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Medical Science is one of the best fields to study.  It is the profession, which gives you a lot of respect for society, and you get an eminent position.  This field demands hard work but if you study wholeheartedly you experience one of the best time in the best part of your life. Many students opt for medical studies as their career option. Some of them study in their hometown while some believe that moving abroad for studying is better as you get knowledge at quite a good level, which will help you to develop a better career. Therefore, for the students who are looking for the right place to study medical science then Taichung city in Taiwan is a great option. It has one of the best universities that is China Medical University. The China Medical University is a premier medical university of Taichung, known for its internationally recognized degrees valid all over the world, and attracts eminent scholars to its faculty. China Medical University is among the largest and globally recognized universities in the field of medical education.

About China Medical University (CMU)

China Medical University (CMU) was formerly known as China Medical College. China Medical College was established on June 6, 1958. It changed its status as Medical University in 2003 and named as China Medical University. It is the first academic institution present in Taiwan where Chinese medicine and pharmacy programs are provided. Today, China Medical University is a clear leader in medical education with several of its two major campuses Taichung (including Wuchuan and Ankang) and Beigang amongst the best in Taiwan and its alumni occupying medical positions across the world.

China Medical University is nestled in the center of Taichung City, inculcating knowledge and delivery of world-class education not only in western medicine but also includes Chinese medicine, Chinese herbs inclusive pharmacy, nursing and health care, life sciences, and public health, research and practice through its 7 colleges. The University possesses facilities like up to date laboratories, library and reference center, two hospitals for teaching purpose, and a well-motivated and dedicated staff integrating their knowledge and experience to students.

Medical Courses and Academic Structure of the University

The China Medical University offers Bachelors in Medical and Stomatology in English and Chinese language. Adding to this, there are nine graduate programs including of Medicine, Institute of Nutrition, Institute of Environmental Medicine, Institute of Health Services Management, Institute of Nursing and Institute of Integration of Chinese and Western Medicine.

The academic structure and curriculum of medical courses offered at China Medical University are up to date and coordinated with the medical advancement happening across the world. The courses offered by this university are fully accepted by the foreign universities, medical institutions, hospitals and healthcare sector all over the world. The courses are also offered in the English language other than the Chinese language that helps overseas students to eliminate language hurdles.

The well-known and profound academic staff of Chinese Medical University includes both local and foreign professional lecturers and scientist that are committed to providing various learning opportunities to all students. Students are also offered regular guest lecture from the visiting medical professor of partner universities to gain real-world life experiences of the medical field as well as to learn something interesting tea enhancement of the students’ educational experience.

Campus of the University

The campus is located in the northern part of Taichung, close to the city center. The university provides a second well-equipped campus in Peikang, set up in Yunlin County in 1958. The Taichung campus consists of the Life Teaching Building, the Medical Building, the Huchu Building, the Medical Technology Building, and four hospital buildings. A teaching building, along with activity center and Matsu Teaching Hospital in parking campus is a total move toward medical education in a caring, nurturing and well-equipped environment.

There are four colleges named as College of Medicine, College of Chinese Medicine, College of Pharmacy, and College of Public Health in the university offering education in 20 different departments such as School of Medicine, School of Chinese Medicine, School of Dentistry, School of Nursing, School of Nutrition, School of Physical Therapy. School of Pharmacy and Second Programs Pharmacy, School of Public Health, School of Health Services Management, School of Occupational Safety and Health. School of Medical Laboratory Science and Biotechnology, School of Sports Medicine, School of Biological Science and Technology etc.

The university also has Chinese Medicine Library, Computer Center to support education, Extension Center, Environmental Safety, and Hygiene Center for the safety of students, Acupuncture Research Center, General Education Center for research purpose and Research and Development Committee to impart practical knowledge to students.

Academic Alliances of China Medical University

The university also has some educational alliances with other universities and research institutions to promote education and research and promote strategic partnerships. Through this alliance, a national network of students, teachers, and universities is facilitated by educational and research resources thus supporting higher education in Taiwan

The academic alliance network includes:

  1. National Tsing Hua University
  2. National Central University
  3. National Chung Hsing University
  4. Kaohsiung Medical University
  5. Taipei Medical University
  6. Feng Chia University
  7. Tunghai University
  8. Asia University

Recently the university launched a close multilateral cooperation with Academia Sinica, National Health Research Institutes (NHRI), National Research Institute of Chinese Medicine, National Museum of Natural Science, National Taiwan University, and International Hua-Xia Medicine Society. These institutions are working on the proposals concerning graduate student training and research collaboration.

International Collaborations of the university

Collaborations in North America

  1. University of Toronto (CA)
  2. McMaster University (CA)
  3. Brock University (CA)
  4. University of Texas Health Science Center (US)
  5. M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, University of Texas (US)
  6. Ohio State University (US)
  7. The University of California, San Francisco (US)
  8. Tulane University (US)
  9. University of South Carolina (US)
  10. Florida Atlantic University (US)
  11. Millikin University (US)
  12. Seton Hall University (US)
  13. Southern California University of Health Sciences (US)
  14. The University of California, San Diego (US)
  15. University of Mississippi Medical Center (US)
  16. University of Oregon (US)

Collaborations in Central/South America

  1. Universidad Autonoma de Centro America (CR)

Collaborations in Asia

  1. Nihon Pharmaceutical University (JP)
  2. Kyung Hee University (KR)
  3. Pusan National University (KR)
  4. Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (CN)
  5. China Medical University (Shenyang, CN)
  6. China Pharmaceutical University (CN)
  7. Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (CN)
  8. Heilong Jiang University of Chinese Medicine (CN)
  9. Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (CN)
  10. Shen Yang Pharmaceutical University (CN)
  11. Zhejiang Chinese Medical University (CN)
  12. Tung Wah Group of Hospitals (HK)
  13. Mahidol University (TH)

Collaborations in Europe

  1. University of Oradea (RO)
  2. Vasile Goldis Western University of Arad (RO)
  3. Palacky University (CZ)

Some Highlights about this University

  1. Taiwan Medical Accreditation Council (TMAC) conducted an evaluation of the School of Medicine, which was successfully passed by the school. The School of Medicine is now exempted from follow-up evaluations for the next 7 years.
  2. The China University Hospital has achieved an A-level evaluation as a teaching hospital and has been recognized as one of the country’s top medical center.
  3. The medical division of the Ministry of Education applauded the University continuing education and administrative support.
  4. From 2006 to 2009, The Ministry of Education granted the teaching Excellence award to the China Medical University making it a highest ranked university among medical universities in Taiwan based on student population.

How to apply for Medical Course in this University?

The students who want to study the medical course from this university can submit the application online free of charge. Applying for an international university is open to all if the students provided you satisfy the eligibility criteria but it is always advisable to apply through professional consultants who are having years of experience in this domain.

Eligibility Criteria for Medical Courses in China Medical University

To get admission for a medical course in Taichung, you must have completed the age of 17 years by December 31 of the year in which candidate is applying. In addition, the candidate must have passed 12 Years of formal education in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English with minimum 50 % of the marks in every subject.

Documents Required for Admission Application

  • Your mark sheets and academics certificates
  • Must have a valid passport valid for few years
  • Your fully filled VISA application
  • Passport Size Photographs
  • A letter of recommendation
  • Study Plan
  • Verification of Nationality

Why choose MBBS Study in Taichung?

  • No English test is required for studying Medical in the English Language
  • Simple and easy application process and excellent support to students
  • A great exposure to the students is offered as there students exchange programs for them
  • No extra donations and admissions of first come first serve basis
  • Great employment opportunities globally after the degree
  • Even you can avail scholarships.
How can we help you?

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