Book a Seat for MBBS in Russia

How to Book a Seat in Russian Medical University?

How to Book a Seat in Russian Medical UniversityRussia has lately become the favorite destination for MBBS aspirants worldwide. English medium medical education at affordable rates by universities in Russian attracts students all over the world. Russian Universities have secure admission procedures for students.

Booking a seat in Russian Medical Universities is easy. You can get admission in the best Russian Universities without having to pass an entrance test. The universities in Russia also do not accept donations from the students.

Russian MBBS universities offer quality education at a low cost. The universities also have tie-ups with various other universities in other countries. The course procedure in MBBS universities in Russia is also straightforward.

The Medical Council of India identifies most of the universities in Russia for MBBS. All the MBBS universities in Russia are also government-funded. MBBS universities in Russia also offer excellent scope for research.

Indian students can easily adjust in Russian Universities. Some of the universities have a significant number of Indian students under their umbrella. Indian students can also connect with senior students from India to know the course better.

The students also get the benefit of scoring a job in renowned hospitals across the world.

What is the Intake of the Best Russian Universities?

  • The best universities in Russia opens application from February- March every year
  • The universities in Russia admit more than 4,000 students annually
  • There are various Russian Universities that you can choose to apply in
  • But before you g to use, you must talk to the university representative.
  • You can connect with the university representative over the call or mail
  • You must ask the university representative all about the course curriculum and the student life
  • Do not forget to ask about the university fee and other charges
  • Once you get complete information about the universities you are interested in, you can go on and apply.

How can I book a Seat in the Best Russian Universities?

Mentioned below are a few steps that will help you book a seat in the best MBBS universities in Russia:

  • The first step is to go on the official website of the university and apply for admission
  • The application procedure entails filling the admission form with your personal and academic details
  • The second step is uploading the documents relating to acceptance on the university website
  • The materials that you may need to upload are Class 10 and 12 mark-sheet and pass certificate
  • Other documents may be the copy of the passport, scanned text of NEET results and six colored photographs
  • The student must wait for the university to notify him if the application has been accepted
  • If the implementation of the student gets approved, the student will receive an invitation letter
  • On the receipt of the invitation letter, the student must proceed on to paying the fee for the university
  • After the payment has been paid, the student must apply for a VISA as soon as possible
  • After completion of the VISA procedure, the student must book the flight to Russia
  • The classes start in the first week of September.

Benefits of Studying in the Best Universities in Russia

There are myriads of benefits of studying in the best universities in Russia, some which are mentioned below:

  • MBBS universities in Russia offer low-cost education to domestic and international students
  • The students are also eligible to get scholarships and other grants from the university
  • A student in MBBS universities in Russia get a chance to learn from renowned academician and lecturers in the world
  • The universities in Russia have a lower pupil-teacher ratio and, therefore, is an excellent option for students.
  • The universities are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities
  • There are several teaching hospitals affiliated to the top colleges in Russia
  • The inflow of patients in the teaching hospitals is high and, therefore, benefits the students.
  • Indian students get to savor Indian cuisine in cafeterias in the University campus
  • Indian students also get separate accommodation facilities
  • The Medical Council
  • approves the universities in Russia Of India
  • USMLE and FAIMER also recognize the top universities in Russia
  • The students get familiar with the European Standards of living
  • Many Russian cities are among the most livable cities in the world for students
  • The students also get to explore rich Russian culture and traditions
  • The universities in Russia also offer classes for students to learn the Russian Language

Tips for Studying MBBS in Russia

Mentioned below are some of the tips for students in India who want to pursue MBBS in Russian Universities:

  • Russian Universities have plenty of applications coming in and therefore, and the students must apply months in advance
  • The university also allows seats on the first-cum-first-serve basis
  • The students must do their research about the university before applying
  • The students can also take help of third party websites such as Study Europe
  • The students need to know about the fee and the available accommodation facilities
  • The students must also have a map of the city so that they do not get lost
  • The student must refrain from roaming around at night
  • The students also have to update their parents about their location
  • The deadline for application for the Universities in Russia is July 30
  • The students must try to submit their request by that date
  • The students also must carry warm clothes as the temperature falls drastically in Russia
  • Initially, the student has to pay Rs. 20,000 for application
  • This amount is entirely refundable
  • The student will also get summer and winter vacations in the universities in Russia
  • Indian students can also do their Internships from India during summer and winter vacations
  • The student must also carry the original documents in the first year of college

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