Top Five Medical Universities in China

Top 5 Medical Universities in China

Top Five Medical Universities in ChinaDo you want to pursue your academic career in foreign universities? Then China is a wise choice for you. Moreover, the climatic condition and picturesque beauty of China is marvelous. In addition to this, the universities of this country always provide high-quality Education to medical students.

MCI well recognizes most of the medical universities in China. Apart from this, the universities have experienced faculties and skilled medical staffs. Therefore, the students will get proper guidance in China. The detailed account of the top five universities in China has been discussed below.

Nanjing Medical University

Nanjing Medical University has become a hot destination for medical aspirants. This university has numbers of expert faculties, world-class research capacities that attract the candidates.

  • Also, this university produces numerous medical talents every year.
  • Apart from this, this university has excellent contribution in the field of medical science.
  • This university was established in 1934, and this university is located at Jiangsu.


This university has many expert medical faculties to train medical students properly. Therefore, the candidates who come here to complete their medical study can have a significant medical learning experience.

  • Thus university has near about 117 full-time professors.
  • The number of associate professors was 175 professors to supervise the doctoral program.
  • Eight hundred twelve professors are there in this university to supervise the program of masters.
  • On the other hand, this university has about 175 associate professors to give proper guidance to the students.

Fee Structure

The fees structure of medical curses in this university is lower than that of other universities. So, the students can easily avail the medical courses at this university.

  • The Indian students have to pay approximately, 4, 30,000 yearly as admission fee.
  • The medical aspirants need to pay 21, 50,000 rupees for six years medical course.


This university has developed a multi-cultural relationship with the students. This helps them to enrich their medical education standard.

This university is much more concerned about the medical needs of the students.

  • In addition to this, this medical institution always tries to maintain an international standard.
  • These multi-cultural aspects help medical candidates to enhance their professional career also.

Students’ Life on Campus

This medical institution offers comfortable campus life to the students.

  • The students get involved in various types of campus activities.
  • The various types of competitions on the campus, such as aerobic competition, technological race makes their campus life beautiful.
  • Knowledge operation, cultural festivals, and skilled treatment competitions are the major attraction of campus life.

Zhengzhou Medical University

Zhengzhou medical university is one of the topmost medical universities in China. This university has formed in the year 1956, and this medical institute is located at Henan, China. The faculties of this university teach their candidates in English.

Recognition and Attachment

The Ministry approves the this medical university of Education.

  • This university has deep attachments with the nine major hospitals.
  • It helps this institute to provide their candidates the better quality medical training and Education.

Scholarship Facility

Besides providing several medical opportunities, this university offers the scholarship facility to the students.

  • In addition to this, the Government of China also provides different kinds of scholarships to brilliant students.
  • The scholarship is given to the candidates based on academic performance and medical excellence.

Xiamen University

Xiamen University is one of the top-ranked universities in China. This university was founded in 1921, and the location of this medical institute is Fujian. In this university, the classes for the medical courses generally start from September.


This medical university has many faculties for medical Education.

  • The skilled medical staffs help the students in medical practice to ensure excellent quality service of the students.
  • This university has 11 Ph.D. supervisors for guiding the medical program properly.
  • There are near about 13 professors and ten associate professors to train medical students.

Courses Offered

The medical students have read various types of subjects in the first two years. The items are:

  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Microbiology
  • Public health
  • Biochemistry and pharmacology

Another two years include clinical medicine, and the issues that candidates need to read are:

  • Internal medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • Forensic medicine
  • Dermatology and radiology


This medical university offers a scholarship opportunity to international students.

  • The international students can get XMU scholarship from this university for having high academic performance.
  • CSC scholarship is also given to the undergraduate, master degree medical students

Guangzhou Medical University

Guangzhou medical university is famous for its medical Education. This university offers a wide range of therapeutic programs for undergraduates therapeutic candidates.  This medical institute was established in 1958, and the location is Guangzhou city.


This university has two primary schools. The two principal schools are:

  • The Yuexiu campus is located in the city of Guangzhou.
  • This campus is situated near Liuhua Lake Park.
  • The Panyu campus is situated in Panyu district, and it is a 247-acre campus.
  • The Panyu campus is famous for its medical research.


The students who want to study medical courses from this university will have numerous options. The first medical courses offered by this university are:

  • Biomedical courses
  • Phraseology
  • Courses for prevention medicine
  • Physiology
  • Behavioral science
  • Ophthalmology
  • Clinical medical courses


The international students will get a campus facility here.

  • The students can have shared rooms
  • If the candidates want to study alone, they can afford a private room here at an affordable cost.

Kunming Medical universality

Kunming Medical universality was founded in 1933, and they conduct a particular medicine program for the medical aspirants. This medical university is famous for its’ scientific research.

International Collaboration

  • This university has launched an inter-institutional partnership to maintain international co-operation.
  • This university has many medical schools across the world and enriched with honorary professors.


This medical university has conducted scientific research on diseases.

  • Faculties use advanced modern technology to train their students.
  • This university has already carried out several medical projects and international program.


  • This institute has near about five research institute.
  • There are nine teaching hospitals, nine forensic medicine science, and 39 practice hospitals for the students.


The students will get an accommodation facility in this university.

  • The international students can easily avail double bedrooms to live.
  • The students can have well equipped private rooms.

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