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MBBS Abroad

Read what our students have to say about their experience at MBBS Experts
Adesh Nagar - MBBS Experts
Adesh Nagar

Black Sea National University, Ukraine has the best staff. I would like to thank the university for they speak in English language.The seniors here are very helpful which is indeed great.

Aditi Jha - MBBS Experts
Aditi Jha

I heard about MBBS Experts from a family member and am glad that they recommended it. Mukesh Sir from ME was specially helpful. From selecting perfect University to study MBBS from Belarus to preparing my travel, every way he guided me.

Ravi Kumar - MBBS Experts
Ravi Kumar

Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University in Georgia has given me a lot of exposure in the field of medicine. I am really enjoying the perfect ambience and friendly people in Georgia. Thanks to MBBS Experts

Pooja Mehra - MBBS Experts
Pooja Mehra

The hostel facility is good. The quality of food is maintained is healthy.The cost of accommodation and food is low. I liked the low cost of living in Russia.

Arun Swami - MBBS Experts
Arun Swami

My main motto of life got fulfilled because of MBBS Experts. And I will forever be grateful to Manisha Ma’am from M.E. for it. Doing MBBS from Armenia was easier than studying in India because of the educational consultation I received.

Harpreet Kaur - MBBS Experts
Harpreet Kaur

Manisha Maam was like a true character shaper for my academic success. At MBBS Experts, Manisha Ma’am gave me counselling and choose the best University to do MBBS from Romania. I am now doing MD from a respected institute.

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