisfied Students and Future Successful Doctors

  1. Efficiency --------------------------70%
  2. Performance ---------------------80%
  3. Satisfied Students --------------90%

MBBS Experts – Your One-stop MBBS Abroad Admission Support Partner

Making decision to seek admission abroad is a tedious task. MBBS EXPERTS based in Delhi completely understands the fact and has emerged as the trusted MBBS education abroad consultant for all admissions related information. Students trust us for MBBS Program, Dental and Nursing Courses, KROK Examination and other information and support services. MBBS Experts are available 24×7 for students. We believe in Pre and Post Admission support. We are open to queries anytime for  MBBS programs. MBBS Experts is the authorised representative of many NMC Approved universities for MBBS in Abroad

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