Travel Arrangements for MBBS in China

MBBS Students Travel arrangement for China

Travel Arrangements for MBBS in ChinaChina is one of the most favorable places for pursuing MBBS. Students pursuing MBBS in china can choose the university according to the city they want to stay in. Shanghai and Beijing are the cities that attract most of the students to study MBBS.

Visa Procedure to Fly and Stay

To stay in China, you need to carry certain documents with VISA. Here is a list of materials that are required for applying VISA for China

  • Valid passport with at least two blank pages and six months validity.
  • Return tickets should be confirmed.
  • VISA application of the candidate should be appropriately filled with full signature.
  • Two copies of passport size photograph.
  • The photograph should have been taken in black and white background.
  • The photos should be recent; it should not be more than three months old.
  • The size of the photograph should be 48mmx33mm.
  • A letter that mentions travel details, duration of stay, and purpose to visit.
  • Copy of bank statement to provide information about the transaction of the last six months.
  • Confirmation detail of the place you are going to stay in.
  • Letter with authorized signature and stamp is addressed to ‘Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China.’
  • Photocopy of application form of the university in which you have applied.
  • Apart from these documents, the officials can ask for other documents during verification.
  • Once you clear the procedure of VISA, you are full-heartedly welcomed in China.

China has one of the best traveling locations for studying MBBS. China has one of the most developed cities in the world. Here is a list of top 3 cities in China which is suitable for living and pursuing MBBS.


  • Shanghai is the largest city in China, with more than 30 million population.
  • Fudan University is in Shanghai.
  • The students visiting shanghai can stay at hotels.
  • The hotels in Shanghai are student-friendly and also cost-effective.
  • Students from abroad need to show VISA and other necessary documents before checking in the hotel.
  • The public tourist buses taker a tour to show you the renewed museums and famous historical landmarks.
  • Shanghai has an international airport.
  • The students taking up admission to Fudan University can easily travel to university after landing in Shanghai.


Beijing is the capital city of China. It is the industrial sector of China and a few famous universities.

  • Peking University is located in Beijing.
  • Students pursuing MBBS in Peking University stay at this prime city of China.
  • Thousands of students visit Beijing to explore the beauty of this place.
  • Beijing is one of the most expensive cities.
  • The cost of living in Beijing costs from 1000-1200 USD per month.
  • Skyscrapers, efficient subways, art, and culture centers are the locations where most of the tourists visit.


It is in the east-central China of Hean’s province. It is known as a transportation hub in China. It is well connected by railway, highway, and aviation.

  • Zhengzhou has a famous and reputed Zhengzhou University.
  • Students coming to this city for educational purpose can also enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of this place.
  • The city is located near the yellow river which makes it one of the famous tourist destination.
  • It is one of the safest cities in China.
  • The students coming to Zhengzhou for pursuing MBBS can stay in a safe and healthy environment.
  • Zhengzhou is quite an affordable city for the students staying to pursue MBBS from Zhengzhou University

Cost of Accommodation

As an outsider in China, you need to look for accommodation spaces. You can find cost-effective rooms and hotels, even in metropolitan cities.

  • The cost of student’s halls ranges from 150 to 400 USD per month.
  • Students can also rent a flat where the rent is in between 300-1000 USD per month.
  • Accommodation places like homestay are cost-effective for students.
  • 350-550 USD per month is the cost for homestays.
  • The students staying at college hostel need to pay a fixed charge.
  • The cost of living in the college hostel private room is 18USD per day.

Cost of Food

Traveling to China can’t be completed without having Chinese cuisine. Apart from world-famous tourist sites, it has world-famous lip-smacking food. The diverse and intriguing cuisine is quite affordable for international students.

  • Meal for one in university canteen costs between 1-4 USD.
  • In local restaurants, the cost of having a meal is 5-7USD.
  • Students living in rented flats can buy their groceries from the supermarket.
  • It costs around 200 USD per month.


China has an excellent transport system, and public transport vehicles have affordable fares. Here is a list of foods in public transport:

  • The minimum fare of the metro ride is 0.5USD.
  • Taxi fare per kilometer is 0.33 USD.
  • The students can book a taxi to explore the city where each 20 min ride will cost 4 USD.
  • The city bus is the prominent form of transport each ride costs 0.3USD.
  • Students can avail any transportation medium with student pass that costs 15 USD per month.

Role of Travel Agents Companies

For a comfortable and hassle-free journey to China for pursuing MBBS, you can take help from travel agents. They make most of the burden from your shoulder and plans you a proper trip to China. Here are the few key roles an agency plays for traveling of Indian students to China for MBBS.

  • A traveling agent arrives at the airport for helping in the VISA formalities.
  • They organize 1-2 day stay in the local area near the airport.
  • Travel agency helps in buying medical instruments, aprons, and books.
  • After you reach destination travel agents will take you to the hotel where your accommodation is planned.
  • Travel agents help you to make your trip smoother and better.

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