MBBS in China Advantage and Disadvantage

Pros and Cons of MBBS in China

MBBS in China Advantage and DisadvantageChina is a beautiful country and eastern neighbor of India. The approval by MCI of Chinese Medical Universities makes the Indian Student travel to their land. China has several numbers of the esteemed university that provides knowledge at an affordable price.

The Advantages of Studying MBBS in China

If you are planning to study MBBS in China, you can take admission in China. The culture, food, and education attract students from all over the world. Here are the few points you can look for before applying for admission.

Eligible for Medical License

According to the source, there are 43 Medical University in China that is accredited by the Chinese government. These universities are listed in “Directory of World Medical School.” It is also listed in the top university by the World Health Organization.

  • The students graduating from these universities can sit in the National Medical Licensing exam for Medical Licensee.
  • For Indian students, they are eligible to appear in medical license exams conducted by MCI.
  • The other license exams in which the students can appear are PMDC, PLAB, USMLE, SCHC, etc.

Grab a Degree from a Globally Recognized University

The students qualifying from the renowned University in China have the fortune to be granted by graduation certificate.

  • This certificate holds a reputation to be recognized internationally.
  • The students coming from abroad get the certificate in English written boldly that the student has qualified MBBS.
  • The degree from a recognized university helps in applying for an internship from reputed hospitals.
  • The MCI approves this degree and provides jobs in top hospitals in India.

Be a Part of the Best

The Chinese universities rank in the top 500 universities of the world. Each year a lot of students from abroad fly to China for MBBS course.

  • China has lots of medical universities which provide an option to choose for students.
  • Peking University and Fudan University are one of the best universities in China.
  • The universities focus on student comfort. They have a flexible education system for international students.
  • Due to the inclusion of a high number of international students, most universities are English medium.


China is one of the most affordable countries for a living. The cost of studying MBBS lowers by 60-70% in China.

  • The six-year medical course in China costs around $30,000-50,000.
  • Whereas in the UK or US, the cost gets doubled.
  • The annual fee for well-recommended university is between $1000-2000.
  • The students do not need to pay any donation fees before admission.
  • This takes out a lot of burden from students.
  • The government of China provides subsidized tuition fee rates to the students.

Safety and Security

China is a country of harmony and peace. Here are a few points which show it is one of the safest countries to live.

  • The Chinese government has strict rules for the regulation of crime.
  • The government provides exceptional care for international students to provide a healthy environment inside the university campus.
  • The Chinese rules are strict for criminals due to which the crime rates are dropping each year.


  • The Chinese universities are equipped with high-tech technology and modern instruments.
  • The full furnished campus and hostel provide a standard of living to students.
  • The university has different clubs to provide recreational activities to the students.

Be a Part of the Profound Culture

  • China has the oldest medical history of more than 23 century old.
  • The herbal medicines are at least 2200 years old.
  • The students coming to china seeking for knowledge in medical became part of this culture.


  • Chinese food is loved all over the world.
  • The lip-smacking taste of sauces and noodles attracts many.
  • Chinese cuisine has a wide variety of food items which the students coming from abroad can enjoy deliciously.

The Disadvantage of Studying Medical in China

While looking at the advantages of studying in China, we can’t ignore the problems. Here are a few disadvantages explained which you should look for before admission.

Low Passing Percentage

The students studying Medical courses in China face the difficulty in passing the FMGE examination.

  • FMGE is an examination the international students have to qualify after graduating for the registration with MCI.
  • According to sources, in 2016 out of 3772, only 261 passed the examination.
  • This roughly calculates into 6.9 passing percentage of the students.
  • The declining percentage of students passing has created a loss of interest in studying in China.

Need to Learn a New Language

  • The students coming from abroad have to learn the local language.
  • Most of the international students face this language barrier between them and the natives.
  • With the burden of studying medicine, the students have to take one more charge of learning a new language.
  • The natives are not efficient in spoken English which makes it difficult to communicate for international students.
  • During an internship in hospitals, international students are provided with translators to communicate with the patient.
  • It makes it difficult for doctors to communicate with the patient properly.

Beware of Fraud

China has a plethora of universities which provides education for Medical. In these universities, few have low-quality knowledge. These are fraud university, and the degree from these universities does not carry any value.

  • According to the source, China has more than 35% university, which has been ranked ‘C’ by the MCI.
  • These universities provide very low-quality education and creates zero experience for the students.

Other Issues

There are many disadvantages which cannot be categorized into a single term. These issues should also be looked after before taking the big step of admission.

  • The international students are prohibited from touching the patient during an internship.
  • The training of students is not done in actual bodies; instead, it is done on dummies.
  • MBBS course abroad in the low budget can get a better option in other neighboring countries.

Countries like Bangladesh and Kyrgyzstan provide high FMGC score to students studying there.

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