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Know More About ChinaChina is one of the beautiful countries in the world. The picturesque beauty of this country is just marvelous.  The natural beauty of China and its’ technological advancement attracts a large number of people across the globe.

There are many beautiful places in China to visit. The people can enjoy the spectacular scene at Canola flower fields, and it makes your spring season awesome. Moreover, the unusual scenario of Haunglong touches your mind.

That is why this country always snatches the mind of the people, especially travelers.

Geography of China

China is located in eastern Asia and surrounded by the Pacific Ocean in the east.

  • This country is considered the third most tremendous state.
  • This country has 9.6 million square Km area.
  • There are near about 6536 islands in this country.
  • This country has vast expanses of physical features such as plateau, basins, mountains, hills, and many more.
  • It has the world largest urban area that will touch your mind.
  • The limestone landscape and the natural grassland of China sooth your mind gently.


China is considered one of the oldest civilizations in the world.

  • This country has a history of 4000 years, and it carries its rich culture since then.
  • This country makes history in inventing gun powder, printing, and the compass that has a significant contribution to humanity.
  • The excellent china wall reflects the 2000 years old engineering projects well.
  • China witnessed a long history of human slavery, primitive society, feudal society, and so on.

Climatic Condition

The climatic condition of China varies from region to region.

  • In the north region of China, it is the cold climate in the Winter season.
  • The climatic condition is a little bit mild in the south part of China.
  • However, the summer season is scorching here in every region of China.
  • Rain is scarce in the western desert areas of China.
  • There are wide varieties of flora and fauna in China.
  • China has 32, 000 species of Plants and has more than 2349 nature reserves.

Weather and Temperature

There is a great diversity in weather condition in China and temperature.

  • The northeast part of this country has experienced dry and very hot summer.
  • The temperature falls very low in the winter season, and the temperature is -20 degree C.
  • The northern region and the central part of China have significant rainfall.
  • Most of the time, the temperature during the summer season stays 26 degree C.
  • It has been observed that winters feel bitterly cold and the temperature remains 0-degree C.
  • There is substantial rainfall in the southeast region of this country.
  • The people of this country sometimes experienced semi-tropical weather during the summer season.
  • This country is prone to seismic activity periodically.
  • The temperature remains very pleasant between September and October.


China has a large economy chain, and it has the third-largest economy based on the GDP rate.

This country holds strong position in international trade.

  • According to the National Science Foundation, this country has become the number one manufacturing company in the world.
  • Records say China became a member of WTO, with an international trade value of US $ 4.62 trillion.

Technology and science

This country is much more advanced in technology and science.

  • The successful launching of more than 35 satellites proves its stronghold in science projects.
  • The Chinese Government mainly focuses on scientific advancement.
  • It has successfully carried out with numerous scientific and technological projects.
  • China has rapidly developed its infrastructure and give it an ultra-modern look.
  • They developed their academic publishing sectors for the benefits of the people.
  • They are using high-quality technology for commercial application.


In the past years, the cultural aspects of this country have been influenced broadly by Confucianism.

  • The Chinese Government accepts various forms of traditional culture as it’s an integral part of society.
  • After the Cultural Revolution, there is a revival in ancient Chinese art, literature, architecture, film, fashion, etc.


The total population of China is 1.25 billion, and it is one of the largest populated countries.

  • It has been recorded that there is an uneven distribution in the Chinese population.
  • The eastern part of China is densely populated, and it has above 300 persons per Square Kilometer.
  • Contrarily, the western region of China is scarcely populated, near about 40 persons per sq. Km.
  • As per the census record of 1990, the national density of population is near about 119/ square kilometer.
  • The proportion of the aged population is 67.3%.
  • The percentage of 15-64 aged population is 67.3%.
  • On the other hand, the population of over 65 aged people is 6.4%.
  • The average life span of the population of this country is near about 70 years.


Multi religions follow China, and there you can see different types of religions.

  • There are many people in this country who follow Buddhism as their religion.
  • As per the records Taoism, Islam and Buddhism are the three main religion in China.
  • It has been observed that very few people follow Protestantism and Catholicism.


The official language of China is Mandarin or Putonghua.

  • Many minority groups communicate through their languages.
  • As per the records, the people of the southern part of China communicate Cantonese.
  • The medium of writing in the Chinese language in China.
  • However, the colleges and universities of China use English as their medium of communication.


The currency of China is RMB.

  • The unit of RMB that Chinese people use is Yuan.
  • The new exchange rate between the Yuan RMB and US Dollars is8.3:1.

Colleges and Universities

There are many famous top-class universities in China.

  • Chinese Universities offer a wide range of educational courses.
  • China has numerous private universities where students can get a high-quality education with many other facilities.
  • The Chinese Government has many Universities where the students can pursue their higher study at an affordable cost.

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