Should sending my child to Russia is a right decision

Should sending my child to Russia is a right decision

Should sending my child to Russia is a right decisionDo you want to see your children become a successful doctor? Do you wish that your children get a degree from foreign universities? Then Russia will be a better choice for you. Most of you think that studying in a foreign country may not be safe for your children. In spite of getting a high-quality education facility, you will think of safety first.

Safety is the most crucial fact that matters a lot while you are in foreign countries. The place is unknown to you, so there is a chance of facing dangers. However, if you are thinking about medical study, then undoubtedly, Russia is the safest for you. The life of the students is impressive here, and you will get the chance to get the most exceptional quality education. The advanced medical technologies, well-equipped laboratories provide the students enough scopes to build their professional careers. 

Education system

Most of the universities of Russia follow international standard education.

  • There are a few universities that follow the tertiary education system.
  • There is a grading system in the case of semesters.
  • The students have to give semesters wise exam.
  • The top medical authorities recognize all the medical institutions of this country.
  • The faculties of Russian universities give more focus on the professional development of the students.
  • In addition to this, the personal development of the candidates has also been measured here.
  • The Universities of Russia believe in physical fitness, so here you will get the scopes for sports, gymnasium, etc.
  • In the case of medical students, they will be given the facility of the internship.

Accreditation of universities

If you wish to send your children to study medicine here, then you need to know about certification.

  • The topmost medical authorities recognize all the medical universities
  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • Medical Council of India (MCI)
  • The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
  • The Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER)
  • Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation
  • General Council of India (GMC)

Benefits of studying medicine in Russia

If you decide that your children will study medicine in Russia, then it is the wise decision of you.

  • Russian universities offer their students with numerous benefits.
  • If you are thinking about the budget, then it is much cheaper here in comparison with others
  • There are many world-famous universities where you can find opportunities for making a bright medical career 
  • The students are given excellent quality education 
  • The international collaboration helps the students to get global exposure
  • It is the best place especially for the Indian students as the fee structure is cheaper here
  • You do not have to pay commission for getting admission here
  • The students will be given scholarship facility
  • On the other hand, some Russian colleges also offer job placement facility to the students
  • The candidates will get accommodation facility also
  • If your children wish they can opt for higher studies in Russia
  • Here, you will get the chance of conducting proper research work
  • The student’s life is full of excitement, happiness here

Rules and regulations in Russia for students

As safety is the topmost concern of every parent, then you need to know about rules.

  • Russian universities follow strict rules and regulations to ensure students’ safety.
  • Most of the Russian university arrange police guard for the security of the candidates
  • Even, many universities installed CCTV camera for the candidates
  • In addition to this, University hostels maintain strict timing for entry, exit time of the candidates
  • The visitors are not allowed to enter the university without the permission
  • Even there is a tight time to meet with relatives, parents
  • Besides, university, the Prussian Government also arranged a particular safety measure for the students

Things to know before choosing Russia

 If you are planning that your children will study in Russia, then you need to assured about certain things. There are many elements that you should consider before thinking of this country. If you want to know the same, then you have to check below:

  • The language may be a big issue for your children
  • Though the medium of instruction is English here, it will be a big problem to learn new words
  • If you are planning for medicine, then you have to learn Russian as it will help you in an internship
  • The weather condition may create trouble for you as it is bitter cold here during the wintertime 
  • Therefore, the Indian students need to think twice before opting for the weather of Russia 
  • Please make sure that you are avoiding the misguidance of the fraud agents
  • The food may be a significant issue for you, as you may not feel satisfied with the taste of Indian cuisine.
  • Sometimes, it will take much time in the visa issue process so that it will be a problem for you.

Disadvantages of studying in Russia

Besides many advantages, there are some disadvantages to studying in Russia. It may be a big issue for medical candidates. The difficulties are given below:

  • The language barrier is the common problem here
  • So, it may become a bar to your successful professional career here
  • Few cities in Russia have not enough population
  • So, it may affect your income
  • The weather of Russia is freezing so the candidates may feel problem to adjust
  • The high-speed internet facility, amazing city life may distract the students from study

Why should you choose Russia?

 While it is a matter of your child’s career, then you must know that why should you choose this country? Why should not you go to other foreign countries? To see the reason you need to check below :

  • In Russia, you do not have to give any entrance examination
  • There are lots of career opportunities for you
  • Here, the candidates do not have to provide any language test
  • The medium of instruction is English here
  • There are many top-class universities in Russia
  • You will get the chance for post-graduation also
  • The tuition fee is lower here
  • The teacher-student ratio is 1:7 here
  • The students will not have to face any safety issue in this country
  • The picturesque beauty of this country never makes you feel boring here
  • The locals are accommodating 
  • You will get the most exceptional quality education in this country 
  • The living expenses also cheap here
  • You will get Indian food in the university canteen
  • The faculties will guide you for shaping your professional career

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