MBBS Student Problems in China

Problems of MBBS Students in China

MBBS Student Problems in ChinaChina is a great country to study MBBS, but it is not easy for international students. With lots of advantages, it has several disadvantages. Students flying from India face a lot of difficulties to cope up with the new environment.

Here is the problem a student’s face while studying MBBS in china.

Language Barrier

Language is the key to communicate but in China foreigner face this problem the most. Students from foreign land are not accustomed to the native language of China. As a foreigner, it is not easy to live where you can’t communicate with others.

  • To communicate, you need to take the help of Google translator.
  • Most of the local Chinese people don’t speak and understand English.
  • There are lots of universities where teachers are not that much fluent in English.
  • This creates an understanding gap between students.
  • Learning a new language creates a burden on the students. MBBS in China is a very tough course.
  • It is taking out time for learning a language creates extra pressure on students.
  • The students need to learn the Chinese language up to HSK-4 level to ensure interaction with patients.
  • Learning an additional language is part of the MBBS course.
  • The students below HSK-2 level struggle a lot in living in a foreign country.

Certificate Value

Students coming from different parts of the world have hope to learn and get an internationally recognized certificate.

  • In China, there are plethoras of universities that offer MBBS course to international students.
  • According to a survey, only 35% of Chinese universities are suitable for studying MBBS.
  • The quality of education with proper certification matters the most to students.
  • MCI has approved this list of colleges as ‘C’ grade for poor quality education and infrastructure.
  • There are only 40 Universities which have MCI while MCI does not approve 214.
  • Studying MBBS in low ranked college can cost the career of a student.

Internship Training of Students

The training process in china is different from other countries. Here are the difficulties a student face during practice.

  • The students are not trained on real dead bodies; instead, they are trained on dummies.
  • They are not allowed to touch, so the internship turns into observer-ship.
  • In this internship, it gets difficult for students to get proper real-life experience.

A Different Pattern of Disease

Students coming from abroad to study MBBS learn the diseases that are prominent in China.

  • The weather condition and altitudes are different in China from India, so the disease pattern is different.
  • The Indian students pursuing MBBS from China face this difficulty.
  • Due to different disease pattern, the student face difficulty in qualifying MCI screening test.
  • The students learning MBBS in China may face a difference in a diagnostic and treating method in India.

Value for Money

If you are planning to study abroad MBBS then it should be cost-efficient. For the students from India, the fee structure of prestigious colleges might be costly.

  • 1 RMB equaled to 10 Rupees which roughly converts the cost for one year course into 30,00,000 Rupees.
  • The student has to manage other miscellaneous expense which is also costly in China.
  • A lot of students consider Bangladesh or Sri Lanka for MBBS over China as it is highly cost-effective.

Qualifying Screening Test

Each year MCI conducts Foreign Medical Graduate Examination also known as a screening test.

  • It is mandatory for students who have a foreign medical degree.
  • If the student could not qualify the test, the degree will not carry any value.
  • After graduating from a high percentage, they have to prove it again in this test.
  • The passing percentage of the student in FMGE graduating from China is less than 10%.
  • The FMGE exam provides a license to the students. The poor performance of students in the examination makes it difficult for them to gain a permit.


  • Mountains mostly cover China.
  • The low land and foothills create drastic weather change in China.
  • The climatic condition creates problem to the international students.
  • A lot of students are not accustomed to this weather condition.
  • The climatic condition of China is severe. In summer it is way too hot and dry, and in winters it gets cold.
  • Frequent water shower and regular heavy rainfall is standard i9n southeast part of China.
  • Students coming from different countries take time to adjust to this climatic condition.


Safety is a critical factor in any country. Students from abroad rely on the law of that country for any mishap.

  • The big cities of China are quite safe, while a few small towns have still safety issues.
  • The international students may face some problems regarding safety.
  • According to sources, around 15% of international students have faced safety issues in China.

Food and Hostel

Living is a big issue for international students. The student from abroad accommodates in a university hostel. There they face a lot of questions regarding cleanliness and comfort.

  • Most of the hostels are not well furnished and have a lack of facilities.
  • The Chinese university hostel mainly provides non-veg food which makes it difficult for vegetarians.
  • The hostel food lacks quality in the food items.
  • The hostel only serves Chinese cuisine, which is not preferred by a few students.


When international students apply for studying MBBS in China, leave their country and home to stay there. This creates nostalgia in students.

  • Leaving home and the country is not easy for students while studying in China.
  • The students miss their homeland until they get comfortable in the new place.

Lost in the City

China is a well-developed country. It is full of buildings, skyscrapers, streets which looks quite similar.

  • As a foreigner, you may get lost in the streets of the city.
  • If you are planning to study MBBS in China, you should know the proper use of Google maps.
  • You should also learn a little bit Chinese before coming to this country.

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