Study MBBS in USA

MBBS in USA Admission Procedure

mbbs in USAMBBS in USA is becoming a top choice for the Indian students. On an average 17,000 MD graduate every year. According to the 2019 ranking of medical schools, 90 US institutions ranked. Of which 18 have ranked in top 50 globally and 11 in the global top 100. There are 6 medical schools from the US in the top 10. The higher standard of education in the USA has become the prime attraction for Indian medical students seeking admission abroad.

MBBS Program in the United States of America is one of the most sought after courses by not only the Indian students but also the students from different parts of the world.  MBBS in USA is certainly a very wise decision for the Indian students. In India, all the medical aspirants need to clear the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test with good score. It is more popularly known as NEET for getting admission to the MBBS program. Students failing to seek admission in India should grab the opportunity to do MBBS from USA.

It can be very clearly understood from the fact of the huge number of registrations by the Indian students to the medical universities of USA. Studying in USA has gained a lot of popularity with time and medical aspirants from all over the world travel to USA for the MBBS course. Rush to fulfil the eligibility criteria and follow the admission process to fly US for study in medicine.

Key Reasons to Choose USA MBBS Program

Some of the key reasons as to why MBBS USA would be the top choice are as listed below:

  • MBBS USA has been one of the most preferred choices among the Indian students. For over several decades, a huge number of Indian students have been travelling to study medicine in USA.
  • Almost all of the MBBS universities in USA offer degrees which are recognised all over the world and hence worth valued to opt for MBBS USA.
  • The students opting for MBBS from USA need not clear the Screening Test conducted by MCI (the Medical Council of India). It is mandatory for the continuation of practice in India which is certainly a great benefit.
  • The overall atmosphere for the Indian students is just great and hence it would necessarily be a very good idea go for MBBS in the United States if America.
  • In an addition to this, the medical universities in USA have worldwide recognition which is undoubtedly of a great value.

Few Facts about Higher Education in USA

  • As per the National Centre for Education Statistics or NCES, there are about 4298 higher educational institutions out of which 1,626 are public colleges, 1,687 are private non- profit schools and 985 are for-profit schools till the fall of year 2017.
  • The higher educational institutions in the United States are divided into categories like four year colleges and universities and two year schools, which are very often referred to as community colleges.
  • As per the sources, about 19.9 million students will be attending colleges and universities in the fall of the year 2019.
  • The great infrastructure, highly qualified teachers and a very good higher education system in the United States has remained one of the most preferred choices of higher education of the students from all over the world.
  • MBBS in USA puts more stress on the practical knowledge than only just theoretical learning.
  • MBBS offered by the medical universities in USA will certainly be quite an enriching experience for the medical students with the expertise, knowledge as well as the skills which they obtain through the course.

Reasons for Which the Indian Students Choose MBBS from USA

There are a number of favourable reasons as to why the Indian students go for a MBBS from USA. The number of Indian students opting for MBBS in USA has been consistently increasing over the years which clearly indicate the ever rising popularity of MBBS USA.

Some of the key reasons are as mentioned below:

  • The medium of education is completely English during the study period of USA MBBS which does not create any kinds of language problems for the Indian students.
  • The language at times becomes a great hindrance at the time of pursuing MBBS/MD in some other countries due to a difference in the local language
  • The quality of medical education in USA is just excellent.
  • If any of the individuals want to be an expert doctor then it would perfect to opt for MBBS/MD in USA
  • All of the medical degrees so offered by USA MBBS are recognised globally which necessarily makes it worth valued to go for an MBBS in USA.
  • In an addition to this, almost all of the MBBS colleges in USA have an extremely high reputation throughout the world.
  • The doctors from USA are in great demand globally and they are highly respected as well as acclaimed all over the world.
  • The overall process of admission Medicine Study in USA is not a highly complicated one.
  • For the purpose of securing admission to any MBBS course in USA, none of the students are required to pay any kinds of additional donation fee apart from the course fees.
  • MBBS Fees in USA is a bit higher as compared to the other international MBBS courses but the best part in USA is that the students can opt for a part time job at the time of studying medicine in USA thereby making it is easier for the Indian students.
  • There are a number of top medical colleges in USA that offer stipend to the students during the course of MBBS course in USA and that too from the starting the MBBS program in USA.
  • The campus as well as the overall environment is friendly to the students at the time of medical study in USA.
  • There are a number of top medical universities in USA that offer scholarship facilities to international students.
  • Scholarship is completely dependent on the merit of the student which provides a scope for the Indian students to reduce the financial burden of the course.
  • MBBS study in USA is very safe as well as secure for the international students and is certainly a great sign of relief for the students to a great extent.
  • USA MBBS creates a lot of opportunities for the students for having an interaction with some of the famous personalities in the field of medicine.
  • MBBS USA offers a phenomenal exposure to the students which are a great boon for their future career in medicine.
  • When you study medicine in USA as an Indian student and you wish to practice in India, you need not give any MCI Screening Test conducted by the Medical Council of India which is highly advantageous.
  • There are thousands of Indian students pursuing MBBS from USA and you would be happy to meet a lot of fellow Indians there.
  • The employers in India always give the students an upper hand who has a foreign degree and hence MBBS abroad USA would prove to be quite beneficial in this regard.
  • Students from all over the world opt for USA MBBS which makes sure that there is a great interaction with the various cultures of the world.
  • Options for accommodation for the Indian students during MBBS Admission in USA are quite good as well as sufficient and hence there is nothing to worry.

MBBS in USA at a Glance for Indian Students

  • Basic Eligibility – 50% in PCB for General at 10+2 Science Stream, 40% for SC/ ST or Reserved categories
  • MCAT Exam – necessary for the admission in top MCI approved Medical Universities in USA or medical schools in USA
  • NEET Exam – mandatory with the minimum qualifying marks
  • IELTS &TOEFL – mandatory for international students interested in USA MBBS
  • Minimum Course Fee (INR) – INR 3.60 lakh per year
  • Maximum Course Fee (INR) – INR48 lakh per year
  • Living Cost in USA –   INR 15 -20 thousand a month
  • Medium of Instruction –       English
  • Recognition    of Medical Universities – MCI (Medical Council of India) and WHO (World Health Organization)

Courses Offered by USA Medical Universities

  • Medical Universities in USA offers a different medical educational system which is totally different from the medical course offered in most of the European countries like Russia, Belarus, Georgia, Ukraine or the other Asian countries like Philippines and China.
  • Most importantly, the Indian students after completing a medical degree in the United States need not appear for any other examinations for practising in India.
  • This system of medical education has created a lot of attraction among the foreign students which has attracted them to come and take MBBS admission in USA.
  • In USA, the medical degree is referred to as Doctor of Medicine also known as MD or the Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine also known as DO.
  • The nation of USA has a total of 141 accredited institutions granting MD degree and 35 are granting DO degree.

Duration of MBBS from USA

  • The total duration of the MBBS USA program is seven to nine years.
  • After the completion of 4 years bachelor degree, the students are qualified as MD or DO.
  • Then there is a residency program varying from 3 to 7 years which depends on the stream of specialisation so chosen by the students after the completion of MD.
  • The residency program is actually the PG level.

For instance, if the students choose Paediatrics as the specialisation, 3 years of residency program is required. On the other hand, a general surgeon requires 5 years and a neurosurgeon requires 7 years.

During the time of the course, the students need to sit for USMLE exams 1, 2 and 3 at the appropriate steps. After the USMLE exam 3, the students finally complete their MBBS degree. Therefore, the total course duration of MBBS course in USA ranges somewhere between 7 to 9 years.

Medium of Instruction for MBBS USA

The medium of medical study in USA is English. The medium of instruction of instruction being English, there is no difficulty for the international students.


The medical education in USA is accredited by the following bodies:

  • MCI or Medical Council of India
  • Ministry of Education, USA
  • WHO or World Health Organization
  • WFME or World Federation for Medical Education
  • ECFMG or Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates
  • FAIMER or The Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research

MBBS in USA Eligibility

To study MBBS in USA, the following eligibility conditions should be necessarily fulfilled:

  • First of all, the candidate must be at least 18 years of age at the time of taking admission to the medical course.
  • It is mandatory for the candidate obtain 50 % marks in their 10+2 examination from any of the recognized Indian central or State Board along with Biology, Physics as well as Chemistry as the compulsory subjects.
  • If the candidates do not have 50 % marks, then they are required to give a basic entrance test.
  • If the candidates do not have Biology, Physics and Chemistry at their 10+2 level, then they need to go through a pre-medical year.
  • The students need to clear the MCAT exam that is the Medical College Admission Test.
  • Valid scores of TOEFL or IELTS are required for the non-English speaking country students as a proof of English proficiency.

Documents Required for MBBS in USA Programs

MBBS admission in USA requires the following documents for the processing of admission to the MBBS universities in USA:

  • School certificates of 10th and 12th standards
  • Bachelor certificate for admission to master’s or PG course
  • Scores of IELTS or TOEFL
  • Coloured scanned copy of valid passport
  • Receipt of initially paid admission fees

The following documents required for getting the student visa for medicine study in USA:

  • Valid travel passport
  • Fee receipt for visa application
  • Appointment letter of VFS for interview
  • Print out of DS 160 application form duly filled along with the barcode by the student
  • University of USA issues l-120 form to be carried at the time of interview for visa processing
  • Passport size photographs

USA MBBS Admission Procedure

The overall admission procedure for medical education in USA is not a difficult one. It can be conveniently completed in the steps that are mentioned below:

  • First and foremost, the students are required to fill the application form and send to several universities of their choice.
  • The students must appear for the MCAT test and secure a valid score.
  • The students who are not native English speakers should appear for IELTS or TOEFL test
  • After securing good marks in the test, the next step involves filling up of the application forms of various medical colleges in USA.
  • The candidates should be applying through AMCAS or the American Medical College Application Service.
  • Letters of recommendation are required to be attached by the student along with the application.

Interesting Facts About MBBS Programs in USA

  • It is not very uncommon to see a large number of international students applying for MBBS studies in USA.
  • The main reason in this case being the premium quality education offered.
  • An MBBS from USA is just a dream of almost all of the medical aspirants throughout the world.
  • This is exactly why USA is one of the most obvious destinations for MBBS abroad USA.
  • USA is one such country that spends quite a lot of money on education and its constant improvement.
  • The modern infrastructure, top notch faculties and latest technologies all together sum up to make USA the hottest destination for MBBS in the world.
  • The popularity of MBBS courses in USA is rapidly increasing and with the positive reviews of the existing students or the passed out students is encouraging others to pursue MBBS education in USA.
  • In an addition to this, going to study medicine in USA is undoubtedly a very good choice for any medical aspirants who are looking forward to achieve a worldwide recognition as well as fame.

Almost all of the medical schools for MBBS USA are recognized by MCI as well as the World Health Organization.

A number of other prestigious medical bodies throughout the world attract students from all over the world to try for an MBBS seat in USA.

Consider Below Factors For MBBS in USA Admission

  • The quality of Medical education in the university
  • MBBS Universities in US
  • State universities in USA
  • Government universities in USA
  • MBBS USA eligibility
  • Universities for MBBS/MD in USA for Indian students
  • Medical schools for MBBS Study in USA recognized by MCI
  • Top & best low fees US medical colleges for Indian students
  • Best medical colleges in USA for Indian students
  • Cheap medical universities in USA
  • The low cost fee structure of the top and best American MBBS colleges

Syllabus for MBBS in USA

The MBBS programs in USA are defined by the United States Medical Licensing Examination or USMLE and it is always recommended to go the USMLE approved medical colleges in USA.

The complete syllabus of MBBS in USA is as detailed below:

USMLE Step 1

This is the basic science course which covers different subjects in details that are Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems, Respiratory System, Skin and Related Connective Tissue, Cardiovascular System, Reproductive System, Gastrointestinal System, Endocrine System, Renal/Urinary System, Musculoskeletal System, and others.

USMLE Step 2

  • This step is a combination of clinical knowledge or CK as well as clinical skills or CS.
  • In this stage, the students get hands on experience by the clinical rotation of the students.
  • This step includes various subjects like Gynaecological Disorders, Digestive Disorders, Nutritional Disorders, Abdominal Disorders, Congenital Abnormalities, and a lot more along with mental disorder.

USMLE Step 3

  • This is the ultimate step of the syllabus where the students have to undertake a residency program.
  • The students here can choose their own subject of specialisation.
  • The syllabus of USMLE includes clinical rotation with the help of which the students get an opportunity to interact with patients thereby getting the required practical experience.

Let us Know Why Study MBBS in USA?

There are a number of reasons as to why you should study medicine in USA and some of the major factors to consider are as listed below:

  • The Indian students getting a medical degree from USA need not appear for the MCI test which is undoubtedly a great advantage which offers greater number of opportunities.
  • The students can get global exposure.
  • The medical colleges in USA offer top quality class education which is necessarily packed with the latest tools and technologies which is highly beneficial for students.
  • There is no requirement of donation fees or capitation fees.
  • In all the MCI approved USA medical college, the medium of instruction is English which makes it easier for the Indian students.
  • The best USA universities for medicine offer scholarships to the meritorious Indian students which acts as the financial aid.
  • The students studying in the MBBS colleges in USA can work part time to compensate for the fees.
  • The top medical universities of USA offer stipend on a monthly basis for the students.
  • A US medical degree is readily accepted worldwide.

List Of Few MCI Approved Universities For MBBS From USA

  • American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, USA
  • American Board of Emergency Medicine
  • American Board of Family Medicine
  • American Board of Hospic and Palliative Medicine
  • American Board of Otolaryngology
  • American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology
  • American board of Thoracic Surgery
  • American University Of Saint Vincent, Kingstown
  • American University of the Caribben, School of Medicine
  • Case Western Reserve University
  • Emory University, Atlanta
  • Harvard University, Boston
  • Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia of Thomas Jefferson University
  • Massachusetts Harvard Medical School
  • Mayo Medical School, Rochester
  • New York Medical College
  • New York University
  • NorthWestern University, East Chicago
  • State University of New York, Brooklyn
  • Temple University, School of Medicine, Philadelphia

PG Options after USA Medical Course

  • After completion of USA MBBS, they simply get a world with full of opportunities in front of them.
  • After becoming a doctor, there are a number of opportunities for employment for Indian students not only in the US but also anywhere in the world.
  • They can simply start their own practice, or they can also get very good as well as lucrative jobs with great salaries.
  • They can also opt for research in the medical field if they wish to.
  • In US, students should always keep one thing in mind that for practicing in the United States, the students are required to complete the residency program mandatorily where the mere completion of bachelor level of MBBS is not enough.
  • In an addition to this, the Indian students who opt to study medicine in USA but did not complete the residency program need to appear for the MCI test in India.

MCI – For Indian Students Seeking Admission Abroad

  • The widespread of awareness and the growing importance of MBBS abroad has proved to be the major factors attracting students from India seek admission to study MBBS in USA and other nations of the world.
  • Many MBBS abroad consultants in Delhi and other regions are found providing wrong and misleading information related to the courses, fee, living cost, food, accomodations, process of admission, and others.
  • Students are found stuck in trouble because of the unprofessional activities of study abroad consultants in India.
  • Hence, every independent Indian medical or other course aspirants is strongly advised not to seek the consulting services of unprofessional consultants or agencies pretending to be the authorized representative of a university or college abroad.
  • Students are advised to make proper inquiry, gather all the essential information before proceeding for the studying MBBS in abroad admission process.
  • Students can also refer MCI official website for relevant information anytime.

There are a number of education consultants in the country but it is to be kept in mind to not fall a prey to the fraud or the fake consultants for MBBS in USA.

Thus, at any point of time, you intend to pursue medical study abroad, do not look further but contact MBBS Experts for the best foreign education consultancy services.

About the Education Hub USA

The United States of America also is called US or just America. It consists of 50 states in total along with five self-governing territories, one federal district, and other possessions.

  • Capital – Washington DC and New York is the largest city
  • Official Language – English
  • Total Area – 9.834 million square kilometres
  • Population – 329 million as per 2019 census
  • Currency – US Dollars (USD)
  • Climate – Mediterranean and Tropical climate
  • Exchange Rates – 1 USD equals 71.73 Indian Rupee
  • TimeZone – EDT – 4 (FET), India is 9 hours and 30 minutes ahead of USA (Washington DC)
  • TravelTimefromNewDelhitoUSA – It takes about seventeen to eighteen hours to travel

Seasons in the USA

There are a 4 different seasons in the country. They are as described below:

  • Winter – January to March
  • Spring – April to June
  • Summer – July to September
  • Autumn – October to December

MBBS in USA for Indian Students

For the Indian students intending to set up an exceptional medical profession at any place in the world, it would not at all be a bad idea to apply for MBBS in medical universities in USA.

  • At present, there are more than about 4,500 Indian students who are studying in some or the other universities in USA.
  • Most of the Indian students come to study MBBS in USA and some are pursuing engineering.
  • The students from India are provided with good and effective arrangements which make sure that they do not face any troubles.
  • They are provided with good accommodation facilities where both in campus (dormitories or hostels) and off campus (home stays or apartments flats) in USA while opting medical study.
  • The off campus accommodation costs less as compared to the in campus accommodation facilities.
  • In an addition to this, the students opting for off campus accommodation can get a chance to explore the US lifestyle very closely without any kinds of deadlines.
  • The Indian MBBS students in USA can also get Indian food with ease in the restaurants and other eateries.

Thus, an Indian medical student can be assured that there would be no troubles regarding food and lodging while pursuing MBBS USA program from MCI approved Medical Universities in US.

The most preferred universities for MBBS in USA for Indian students that are also approved by the Medical Council of India or MCI are as listed below:

  1. Harvard University, Massachusetts
  2. New York Medical College, New York
  3. Washington University, Missouri
  4. Temple University, School of Medicine, Philadelphia
  5. University of California, California
  6. Emory University, Atlanta
  7. Case Western Reserve University, Ohio
  8. American University of Saint Vincent, Kingstown
  9. Mayo Medical School, Minnesota
  10. Northwestern University, Illinois
  11. State University of New York, New York
  12. University of Minnesota, Minnesota
  13. Wayne State University, Michigan
  • The medial study in US being a costly affair can get a chance to avail scholarships for their medical study in USA which is completely based on their merit.
  • In an addition to this, there are a number of top medical universities in USA that offers stipend to the medical students.
  • Also, international students can work part time for funding their medical studies in USA.

Medical College Admission Test (MCAT)

  • Every single student from India interested in seeking MBBS admission in USA 2020 need to appear for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT).
  • It is standardized examination conducted online.
  • It aims to assess the individual problem solving skills, written analysis, critical thinking, knowledge of scientific concepts and principles.
  • The Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) takes 7.5 hours to complete.
  • The test score ranges from 472 to 528.
  • It is conducted by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC).

Disadvantage of MBBS in USA

There are a few disadvantages for the Indian students studying in the medical Universities in USA which are as follows:

  • The weather conditions in USA can be a great problem for the Indian students since the weather conditions greatly varies from India thereby making it a bit difficult for the Indian students to adapt.
  • Racism still exists in USA which is certainly a matter of concern.
  • The cost of MBBS in USA is on the higher side as compared to many of the European countries like Germany, Russia, Poland, and others.
  • Very similar to many other universities in Europe, USA also offers no human dead bodies for the purpose of practicing.
  • The students are required to practice on dummies instead.
  • Some of the common Indian diseases like Malaria, Dengue, etc. do not exist in the United States and hence you might not be able to study what should be done in those cases while practicing in India.
  • USA is quite far from India and there might be a lot of challenges to face while adjusting.
  • Homesickness might be another disadvantage for the students at the time of studying medicine in USA since they are able to go home only during long vacations.

Why MBBS Experts for MBBS in USA?

  • MBBS Experts are one of the premier education consultants in India
  • We provide the best of guidance to Indian students who are planning to pursue MBBS abroad.
  • We provide very well researched assistance
  • We also render valuable and comprehensive counselling to the students for making a bright career in the future.
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  • Most importantly, we have a very good track record of helping several hundreds of Indian students to get admission in foreign universities in USA.

Validity of MD Degree in India and Abroad

  • The medical degrees so offered by the USA MBBS colleges as well as the medical universities are recognized all over the world.
  • USA degrees are readily accepted globally.
  • The global recognition as well as validity of the MBBS degree is what lures the international students particularly the Indian students to opt for studying medicine in USA.

Ratio of International Students for MBBS in USA from Different Countries

  • The students who are not able to clear NEET with good score or the required cut off marks should not be wasting a year for appearing in the same again.
  • Instead, it would a wise decision to seek admission to the MBBS Course in the top medical universities in the USA offering world-class education.
  • The total percentage of international students especially the Indian students has risen in USA medical colleges.
  • The number of Medical colleges approved by the MCI has gone up significantly in the past decade.
  • There are a lot more for Indian students opting for MBBS in the USA as compared to the other foreign countries.
  • The ratio of international students for MBBS in USA from other countries is just phenomenal with an increasing ratio with time.
  • The student to faculty ratio in all of the top medical universities of USA is quite competitive.
  • The considerable students to faculty ratio help Indian students to get the required attention while pursuing medical study in USA.

Things You Should Know Before Applying MBBS in USA

Given below are a few important things to know while applying MBBS in USA:

  • Need to clear the MCAT exam
  • No capitation fee is required
  • Valid IELTS or TOEFL score is required
  • The fees are much higher as compared to the other foreign countries
  • Premium quality education as well as curriculum
  • World wide fame and acceptance for the US medical degree
  • Part time working allowed for funding cost of education
  • Both in campus and off campus accommodation facilities
  • Living cost is on the lower side if off campus accommodation is opted
  • Indian food is also available
  • Opportunity to explore the US lifestyle


Central America, South America, Netherland Territory, and Caribbean Countries

  • In the above listed countries, students are lured to cheat people to the USA. The fact is most of the medical students are unable to reach USA. Students are found being tempted to learn USMLE and are cheated in the name of USA.
  • On an average, only 5% of the applicants are able to pass USMLE-1. The thing to note is the 5% student passing USMLE-1 are not allowed the visa to USA.
  • Even after passing the CS and CK examination, there is no guarantee of getting visa to USA for USMLE-1 and USMLE-2 applicants.
  • The maximum colleges are very small. They are run in rented buildings having 10-15 rooms only.
  • Students should avoid going to Central America, South America, Netherland Territory, and Caribbean Countries because students are cheated in the name of MBBS admission and visa to the USA
  • These countries listed above have nothing to do with the USA. They do not have any good link and are engaged in fraud activities.
  • The USA Green Card is the factor playing the role of easy tempting tool for students
  • About 95% of the Indian students who had travelled to the USA for the studies in medicine are returning back safely after completing their MBBS Program.
  • INR 45 to 90 lakh is the total expenses to pursue MBBS Course. It includes tuition fee, food, and accommodation for a medical aspirant.
  • There are many study abroad consultants in Delhi for MBBS admission. Many of them boast of having tie-ups with the medical universities or colleges in the USA. If someone says so it is good to ask to provide the visa to USA of existing students to check the authenticity of the fact.
  • Students and parents are strongly recommended to stay aware of frauds.
  • Choose the study abroad consulting services of only 100% dependable MBBS consultants in Delhi for overseas studies like MBBS Experts!

Our Services for MBBS in USA

  • We assist in documentation
  • Visa processing
  • Air ticketing & searching accommodation facilities
  • Represent top universities of the world
  • Complete admission solution under single roof
  • We at MBBS Experts have a team of experienced members who are into this field for a number of years at a stretch.
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  • We help you choose the best medical college from the top MCI approved medical colleges in the USA.

Choose MBBS Experts for MBBS Abroad Consultants in Delhi

There are few points to keep in mind while choosing the education consultants that are as follows:

  • Years of establishment
  • Checking the background
  • Checking for their valid registration
  • Their repute and fame
  • Total experience
  • Consultation charges
  • The complete system of support and help
  • Hidden fees or charges
  • Total number of VISA processed by them
  • What past students and parents say
  • Percentage of satisfied students

There are several lakhs of students who appear for NEET examination every year in India but as compared to the applicants, the seats are quite low. This gives rise to a very tough competition for the admission among the Indian medical aspirants.

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