MBBS in China vs. MBBS in India

Compare MBBS in China and MBBS in India

MBBS in China vs. MBBS in IndiaChina is one of the most preferred destinations for Indian students who aspire to pursue MBBS. All of the renowned universities in China offer Medium English courses in MBBS for International students. Additionally, most of the Chinese universities offer plenty of scholarships to international students enrolled in various classes.

However, many of you are skeptic about migrating to China to grab better chances at higher education. A vivid disclosure on various aspects of studying MBBS in China might help you reach a decision.

Here, we present to you a clear picture of the benefits and brickbats of pursuing MBBS in China.

Reasons to Consider Pursuing MBBS in China

There is no shortage of reasons to consider moving to China to pursue higher studies.

Listed below are the top reasons to consider studying in China for those who aspire to make a career in medicine.

1. Affordable Medical Education

  • Chinese Universities provide quality education at affordable rates.
  • Moreover, international students get the benefit of applying to various scholarship programs.
  • The Government funds all of the research-based institutes in China
  • Thus, these pioneer institutes offer affordable programs for its students.

Most of the universities in China are inexpensive as compared to pursuing MBBS in private colleges in India.

2. Global Exposure

  • Most of the universities in India have tie-ups with a plethora of Universities abroad.
  • Therefore, students benefit from high global exposure.
  • Also, the international students are eligible to practice in their homeland after graduation
  • Also, students are eligible to land internships in various universities and hospital worldwide.
  • The World Health Organization approves various universities in China
  • I am pursuing you MBBS from a University approved by WHO shall open doors to practice in countries abroad.

3. Easy Procedure for Admission

  • Due to stiff competition, it is difficult for Indian students to get enrolled in government-subsidized schools.
  • And education from private schools of medicine in India comes at the cost of an arm and a leg.
  • But Chinese Universities do not require you to pass an entrance exam to get enrolled.
  • A student with 70% and more in PCB in their +2 has higher chances of landing a seat
  • Ergo, the procedure for admission in Universities in China is easy and favorable for students of any merit.

4. The Infrastructure that Meets the Global Standards

  • China thrives on its infrastructure.
  • Many of the cities in China are also ranked among the most livable cities in the world.
  • To speak of the universities in China, one can always expect them to have a world-class infrastructure.
  • All of the hospitals in China are equipped with modern devices and are tech-enabled.
  • Studying MBBS in China opens gates for International students to have the experience of a lifetime.

Comparisons of Medical Systems in China and India

The education system in India is one of the largest educations systems in the world. China is gaining a reputation to be one of the most favored designations for aspiring MBBS students.

  • Every year, the Ministry of Education releases the list of colleges eligible to enroll students from abroad.
  • At present, more than 800 universities in China enroll students who aspire to pursue medicine.
  • The Medical Council approves most of the Universities in China of India.

If you are skeptic about the differences in Indian and Chinese system of education, we clarify the deal.

Listed below are various aspects that you need to consider before you zero in on an option.

1. Duration of the Course:

  • The length of the MBBS course in India extends up to 5 years and six months.
  • A student must go through a full year of internship.
  • China offers five years MBBS programs with one full year of internship for wannabe medics.

2. Course Curriculum:

  • In India, the curriculum can be divided into 3 phases.
  • The first phase consists of pre-clinical subjects for the first one and a half years.
  • The second phase in the course curriculum has to do with clinical and Para-clinical subjects.
  • The curriculum prescribes in-depth knowledge of clinical subjects for the last phase.
  • The curriculum is entirely based on pure medical subjects.
  • On the other hand, Chinese Universities offer a compulsory course and an elective course to MBBS students.
  • The course consists of 10 semesters which can be divided into two phases.
  • The first four semesters will have students study the basics of Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Chinese Language.
  • The next six semesters focus on clinical subjects like Bio-Chemistry, Physiology, Anatomy, Microbiology, and Community Medicine.

3. Fees in Universities in India vs. In China

  • State-owned universities in India offer students a subsidized rate to pursue MBBS.
  • But due to stiff competition and limited seats, many of the aspirants fail to make it to a Government-funded institute.
  • On the other hand, most of the universities in China are funded by the Government.
  • The annual fee for the top universities in China is quite reasonable.
  • Chinese Universities require you to invest less than the private medical institutes in India.

The Fun Part

Physical education is an irremovable part of the MBBS course in China. Studying MBBS in China, you get the opportunity to learn Chinese Martial Arts in forms like Kung Fu and Tai Chi.

Participating in extracurricular activities earn the student’s credits points. In most of the universities in China, every student is required to have at least 20 points before he graduates.

The Bottom Line

Education systems in both India and China are dynamic and come with a plethora of benefits. But if you are looking forward to pursuing MBBS abroad, China is the destination for you.

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