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Wuhan University

Wuhan University

About the Wuhan University

Wuhan University is one of the “211 Project” “985 Project” Universities which mean that it has complete support from the local government of China and in construction and development help. Wuhan University was established in 1893 by the name of Ziqiang Institute by Zhang Zhidong. Since then the University has developed a lot in the field of academics and changed its name several times till it was named Wuhan University in 1928. It is honoured as the “Most beautiful Universities in China” but that is not all, even the culture of the University and Faculty teach and live by the motto “Self-improvement, Perseverance, Truth-seeking & Innovation.” Very few Universities possess such a dignified presence of teaching and that is the reason why this University is famous for MBBS among the aspiring students who want to gain knowledge and experience in the management field. Because of these features of the University, it is considered as one of the best Universities in China to study MBBS.

Basic Eligibility 70 % in PCBE in 10+2
NEET Entrance Test Yes, with qualifying marks
Course Fees INR 3.03 Lakhs per year approx.
Duration of Course 5+1 Years
Medium of Instruction English
University Recognition Approved by NMC and WHO

Key Features of the University

  1. About 47,000 have studied different programs from Wuhan University out of which more than 1,500 are international students.
  2. Wuhan University is considered one of the best Universities in China for MBBS because of its experienced faculty and low fees.
  3. The University offers seven undergraduate programs including Software Engineering and Communication and six graduate programs including Geospatial Information and Clinical Medicine in English.
  4. A lot of students who want to study MBBS in China have enrolled at Wuhan University and the number is increasing only from the past 10 years.


Following are the faculties/departments of Wuhan University

Faculty of Humanities

  1. School of Philosophy
  2. School of Chinese Classics
  3. School of Chinese Language and Literature
  4. School of Foreign Languages and Literature
  5. School of Journalism and Communication
  6. Department of Art
  7. School of History
  8. Faculty of Engineering, and more

Faculty of Medical Sciences

  1. School of Medicine
  2. Medical Research Institute/Frontier Science Centre for Immunology and Metabolism
  3. School of Basic Medical Sciences
  4. School of Health Sciences
  5. School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  6. HOPE School of Nursing
  7. Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University (Hubei General Hospital)
  8. Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University (Second Clinical Hospital of Wuhan University)
  9. School of Stomatology (Hospital of Stomatology, Wuhan University)
  10. Medicine Vocational and Technical School of Wuhan University

Faculty of Information Sciences

  1. Electronic Information School
  2. School of Computer Science
  3. School of Cyber Science and Engineering
  4. School of Remote Sensing and Information Engineering
  5. School of Geodesy and Geomatics
  6. School of Printing and Packaging

Faculty of Sciences

  1. School of Mathematics and Statistics
  2. School of Physics and Technology
  3. College of Chemistry and Molecular Sciences
  4. College of Life Sciences
  5. School of Resource and Environmental Sciences
  6. The Institute For Advanced Studies

Faculty of Social Sciences

  1. Economics and Management School
  2. School of Law
  3. School of Marxism
  4. School of Political Science and Public Administration
  5. Department of Sociology
  6. School of Information Management
  7. Wuhan Institute of Education Sciences

World Ranking

Wuhan University ranks 335 in the world.

National Ranking of Wuhan University

Wuhan University ranks 20 in China. These rankings are given by Centre for World University Rankings which makes Wuhan University – one of the finest Universities in China to study MBBS.

MBBS for Indian Students at Wuhan University

  1. If you choose to study MBBS in China from Wuhan University then one of the best benefits that you will get is you will get exposed to the advanced tools and machinery that is being used currently in the world.
  2. There is a point in the number of students who go to study MBBS in Wuhan University and it is due to the experienced faculty.
  3. There are a lot of Indian students whom you can meet at Wuhan University so you will feel home all the time.
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Accreditation of University

This university is accredited by ministry of health and education which indicates the fact that this is one of the universities which has global recognition of it's MBBS degree.

Why Choose Wuhan University to Study Medicine?

Wuhan University has one of the most skilful and knowledgeable faculty that is always ready for the students anywhere they are stuck and of course, you get hands-on experience of the latest tools and equipment. There are other reasons to choose Wuhan University as mentioned below:

  1. Wuhan University is approved by NMC and WHO.
  2. There is the facility of all the amenities; in fact, the campus area is full of greenery and large.
  3. The education that you get from there is up to date and you get exposure to all the newest equipment used in the medical field.
  4. The library of Wuhan University is also a sight of attraction with hundreds of books on the medical field.
  5. Both tuition fees and cost of accommodation are on the lower side
  6. Top notch education facilities for the students
  7. Safe and engaging environment for all
  8. You get all the study material and classes in English medium so there is no language barrier.
  9. The university offers rewarding career opportunities to medical graduates
  10. Medical graduates can also go for PG and MD courses
  11. Teacher to student ratio is maintained such that all the students get most out of every class and are able to grasp everything that is being taught in the class.
  12. The cost of living is economical. You can easily spend your student life here at a low cost.
  13. The syllabus designed per year is updated to the international standard.

Duration of MBBS at Wuhan University

The program duration of MBBS in Wuhan University is of 6 years and in these 6 years; you get the best quality education which sets you, leagues, apart from others in the same field. In the first five years, you get academic training and then in the last one year, you get practical exposure to the actual fieldwork.

MBBS Course Syllabus

Here are some of the subjects that you study in the first five years:

  1. Human Anatomy
  2. Physiology
  3. Biochemistry
  4. Pathology
  5. Pharmacology
  6. Community Medicine
  7. Toxicology
  8. Forensic Medicine
  9. Anaesthesia
  10. Radiology
  11. Obstetrics
  12. Surgery
  13. Orthopaedics

Deadlines or Timelines for Admissions

The deadline for those who want to study MBBS in China in Wuhan University is 15th July 2021. Students who want to study MBBS in China must get this opportunity to get admission in one of the most prestigious Universities.

Student Life at Wuhan University

  1. After studying, you can walk in the park of Wuhan University, the campus is big and provides tons of different things to do when you are free.
  2. Wuhan University organizes cultural festivals from time to time for the students to participate and mix up with other students.
  3. The teacher-student relationship is best here. You can ask any doubt of yours at the University to the teachers and they are friendly and keen to answer all of your queries.
  4. There is the facility of the playground and all the different kinds of sports and gym at the University.
  5. You get exposed to some of the intellectual personalities of the medical field if you want to study MBBS in China from Wuhan University.

Documents Required for MBBS Admission

  1. Photocopy of a valid passport
  2. Passport photo
  3. High school academic transcript
  4. High school graduate certificate

Eligibility for MBBS in Wuhan University

MBBS in China eligibility is a matter of immense importance and one of the most important aspects of applying to MBBS in China. The candidates should fulfil all the eligibility conditions at the time of applying for an MBBS seat in China in Wuhan University. Below are the key eligibility criteria:

  1. To study medicine in China at Wuhan University, the upper age and lower age limit of the candidates is 25 and 17 respectively.
  2. Studying Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in the curriculum by the applicants is mandatory who wish to study in China.
  3. The candidates should have scored 70 percent marks or more in all of the three subjects mentioned above.
  4. To study medical in China, studying the experience of two years of Physics, Chemistry and Biology required
  5. The applicants need to clear NEET with qualifying marks.
  6. A valid IELTS or TOEFL score is necessary.
  7. Fluency in English and the ability to communicate freely in English is necessary.

Admission Procedure for MBBS in Wuhan University

The admission procedure for Wuhan University is quite simple and straight forward. Admission Process is Described Below:

  1. The students can fill up the application form online from the website and provide all the required details with the attached documents.
  2. Information like marks obtained in Physics, Biology, and chemistry will be asked in the application form.
  3. The application form will be then checked based on the skill check.
  4. The interview will be easy to check the skills and language proficiency of the student.
  5. After that, you need to submit the admission fees to the University if you want to study MBBS in China.
  6. The University will contact you back in 30 days regarding all the information and admission date.

Wuhan University Fees Structure

Particulars Tuition Fee / Year Hostel Fee / Year
Fees in US Dollars 40000 RMB 5000 RMB
Fees in Rupees (INR) Approx. 4,00,000 Rupees/yr. 50,000 Rupees/yr.

MBBS Experts would like to bring to your notice that the Tuition Fee for the MBBS Course or other Courses may vary depending on the Exchange Rates of Indian Rupee against USD. Exchange rates are volatile and are subject to change from time to time. Kindly check the Exchange Rates before initiating the admission process. Also, note that the University/College reserves all the rights to amend the tuition fees anytime without any prior personal intimation to the students.

Why Medical Students Choose China for MBBS Studies?

The most common reasons to study medicine in China are as listed below:

  1. The tuition fee is highly affordable and is less than that of any Indian private medical university.
  2. You will get a global exposure for the same.
  3. The universities are packed with advanced technology and equipment to make their students get involved in world-class education.
  4. There is no donation or capitation fee required for admission into the medical universities of China.
  5. The medical degree is globally recognized.
  6. Exposure to the latest equipment and trends.
  7. Fees are low while the teacher and the knowledge you get is premium.
  8. Getting admission is easier in Chinese Universities.
  9. Living cost is very affordable for the students who want to study MBBS in China.
  10. You do not have to appear for any entrance test for MBBS education into China
  11. For all the NMC-approved Chinese universities, the medium of instruction is English. English being the teaching medium for MBBS in China attracts more students.
  12. All the medical universities are top and world-ranked. You get the chance to study in the top medical colleges in China.
  13. The degrees and diplomas offered by the Chinese medical colleges are globally recognized by bodies like NMC, UNESCO, and WHO.
  14. There are a number of NMC-approved universities in China. The best medical colleges in China for Indian students have world-class facilities.
  15. Chinese education systems in the world hold a good reputation of medical education and the degrees that they offer are globally recognized.

What are the Advantages with MBBS Experts?

MBBS Experts located in Delhi provides many advantages to its students seeking MBBS abroad consulting services. Some of the key advantages are:

  1. Proven experience in medical colleges in China admission support
  2. Pool of expert counsellors to help you choose best medical colleges in China for Indian students
  3. Professional Chinese MBBS colleges consulting services
  4. Low consulting fee
  5. Over 100+ VISA processed
  6. Free of cost admission counselling in China medical colleges
  7. Food, accommodation, and other supports until the completion of MBBS courses in China

Key Services for MBBS Abroad Studies at MBBS Experts

  1. Personal attention to student problem or parents problem
  2. Free of cost counselling 24×7
  3. Assisting in the documentation process
  4. Visa application support and Air ticketing
  5. Making the availability of China Medical college list
  6. Helping in finding the low fees China MBBS colleges
  7. Assisting in choosing the best China MBBS university

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