Living cost in Ukraine

Living cost in Ukraine

Living cost in UkraineThe candidates who wish to study in Ukraine worried about living costs. It is the prime concern of every student who has planned to have a degree from foreign. So, in this article, a detailed account of living costs has been given. Besides, the overall cost of living, this article sheds light on the other expenses like transportation cost; communication, etc. here, the students need to carry extra bucks except for tuition, accommodation costs. There are a great chances for you to spend on food, entertainment, etc. Here, you will find all the price separately for better understands.  It will help you in your decision-making process.

The fee structure in Ukraine

If it is your plan for seeking MBBS admission here, then the course fee is essential for you to know.

  • There is a chance of getting a high-quality education at an affordable cost.
  • The MBBs course fee costs you 4000 USD to 5500 USD per year
  • For the cost of average hostel, cost will be 2000 USD

Accommodation cost

  • The accommodation cost may vary for different universities
  • Generally, the price of the accommodation may differ between 40 USD to 100 USD
  • You can live with your classmates in shared rooms
  • In that case, the cost will be divided
  • The price of the private apartment is a little bit high here
  • Moreover, the apartment cost will depend on its location, size.
  • If you want to avail one-bedroom apartment within the city, it charges you approximately $ 8325
  • Whereas outside the city, it will cost you 5600 approx
  • The candidates need to know about furniture before choosing the same for rents
  • In comparison with the apartment, it is better to opt for a university hostel for the candidates
  • Moreover, it worth you to choose this country for admission as it si much lower than another country

Utility charges

Here, the monthly utility charges have been given. You need to check below to know about the same:

  • The whole payable amount for essential utilities is altogether 2586 $ approximately
  • The necessary utility facilities include cooling, garbage, heating, water, electricity, etc.
  • If you choose a university hostel, then you do not have to pay much for utility charges

Meal expenses

Ukraine is well known as an agrarian country as it serves you with several cooking traditions.

  • The tasty recopies of this country can satisfy your hunger
  • The students must have approximately 20.81 USD for having a meal at mid-range restaurants
  • If you choose the inexpensive one, then you have to spend near about 5 $ that is much affordable
  • For having the heavenly taste of cappuccino you have to pay only 1.11 $
  • There are some popular supermarkets where you will find various types of groceries
  • The popular supermarkets such as Ashan, ATB, etc
  • Dairy foods such as milk, white bread you have to spend only .13 USD
  • The Indian students need to pay only 1.1 bucks for having Rice in this country
  • The costs for proteins such as chicken, eggs you have to spend 0.9-1 USD
  • 1 liter of water will cost the students 0.3-0.5 to satisfy their thirst while roaming around the city

Communication charges

In comparison with other countries, the fees for communication is much cheaper n this country

  • It is one of the essentials factors that you have to know to communicate with your home
  • If you have taken local mobile tariff, then you will not have any unique plan
  • 1 minute of the prepaid mobile tariff will cost you .04 $
  • For accessing the internet facility you have to pay near about 5.28 $
  • It includes 60 MBPs, unlimited data
  • The cost of cable or ADSL is almost the same here a compared with internet facility
  • In this country, the candidates have to purchase SIM cards, phones from nearest telephone shops
  • You should not buy it from the street vendors
  • For having the SIM card the students must have a valid passport, migration card

Sports and leisure cost

There are lots of options for the students to enjoy here.

  • You can easily find a hall to watch movies
  • Either you can also opt for the theatre here
  • There are lots of beautiful places where you can visit
  • The purpose of cinema, international release you need to spend only 4.16 $
  • If you are a fitness freak, then you can join any super facilities gym
  • Fitness club of this country will cost you 18.57 $
  • If you want to go tennis court at rent for 1 hour in the weekend 10.36 $

Transport cost

Here the transport costs have been given.

  • You will find it cheaper than the other countries
  • For one way local transport cost you 0.4 USD to 12 USD
  • This cost is variable in case of pass
  • In this country for having taxi facility you need to spend 2-3 USD
  • Additional 045 USD will be added for per 1 kilometer
  • Gasoline charges for 1 liter in this country cost you .85 to 1.05 USD
  • If You want benefit for the monthly pass for local transportation, then you need to disburse 300 $
  • Taxi for 1 hour waiting in the standard tariff will cost you $ 72

Clothing and outfits

  • The costs of clothing and costumes are quite cheaper than in this country
  • However, the expensive branded items are not less costly here
  • For casual dress if you go for buying some jeans then starting range for one pair of jeans is USD 40
  • The summer dress collection will start from USD 40
  • The shoes cost you USD 20
  • If you are chasing after good running shoes, then you will not find them below $ 100.
  • If the students want to have leather shoes, then you have to spend 110.32 $

Cost for medical purpose

The candidates need to have health insurance to ensure your good health

  • The health insurance policies provide you with multiple facilities
  • Here, you will get the chance for free medical checkup in reputed clinics
  • You have to pay $ 1220 for having medical insurance for one year plan
  • This covers emergency treatment, clinics, hospitals, etc.
  • Even, sometimes, they will pay for your doctor fees in case of some acute diseases
  • There are cashless processing facilities are available in this country

 Comparison of cost of living between Ukraine and India

If you have chosen Ukraine for study, then you have made the right decision

  • There is a vast difference between the price of Ukraine and India
  • The cost of the consumer prices in Ukraine much higher than that of India
  • The rent price is 47. 57% lower than the price of Ukraine
  • There is not much difference in transport cost in case of local transport
  • As per the statistical report, it is clear that local transport cost in Ukraine is 3.97 % higher than India
  • However, the student has to pay much for utility charges
  • In Ukraine, the candidates have to pay 66.49 % more price than that of India
  • The clothing price is much lower than Ukraine
  • The difference in clothing price between Ukraine and India is 28-49 % approximately
  • The food cost of Ukraine is a little bit higher than the food cost of India
  • The difference between the food cost of Ukraine and India is about 63 %
  • Though few items are cheaper in Ukraine than India
  • If the candidates want to go to restaurants, then they have to pay much in Ukraine
  • The restaurant cost in Ukraine higher 35.25 % higher in India
  • In the case of buying an apartment, you have 53 % higher than India

Why should you choose Ukraine for MBBS?

While it is the matter of your education, then you think that why should you opt for this country. Numerous reasons will lead you towards this country. If you want to know the playing factors, then you should check below:

  • Ukraine is like a dream destination for the candidates
  • The prestigious medical authorities approve all the universities
  • It will guarantee you of having a globally accepted degree here
  • The course fee is quite affordable in this country
  • Here, the students will have the scope for getting proper professional guidance from the lecturers
  • The candidates will get the accommodation along with the basic amenities facility
  • Ukrainian universities offer you the opportunity to work with the famous hospitals here
  • Here, there is a chance for you to get a lucrative job
  • It will be easier for you to shape your career in this country
  • The exchange programs conducted by university provides you with the chance of global exposure
  • The candidates will get multicultural experience here
  • There is a chance for you to learn new languages
  • Here you can travel all around the city
  • The candidates have to follow the simple admission process

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