Planning to Pursue MBBS in China

Planning for MBBS in China

Planning to Pursue MBBS in ChinaMBBS is a prestigious course and to attain knowledge of many flies abroad each year. The most preferred destination for studying MBBS in China. Universities of China have modern infrastructure and modern technology for better learning of students.

Economical Fee Structure

In India, being a doctor is the most respectable profession, and the earning potential is quite well. In India this dream can cost way too much that’s why students prefer foreign country. China is nearest to India that provides high-quality education at an affordable price.

  • According to the source, total investment in studying MBBS for Indian student is 17.50 lakh in 5year.
  • An institution like Fujian or Xiamen University’s cost per year with the hostel is 4-5 lakhs.
  • The cost of living even in the big cities is affordable.
  • The student can enjoy city life without burning the pocket in China.
  • It’s a win-win situation for students; they get the knowledge that is not way too much expensive.

Easy Admission Process

The admission process is generally considered as the most hectic and challenging task. This statement is just not right for the admission process in China. It is an easy and time-saving process.

  • There is no strict entrance test, and in most of the colleges, there aren’t any.
  • The students should pass from PCB stream.
  • The students with 70% in 12th board can quickly get admission in reputed colleges of China.
  • It helps to get away from the queue who is waiting to get admission through NEET India.
  • The students need to provide a few documents and fill the online application form for admission.

Internship Training

The students pursuing MBBS degree need proper instruction, and University in China provides it so. In this training, there are a few points that China lacks. Here are a few advantages and disadvantage of internship in China.


  • China is a well-developed country, and the hospitals are equipped with modern technology.
  • The students get the chance to do an internship in well-developed hospitals.


  • Internship in China is mostly done on dummies.
  • The internship becomes as observer-ship.
  • The students lack real-life experience after completing the internship.

English Medium Universities

The international students face a language barrier in a foreign land. The universities of China understand the difficulty a student may face.

  • The teachers are appointed from foreign countries, especially from English speaking countries.
  • The teachers teaching international students are appointed on the basis that they can speak English eloquently.
  • This creates a better understanding between teacher and student.
  • This is the reason most of the universities have English medium teaching.

Recognized Worldwide

The universities of China are known all over the world. The degree from the universities of China is acclaimed across the globe.

  • The medical universities are listed in the WHO directory.
  • The students are eligible for the screening test from abroad like the UK, USA, Philippines, and India, etc.
  • MCI has approved more than 40 universities for students studying MBBS in China.
  • The medical universities of China come under the top 500 universities in all over the world.


An institution is made of bricks and walls, but teachers and students make it a campus of knowledge. The medical universities in China enlighten students with trained teachers.

  • The faculty of these universities is highly qualified and experienced.
  • There are a lot of notable alumni’s that collaborate with the University for passing knowledge to students.
  • Trained doctors and professional provide practical knowledge to students.
  • The ethical behavior of teachers towards students creates a friendly environment between them.

The Dream Campus

A campus with modern technology and facilities enhances the standard of the University. In India, most of the government medical universities are not up to the mark on campus. In China, modern equipment for practice and training increase the quality of education. Here are a few classes described:


  • The library is always an essential part of the campus.
  • The students coming from all over the world to seek knowledge finds peace in this part.
  • The prestigious universities of China have a well-furnished library with more than 50,000 books for gaining knowledge.


  • Universities of China provide accommodation place to international students.
  • The hostel is well furnished and equipped with comfortable beds, heater, and other necessities.
  • It also provides a gym and standard room for recreational activity.
  • It helps in creating a healthy environment for students away from home.


  • Canteen is an essential requirement for living.
  • The universities of China understand they have canteen inside the campus to provide good quality food.
  • They provide Chinese cuisine, which is the most favorite cuisine in the world.

Student Life

An international student who comes to China for pursuing MBBS also enjoys a fantastic student life. Here are the few points to that describe student life while studying MBBS in china.

  • The students get more exposure to general quizzes and tests.
  • The students are provided with different clubs inside the college like a sports club where they can enjoy.
  • China is a beautiful place with lots of historical sites and clubs.
  • Students can go over sightseeing or party over the weekend.
  • Healthy student life helps the students to learn more and learn faster.
  • The international students face difficulties at the beginning with a new language and unfamiliar environment.
  • Chinese universities make sure that they get accustomed to everything in a friendly way.

Language as a Barrier

Thousands of students fly to China for studying medicine. The students from different parts of the world face an issue with the style of local people.

  • Most of the localities are not familiar with English. This creates a communication gap in students.
  • The students have to learn one new language which creates an additional burden.
  • The students need to qualify the Chinese language examination for the internship in reputed hospitals.
  • The students should learn up to level HSK-4.

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