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MBBS From Belarus

MBBS From Belarus

MBBS in Belarus Admission Procedure

MBBS in Belarus has helped many Indian students live their dream of studying MBBS abroad. In case you are looking for a good medical college or university abroad to pursue MBBS course, then Belarus can be your top-most destination. Medical education in Belarus has huge respect and a degree earned from there gets global recognition. One of the reasons for MBBS in Belarus is the low tuition fees (total tuition fees is almost $29,400 for MBBS Program) as compared to the hefty amount in terms of dollars charged by the medical universities located in other European countries. Every year about 3000 students apply for MBBS from Belarus.

MBBS course is taught in English so there is no need to learn the Russian language. There are no needs to produce IELTS or TOEFL scores, but one need to have good proficiency in English as the mode of instruction is English only. MBBS degree obtained from medical university in Belarus is internationally recognized allowing graduates to practice anywhere in the world. Also, the passing percentage of international medical students in Belarus based universities is 100%.

Most of the international students travel to Belarus to be a part of the MBBS program offered there. Each year students from different countries like India, Zambia, Ghana, and more seek admission to get the world’s best medical education. Medical education in Belarus is quite affordable and not like other European nations where you need to spend a huge amount to study MBBS. Moreover, the teacher - student ratio is 10:1. So chase your dreams of studying medicine abroad by enrolling in an MBBS course in Belarus today.

Courses Offered by Belarus Medical Universities

Course Duration
MD Program / MBBS 6 years
Dentistry Program 5 Years
Bachelors in Pharmacy 4
Bachelors in Nursing 4

Key Reasons to Choose Belarus MBBS Program

Some of the key reasons as to why MBBS Belarus would be the top choice are as listed below:

  1. MBBS Belarus has been the top choice among the Indian students and almost over the past two decades Indian students have been travelling to study medicine in Belarus.
  2. Almost all of the MBBS universities in Belarus offer degrees that are recognised globally and hence worth opting for MBBS Belarus.
  3. The students opting for MBBS from Belarus find it easy to clear the Screening Test conducted by NMC or National Medical Commission which is mandatory for the continuation of practice in India.
  4. Ultimately, the colleges for MBBS in Belarus that are approved by the National Medical Commission lies among the top ten medical colleges in the nation of Belarus.

Few Facts About Higher Education in Belarus

  1. There are a total of 51 institutions for higher education in the Republic of Belarus.
  2. Among the 51, 42 of them are state owned and the remaining 9 are private. Special secondary education is offered by 215 state owned and 12 private establishments.
  3. Higher educational institutions in the nation of Belarus offer top quality training of specialists at the 1st and the 2nd levels of higher education.
  4. Specialist training of other higher qualification such as postgraduate & doctoral studies is facilitated.
  5. Option to carry out research and producing unique as well as innovative products that are high tech in nature are made available for the eligible aspirants.

With all these, Belarus has remained one of the most preferred choices of higher education for the students from all over the world including Indian students interested in the study of medicine overseas.

Reasons for Which the Indian Students Choose MBBS from Belarus

There are a number of favourable reasons for which the Indian students go for a MBBS from Belarus. The number of Indian students has been consistently rising over the years thereby clearly indicating the immense popularity of MBBS Belarus.

Some of the major reasons are as listed below:

  1. The medium of education is English during the study period of Belarus MBBS
  2. There is no requirement of TOEFL and IELTS scores for pursuing MBBS studies in Belarus
  3. All of the medical degrees so offered by Belarus MBBS are recognised internationally which necessarily makes it worth to for MBBS in Belarus
  4. Medical education in Belarus makes the candidates eligible for certificate or entrance exams such as NMC, HPCSA, SCHS, USPLAB, MLE, PMDC, etc.
  5. The overall process of admission Medicine Study in Belarus is quite easy as well as convenient
  6. MBBS Fees in Belarus is affordable and hence it is easier for the Indian students
  7. There are a number of modern hospitals available in the nation for the purpose of doing internship during MBBS in Belarus
  8. The campus as well as the overall environment is friendly to the students at the time of medical study in Belarus
  9. MBBS study in Belarus is completely safe as well as secure for the foreign students which is a great sign of relief and certainly advantageous
  10. Belarus MBBS provides the opportunity to the students to have an interaction with some of the renowned personalities in the field of medicine
  11. MBBS in Belarus would necessarily provide Indian students with a global exposure which would be great for their future and career
  12. Exposure to the top quality education is what you get when you study medicine in Belarus
  13. As an Indian student, you would be quite happy to meet thousands of Indian students while pursuing MBBS in Belarus
  14. The employers in India always prefer students who have a foreign degree and hence MBBS abroad Belarus would prove to be fruitful
  15. Interaction with various cultures of the world is another main reason why the Indian students opt for Belarus MBBS
  16. There are sufficient as well as convenient options for accommodation for the Indian students during MBBS Admission in Belarus

Fact Sheet on Belarus

  1. Official Name: Republic of Belarus
  2. Latitude: 53.9167 degree North Longitude: 27.5500 degree East
  3. Location of Belarus: Eastern Europe
  4. Major cities/towns: Brest, Grodno, Gomel, Mogilev and Vitebsk
  5. Neighbouring Countries: Belarus is a landlocked country. It is bordered by Russia to the northeast, Ukraine to the South, Poland to the west, and the Lithuania and Latvia to the northwest

Which is the Top Medical Universities in Belarus?

Medical Universities in BelarusTown
Belarusian State Medical UniversityMinsk
Gomel State Medical UniversityGomel
Grodno State Medical UniversityGrodno
Vitebsk State Medical UniversityVitebsk

Medical Universities Recommended by MBBS Experts

International students seeking admissions in medical universities in Belarus find it a great and lucrative deal to study there. This is due to the foremost reason of low fee structure adopted by the medical universities in Belarus incorporating the reasonable tuition fees which can be afforded by the students.

Ratings and Review
Grodno State Medical University

Grodno State Medical University is the first institution in Belarus providing higher education in medicine. Grodno State Medical University is acknowledged for giving specialized medical education.

Country Ranking: 09World Ranking: 3948
Medium of StudiesEnglish
Eligibility Criteria60% in PCB, NEET
Duration6 Year
Deadline1st September
Ratings and Review
Gomel State Medical University

Gomel State Medical University has been recognized by WHO and other international groups. Established in 1990 Gomel State Medical University has world renowned 600 highly qualified professors in 34 departments.

Country Ranking: 18World Ranking: 5681
Medium of StudiesEnglish
Eligibility Criteria60% in PCB, NEET
Duration6 Year
Deadline1st September
Ratings and Review

Vitebsk State Medical University

Vitebsk State Medical University is recognized as the most distinguished institutions in the country of Belarus. Vitebsk State Medical University is acknowledged for training many professionals for the Public Health Services .

Country Ranking: 08World Ranking: 3928
Medium of StudiesEnglish
Eligibility Criteria60% in PCB, NEET
Duration6 Year
Deadline1st September

Ratings and Review

Belarusian State Medical University

Belarusian State Medical University is one of the medical universities in Belarus which has received international prestige and is a leading higher medical education institution.

Country Ranking: 02World Ranking: 1380
Medium of StudiesEnglish
Eligibility Criteria60% in PCB, NEET
Duration6 Year
Deadline1st September

Recognition of Belarus Medical Universities

Many of the medical universities in Belarus are recognized by following medical bodies in India and around the world:

Ranking of Top Medical Universities in Belarus

UniversityCountry RankingWorld Ranking
Vitebsk State Medical University83928
Gomel State Medical University185681
Grodno State Medical University93948
Belarusian State Medical University21380

Key Facts About Education in Belarus

  1. The infrastructure of the medical colleges in Belarus is just superb
  2. With all the modern techniques as well as tools, studying in Belarus is just awesome
  3. The processing speed and the overall facilities for the Indian students is just too good
  4. Wonderful campus and engaging study atmosphere
  5. The way of teaching is just fantastic and all of the faculty members are quite friendly.
  6. The local people are friendly and of welcoming nature
  7. Accommodation and food facilities are awesome
  8. Medicine Study in Belarus is just a great experience for Indian students in particular

Hostel Facilities While Striving for MBBS Degree in Belarus

Students need to check well in advance about the hostel facilities made available at the various university in which Degree for MBBS in Belarus admission is sought. Hostels facilities are comparatively good and reasonable.

Validity of MBBS/MD Degree in India and Abroad

  1. The medical degrees so offered by the Belarus MBBS colleges and medical universities are recognized worldwide.
  2. The global recognition as well as validity of the MBBS degree and the MD degree in India has readily increased the overall percentage of the Indian students who are looking forward to the MBBS courses in Belarus.
  3. A medical graduate from Belarus can practice in India after qualifying the medical screening test conducted by the examining body in the country.
  4. A medical graduate also has the options to practice medicine in Belarus, India or go for the PG courses in various countries.
  5. An Indian aspirant completing MBBS from Belarus can either grab the opportunity as a fulltime employee in any medical institution or go ahead with his/her private practice.
  6. The awarded degrees are recognised by the global medical bodies including World Health Organization (WHO), National Medical Commission (NMC), Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG Philadelphia USA), Lithuanian Centre of Quality Assessment in Higher Education, and more.

Ratio of International Students for MBBS in Belarus from Different Countries

  1. The total percentage of international students especially the Indian students has risen in Belarus medical colleges that are approved by the NMC has gone up significantly in the past decade.
  2. The ratio of international students for MBBS in Belarus from other countries is just phenomenal with an increasing ratio with time.
  3. In an addition to this, the student to faculty ratio in all the medical universities of Belarus is competitive which helps students in getting the required attention to the students pursuing medical study in Belarus.

MBBS in Belarus after NEXT Exam

  1. It is actually very good news for the MBBS students.
  2. The K Kasturirangan Committee has put forward a Common National Exit Test which is more popularly referred to as NEXT in National Education Policy.
  3. According the latest available report, the Indian MBBS studying in the private or government colleges will be soon appearing for the Common National Exit Test or NEXT during their final year of MBBS program.

Good FMGE Passing Results

The high quality education provided to students pursuing MBBS from Belarus medical colleges makes it easy for them to crack the FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Examination). The passing percentage of medical graduates appearing for it is comparatively good.

Fee Structure for MBBS in Belarus

University NameTuition fees / Year Hostel / Year
Belarusian State Medical University5100 USD700 USD
Gomel State Medical University4650 USD600 USD
Vitebsk State Medical University3800 USD400 USD
Grodno State Medical University4300 USD800 USD

Important Note

Mbbs Experts make you aware and remind the transaction related to fee structures. Indian rupees are not the exact fee to may carry to the actual price. These involve changes and variations in the exchange rates. Check the Exchange Rates before initiating the admission procedure, and university reserves have also had the right to change fee structure without sending personal intimidation with the students.

Further details related to the financial structure are given below:

  • They charge 100 to 150 USD per month for food.
  • It involves a first-come, first-serve basis at the start of the university entry.
  • Indian seats for Indian students are limited.
  • MBBS Experts offers top Government Medical Universities wherein students should have NEET pass scoring cards. Be alert with the fraud consultant.

Subsidised Fees

The tuition fees for MBBS in Belarus vary on the basis of the university selected for the MBBS program. The tuition fee can be around USD 2000-3600 annually. There are some education consultants committing students to offer the facility of subsidies fees which is actually not possible. So no MBBS study candidate seeking admission to MBBS College in Belarus should trust the offer of subsidized fees at all.


There are only limited educational institutions in the world offering scholarships to medical candidates. The scholarship amount can be a support but depending on it for the medical studies expense is not all the right decision. Scholarships for MBBS in Belarus can be a false commitment. So make your own financial arrangement for study MBBS in Belarus.

Living Cost

The living expenses in Belarus for international MBBS study students is comparatively low. Although the living cost depends on a student’s lifestyle, MBBS candidates can expect USD 200-300 every month.

Trust Only Genuine Consultants

If you do not want to experience disappointment, trust only the genuine consultants offering education abroad consulting services in Delhi. A decision made in haste can result in a big loss. The unprofessional consulting agencies make false promises and demand more money for their services. But a genuine MBBS study overseas consultants like us never misguide a candidate.

We provide only the latest and authentic information related to subsidized fees, living cost, scholarships, and more to make sure a candidate enjoys a good experience while MBBS abroad admission process. Contact us for the MBBS in Belarus admission support services!

Why to Study MBBS Course in Belarus?

There are a number of reasons as to why you should study medicine in Belarus and some of the major factors to consider are as listed below:

  1. The low cost fee structure of the top and best Belarus MBBS colleges as compared to the Indian private medical universities is the key reason as to why the students opt to study medical in Belarus.
  2. The students can get global exposure.
  3. The medical colleges in Belarus offer world class education and they are packed with advanced technology as well as equipment which are highly beneficial for the students.
  4. There is no requirement of donation fees or anything of that sort.
  5. The students need not appear for any entrance test for getting admission to Belarus MBBS colleges.
  6. All the NMC approved Belarus medical college, the medium of instruction is English which makes it easier for the Indian students.
  7. The best Belarus universities for medicine are top rankers of the world and hence the students get a chance to study at some of the top universities of the world.
  8. Students are allowed to pay their yearly tuition fee for Medical education in Belarus from top 10 medical colleges in Belarus semester wise (half yearly) from the first year onwards.
  9. Cracking IELTS or TOEFL is not required to get admission MBBS colleges in Belarus.

MBBS in Belarus for Indian Students

A Glimpse on Study in Belarus

  1. At present, there are more than about 3,000 Indian students who are studying in some or the other universities in Belarus.
  2. Most of the Indian students come to study MBBS/MD Belarus in English medium and some are pursuing engineering.
  3. More than about ninety percent of the Indian students in Belarus are pursuing MBBS.
  4. All of the MBBS Universities in Belarus are approved by NMC and WHO.
  5. The students from India are provided with good and effective arrangements so that they do not face any troubles.
  6. They are provided with good accommodation facilities in good hostels in Belarus.
  7. The students can also get Indian food with ease.

PG Options after Belarus

  1. After completion of Belarus MBBS, all the Indian as well as other international students can join PG or simply start practicing as a doctor.
  2. The certification and the qualification being valid throughout the continent of Europe and several other countries, the students can easily become a doctor and settle abroad too if they wish to.
  3. One of the add-ons to study medicine in Belarus is that the students can very easily join PG in any of the countries.
  4. Opting for PG after MBBS/MD in Belarus is just made easy.
  5. Most of the students are able to very easily crack the screening tests in their own countries for the purpose of practicing medicine or join PG.
  6. In an addition to this, the qualified MBBS graduates are always high in demand and at the same time they are highly paid.

Disadvantage of Doing MBBS/MD in Belarus for Indian Students

There are a few disadvantages for the Indian students studying in the medical Universities in Belarus which are as follow:

  1. Belarusian is the official language of Belarus and thus language could act as a barrier outside the university campus at the time of pursuing MBBS from Belarus.
  2. An Indian student might have to learn the local language that is Belarusian and Russian for effective communication while studying MBBS in Belarus which can a bit difficult as well as time consuming.
  3. The weather could certainly be a problem for the Indian students since it is always cold there in Belarus thereby making it a bit difficult for the Indian students to adapt.
  4. There might be some diseases in India that do not exist in Belarus due to weather conditions there and hence the Indian students might have to put in some extra efforts to get those diseases cured in Belarus.
  5. The students cannot study and work at the same time for the purpose of covering the expenses since MBBS course needs a lot of self-study and concentration. The students can neither go for a full time job nor a part time job while pursuing MBBS in Belarus.
  6. Similar to many other universities in Europe, no human dead bodies are provided to the medical students for the purpose of practicing. The students are required to practice on dummies instead.
  7. Homesickness might be another disadvantage for the students at the time of studying medicine in Belarus since they are able to go home only during long vacations.

Great Career Ahead After MBBS from Belarus

The door to success and growth in life opens after your successful completion of Belarus MBBS. There are a number of the options open for them to choose. Some of them are described below for your information:

Practice in Belarus: Indian students after pursuing MBBS from NMC approved Medical Universities in Belarus have the option open to get settled in Belarus. You can either practice there or opt for the post-graduation course.
USMLE: After you complete your study MBBS in Belarus, you can apply for the extremely demanding licensing exam of USA. It is the USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination) step- 1, 2, and 3. After clearing it, a graduate can go ahead with their career in medicine in the growing economy of the USA.
Practice in India: Indian medical graduates completing MBBS study from Belarus can return back to the motherland and start medical practice in any part of India after successfully cracking the FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Examination).
Hospital Management:  Courses in the Hospital Management can also a good and rewarding career option to the medical aspirants after MBBS Program. It has great scope and unlimited opportunities of growth worldwide. After your study Medicine in Belarus (MBBS), you can go for Masters in Hospital Management.

Security and Safety of International Students

  1. The security and safety of the Indian students doing MBBS in English in Belarus are generally good unless the students indulge in anti-social activities.
  2. No any incident of any racist attack on any Indian student in Belarus is reported which is a security symbol.
  3. No information about safety concerns is noticed by the Embassy.
  4. As a law-abiding resident, there will be no problem faced by the candidates MBBS in English in Belarus.

Registration of Indian Students Pursuing Study MBBS in Belarus

  1. An online grievance monitoring system “MADAD” has been launched by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India.
  2. This dedicated and useful MADAD portal has initiated – a Students’ Registration Module where all the Indian students abroad going or already studying can register themselves.
  3. The MADAD portal Homepage facilitates basic guidance about registering on the developed module specifically for the assistance of students from India doing MBBS in Belarus or other courses.
  4. All students from any part of India in Belarus whether studying MBBS / MD in Belarus in the English language or others are requested humbly to register themselves at the MADAD portal online at the earliest.
  5. In the condition of any problem faced by Indian students in Belarus the designated officers can be contacted published in this announcement.

Things You Should Know Before Applying MBBS Belarus

Given below are a few important things to know while applying MBBS in Belarus:

  1. Application procedure is easy and convenient
  2. There are no entrance examinations
  3. No donation required
  4. No IELTS or TOEFL score
  5. Low cost program
  6. Medium is English for the Indian students
  7. World class education and curriculum
  8. Great hostel for the Indian students
  9. Living cost is on the lower side
  10. Indian food is also available
  11. Opportunity to explore good social life as well as culture

About the Popular Nation Belarus

Belarus is a land locked country located in the eastern part of Europe which is bordered by Latvia and Lithuania to the northwest, by Russia to the north and east, by Ukraine to the south and by Poland to the west.

Belarus at a Glance

  1. Capital – Minsk and it is the largest city
  2. Total Area – 207,595 square kilometres
  3. Population – 3,729,600 as per 2017 census
  4. Currency – Belarusian Ruble (BYN)
  5. Climate – Cool continental climate
  6. Exchange Rates – 1 Belarusian Ruble equals 34.76 Indian Rupee
  7. Time Difference – India is 2 hours and 30 minutes ahead of Belarus
  8. Travel Time from New Delhi to Belarus – It takes about 7 to 8 hours to travel

More Interesting Fact About Belarus

  1. Religions: Eastern Orthodox 80%; Others 20% (Roman, Catholic, Protestant, Jews & Muslims)
  2. Languages: Belarusian (official) – 83.7%, Russian – 8.3%
  3. Driving: On the Right
  4. Calling code: +375
  5. Time Zone: Further-Eastern European Time (FET) zone, three hours ahead of UTC (UTC+03.00)
  6. Political Structure: The country Belarus is a Presidential Republic. The bicameral National Assembly (Parliament) consists of 110 Members’ House of Representatives (Lower House) and 64 Members’ Council of the Republic (Upper House).

Medium of Instruction for MBBS in Belarus Programs

Medical Universities in Belarus have recently started giving lectures in English language. But the students do need to learn Russian because from the 3rd year, they need to interact with local patients who only speak Russian. Institutes provide lessons in Russian language course.

Duration and More About MBBS in Belarus

  1. The total duration of MBBS Belarus program is six years with five years of study along with one year of internship.
  2. The medium of medical study in Belarus is in English as well as Russian.
  3. The medium of instruction of instruction being English, there is no difficulty for the international students.
  4. But all of the international students are introduced to the basics of the local language so that they do not have to face any kinds of problems at the time of internship while treating the local patients.

MBBS in Belarus Eligibility

The percentage of the international students seeking MBBS Admission in Belarus is constantly increasing because of easy to fulfil eligibility criterion.

To study MBBS in Belarus, the following eligibility conditions should be necessarily fulfilled:

  1. First of all, the candidate must be minimum 17 years old and below 25 on or before the 31st December of the year in which is admission is being taken.
  2. It is mandatory for the candidate to obtain 55 % marks in their 10+2 examination.
  3. The candidate must have studied Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English as subjects at the 10+2 levels.
  4. The candidates who belong to the SC, ST or OBC categories need 45 % marks in their 10+2 examination that is a relaxation of ten percent of marks.
  5. The candidate must have qualified NEET with a sufficient score.

Documents Required for MBBS/MD in Belarus

  1. Scanned copy of Class 10th Pass Certificate
  2. Scanned copy of Class 12th Pass Certificate/Mark sheet
  3. NEET Score Card
  4. 1 Passport size photograph.
  5. Scanned copy of Passport (first and last page)
  6. HIV Negative Report
  7. Bank Statement

Hassle-free Belarus MBBS Admission Procedure

The admission procedure of medical education in Belarus is not quite a difficult one. It is worry-free for the international students. The requirements can be simply fulfilled.

The steps for Belarus MBBS Admission to be followed are as enumerated below:

  1. First and foremost, the candidates need to fill the application form online.
  2. The next step involves the submission of all the checked and verified duplicates of your identification and other essential documents as well as reports to the imminent Universities through the online affirmation entry.
  3. Then the candidates need to collect the affirmation letter from the University within a time period of ten working days through their online confirmation entryway.
  4. After the affirmation of the confirmation, the movement methodology begins.
  5. After the application of MBBS study in Belarus is processed, the candidates get the welcome letter from the University.
  6. Once the letter is obtained, the candidates need to visit the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus within a time period of one month.
  7. As per the law, the letter of invitation is not approved by the universities or the colleges in Belarus but they are approved by the foreign registration immigration office only.

Importance of NEET for MBBS Education Abroad

All the aspirants need to clear the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test which is more popularly known as NEET for getting admission to the MBBS program in India. But there are a number of students who are not able to clear NEET with the required cut off marks and they wait for another year to appear in the test again. It would be a very good idea in this regard, to not waste any time and easily seek admission to the MBBS Course in Belarus.

  1. According to the recent announcement, qualifying NEET for admission to MBBS Course from any medical institution overseas is mandatory after May 2018.
  2. Any Citizen of India or Overseas Citizen of India willing to go for the study in medicine from overseas after May 2018 need to qualify the ‘National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test’.
  3. It is necessary for the admission to MBBS course abroad from any medical university approved by the National Medical Commission (NMC).
  4. The result obtained in the ‘National-Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test by an applicant to seek admission to MBBS Program shall be treated as the Eligibility Certificate for him/her.
  5. Moreover, a medical applicant applying for the MBBS in Belarus or other nation also need to fulfil the eligibility criteria defined by the educational institution providing admission to the student.
  6. Also should comply with the eligibility criterion prescribed in the Eligibility Criteria for admission to the MBBS course in the Regulations on Graduate Medical Education, 1997.

Impact of NEET Exam on MBBS admission in Belarus

  1. There are several thousands of students who sit for the NEET exam every year but many of them fail to qualify.
  2. With the immense competition and medical seat crunch in India, the students look forward to an overseas medical degree.
  3. NEET refers to the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test conducted by the National Medical Commission or NMC.
  4. For medical study in Belarus, at the approved NMC colleges, it is required to qualify NEET.
  5. Now, if a student wants to practice in India after completing medical study in Belarus, it is required to appear for the NMC screening test.
  6. But if a student is not planning to practice in India after completion of medical studies from Belarus, it is not required to qualify NEET.

Advisory for Indian Students in Belarus

This important advisory is especially for the students from the different parts of India who are interested in medical studies or are already pursuing MBBS from Belarus medical universities recognised by the National Medical Commission (NMC).

  1. Among the total number of the international students, you will find 99% students from India pursuing MBBS programs in Belarus.
  2. Students facing any kind of the problem or looking for any assistance related to courses can easily get in touch with the Embassy of India in Minsk.

Registration with Embassy

  1. Indian students enrolled for MBBS Belarus program on arrival in Belarus should undoubtedly register their names in the Education Wing of the Embassy.
  2. It will help the respective Embassy to establish communication with the students for any kind of important information sharing.

Open Doors for Indian Students

  1. For your kind attention, the doors of the Embassy are open always for visitors, particularly for the Indian community.
  2. MBBS course or other course students can walk in directly without any prior appointment to meet the Ambassador or the designated Student Welfare Officers and discuss their grievances and get the solution to any problem.

Vacations During MBBS in Belarus

  1. During the vacations, Indian students tend to come back to their home town but this can be done only in case of the long vacations.
  2. For short vacations, the students can get great entertainment facilities in Belarus.
  3. Music has always been quite a fascinating part of the country with lot of clubs, discos, discotheques, bars and restaurants where there are live DJs playing creating an electric atmosphere for the students to enjoy.
  4. Life during the vacations while pursuing MBBS in Belarus can be full of excitement as well as fun which cannot be missed at any cost.

As the premier consultants in the field of medical study, we offer very well researched assistance along with comprehensive counselling to the students to make sure that they have a bright future ahead in the field of medicine. We have the resources as well as the proven experience in the field of MBBS abroad studies in the country. We aim to provide students from India to have easy access to almost everything that is necessary to seek admission to MBBS in Belarus at MBBS Experts offices.

Syllabus for MBBS Course in Belarus

Syllabus Subjects
1st Year
  • Human Anatomy
  • Histology, Embryology, and Cytology
  • History of Medicine
  • Medical Biology, Genetics, and Parasitology
  • Chemistry
  • Latin Language & Medical Terms
  • Sociology
  • Politology
  • Russian Language
  • Bio-Physics, Information Science & Medical Equipment
2nd Year
  • Bio-Chemistry
  • Physiology
  • Micro-Biology
  • Philosophy
  • Russian Language
  • Physical Training
  • Economics
  • Logics
3rd Year
  • Basics of Psychology & Pedagogic
  • Pathological Anatomy
  • Social Medicine & Organization of Health Protection Services
  • Pathological Physiology
  • General Hygiene
  • Propeduetics of Inner Diseases with Patient Care
  • Pharmacology & Medical Dispensing of Medicines
4th Year
  • Remedial Gymnastics & Sport Medicines
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • Dermatoveneral Diseases
  • Radiative Medicine
  • Psychiatry, Narcology & Medical Psychology
  • Phthisiatry
  • Facultative Therapy Physiotherapy
  • Pediatrics with Medical Genetics
  • Nervous Diseases
  • Surgery
  • Endocrinology
  • Economics of Health Protection
  • Urology
  • Homeopathy 
5th Year
  • Ophthalmology
  • ENY
  • Occupational Diseases
  • Gynaecology
  • Hospital Therapy & Military Field Therapy
  • Hospital Pediatry
  • Oncology
  • Infectious & Tropical Diseases
  • Military Field Surgery
  • Children Infectious Diseases
  • Forensic Medicine
  • Neuro, Pediatrics Surgery, Hospital
  • Epidemiology & Military Epidemiology
  • Urgent States Medicines of Catastrophies Law
6th Year
  • Children Infectious Diseases
  • Neurosurgery
  • Obstretrics & Gynaecology
  • Therapy
  • Oncology
  • Diseases Infection & Tropical
  • Reanimatology
  • Surgical Diseases
  • Economics of Health Protection
  • Internal medicine
  • Hygiene
  • Social Medicine & Organization of Health Protection
  • Pediatrics
  • Pharmacology
  • Pediatrics Surgery

Very. Belarus is amongst the many countries that hold valued degrees of medical studying. In fact, a degree of MBBS from Belarus have many advantages.

There are many benefits of studying MBBS from Belarus. Such as, low education fee, world-class study programme, recognition by WHO and NMC.

Yes. Belarus Universities accommodates well for not only Indian students but also their culture, so thatthey can study MBBS from Belarus without a worry.

Vitebsk State Medical University, Grodno State Medical University, Gomel State Medical University, Belarusian State Medical University. These are the best to study MBBS from Belarus.

No. As long as the candidate fulfils the eligibility criteria, there will be no need to take a specific test to study MBBS from Belarus.

After completing MBBS from Belarus, the students must obtain work permit and residency permit to practice medicine in Belarus legally.

The student, who want to pursue MBBS from Belarus won’t have to pay any fees to take admission in any Belarus Universities.

Since Belarus Universities are recognised by European council and NMC, a degree of MBBS from Belarus will be accepted in India.

Absolutely. It is amongst the best place to study medicine. Due to the low fees many students aspires to study MBBS from Belarus.

After finishing MBBS from Belarus, you can get a job and earn about 8,940 BYN. The salary can be 15,200 BYN to the highest.

As per the law stated by Belarusian government Overseas students can’t do part time jobs

Yes. There are a number of Indian professor present to help you study MBBS from Belarus, among teachers from other nationalities.

The MBBS program usually lasts for 6 years for new applicants in the country of Belarus. Apart from MBBS program, the universities offer dentistry program and bachelors degree courses in pharmacy and dentistry, which lasts for 4 years respectively.

Indian students find Belarus as one of the most effective places for studying MBBS. Getting a degree from an international location will always be beneficial for the Indians students and when you’re doing it from Belarus, you will get special importance in your own nation as well.

Belarus has their own language but when it comes to MBBS and other professional doctorate courses, the country chooses English as it’s medium of communication in terms of education books and research subjects. If you speak and understand English, then gelling up with the professors and other students in Belarus MBBS batches would be really easy.

There are many certified institutions in Belarus for studying MBBS and the environment is quite welcoming for international students. Studying MBBS is totally safe and secure and it has been kept that way specifically for the international folks.

Indian students with a MBBS degree from Belarus will be very fruitful. All specialized hospital and medical centres keep looking for young blood with degrees from international locations, so it will good for students to do their MBBS from Belarus.

As a part of the MBBS program, a student can opt for taking part in MBBS medical projects that will get added in their curriculum vitae and add weightage in their career growth. One can carry out research quite easily and come up with innovative options. The professors assist and motivate students for taking up project works as well.

The MBBS focused universities in Belarus are some of the most renowned ones in the whole world. A student who has completed their medical degree from anyone of the Belarus medical universities will be easily getting a job placement anywhere in the world.

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