Is MBBS in China Approved in India

MBBS Degree From China is Approved in India

Degree of MBBS in ChinaYes, studying MBBS in China is approved in India. Being a doctor is a reputed profession the students from Indian fly to China for this degree. Here are a few points that describe why studying MBBS in China is approved in India.

Medical Council of India

Medical council of India is an apex body that establishes uniformity and high standard of medical education. It also approves medical institutions and grants recognition of medical certificates. MCI also grants registration to the medical practitioner and keeps on check the medical practice in India.

  • MCI approves almost 40 universities in China.
  • MCI releases a list each year of the approved universities.
  • MCI grades the university based on the quality of education as A+/A/B+/B/C.
  • A grade is for the best university and C is for the low-grade institution.
  • In 2019 MCI has approved 45 universities grading each of them in a different category.


Foreign Medical Graduate Examination is the test conducted for the student with a foreign degree. It is for the student planning to practice in India. The students passing the analysis are provided with the medical practitioner license.

  • FMGE examination, also known as a screening test.
  • The students graduating from the University of China have to appear in the analysis.
  • National Board of Examination conducts the test in the online platform.
  • Students qualifying from China University have to qualify the examination for the Indian Medical license.
  • The Indian student’s China degree is approved in Indian after they pass in FMGE examination.

English Medium University

With the increment of Students pursuing MBBS in foreign countries, language has played an important role. In China, there are lots of English medium universities. This increases the value of China University in India.

  • There are almost 50 universities that are approved by MCI.
  • In all those universities they provide education in English medium.
  • English medium universities cut the language barrier and help the students to learn more and learn better.

Lifestyle of Students

Studying for six years in a country creates an effect on the lifestyle of the student. The easily adaptable lifestyle of China makes it an ideal place to pursue MBBS for an Indian student. Most Indian students prefer it.

  • China is the neighbor of India, so the culture and tradition match with Indian student.
  • Indian students easily bind with Chinese culture and lifestyle.

Internship Training

Once you complete graduation from the University of China, you can apply for an internship. The students can do a one-year course in India. This helps them in understanding a different kind of technology and difference in disease type.

  • Students graduating from China University may not be aware of the prominent disease in India.
  • The students lack knowledge and skill in accessing Indian technology.
  • The students can also opt for an internship in China. It carries the same value in India.
  • The students get a profit of high population in China in pursuing a course.
  • They had the opportunity to treat many people.
  • It helps as an experience and enhances the practical knowledge of students.

Affordable Fees

A student pursuing MBBS in China gets highly professional learning at a cost-effective price. In India, getting admission in private college is too much costly while they don’t guarantee quality education.

  • The fee structure varies from college to college the students can check its official website.
  • Cost of living is meager in China, which makes it one of the affordable country.

Scope in India

The students graduating from the University of China have a lot of range in India. The degree has worldwide recognition. The students have to pass the screening test. Once they qualify a screening test, they can pursue a practice in any reputed hospital.

  • The hospitals like AIMS have doctor’s graduating from the University of China.
  • The students can earn a handsome salary with the China degree in India.
  • The China degree helps to get approval for training and internship in India.

Suitable Climatic Condition

  • The climatic condition of China is quite similar to India.
  • The students leaving their home in India don’t face a problem in adjusting in a new place.
  • China has extreme winter’s and dry summer, unlike India.

The Environment is Multicultural

The background of China is multicultural; it creates a suitable environment for the students. The country has a rich culture which makes it easy for students to enjoy the new place.

  • The country has a rich culture and celebrates festivals every festival with joy.
  • Student participate and enjoy in festivals like the Chinese lantern festival or Chinese New year

Easy Placement

The economy of China has increased in the last few years. It has invested a lot of money in the development of the health sector. Getting a job isn’t difficult after pursuing a degree from China.

  • The students get easily placed in the best hospitals.
  • The students of India have a career option in China.
  • It helps to get over the pressure in India for getting a job in government hospitals.


The scholarship is a crucial point for a student who cannot afford to pay high fees in college. It provides a brighter future to bright students.

  • Indian students get a scholarship from the Chinese government based on academic record.
  • The types of scholarship provided to students are CGS, US, CIS, CLGS.
  • The government of China funds these scholarships.

Safety of Students

  • MBBS in China is approved in India as the Chinese law provides a safe environment for students.
  • China has the utmost care for safety, especially for Indian students.

Duration for MBBS

  • Time taken to pursue MBBS is almost same as in India.
  • It takes six years to complete MBBS in which five years as a student in college.
  • The next one is for internship in hospitals for training and practice.

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